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  1. Thanks for the feedback. It's been a long time since I've built a model of any kind. I have two Trumpeter 1/32 Grumman wildcats waiting for Me. One in blue and gray paint scheme and an early one in silver and yellow. Your advice is greatly appreciated. I am Now working on a large Takom Renault tank which is a departure for me (and this forum!) But has been a fun build so far. I'm surprised at the selection now available for airplane modeling, so many new subjects and manufacturers and Many subjects never available before. Like a large-scale King fisher! Wow. However,
  2. Thanks for your replies I will try that. Regards; Paul
  3. I have a iwata eclipse airbrush and I prefer tamiya acrylic paints. What is the optimum pressure to spray these paints? Please , any advice will be greatly appreciated. It's been about 15 years since I last made a model and I'm really rusty! PAUL
  4. Well, I finally got my refund its about two dollars short by my figuring but I'll call it success.They could have done this weeks ago but chose to be evasive , rude, liars and horrible.
  5. I just got a series of crazy emails from them after I mentioned the Better Business Bureau. They claimed I Was part of a "hidden agenda" and that they "advised" the BBB. They say that they refunded me but it doesn't show in my bank account. What a mess. I spoke with Dale and he said he would take care of my order and then all These emails. What the hell? How can a business complain about a customer?
  6. Also found website Hobby rails and Model ship depot are similar. Identical website format and Pennsylvania address. Check address if Pennsylvania address if south canaan beware!
  7. At last there might be a solution to this problem After MANY emails and attempts to contact these people I discovered that the owner left a message on my voicemail. He asked me to send him a list of the missing items. So I did-for the third time. It's a breakthrough, but, I'm not entirely hopeful. I hear he has offered "store credit" in the past which would be meaningless in his case. We shall see.
  8. Yes, I was sad to hear the news. I remember him as the timid boss in the movie Brazil Mr. Kurtzman and other roles.
  9. Wow! That looks like a big awesome kit. I'm returning to modeling after a 20 year hiatus and I'm currently working On the big Takom Renault ft. I'm waiting on some decals from FC model trend to complete the kit. I'm looking for a simple marking and painting as a camouflage scheme will be to difficult for my long dormant airbrush skills. I'm waiting for a big Trumpeter T34/76 -1943 to come in the mail. I've been browsing this site for months for ideas and techniques and I am impressed by what I've seen. Thanks all Paul.
  10. Thanks, I did tell them I was going to my bank. That's when they seemed to be cooperative and Sent me my order which proved to be incomplete. I'm not sure I can go to my bank now to stop payment . Hobby Model drew funds On my card immediately on ordering my items. I've never seen a business do that before. Usually, in my experience, there's a hold for a few days (processing) or a charge at time of shipment. I never have been accused of "Being paid by my competitors to make derogatory comments about my business" for simply inquiring about an order before.
  11. I also ordered from Internet hobbies and I noticed on my card account that payment went to hobby models. I have been dealing with this business for a month and still haven't gotten what I paid for. After: No updates on orders No answers or evasive answers to my emails Insulting emails that I was being "paid to make derogatory comments about their business" and Threats like " I'll tell my lawyer" They sent me a shipment missing several items and marked my order as "fufilled" on their website. Now, with me only asking via e-mail
  12. Has anyone else had trouble dealing with this internet business? Please let me know. Thanks Paul.
  13. Thanks, It's a Trumpeter f4f-4 Wildcat in 1/32 scale.
  14. Can someone tell me a good match ,using tamiya paints, for the light grey found on navy aircraft during WW2?
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