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  1. I looked at the instructions for the ICM I-153 and they call out Model Master field green which matches fs 34097. Tamiya Olive green also is said to match fs 34097. I think it looks ok. Tamiya Xf-23 seems a little to pale compared to the blue. Perhaps adding a little Tamiya flat blue to it will work. Paul.
  2. Thanks, all, for your replies. The links provided have given me a wealth of information. I'm not familiar with the Akan paint range. I am returning to the hobby after a 20 year dormancy, and, as with Rip van Winkle, I'm discovering a whole new world. So far, I've made a few new armor kits on my return and my efforts have been presented on another forum. I see a lot of new aircraft kits out there I would like to build. I picked up an ICM I-153 kit in 1/32 scale and I'm looking forward to building it. When I was building models in the 1980's the idea of building a kit from Ukrain
  3. what tamiya paint comes closest to the green and light blue used on ww2 Soviet aircraft. I'm planning a I-153 (Icm 1/32) build. thanks Paul.
  4. Try Testors Easy lift off paint and decal remover. Works great and doesn't harm plastic.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. It's been a long time since I've built a model of any kind. I have two Trumpeter 1/32 Grumman wildcats waiting for Me. One in blue and gray paint scheme and an early one in silver and yellow. Your advice is greatly appreciated. I am Now working on a large Takom Renault tank which is a departure for me (and this forum!) But has been a fun build so far. I'm surprised at the selection now available for airplane modeling, so many new subjects and manufacturers and Many subjects never available before. Like a large-scale King fisher! Wow. However,
  6. I have a iwata eclipse airbrush and I prefer tamiya acrylic paints. What is the optimum pressure to spray these paints? Please , any advice will be greatly appreciated. It's been about 15 years since I last made a model and I'm really rusty! PAUL
  7. Well, I finally got my refund its about two dollars short by my figuring but I'll call it success.They could have done this weeks ago but chose to be evasive , rude, liars and horrible.
  8. I just got a series of crazy emails from them after I mentioned the Better Business Bureau. They claimed I Was part of a "hidden agenda" and that they "advised" the BBB. They say that they refunded me but it doesn't show in my bank account. What a mess. I spoke with Dale and he said he would take care of my order and then all These emails. What the hell? How can a business complain about a customer?
  9. Also found website Hobby rails and Model ship depot are similar. Identical website format and Pennsylvania address. Check address if Pennsylvania address if south canaan beware!
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