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  1. Wonderful project, I also have one planned, with similar am goodies - I got the KP Models 1/72 kit in my mid-teens, started it, but never completed, so unfinished business, and it has to be as the fantastic box art... Eduard produced a 1/72 kit, maybe the profiles in the instructions could prove useful, link
  2. Please vote in the dedicated vendor's thread here, great subject for a model, as this outstanding example by Spencer Pollard shows
  3. Absolutely stunning work, great introduction.
  4. It's garnered a lot of discussion, and as P.T. Barnum once said; There is no such thing as bad publicity, though Gerard Ratner proved him wrong.
  5. There were two spent ammo ejector holes in the undersides. This how Fly tackled the issue, vinyl masks to scribe the panels/ejector holes, and resin gun barrels, but no bomb racks included.
  6. It's about perspective, one thing to take a photograph of the real thing using say a 200mm lens fifty metres away, another of a model from a few feet away using a 38mm lens. Who would compare Cathy Freeman with Michael Johnson?
  7. Could be that the wing "issue" is an optical illusion. Airfix Hurricane Italeri Hurricane Looking forward to seeing the kit, and it's contents, will it include bomb racks..?
  8. Anyone looking for inspiration could do a lot worse than hunt down this book, chock full of great profiles.
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