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  1. I've gone to post in this thread so many times, but it always seemed inadequate, unfortunately wasn't able to follow as much as I'd have liked, so looking forward very much to the book. Stunning model, which is inadequate, just to illustrate.
  2. Finally had time to open the box a little while ago, I'm extremely happy, superfine surface detail, crystal clear parts, there's a bit of flash, no locator pins, but I don't think it requires a degree in engineering to line up the parts, and it's a fine canvas as you can see from these two examples; Ed Kinney's Helldiver Arkady72's Helldiver
  3. I received mine yesterday from Art Scale in the Czech Republic, and it too sailed through customs, though there's no mention of the value on the box...
  4. I live very near the Peak Forrest Canal, and growing up we always referred to the canal as the cut, but you ask other people round these here places what it means and they don't have a Scooby doo!
  5. The business model for the Viggen will no doubt be essentially the same for the Skystreak, there's a reason why manufacturing has diminished in the West, and a business model for one in Turkey will be completely different from one in the UK, added to that does anyone here know the intricacies of JetMads production operation, and why should they have to explain such a thing on here? A couple of years ago I was talking to Danny Cormans, of Daco, and he told me roughly how much he had invested in the 1/32 Fouga Magister, I have no doubt he's more frustrated than anyone at it's delayed
  6. Kit releases are delayed all the time, the Infinity Helldiver was due out six months ago.
  7. You can only buy direct, but they do post to the UK.
  8. Mine's in the UK, due for delivery on Thursday.
  9. I concur on the landing gear, looks really good now it's coming together.
  10. I think that's code for she wants one.
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