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  1. Kagemusha


    Terrific selection. Link
  2. Kagemusha


    And I was thinking it was yet more problems with the ip... why soooo slooooow..?
  3. Kagemusha

    Repopped Bf110C-7 ? ...

    Back on topic I'm looking forward to seeing what markings it'll come with.
  4. Kagemusha

    1:32 Sopwith Camel of Barker

    Late to the party, amazing work.
  5. Kagemusha

    S-3B Viking - scratchbuilt

    Nice insight into the working of the Bat Cave - nice goodies! Fate had better announce a forthcoming Viking kit soon, cos I really want one now, if not yesterday! Thanks for sharing.
  6. Exceptionally outstanding work, a joy to behold.
  7. Kagemusha

    WNW Christmas Surprise

    Truly great box art.
  8. Kagemusha

    Airfix News Just in from Telford: 1/24 Hellcat!

    The 21st Century Ju 87 came with a couple of seated flight crew, which would be suitable, Master Details also make a bomber pilot.
  9. Kagemusha

    Paul Fisher Fire Relief - GoFundMe

    Almost $26'000, don't forget folks every little helps whether it's $5 or more.
  10. Kagemusha

    L-19 Bird Dog ..Manitoba circa winter 62-63

    Looks better than the real thing, top notch as per, and a fitting send off for CanMilAir decals.
  11. Fantastic, been a real pleasure to follow, can't wait to see the RFI pics.
  12. Kagemusha

    B-24 Assembly Ships

    This book has some terrific profiles etc.
  13. Kagemusha

    Aim-9x Sidewinders

    Zactomissiles you can't get better.
  14. Kagemusha

    Repopped Bf110C-7 ? ...

    Very interesting, thread drift, sorry, but seeing the Apollo 50th anniversary releases does make me wonder why we haven't seen a 1/32 LEM, it would make such a great model, with just a hint of historical significance.
  15. Kagemusha

    Airfix News Just in from Telford: 1/24 Hellcat!

    I can't see them not doing a -3 further down the road, despite the official line.