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  1. There is an option on the Begemot sheet for Red 34, which is whitewashed, on the sheet instructions it states it's a type 24, but in a profile I found it's classed as a type 17, which is what I'm going with, plus skis.
  2. Really, really nice. I seem to recall the Cutting Edge decal guide stating natural metal undersides.
  3. If you pm me your email I'll send you photos of the options - there's no white distemper - I haven't moved on from photo bucket, so can't currently post pictures.
  4. I'd be surprised if it cost upwards of £150.
  5. Lovely model of a classic aircraft.
  6. The wheels are indeed interchangeable with the skis, so the Aerocraft set are a must - the Type 17 kit only comes with one ski option, the others have wheels.
  7. Regards the FAA Corsair, they promised to release a boxing as part of the deal for access, needless to say Japanese people hold honour in high esteem.
  8. The pre-order price was £35.63, the sod it price is £43.99, quite a saving, Santa would be proud.
  9. In stock at Hannants, just waiting for the PayPal pre-order invoice...
  10. Oh man, just getting a sneaky peek at what it's going to look like once complete, I'm going to need to sit down and hold my jaw before viewing the RFI, all the best with the rigging!
  11. HK aren't pursuing it anymore, which makes sense, and seeing as, I think, Radu is involved in the ZM kit - he previously worked on the Revell D - it's fair to say it's an indication Revell have no plans.
  12. I built that kit in those markings many moons ago, have some lovely Zotz decals with the same markings waiting for the new kit, going to be worth the wait.
  13. There's one coming from ZM, save your pennies!
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