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  1. Preiser make a wide range of figures which might prove useful.
  2. I flew in an Andover back when in the Air Cadets, we were based at Brize for a week summer camp, that was a calibration flight.
  3. When I've ordered from them in the past, including said Spitfire canopies, it's only taken a matter of days, non-delivery isn't a problem as the parcels just go to the local Post Office depot for collection, or rearrange delivery to suit. I would have been happy to help also.
  4. Yeah, it's getting closer, but like the Tempest, they're not rushing things, then it'll probably be on to the Typhoon.
  5. I imagine they're concentrating on the Whirlwind.
  6. I've just merged the two threads, so we have the facebook link for those who do that sort of thang!
  7. Congratulations on the accolade, though it doesn't surprise at all.
  8. Pity about the decals, Berna are releasing a few for the C.
  9. Just for starters there's this mighty fine build - if you right click on the photo another window opens with a clear image, what a wonderful company skumbuket aren't! Similar problem with Pierro's build of an early USMC AV-8B. Here's his Italian Navy AV-8B plus if that's the version you're going for. The Airdoc book is probably the best reference for the later Harriers, I'm pretty sure Jake has mentioned there is a Modern Harrier Guide in the pipeline.
  10. If you go to Duxford get the train from Kings Cross, some trains take 50 minutes, some an hour and a half, download a train app so you can plan your journey, buy tickets, and check to see if the train is running on time, they seldom do - trainline is probably the best app. Hannants near Hendon is pretty spartan, however if you place a pre-order they will have what you want plus you'll get 10% off.
  11. Looks in good shape considering what occurred.
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