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  1. It is limited, but how many, I don't think it's been mentioned, I seem to recall they had a limited release 1/48 F-4EJ, which sold out, but the numbers might be different. I'd treat yourself now if you can.
  2. Hartmann and the same aircraft as flown by Anton Kellmayer later
  3. I wouldn't even attempt to do that incase you damage the part, when the canopy parts are in situ there won't be a lot of distance to what lies behind, and it's very doubtful the distortion will be noticeable. I've already had to get a replacement set, don't intend to be in that situation again. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a book or more specifically aimed at getting the best out of the kit.
  4. I don't recall them mentioning a release timescale.
  5. Thanks, let's all move on and savour the kit please.
  6. I received my kits - I pigged-out on two - a short time ago, absolutely magnificent kit, great value when you consider the current price of the basic Hasegawa 109's if you can get one. Would be great to have a more comprehensive review Vincent, and maybe either yourself or Radu could illustrate the missing pipe. Nothing in life is perfect, but I'm sure we can all appreciate how far the hobby has come from when the only 1/32 Bf 109G available was the olde Revell kit from the sixties.
  7. I think the OP's question has been answered, so for a variety of reasons I'm going to lock the thread.
  8. So close, but alas no cigar, you can buy the sprue/runners separately from ZM.
  9. Thanks Vincent, enjoy building the kit!
  10. There were some standard F's which had the antenna fitted on the fin top
  11. Great to see an update of sorts, hope you do solve the difficult parts issues, but above all that your health remains as good as possible, my maternal grandmother had Parkinson's, went to college doing cake design, and pottery painting, would not let it get the better of her.
  12. That's already been discussed in a recent Hs 129-specific thread.
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