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  1. Had a similar thread not long ago, there are some decals available for the VII and VIII, and a book from Kagero which includes a wide variety of markings.
  2. If you look at the intake under the nose, it's different to the two standard IX intakes, though all the profiles only show one, but they're there in the instructions, anyhoo... the Aboukir intake was used predominantly on the Vb, there's one in the Hasegawa kit, and might be in the Hobby Boss, I'll check shortly. You'll probably have to alter it to fit, but probably not much. This is a 1/48 version from Pavla for a Vb. Photo with Flt.Lt. Wally Gale in cockpit
  3. What a great choice Dale, I should be able to help with the Aboukir type air filter if you want?
  4. You can make a IX from the IX kit, a VIII from the VIII kit, and a XVI from the XVI kit, but none of them have parts to make the other versions.
  5. An oop Xtradecal set went for £12.50 on ebay a few days ago, maybe there's not the demand.
  6. I think they all fit Non-LSP. I see you've promoted former Major Kong, posthumously.
  7. I've just merged your new thread with your old one.
  8. Be good to see the Silver Wings version also, if you have a suitable photo? I wonder if Special Hobby are still going to release their kit.
  9. You need to tone it down Jennings, this isn't Jerry Springer.
  10. That's a terrific sheet, plenty of colourful options.
  11. I remember reading a thread about the new 1/48 Tamiya P-38H, and the differences between that kit, early H's, and the F/G kit, there's a list of the changes on the box lid. I'd hold fire on the conversion until Tamiya announce their new significant release of the year on the 25th , though it'll probably be a tank, or a car, or a ship, maybe even a bus, but not a 1/32 P-38H.
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