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  1. Whatever issues you had with the kit, it certainly makes for a wonderful model.
  2. I'll certainly be placing a pre-order, the Hs 129 book is superb and great value.
  3. I'm much more excited by what the likes of ICM, IBG, and Infinity will be releasing in the coming years, not to mention the KH Jag, and the HKM Phantom FG.1/FGR.2, unless Tamiya release a Harrier/Sea Harrier series...
  4. Oh for the days you could get two dollars to the pound.
  5. All that hard work has paid off, looks great.
  6. Great to see a Corsair in proper colours and with the correct wing tips.
  7. Superb looking model, would be great to see more photos of it.
  8. Threads like this cause the staff no little amount of work, without going through it I can guess there's posts edited and hidden, just to keep the peace, keep the thread on track, to provide discussion and information, even when it's diametrically opposed, and if we can avoid any heated arguments we will, I hid a thread last week, two posts in, it wasn't relevant to the site and you could tell which way it was going to go. I was called a Grouch, so I thought it best to explain myself, everything in context, and Don said he was bored, not stressed. How's about everyone show some self-discipline, and only post if they have some relevant information to the topic in the title, that way we won't have to lock the thread.
  9. A five year old boy died of COVID-19 over here a couple of days ago, not to mention the thousands of others Worldwide, and you have someone needlessly stirring the merde, because he's bored. Seriously?
  10. Lucky Model have the CFTs, I'll check my Sufa kit tomorrow, if I have the parabrake it's yours. Zacto make wonderful AIM-120's. ps. Great subject.
  11. That Taifun was a real surprise, thanks Kev.
  12. How about finding something else to do rather than resurrect a contentious thread?
  13. I'd seen the unpainted pilot figure before, I'd never guessed it was the same one, it really is superb, even if it does look like you know who..?
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