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  1. Great to see you tackling one of the icons of British aviation, regards books, there's this and related books, not much, which is a surprise.
  2. If you click on what's new it takes you not only to what's new, but any offers.
  3. They look terrific, I do hope they scale up their Luftwaffe Ground Attackers Vol. 1
  4. It is based on value, I'm sure I've been charged £16 in the past. It could well be some European shops are more accommodating than others, as Lucky Model are. Anyhoo, enough thread creep, will it come with spats..?
  5. That's lovely don't think I've seen a model of a Finnish ex-Swiss Hawk before, very classy.
  6. Truly outstanding, great to see more photos, normally when someone does the hard yards and scratch builds a model, a kit is released soon after, a pity in a way, but not in another, as it's very much unique, and deservedly so.
  7. We should be able to buy without VAT, but then that would you'd think be charged once in arrives in the UK, plus the usual admin cost from Royal Mail/Parcelforce, making it more expensive. Needless to say, no politics, I'm drawing blood biting my tongue.
  8. They are, the profiles are from the 1/72 kit, I think I got away with it, just don't tell anyone.
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