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  1. Sounds like an apt winter project, not to mention the two Soviets.
  2. Terrific Mustang Bruce, always like the look of it in RAF markings.
  3. http://www.classy-hobby.com/plus/view.php?aid=19
  4. What a great figure, you might find the information you're looking for here. Hope you'll continue posting your progress here. What is the length of the sculpture?
  5. Sounds like you had a good day, though bittersweet, celebrating your mother's life, which is wonderful.
  6. You're better using Google, and using quotation marks, "He 219" LSP, or Large Scale Planes, 1/32, etc,
  7. I hope you do Yellow G from the SBS sheet, nice selection too. In the unlikely event, ICM don't provide skis, and an arrestor hook, in any of their boxing - I doubt they'll release just one - be great if you could, think it's going to be a very popular model.
  8. Hi John, just curious why you're doing an cowling/engine, is the kit's not up to scratch? Any details on the decals?
  9. I was talking about this site with a friend yesterday, and he mentioned Hitler ordered the Luftwaffe not to bomb the Midland Hotel in Manchester - incidentally where Rolls met Royce - but if you're flying in the middle of the night, bombing the city with the technology at the time, it would be nigh on impossible to determine where your bombs are going to land.
  10. The wing issue was mentioned in the B-24J thread, the wings are the same in both kit releases.
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