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  1. It's smart marketing, no doubt to ensure it does sell, especially with no mention of the Dambusters version, incidentally their 1/35 Bf 109G is retailing for £69.95 at Hannants, so not cheap, I have their Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.F1 which is an excellent kit retailing at competitive £53.95. I wonder if the rumours are true of the other WnW's kits they have..?
  2. Let's hope he utters those immortal lines while he's up there.
  3. That intake detail is truly outrageous, hats off to JetMads.
  4. I hope you're wrong Some more profiles to whet the appetite
  5. Just received my shipping notice, so they're up to 10588...
  6. Couldn't agree more, a continuing thanks Kev!
  7. Great to see you diving straight in Mark!
  8. I think there are some photos in the kit database, I'm on my phone, so can't provide a link at the moment.
  9. Here's a mighty fine build by ericg of a Mk.I.
  10. ZM have one on the way, so they were never going to do that, hopefully it'll be out in the next year or two...
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