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  1. Thanks a lot, and some, Kev!
  2. Great start, such a terrific subject, and amazing the variety of ordnance it carried.
  3. That's a seriously great collection, many thanks for posting.
  4. When I bought their Fiat G.91, the contact email was dayglomodels@yahoo.com
  5. Monokio produced a set, pretty sure they're oop.
  6. Exciting titles there Kev, nice work!
  7. Procal did a sheet for single seat and two seat Greek aircraft, and you can produce a B from the D/N, with the assistance of the Quinta B set, the Under the Skin book is a must have.
  8. Looks great, and always a pleasure to see a Harrier.
  9. TopNotch Douglas Bader EXTENDED vinyl mask set
  10. I was going to suggest Maketar... it might be worth trying their Kabuki version, availability has apparently been erratic for some, but I've always had a very good experience.
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