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  1. That's really nice, you should be very pleased with yourself Ernest.
  2. Which is why it's curious they, apparently, have no plans to release a 1/24 F6F-3, I think a special limited release high back XVI, Operation Big Ben model would prove popular.
  3. I think they look the part, much better than the old Paragon set I have.
  4. Buchon Models have a few XVI conversions in the pipeline, albeit for the Airfix Mk.I, but the gun set should work, and it would make sense to alter the bubble top version to fit the IX kit.
  5. I look forward to seeing the photos - I have the HK XVI, and am think of using the Revell forward fuselage, and maybe some Tamiya parts to fix the inner wings, along with a few Paragon sets to produce a PR.34. It's a real pity the HK kit was badly researched.
  6. You can see it if you look hard, there is a thin outline in parts.
  7. This is all beginning to resemble a certain Fawlty Towers episode, let's keep the chat just about the kit. A couple of short-tailed G-14's
  8. I wouldn't count on it just containing the requisite parts for that specific aircraft, as I said the HS 129 came with one decal option, three different engine intakes, and the bomb rack, which was surplus, hopefully the instructions will be available to download from the ZM site before long, and we can then see the runners. Looks like a great kit, and one which should fill the ZM coffers, ensuring they have a bright future.
  9. No runner shots yet, but the HS 129 had extra parts, so fingers crossed.
  10. Outstanding research, think someone owes you a Belgian bier! ...and
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