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  1. Agree masks, and decal combo. best for these large kits with large selection of subjects. Most of my chosen Ploesti bird is handled from kit sheet, 'cept tail # and hafta paint my own nose art...
  2. Ah, he's just saying he bought one like the rest of us - sorry, let the anticipation sweep my feet...
  3. Um, so how is the kit? I still await my two on slow boat from wherever Luckymodel is...Thx
  4. Piranha frenzy, I was finishing the shipping page at 6 min. and SOL on all. Wing NUTS for sure!
  5. Unfortunately found it as tough as posted here. Still never got a missing sprue replaced, even after getting to know the CS rep. at the IPMS Nats - twice! He wrote his name, said to input it, still nothing. Kit sits incomplete to this day, 11 years now... The Dragon DOESN'T care
  6. Thanks for the word Peter, Site says two kits per SKU.
  7. Well you sure chose correctly I say Pat, that nose conversion you have going seems to address the controversial too-wide lower nose of the kit! I am still trying to wrap my mind around the outer main wing thinning job you did, getting rid of the "boulbosity" they gave us. Did you literally flatten the wing plastic? I only picture that sanding would also taper the wing while thinning. Also gotta bug ya about which B-17 sprue you got since they released a few types, or they all the same? And finally, any chance you have the bomb bay fuel tank 3D info? From recent research, found I need them to do my Ploesti B-24D build... Remarkable work - going to be grand.
  8. Just seen both the clear edition and Dambuster same price $271.99 until the 23rd it says.
  9. With the extended wait, you have to keep a watch on expected delivery times, then if items a no show, punch on "item has not arrived" request. to at least lock it in with CS. One order from Russia back in March didn't show, so had to get it all reordered with seller. He kept in touch though. He even said if first one does arrive, return it. The tracking never advanced past routing from facility. If no reply from seller, a second reason to open the request. What I heard, especially with USPS is alot of packages are in the cargo bays of passenger planes sitting at airports. Best of luck Marcel!
  10. Used to do them with pilots at Davis-Monthan - then got on the com and do systems (like flight control checks), I liked the rudder flinch for SAS. Ah, the days of being a Hog crew dog.
  11. Thanks Kev, I did wait for Aftermarket to release their sheets I swear, but no one selected the OV-10a's of 27th TASS in Euro 1 at George AFB late 80's, so hafta use the Testors kit sheet in 1/48. No biggie, at least it exists! Gotta have a companion for F-4G which will also hafta be done in Euro 1
  12. Have a 1/48 sheet mostly black codes, etc. need to enlarge to 1/32 on printer - what is percentage of enlarging from 1/48 to 1/32? Have the chart in an old FSM issue, but would surely take me a week to locate...longer likely from deciding to read an article or two... Thanks.
  13. Wait, so what ? I was going to check my calendar thinking it is Apr. 1st.
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