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  1. My sympathies Jennings - Been two yrs. April for me and anytime I see an F4U Corsair or A-10 he pops into mind. Always best to be right there, but there's reality and the movies. Most important is he knew you cared. Salute. Erik.
  2. Yes, that is my quest here-Thanks for the further parts use areas from the Tempest kit. I want to enhance the Tiffie and use my AM decals. I do have the MDC rocket set, and prop/spinner correction from years ago, so MDC will be in there. Cheers
  3. Thanks for suggestion, but looking to see what I can use from the kit on this one.
  4. From photos, can't tell much between the two. Maybe gunsight, or seat? I can get a deal on Rev-Germany 1/32 Tempest kit which i'm considering using the kit cockpit to improve the old Revell Typhoon. Further, what other areas were shared and could be adapted?
  5. Well those who bet the Ebay China order (placed 09-15-2020) would beat the Luckymodel order (placed 06-28-2020) on arrival...you are a Winnah! Mine has slight wing warp, the sprue is broken at the wing location in two places, the fwd. cpit shroud sprue detached, but shrouds still intact.
  6. Surely WNW would have rejected the kit with this warp issue, maybe they did? If they had stayed in the game and released it as such, they'd be called Warpnut Wings?
  7. Since the tip of a drill bit is center, use a drill bit same size as part (3mm) sleeved with metal tubing that drill bit fits into as guide and turn bit enough to mark center.
  8. Considering "taking advantage of the situation" or opportunity, plus value of kit once back home; F-16CJ - not only excellent kit, rarely found at low cost. Skyraider if it includes weapons - again a benefit of being there. As far as living in the US, both kits hold more value and not as readily available as other kits you listed. You might also take a few photos of the stocked shelves if that is okay to do there - for comparison & memories.
  9. Yeah, got too anxious seeing everyone get their's already so just ordered one off Ebay ($55.00 total WA state tax) meanwhile have two on the same boat from Luckymodel apparently on the way since the backorder days... Any bets today's China order beats the other two?
  10. Alright, putting the Positive energy waves out to you Kevin!
  11. Sure, modification to Tamiya expected, but agree with you it will be worth it. I can cast this and that where need be as well. Sorry for the sideslip of your thread, but it was a big help!
  12. Yeah Kev, it is quite dated with the RC parts but figured dedicated to a base in snow, Zimmerit, some figures and such would hide the shortfalls. As mentioned, I do also have this JagdTiger kit so very interested if there are some parts in this kit that are only for KT which I could use as well?! This to me is an outstanding build which is also a huge (like the kit) help in several ways. Anxiously await the finals on it! The scheme is featured on the Dragon smart kit box cover art including the scene with it in Hungary, just google the Dragon kit and you can see. And
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