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  1. Just got my third large order and their as mentioned M117's are THE BEST! In fact, only ones to have the thicker mid strake facet added. All else i've tried have a flat fin. The MB4 Coleman as recently reviewed here by Thierry is well done (used to use them on F-4's) as well as their towbar. I just used Paypal, easy ordering.
  2. Super update Iain, glad you kept at it and you have a partner assisting in this one - great work both of you. You may have said, but once prototype is finalized will each set be printed out, or cast from a master? And this is what LSP is about, smart solutions to the occasional kit issues found in this great scale.
  3. Once I saw that Thierry submitted a review, went to website and they were OOS. So either they have yet to fill stock, or there's some rapid fast buyers!
  4. For sale? Tough crowd! At my chastising they were handing them out free Agree, Revell Tiffie good as a gear up canopy closed ceiling hanger unless you can land MDC bits to bring her 'round.
  5. Short answer is No from the two I have, but it is a small no as it is only due to a sprue gate change for sprue A which has slightly different ailerons and control stick. Looks to me if you were to add the horn fairings (check the instructions for the Richthofen kit #32601) and a small round part at end of stick, could pass. Otherwise, all plastic is identical between kit 32047 D.Va and kit 32601 D.V that I can see. HTH
  6. Hello Maurizio, Checking latest status of this years MB4 Coleman tractor project? So super for 1/32, and hope for 1/48 as well. Also seeing if you will consider the smaller ground support equipment and weapons trailer tug Jeep? Try this google link for decent photos for a look; https://www.easternsurplus.net/GalleryDetails/652/1985-AMC-CJ10A-4x2-Tow-Tug-Tractor-Jeep Cheers.
  7. Would also like to see the Bobtail jeep AGE and weapons tow in any scale. The one with headlights in the fenders. 80's - 90's USAF
  8. I used to drive these 1987-90 at George towing F-4E and G (and raced roommate from washrack once..) semigloss dark green.
  9. One serious LSP, hope it is okay; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYScakP1yqo No politics, just news
  10. All the best to you both, Thanks for supplying your conversions and improvement parts that greatly help the older kits - cheers!
  11. Although toylike, my two 21st Century 1/18 F-104's (George AFB - Canada Tiger Meet) as ceiling hangers along with F-86 and Mig-15 do the job just fine. Along with F-5, a T-38, F-16, or A-7 should also cost reasonably. I would pay more for an F-4, or finish me off with a correct A-10!
  12. Here's some video from the ceremony held the 15th in Auburn, Calif. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dYoGCcWVg4 Happy 100th Bud!
  13. 'Tis a shame they don't fit both - which would the Revell kit be a closer fit with?
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