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  1. Interesting indeed and have this pic in collection - but it is an F-105B so would need the conversion as well.
  2. Now THAT is really worth restoring. Sure hope they give it a FLAT Ambush camouflage - or very close copy of paint it had during the war.
  3. Curious what their 1/32 scale prop measures as...?
  4. Working at Aero Union (P-3 Tankers) years ago in Chico, Calif. kid in tool room mentioned his German Grandfather was some gun operator. I loaned him my Dragon 88 kit and he not only signed the lid with "Freefire!" in german, he placed copies of photos of him and the Berlin battery he ran. It has the wooden surround encasement.
  5. Maybe they wouldn't get me so worked up if they just called it "Navy" like they did "USAF" for the D. Guess I just miss the L.T.V. I am reworking one now from a fellow LSP'er which already has the Zacto set installed.
  6. the name, but what is meant by box name of USS A-7E Corsair II? I have done some searching of reviews, but no one mentions it. Isn't "USS" designation for a ship? Surely obvious oversight on my part - i'm used to it....
  7. Nice film, I didn't see any statement on enhancement. The color seemed strong to me.
  8. Happy Birthday Paul. I hope it is!
  9. I plan to go with this arrangement using the Vac. Squadron Canopy and resin cockpit. If it isn't a disaster, likely make more than one.
  10. Tried to get resolve from severely short shot sprues of their 1/72 OV-10a Bronco kit from retailer here in the States to no avail. Kits have inserts which likely work fine living in Korea...
  11. Final followup, I did go into town and retrieve rather large (Felixtowe plus four reg. boxings) box which damagewise revealed only one box hit (corner of USAS Camel) and one windsock book slightly wrinkled. I did send note requesting that they please place loose items within kit boxes for protection, but they have yet to do that. Good they had to use large box as it is the rugged China box. Finally, order reveals my limited WNW knowledge as I paid extra $10.00 for extra Clerget engine (felt it would help out one of my old HC kits) when the USAS Camel kit comes with just that! Doh Yes, I did not read all differences of the Camel kit series! Any WNW kit bonus tips like that always appreciated....
  12. Well Yay to me as I got the pink notice today that it does exist. There were four people in the house, yet no one knew of the attempt. Always nice on a Saturday too. The story continues...
  13. Still await the arrival of my brutalized (pure assumption due to history thereof) WNW package from order on April 1st...gotta quit checking the porch daily!!
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