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  1. How to replace canopy in this scale? I have Squadron vac canopy in 1/32, but 1/24... And sorry, could you clarify "undercart"? Thx
  2. Nice review. Don't see any cockpit additions. Is there a scope, etc? Guess the "Nightcat" didn't have exhaust dampeners
  3. The F-15 tank was modified a bit for F-4 use. It appears one way was switching nose and tail cone as the two fuel pipe connections are forward on F-4 (includes smaller electrical connector in front of them) and the oval access panels on the sides of tank are in different locations. Quick way to tell if your chosen F-4 had F-15 tank conversion is the large rear mount (spoken of and pictured in thread) as it remained a permanent part of the plane. there are two center mount lugs, four sway braces. When installing the tank, usually three of us would use the cradle to locate it, lift aft end, engage rear mount ball into mount, lift front of tank so lugs engage while one would lock the lugs from within the Aux air door. While raising the tank one would watch the fuel pipes for alignment to ensure the o-ring seals don't get damaged. Then whoever had the smallest hands would turn the elec. connector and safety wire it. Then the sway braces would be tightened against the tank while another would wiggle tank to take out slack. At least that is what I recall from 30 years ago... So the tank angles upward at the front with only an inch or so gap from belly. HTH
  4. And speaking of bluebirds, they should've chose to make the Corsair instead.
  5. Just paid $112.22 Ebay with Washington State tax 10.1%. Like most all my packages, should arrive beat up and crushed from the automatic transmission they placed on it...
  6. Only info. I saw on this kit is from here on LSP, so living on the westcoast, what can I expect to pay? Thx.
  7. Thanks Jennings, also shows the round to flat shape of Radome to gear door area well. Same display type at McChord AFB (er, JBLM) next to the library.
  8. Might just find something then, State tax takes only half of that deal!
  9. Have some kit type catching up to do, any speculation, or heard word on Super deals yet? Thanks
  10. Exactly, as said the two bottles I have are slightly lighter than RAF Sky.
  11. Yeah, Yeah I remember all that from back when I did some FW-190 builds, and don't care to open that can again, but within our little hobby paint manufacturers did make bottles labeled RLM 84. Two I have are; Aeromaster Acrylic 1035 Pollyscale 505324 They are a tad lighter than my bottle of MM 2049 Sky type S
  12. I had thought he was referring to RLM 84. Looks real close to RAF sky.
  13. Sure, if I was out to buy it no matter... but then if I didn't have tax issue i'd get the Dambuster on Ebay for even $300 delivered.
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