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  1. Ah, the simple days...(or early mornings)
  2. Such issues with A-26 makes me glad they didn't instead make the B-26 Marauder! Hoping that Revell or ZM will someday consider it...
  3. UGH to the LUG! (Or guide horn) which of course has shape detail on end, so either sever it at base - reattach, or reshape detail again. But if you only modify the ones at the sprocket for fit, no bother as surely can't be seen. Depends on static build right? Nice to know, had no idea! Thanks Kev. Wonder about my Tamiya tracks? They were always RC so obviously not an issue, but where is the shortfall if so...
  4. No fold will be fine, besides you will always have the bent wing shape now. Built this one back in 1982 just as you, before Eduard and all for my father when I learned it was his favorite bird. Keep at it and waiting to see it finished!
  5. Think it a good decision to commit suspension if internals would not be conveniently accessed after completion. If there's sagging, etc. Still not sure where I will go with Jagdtiger final, but I will setting suspension permanently with the KingTiger since the diorama is solidified. It looks good, even without a drop of color - so can't wait to see!
  6. So looking at new items in hobby, found near bottom of review here; http://www.missing-lynx.com/reviews/german/archerdecalreviewcs_0221_1.html Archer has done a hull casting raised letter-number set. Perhaps if requested, 1/16 could be done too. I did another update to my Tamiya Porsche Tiger kit and got the Trumpeter upper hull to go with the lower and wheel/axle set from Ebay. Was only $15. Not only compare the Tamiya hull now, but likely save the trouble of trying to match Trumpy lower to Tamiya upper. Anyway, I bet the build is going nicer n
  7. Just ordered my selection so cannot say how good yet, but Red Fox has several German, plus 1/32 Fw-190 set; https://www.rfstudio.hu/termek/82 Just saw there's decals listed too...will get them next order if quality stuff.
  8. Apologies if previously posted, nice orig. footage and interviews; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=quo-AgC4ZiU real screen grabs here for clipped wing
  9. Thanks, SH MFD off as well as Mig-19 purchased. Left a note for 1/32 A-10C (the rest is easy enuf to make), and OV-10 Bronco.
  10. Fortunate for me since the Revell kit really needs something (if one is to take on the challenge-i'm not scared!) with it's 80's tooled tub of nothing.
  11. Right, sometimes a better way to tackle the bigger builds. Like when doing a Carrier kit. Wasn't sure if you decided on a particular one, agree late war field application was usually by the crew. Like those photos of KT in the woods with a compressor next to it and a guy with a paint gun wearing only shorts for PPE.
  12. Shot of idler caps takes me back to Belgium at La Gleize when I had my boot resting on a real one... Will you be treating items left to do as separate "little models"? Had you decided on the paint scheme?
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