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  1. phasephantomphixer

    Tapered round diamond needle files - WTH??

    Thinking you likely found the type so not going to do the search, but do suggest Micro Mark for hobby tools.
  2. phasephantomphixer

    any interrest in F4U-5N decals?

    An FYI update Harold said my -5 set is on it's way, any decal set in our future? And shipping over the pond seems insane $$$$ so possibly send a stack of sheets all at once to anyone in the states, then distribute? Current rate for a 9"x 6" first class with stiffener is about $1.25. Cheers, Erik.
  3. phasephantomphixer

    Painting SHM Exhaust Inquiry

    I am told the links are up and there is stock. Guess molding mouse got a morsel of cheese...
  4. phasephantomphixer

    Phantom of Keflavik, Iceland

    I am fine with that, gives all of us time to submit our informational (?) requests to him! Sooooo many Phantoms...
  5. phasephantomphixer

    Painting SHM Exhaust Inquiry

    Thanks Ray! Hope Humbrol Metal cote is readily available still, got mine a while ago...
  6. phasephantomphixer

    P-47N wheels

    Not sure how accurate the TD wheels are, but do know there is an -N on display inside the Weapons Museum at Eglin AFB. in Florida. And last visit there, it wasn't roped off, so one could easily measure the wheel.
  7. phasephantomphixer

    Painting SHM Exhaust Inquiry

    Hey guys, I am posting a few photos of the Sierra Hotel Models 32nd J-79 Exhaust as I’ve had questions in regards of how best to paint and highlight the spot-weld detail on the nozzles. When I mastered these Exhaust nozzles I made sure to add the spot weld detail and edge strips to the outer turkey feathers as no aftermarket makers had represented this key feature which always stood out to me when I was an active duty Air Force Crew Chief on the Phantom. I found that Humbrol Metal Cote Gunmetal not only captures the metallic tint, if you lightly buff it, gives proper wear look. Here's raw unpainted part showing the added details.
  8. phasephantomphixer

    Paul Fisher Fire Relief - GoFundMe

    Yup, the photo shows all there is in "Paradise." Luckily I got to see his shop and setup (WOW) months before when I dropped off two Trumpy N/AW A-10 kits, Verlinden tub, Sierra Hotel engine set, Concord A-10 book, Walkaround, and Jake's first A-10 book for refs and setup to start the A-10 nose correction project... My other friends that lost everything there have already put in escrow on a nice home in another town. How long will it take to even start rebuild there? Ugh.
  9. do this scheme on Academy kit - anyone know if the decals exist?
  10. phasephantomphixer

    The SWMBO Effect

    That is correct, best to claim trade. And fine to do that when you send me a box, BUT she knows where it is from when it says MMD Squadron!
  11. phasephantomphixer

    The SWMBO Effect

    You could say I wish we didn't!
  12. phasephantomphixer

    The SWMBO Effect

    An odds game I have yet to master...may never happen. Today's scenario; Largest factor being it is Saturday. Biggest boxes arrive today, regardless of day order placed. Why? She is home. BUT she was away most of the day today! Got this one handled... When did she return? Just after large UPS box arrives! And I had met with walking Postman an hour before.
  13. phasephantomphixer

    Phantom of Keflavik, Iceland

    Perhaps post your kind offer in JMel's Vendor's Board thread? Think his latest was BIG SCALE WEASELS Or PM him direct Sure would be some Rhino in 1/32! I have the old Experts Choice sheet in 1/48.
  14. phasephantomphixer

    Phantom of Keflavik, Iceland

    I did see over at Speedhunter - (Cyber sale going on too) he did one in 1/48...
  15. phasephantomphixer

    Phantom of Keflavik, Iceland

    The RF-4J was done overall I think...nice