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  1. I can only agree as I rode in one around the owners hilly property. I preferred to act as gunner standing to the right.
  2. And I was unsure where i'd put my Leopold! Not to take anything from thread, but always wondered what the receiving end from one of the mega guns looked like...
  3. I'd say not totally wrong as you may have a beneficial situation if the Spitty clear are in good order as when you delve into the super spitty, you are good to go with clear parts. Even may be a moment when you can help a fellow LSP'er incase they need such parts! Surely Airfix will remedy this ASAP as others said. Cheers.
  4. One Nice Clark shark! Like to know exactly how you did the cockpit sill scratches please? The WSO panel is packed in there anyways, so looks the part there.
  5. Yes, I too hope you are well Ken, ironic timing that I pulled my two PCM Tempest kits from storage two days ago and both are sitting here by the bench. Is there a POC for replacements?
  6. I should add to tips section that a decent way to knock down and level out the RAM is to surround it with trimmed up Tamiya tape, then sand it to the tape level.
  7. Wouldn't the 1/48 Hobbyboss -17 be a possible choice for an upscaling? Seems to be a decent enough kit.
  8. Recently photographed an A-4L (wiper arrangement) at Castle Museum which has full oval windscreen.
  9. No longer wondering why I got one for low $$ at last local show.
  10. The dark yellow (used to be burnt red) surround on the windscreen is defrost heating strip embedded in the glass.
  11. Build looks to be going well and hope it gets finished in time for the show. Choosing to do it as a restored warbird has me wondering would that matter in the IPMS category it would be entered under? Would be one way to add another build to civilian category, etc.
  12. That is good news, a clean well executed windscreen clearly problematic, but I am experimenting and just need to find the right clear resin at this point. If that happens I can easily provide them, I would have to get it done for my -5 set anyways. Would be interested in a print of it if you want me to take it on.
  13. Great news Tim, Ray is a good person to correspond with on special projects. I also have the set here and the windscreen is the part requiring the most attention. Also luckily the Trumpeter -4 is still pretty available for a decent price. Anyone interested in this conversion should grab the kit now...
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