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  1. phasephantomphixer

    WNW Albatros DV 'Richthofen'

    It is easy to give your figure a Haircut. And X-acto relief trimmed hair...
  2. phasephantomphixer

    A-6A/E Exhausts & F-16 HTS Pod from Sierra Hotel

    It isn't my company, but I know that is the issue as i've been a master pattern maker. I would cast sets as well to help out, but no way I have that time anymore. Sure hope they find someone, or more than one that can kick out the stuff.
  3. phasephantomphixer

    A-6A/E Exhausts & F-16 HTS Pod from Sierra Hotel

    Sure would be GREAT to have someone with casting skills that could cast all the nice Sierra Hotel items at a REASONABLE fee. Know of any?
  4. phasephantomphixer

    Trumpeter A-4M Canopy in the open position

    All great mirror suggestions, and quite a technique with polishing! That pushes my lazy modeler factor I admit. Since Acft. mirrors aren't huge even in our scale, I use the little chrome metal strips inside those rectangular white plastic anti-theft casings attached inside packaging of pricey items. Cut one end open to remove the strips. Then use sharp scissors and cut to size.
  5. phasephantomphixer

    Revell Stock Inbound to Lucky Model

    Hoping, still a few big Revell kits in my crosshairs...
  6. Any purchase over $119.00 with coupon PRIMO119 today. This one says US. Always useful in big scale..
  7. phasephantomphixer

    Italeri parts requests stateside

    Did get reply - no decals available. even though kit is available, they run out of extras I guess - Thanks again though!
  8. phasephantomphixer

    Planned purchases for the rest of the year. What's yours??

    AIMS BF-110G conv. when available again... HK Do-335B-6 Night
  9. phasephantomphixer


    Utilize this here LSP with some most exquisite builds and reference in the early Articles.
  10. phasephantomphixer

    Now another excuse for not getting work done.

    Mine loved the Cardboard boxes full of kits since they were stacked high. There was just enough room for her to lounge up there. First few times we thought she was gone.
  11. phasephantomphixer

    Kitty Hawk has announced an Fw 190A-5

    YAWN .
  12. phasephantomphixer

    Flat monofilament. Finally found some !

    Remember those black "Magnetic screen door" kits you could have to a patio, etc? The border strips were fraying on the one I had years ago and I noticed the threads were flat. They are very thin. I gathered several lengths of it into ziplocks to use when I get one of my many WNW builds going. They are real cheap on Ebay, etc. Like under $10.00. Plus, there's magnets! Oh, and noticed with this revised forum, i'm about 1/2 reputation. Guess my humor needs work! Ugh
  13. phasephantomphixer

    Finally some answer to air rage

    That many hours without at least business class will be a real challenge for even an average height adult! You described an older "Combi" 737-400 they usually use for remote flights (the wheel wells sometimes had mud in them) which they need to split coverage of cargo and passengers in one flight-no good luck there either. Best to book early enough for window seat so you can at least use comp. pillow and blanket against the side wall. Even though i'm 6ft. every bit helps. Including Emerg. exit aisle. With such population, it isn't going to improve.
  14. phasephantomphixer

    Ebay deal today

    I see a 15% off for over $35.00 purchase for US and Canada posted. Code is PRIMOSALE
  15. phasephantomphixer

    Italeri parts requests stateside

    That might be a good order when the two-seater releases. I submitted a request - Thanks!