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  1. phasephantomphixer

    Undersize Trump. MiG-21 MF Fuselage?

    Of similar dimension issues. I have a couple of them, only one MF and UB.
  2. phasephantomphixer

    Big Aviation icon Paul Allen has passed

    Sad news that Paul Allen died today at age 65 from Cancer. Founder of the local Flying Heritage Museum, also made Stratolaunch for pioneering space exploration. He of course was co-founder of Microsoft, and owner of Seattle Seahawks. You will be missed Paul
  3. phasephantomphixer

    Undersize Trump. MiG-21 MF Fuselage?

    Super Stuff Alain, typical that the second go - or other half goes better. Now curious about the F-13!
  4. phasephantomphixer

    New, clean topic: HB B-24 Test Shot Photos

    WooHoo! Looks Great to me! Sure, still Giddy it is even being produced, but appears they have tooled most of it nicely. My Rosie riveter is gonna get some RPM's, better be sure the pin is greased...
  5. phasephantomphixer

    Undersize Trump. MiG-21 MF Fuselage?

    Waaay too much work (measurements alone) invested to not have these cast for the masses! I hope that will be done... Doing great work sir
  6. phasephantomphixer

    any interrest in F4U-5N decals?

    I would want a sheet if I can get the conversion. I am checking on it now...
  7. phasephantomphixer

    F-4 Phantom NLG

    Well, shipping should be less $$ for you Barry - make a road trip out of it and do local pickup! Turn it into a lamp so it has a function...
  8. phasephantomphixer

    1/32 F-16B

    Nice going Bruce. Like when the early bird gets to "B" in the spotlight, and use of the old (what was then "The Kit" ) plastic too!
  9. phasephantomphixer


    Maybe old news as I am usually behind the curve, but got photo evidence that the Lancs WILL have stressed (oil can) skin..
  10. phasephantomphixer

    How are the Fly Hurricanes?

    The later Mk. Trumpy Hurri. has got to look great alongside the Airfix Typhoon...big enuf case of course!
  11. phasephantomphixer

    Great Wall Hobby P-40B Tomahawk in 1/32

    Edited - Thanks
  12. phasephantomphixer

    Great Wall Hobby P-40B Tomahawk in 1/32

    Welcome to LSP Yufei, we could keep all of you very busy at GWH! I think as far as measurements, nothing beats the real thing, PLUS you could get a nice trip to Seattle out of the deal if you travel here; https://flyingheritage.org/Explore/The-Collection/United-States/Curtiss-P-40C-Tomahawk.aspx There are more lacking aircraft in our scale of course, like None available in kit form that are popular enough to sell well; Japanese Nakajima B5N Kate Japanese Judy German Dornier Do17 German Dornier Do 217 German Focke Wulf Ta 154 Or need an accurate kit release; American P-51B(C) Mustang British Bristol Beaufighter British Hawker Typhoon American Martin B-26 Marauder German Messerschmitt Me 410 That is if you stick to WWII. Modern aircraft lacking list; Canadian Avro CF-100 Canadian Avro CF-105 American Convair F-102A American Convair F-106 American General Dynamics F111 Aardvark American A-12/SR-71 American Lockheed F-22 American McDonnell F-101B or RF-101B Voodoo Russian Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25 Russian Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG 31 American Northrop F-89 Scorpion Sweden Saab Draken Sweden Saab Gripen Sweden Saab Viggen Decent start, new tooling in 1/32!
  13. phasephantomphixer

    F4H-1 Phantom conversion- any options newer than Cutting Edge?

    Anyone ever seen a build, or one completed using the CE conversion?
  14. phasephantomphixer

    Tokyo Hobby 2018 show pictures

    THANK YOU for the posting! Well done. Nice kits on their way to market. And like the last comment and pic. of the treat you got yourself! That B-24 is really something. Good that Great Wall Hobby is doing an early P-40 since Flying Tigers is a big part of history.
  15. phasephantomphixer


    Wooda been neat if all this time HK was working up a 1/32 B-26 Marauder instead. Be a triple Bonus in bombers! Looking at the pictures at hobbylinc from Japan show the Lanc. kit sure looks good though.