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  1. Thanks Jennings, also shows the round to flat shape of Radome to gear door area well. Same display type at McChord AFB (er, JBLM) next to the library.
  2. Might just find something then, State tax takes only half of that deal!
  3. Have some kit type catching up to do, any speculation, or heard word on Super deals yet? Thanks
  4. Exactly, as said the two bottles I have are slightly lighter than RAF Sky.
  5. Yeah, Yeah I remember all that from back when I did some FW-190 builds, and don't care to open that can again, but within our little hobby paint manufacturers did make bottles labeled RLM 84. Two I have are; Aeromaster Acrylic 1035 Pollyscale 505324 They are a tad lighter than my bottle of MM 2049 Sky type S
  6. I had thought he was referring to RLM 84. Looks real close to RAF sky.
  7. Sure, if I was out to buy it no matter... but then if I didn't have tax issue i'd get the Dambuster on Ebay for even $300 delivered.
  8. Thanks for the word Dennis! But i'm out since Washington State consumer tax 10% would bump it back up!
  9. Will note sweep on kit instructions-some cut and fill to do at root since I have several boxings. Vote for interest in trainer "conversion"
  10. Sorry, just a tiny clarification - 2 deg. fwd. 1 deg. each wing? And with Trump. canopy, any chance we are lucky enough that the flaws lean towards trainer canopy shapes? Think I had asked before, which 1/32 262 kit would be best made into a trainer since I have all three...Thanks
  11. Not sure this was already posted, mods delete if so... The Richthofen D.V is sold out as of 24 Oct. and they will have last ones with them at Telford. Two new Albatros boxings (Black Beauties and Wooden Wonders) And two Pfalz boxings. Also low stock on D. VII Goring, and Snipe Barker...
  12. WETA's the WORST. Gave up after Many messages to them with not one reply long ago. Actually glad as I would've perhaps gave them my $$
  13. If you can get a nosecone set including lower space just aft of radome (where gun trough is removed) and both NLG doors, maybe find a Blackbox (Avionix) J cockpit set and scratch sills (old Model Technologies PE set big help), there's the two side chin scoops, then the Bridle hooks for wingroot undersides, and J main wheel set, second pitot on LE of Vert. tail, scribe in refueling boom doors, and red oval light. For wings, delete three inner wing slat teardrops, and remove outer wing slat mounts, as well as wingtip RHAW antennas (teardrop shaped). Also can't recall if the Revell E. comes with Navy inner pylons... I would keep on the lookout for a Tamiya kit at local show or shop, maybe try local IPMS club too.
  14. Looking for a shop doing mail order with a website in England besides Hannants that ships to the US - Cheers!
  15. Interesting indeed and have this pic in collection - but it is an F-105B so would need the conversion as well.
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