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  1. Yes, way back before ZM made their TA-152 I had to scratch an intake for my Vac. kit (here in the LSP article builds) and for the D-11 conversion.
  2. I'm sorry - lost my best friend (we met at age 5) to it at age 17. Life changing
  3. Although I do not have info. on the DB 603N for you, I can say the big benefit of any Luft. '46 build is using artistic license. One adaptation well executed in 1/48 scale on Tamiya 335 I saw was counter-rotating props. I would think a good way to include dual charger would be slight bulge with a larger Ta-152 oval intake. Figure they would've addressed the rear engine cooling issue with larger radiator intake by then as well. Surely a fun project. HTH
  4. Yes, longer gear for wing location. Likely end up jazzing up the ol' girl's long legs. Thanks Troy, there's a few things to gather from Brengun's catalog, all I have from them so far is the Siemens Schuckert D.III set. Don't see much from them here on westcoast of the US.
  5. Well now, that should be a decent boost for it, those areas could use the help - Thanks.
  6. Yes, the mid-winged lost to the sea as they say, kit. Tried a search, asking if any parts - areas of the recent Hasegawa 1/32 N1K2-J Shiden-kai could be used to improve the Revell/Takara 1/32 Kawanishi N1K1-Ja Shiden kit? Thanks
  7. Does this internally armored RCAF Tomahawk in British mkgs. count? Guessing the Brits had both? Also, is that a rear view mirror on top?
  8. When time permits, I will cull all extra parts from the R and toss them into one of my Academy boxes. To think of all the KH -60's that will get built and those tasty extras getting binned...Aagh! Anyone willing to donate theirs, I will pay shipping. Thanks Thierry
  9. Thanks for looking into this, and posting Thierry. But I of course bought the KH MH-60R Seahawk. A quick look in the box showed two blade sets, but didn't snoop further. Any chance you checked the R boxing for similar extras?
  10. True a Sprue deal, but already got one hung up here. Now if they would do the Zero I could quit scoffing the triple Ebay prices. It's the one I passed up since there were stacks of 'em back in the day!
  11. Lucky indeed, that is great. Any of the "flat" clear parts like most of the helo's don't have this wavy gravy issue, just rounded ones. Worse for me, dug out my older OV-10 and same issue. If you take the sprue and lay it on a lined or printed page and move it about, it is easier to see the flaws. Not the end of the world, but disappointing oversight with the kit cost and unique subject matter.
  12. With the current kit scramble, just got the 1/32 F-5F and Mirage two seater. In both kits the canopies are horribly distorted on the inside, almost faceted. Wavy lines fore and aft entire inside surface - awful stuff. I've done a search here but not seen it mentioned. Can't be just my two kits? Can't think of remedy besides sand and polish them all - Yay thanks KH
  13. Just need a reason, the maint. forms, a speedhandle, -6 manual, wingfold lock, and four ground crew (one on top of wing, three to walk it up - or two gym rats). Some reasons like parking space, inspection, or lube. Been 30 yrs. since I did one so mighta forgot something... HTH
  14. Ah, the simple days...(or early mornings)
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