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  1. Yes, all the same - external tank and have a shot with the training rack which I would like to do as well. Like to build it as "was" to go with F-4 builds.
  2. Yes, Welcome Dave - with tanks, maybe find any with similar diameter from other kit, then cut into ends like a tulip taper to bend them inward, then glue in place and fill. Plans to do my A model similarly as 27th TASS George AFB. as we shared the tarmac late 80's. Unfortunately no one has printed such markings in 1/32 scale, but the Testors boxing in 1/48 scale has them.
  3. Anyone notice updates or changes in sale? Got message that order is shipped...
  4. Thank you for ordering. Set also comes with an alignment jig placed on base of Fuselage so you don't have to capture sleeves (Per Tamiya) within fuselage during build. Just insert them when ready and they will line up the proper angle.
  5. Here is older short thread on my long nozzles with very close pic of requested petal detail (weld marks of Titanium) and adding they are the correct diameter which in fact, you have to thin the kit diameter - adding realism as the outer lip seals are strip metal. The flameholder has the correct detail and better depth than can be offered in PE;
  6. For F-8E want to do the Sundowners just as Hasegawa (Minicraft stateside?) kitted in 1/72 back in early 80's. One of my oldest kits (still around from my stash) I have. Then of course, someone may have printed them as I am so bad at knowing what is out there...
  7. Looking good, and like that you proceeded while managing daily life! If only painting gauges (no decals or PE) I will first paint panel with either Lacquer or Enamel white. Then paint it Acrylic black. You can then either paint rest of panel now, or after the following; Have reference with you and use fresh X-Acto blade and a pin to gently scrape away the Acrylic black from raised areas of gauge, including the gauge needle which you then paint red, etc. Once done, fill with Clear gloss (if using Future, do several times each time it is dry until level like glass). HTH
  8. If you have any type of liquid mask, you could fill the bezels first so you can do the woodgrain technique. Then remove the masking and proceed with bezels. Nice start, just ordered this kit from their Anniv. sale.
  9. Eek! Did I want to see that email...? Did I just get charged $93.00 shipping...? As I searched the list, wondered which were best deals, which were gotta - gets before gone... Well Congrats to WNW anyway!
  10. Further update video plus some T-38 Talon stuff;
  11. Also there's Craigslist for local buyers. I won't be there until August...
  12. WooHoo! Sheet looks SUPER! Will look even better in my hands...PM to order? Canopy might not be as crucial since in discussion with local LSP'er that has one - Thanks!
  13. Thanks for word, surely I am too late as usual since when I click it at bottom of page, it goes to "Page not Found"
  14. Been watching - following this guy since the Paradise, CA fire. He did flyover when cleared to, etc.
  15. Awe - some stuff Ray! Getting that AM to work out cleanly. Reading your opening story on what - if had me picturing a set of Stuka 37mm tank buster guns slung under the wings (sure has the clearance) if HK hadn't made the B-2 version. She sure will look super with the unique Camo on such a large canvas with all the fuselage side surface too.
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