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  1. I think she would agree with you! All models deserve the greatest respect. I am using this image for strictly educational purposes. Alain
  2. True! And we can suggest all sorts of things but we don't have to do anything at all! At least I think we have been helpful! Alain
  3. I like the one with individual clear sections. It really looks great. Alain
  4. If you want to enlarge a photo to 1/32, use the one of XL600, in Steve's links. It is probably the closest to a perfect side view. Alain
  5. Me again! Look at the connecting rods on the model compared to the ones on the aircraft. The angle is all wrong as they should go up the the door. Correting this will necessarily change the angle of the door to a much more accurate position. Alain
  6. Hi Max! I really can't tell if the position of the nose gear is wrong, from the angle of your photo. A very quick survey of photos shows that the top of the door is about one nose leg diameter away from the leg itself (approximately!). Then it seems too far forward on the model and results in the very wrong angle of the door. So don't tear out anything yet! Maybe the top of the door is not quite in the correct position and that would also result in the wrong angle.... Lots of variables to compute here! But it's just a model, so maybe the simple modification of th
  7. I guess it was modified at some point, after the new rudder type was introduced. Very good looking cockpit! Alain
  8. Absolutely amazing! I love the mix of different materials in the Fury cockpit. I think the gizmos might have to do with the synchronizing mechanism. Also, with all the apparent brass and copper, do you use a clear finish to prevent eventual oxydation of the surfaces? Alain
  9. From Andy's Hobby Headquarters on youtube: a Tamiya kit they said they now could announce publicly... T-34/85 in 1/48 scale That might be it, but the video is already 2 days old (19 Nov) so maybe there is another... Alain Man, should have watched that video at the start of the thread!!!! I would have noticed it's the same one I started to watch a couple minutes ago. I'm still curious but I actually the new 1/72 U-9 kit they talked about recently is really exciting!
  10. I can assume that anyone who knows something will have promised Tamiya not to say anything either so be patient... Alain
  11. If we are talking elegance, then the Concorde is the obvious choice all categories considered. In military aviation I would suggest the SR-71. Alain
  12. I noticed that this aircraft is an early type so has the short rudder (look at the shape of the top part), three part rear cockpit windscreen and the cowl is hinged at the centerline top and not side panels with fasteners. Alain
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