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  1. Very interesting work Max! Your Lightning is coming along well. Your comment on the deck landing made me imagine a RN version with folding wings. Something to do in 1/72 for fun! Alain
  2. Great (and unexpected) comeback ! The foil looks fantastic! Alain
  3. Beautifully painted cockpit! Kit or resin? Alain
  4. I like the worn paint finish. Very striking! Alain
  5. Very nice! I like the variations in the colours. The weathered effect is very effective! Alain
  6. Beautiful work Alex! Lovely model! Good luck for your next project! Alain
  7. Nice looking airplane and kit too!
  8. PhilB: Actually 3 RAF Spitfires were shot down by IAF Spits (+1 RAF Spit initially by groundfire). Later that day, a RAF Tempest was also shot down by a IAF Spitfire later that day. Alain
  9. Hi Ted, I don't mind if you assemble the kit out of the box essentially! These builds are fun to do and watch too. Alain
  10. Excellent work! Those alternating rivets on the spinner are awesome! Alain
  11. What a beautiful Spitfire! The colors look spot on! Alain
  12. Great work on the engines Max! Looks like the fit was pretty good with the vac parts. Alain
  13. Nice paint scheme! I like the way the kit was designed with the core holding the cockpit and representing the ducting to the engine. Alain
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