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  1. You're correct about the Barracuda. I believe the ATA was moving aircraft reasigned to different squadrons to free operational pilots from that task. So they did fly weathered machines, probably more often than new ones. Alain
  2. Going to be an very interesting project and I am looking forward to see it when you decide to start. Alain
  3. She'll be quite happy with a Spitfire Max! But the contrast in every way between that minute lady and the big ungainly Barracuda would have been worthy of a diorama! Alain PS I think I'm in love with all those fantastic ladies!
  4. You win! No kit in 1/32 though for you Max.
  5. So what was Maureen Dunlop flying that day? Here's a better clue: I'm sure you'll find out in a second! Alain
  6. Thanks Max! The little orange balls you see are sold as fruit miniatures for HO scale train layouts. You glue them on (somehow...) in your tree foliage and voilĂ , an orange tree! Alain
  7. Hi all! Finally came back to the Tiger Moth, after being distracted by work, family and just glue together 1/48 kits that sit around the bench... So here we have the basic mounts for the various controls in the cockpit... For some reason, the forward polygon shape is inside the framework and the one in the back is behind it. The large white rectangular part represents a plywood reinforcement piece that supports the oil tank on the outside. The throttle controls are in place. Connecting rods in stretched sprue and the knobs are
  8. More bad reporting: "...sitting on a plane thousands of miles in the air" no comment! "...purportedly filmed from onboard United flight 328" shows the blown engine on fire through visible cabin window! "...what appears to be an engine cowling in front of a home..." yeah, the whole front of the cowl, but what else could it be? Alain
  9. Excellent work Peter! This project is coming along very well! I like the added baffles in the engine, which are often missing in models. Alain
  10. An UT-1 or UT-2 trainer would be nice! Alain
  11. They will probably hire Tom Cruise as the Modeler!
  12. Thanks for the photos max! Good of ICM to make the Canadian version as a separate kit, as there are so many small but important differences I think there will be few common parts found in the new boxing. Some differences apart from those you mentioned: tail wheel, instrument panels, engine cowls hinged at the top. And something common to both version that one of your pictures here shows very clearly: the gap between tail planes and elevators is covered with a strip of fabric. Alain
  13. If I'm not mistaken, what you are showing is a raised strip, so no scribing to do! Alain
  14. Hi! Thanks for the very nice video! I haven't progressed much in all this time for many reasons...I decided to change the place where I do my modeling at home so had to move a lot of stuff around and then I broke my iPhone that I use for all the photos and this took a couple weeks to fix. To be honest, I also had a bit of a lack of enthusiasm at this point and worked on other other projects that I wanted to advance on (1/48 scale kits...don't tell anyone here). With all the excitement about the new ICM kit and Max's great thread on comparing the current kits I have been d
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