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  1. Wow! Excellent display base! The rock formations look incredibly realistic. Alain
  2. Beautiful! Very good rendering of the camo colors! Alain
  3. Excellent work on the engines, cowls and floats. Ingenuity saved you from spending a fortune on aftermarket engines! Just curious, do your students know about your hobby? Alain
  4. Very nice and original looking Hunter! Alain
  5. What a beauty! I like the vintage looking red trim a lot. I can almost hear the sound of little waves clapping along the floats on a Canadian lake. Alain
  6. Great to see this new kit built. Excellent choice of markings and great start too! Looking forward to the next update! Alain
  7. Great work on the flaps (and all the other corrections too!). Hope the worst is over, and time to put it all together! Alain
  8. That's a quick build! Looks great! Alain
  9. Great start! Your subject is a G-4 it seems, not a G-6 as you stated above? So no bumps on the cowl. Alain
  10. Nice to see a Swiss Bf109 built! Great looking cockpit. I have a 1/24 Arfix E I would like to make in the high visibility Swiss markings. Alain
  11. There are lots of WWII vehicules in HO scale. Alain
  12. Nice cockpit! Does the windscreen still fit with the extra width caused by the styrene strip? Alain
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