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  1. Cool and ambitious project! I agree with the spinning prop solution, as it is just impossible to have a believable effect with photoetch or clear disc. Alain
  2. That rigging is very sharp Max! There seems to be some kind of stain running on your left stabilizer? Just a bit worried... Alain
  3. Hi all! I have engraved the new panel lines and hatches on both fuselage halves. Here is the left side that has the most modifications as you can see with the original part just below. The old panel lines still show because they have been filled in CA glue. A coat of primer will help and I see there is still some sanding dust that needs to be removed! The hole in the spinner was drilled with an appropriate drill bit, and a bit of aluminum tubing cut that will be inserted in after painting This is the propeller from the ZM kit, with its strange pointy tips. I reshaped one blade to represent the specific type seen on this aircraft. I will make a small mold and cast three copies. The hub detail will be added too, before the mold is made. I made the photo against a neutral grey background (the inside of one fuselage half that was on hand!) so the shape is easier to see. Thanks for watching! Alain
  4. Yes, I read that problem with the vac canopy, and my idea was to see if there could be a combination of short canopy and long exhaust, because sometimes there are exceptions and even good reference book can miss some information, and I know this from very real experience! In any case, feeling free to do what you want is the only obligation you need to have with your model and it is going to be very nice to be sure! Alain
  5. Hi, According to your own book reference above, it seems the longer rear canopy section is on conjunction with the longer exhaust pipe. Might be good to check this... Alain
  6. I would suggest you keep it, just subdue the rivets and lines with fine sandpaper. Lost panel lines can be restored locally with a light mark with an X-acto. Weathering at the end can be added to accent certain panels and areas according to references. This is a simple kit, keep work to basic skills otherwise I am afraid it could spiral off into too much work... Just my opinion here! Alain
  7. Hi Michael, Good of you to add that detail, because it is often overlooked in models, even if it is usually quite visible! It is one of those things that bug me, especially when sometimes the kit is full of aftermarket and tons of additional details elsewhere. Alain
  8. Very nice work on the sliding canopy! It looks quite to scale. Alain
  9. Hi! Nice project! I seem to recognize the very old Hasegawa kit, right? Alain
  10. Very interesting work for your IP! This will look great for this project and your following builds. Alain
  11. This camo is most striking on the G-55! Great choice ! Alain
  12. I love the used and worn look of your model. Great build throughout! Alain
  13. Thank you! I'm enjoying this project very much! Alain
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