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  1. What are the numbers? Those that have a Silhouette cutter have a great advantage here. Alain
  2. The Polish marking are nice with their camouflage colors. The chute housing would not be too hard to add, but don't forget the wing pylons close to the fuselage. Alain
  3. Very interesting project! I have some info on this aircraft and will share with pleasure! Alain
  4. For those who were not fortunate to be there, you can watch the British Pathé films on YouTube, well worth it! Alain
  5. Nice start! Have you thought of the markings yet? Alain
  6. Your wheel wells look very convincing! Its a good thing there's resin for the Trumpeter kit you could adapt. Alain
  7. That kit had very fine engraved panel lines and rivets, that would be up to the best standard of today. Alain
  8. Nice paint job! I find the upper crosses very non standard. Can you tell us more about them? Alain
  9. Nice work on the Shinden! I will say I am jealous of the corrugating tool you have! Does it permit various dimensions? Alain
  10. Cool stuff! Good to find out about these aftermarket products! Alain
  11. Fabulous scratch building! Very inspiring work! Alain
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