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  1. Great job on the yellow and red markings. The real ones were far from perfect in reality, so any irregularity is more authentic! Alain
  2. Hello all! Yes, there has been progress in the many corrections on the kit. Just did not make photos! I continued on the fuselage sections preparing the surfaces to redo the engraved details. Also am reworking the fin so a correct size dorsal fairing will fit in place and improving the details too. Sometime next week I will try to make photos! Thanks! Alain
  3. Amazing story! Really does look like a ground incident at first look. Also great piloting skills to manage flying the aircraft with the left wing missing so much, and the mangled remains obviously causing unusual drag/flight characteristics. The canopy is missing in the photo, and I would not be surprised it came off because of the blast in the rear fuselage. Yet it is in place in the drawing after the hits. Wonder is there is a bit of additional information about this detail. Alain
  4. I’m reading all 8 pages just today! Very sad about that « incident « . I hope you recover completely very soon. Alain PS I enjoy all your comments on LSP!
  5. Hi Kev! You went with the simplest solution for the exhaust openings and frankly it looks totally fine! I really enjoy old kits being built. Alain
  6. That's a nice one! Look what you could use it for (not exactly the year I've just noticed!):
  7. I have a few 1/32 vehicules picked up new and second hand at shows. They are nice kits, even if the tooling is ancient. You can search the internet for photos of the real thing to help paint in correct colors if you want and add accurate details. I found a Ford brochure with all the possible interior/exterior color combinations for the Ranchero. The pick-up looks horrible on the box top but is actually quite nice in the box. There isn't much choice for vehicules in 1/32, so these could come in handy for an eventual vignette with an aircraft. The Bugatti, for some reason is molded in red! Alain
  8. This is a great idea, thanks! Alain
  9. Going there was fun with kits stacked up to the ceiling. Much is gone now, but still hard to go through all what remains without missing something! The Sabre kit is quite impressive in the box. Alain
  10. It is sad when a local hobby shop closes, and this time it is Hobby Junction in Montreal's West end, just next to Dorval Airport (now Trudeau Intl Airport). Went to visit last week and got a few kits plus various decal sheets in 1/48 and 1/32. These 3 kits cost around $ 220.00 CDN total, so about $ 175.00 US. Not a huge discount from the store, but still a good deal. The F-4 was just $ 70.00 CDN or $ 56.00 US and a lot of plastic for this price! Also got this on a previous visit. Just too cool to pass on. Thinking of combining with a plane of the era, a racer or something. Still need to work on this. An old but nice kit. Alain
  11. Hurricane pilot: Look, I just shot the Ju’s wheels off!
  12. Thanks for the photos! Hope to attend next year, a bit far from Montréal, but its really worth it! Alain
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