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  1. WNW: don't release this one! That is one weird aircraft! And I love it! Great new project! Alain
  2. Incredible detail and very fine work! Well done! Alain
  3. The rock base is made in two parts. Very nice rock texture! A different type of modeling, more artistic for sure. Alain
  4. Tamiya rumours is great fun to read but I wonder if anyone at Tamiya is taking any of it in consideration.... But that is not the purpose of this as it is more of a dream Christmas gift list. But who knows, some times wishes do come true! Keep dreaming! Alain
  5. Totally agree with out2gtcha and I will add that since 1789 the monument is the property of the state, not the catholic church. Additionally it is also responsible for the maintenance of the structure so Rome is not paying for this.
  6. Ray, I imagine the plan would be to rebuild using the original techniques and materials, even if finding the wood required might be difficult. Alain
  7. Here is a section of the cathedral. The 2 red arrows show in a simplified way the wooden structure that burned away. When this roof collapsed, there was fire continuing above the vault, marked in red lines, caused by the remaining wood burning on top of it. I could not distinguish flames from inside so I guess most of the stone vault survived the intense heat and kept the flames at least out. I am waiting for more up to date info to see what damage actually occurred in the interior. Image from l'Encyclopédie Médiévale de Violet Leduc.
  8. There was maintenance or restauration work at the spot where the fire started but it is too early to know what happened yet. Basically all the wood roofing is gone now (after 2hours) and and what worries me is the intense heat could certainly have damaged all the stone vaults making repairs very long and complex. I don't doubt repairs can be made and it will be done but it is a sad day for sure. Alain
  9. This is bad! All the roof around the transept (centre of the cross) is in flames and I don't think it can be easily extinguished! Hopefully the fire and damage will spare the vaults.... Alain
  10. Excellent city planning and building. I can imagine the time it takes to add all these tiny bits! Looking forward to that mountain! Alain
  11. Nice work! In this larger scale, will you replicate the rock formations that occupy most of the height of the vertical surfaces almost all around. Alain
  12. Could be in a later chapter... Out2gtcha, great explanation for Marseille and the X-4! About the model, your spinner is fantastic! I also think the oil stains under the fuselage are just right. They certainly represent what we actually observe on aircraft. About the exhaust stains, may I suggest a technique I use successfully. Mix the stain color with flat clear and then you can build up the density slowly until you are satisfied with the effect. Alain
  13. Photos are worth a thousand words in any language! Beautiful work! Alain
  14. Salut Dan! Great paint job! Your Phantom looks fantastic! Alain
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