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  1. When I was still a kid in the mid-seventies, I had to tell a student at school that we had won the war, and Germany wasn't the enemy anymore, but rather the Soviet Union. But hey, Canada was and is very distant from major conflicts so many don't think too much about any wars. Many recent events make me think we should pay more attention to what happened in the 20th century... Alain
  2. Glad to hear this specific movie is not going to be made. However, I believe it is possible to make a great WW II aviation film today, just as good as the BoB film. We have an incredible selection of flying aircraft today: Spitfires of many marks, Bf109E, Gs, Hurricanes, Fw190s, Mustangs, Thunderbolts, B-17, B-24, Lancasters, Blenheim, MiG-3, I-16, Il-2, A6M and even Me262 and 163. With appropriate arial photography, models and computer graphics a great movie (or movies) could be made. A good script could help too! Just a thought... Alain
  3. Good luck, but its going to be hard to beat the original! Alain
  4. At first glance I thought the guy was tied to a TOWED target then fired on by Mirage fighters. Seemed a bit excessive really... Alain
  5. Coming along nicely, and the figures are very well done! Alain
  6. Excellent progress Max! The very fine surface detail is very apparent in the photos. Alain
  7. Good choice. 5F+YK seems to have parallel wavy green lines (different from the colour profile interpretation) and the top pattern is not known if there is no other photo of this aircraft... Alain
  8. Very nice, the worn sprayed green camo looks just perfect! Alain
  9. Beautiful paint finish and weathering! A very fine model! Alain
  10. Very cool subject, got one in the stash so I will follow with interest! Good walkarounds can be found on the internet. Alain
  11. Ask her what she thinks about the colors. Alain
  12. If I recall correctly, the British took the remaining French orders after the armistice. P-40s were in that lot but were they in French configuration, notably the thottle wich was opposite, ie more power by pulling back. Should research this but I don't think there would be anything major, as the French were pretty desperate to get aircraft as fast as possible. Alain
  13. Didn't notice this thread before now! What a great project and the result is spectacular! The polished finish and markings makes this Mustang really stand out and I'm sure it attracts a lot of attention wherever it goes. Great work Richard! Alain
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