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  1. We don't mind about your pyjamas...but all those plastic kits??? We will put you in the "deviant" category. Big Brother inc.
  2. I have used a primer with filler from a spay can with excellent results on printed parts. Much faster than trying to sand all the grooves out on the parts. Alain
  3. Very interesting subject! The camouflage is very striking, I like it a lot! Alain
  4. Happy to see the fuselage ready to be closed up! I tried to find the parts you left out in reference photos but I could never determine where they should go...They will not be missed! I'm certain the front IP will end up in its correct place without any trouble (hope the halves are not glued together yet). Alain
  5. Thanks! I'm aware of that by the previous builds on LSP, and I'm thinking of changing the angle of the lower wing locating tabs in the insert that fits under the fuselage, plus shortening the interplane struts of course. Alain
  6. Thanks Max, glad you enjoy the build! I enjoy working in a meticulous way, even if progress can be slow...I also find it very stimulating to have your SW Tiger Moth and Kev's great conversion going on at the same time. Alain
  7. A bit of progress today: A cutout of paper gives me the shape of the seat opening to trace on the plastic part and the Ren Shape bit I will use to sculpt the pan section. I was looking at other areas of the model and turned a bit to the tail section. In one of Max's builds he modified the fin to represent correctly the space between it and the tail planes. I did something similar but kept a small bit of the locating lug at the front of the fin for strength. I filled in the large rectangular slot in the tail plane leaving a space at the fro
  8. Not going to argue about the Sutton harness: what better argument could you have than with that video. For a minute I thought you were going solo. You made it look so easy too! Alain
  9. Excellent progress! The silver and green cockpit is very distinctive. Yes, it is exciting when major parts start coming together at last! Alain
  10. Too bad your not showing at least one panel open to show the details of the engine (but obviously that's where a project can take much more time to finish...). Thanks for the good photos of the engine and other details too! Alain
  11. The instructions information on interior colors seem a bit odd to me calling for essentially all the components to be gray. I would suggest going with the colour photos where a type of olive is mostly used. Alain
  12. Thanks! Too bad I'm a bit late for your project, but these parts could be useful for someone else who has a Matchbox or Revell kit. Alain
  13. Thanks Kev, much appreciated! I have a reason for putting extra attention on crafting the new parts: I have a Revell reissue of this kit and casting a copy of these parts will save me a lot of time when building it! Alain
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