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  1. Thank you! An interesting airplane with many marking and paint options. Alain
  2. Hi Gaz, That racing scheme is so well thought out (and so nicely modeled too) that it looks entirely plausible! Makes me wish it was real! Did you think of a name for it like the other racers? Alain
  3. I love to see the superb gloss finish on the Ta. The plane looks like it really wants to go! Alain!
  4. Fantastic work! I like those specialized ships, very purpose looking! Alain
  5. The wings of a Fairey Barracuda can be folded also!!! Now wouldn't that be something! Alain
  6. Very cool! How does it feel to build the kit with the parts you created? The mismatch is probably caused by the flexibility of the silicone mold, while the resin is setting.
  7. I agree, but maybe after the Hellcat they might choose a subject in another theater of operations.
  8. When Airfix released their first 1/24 kits, the theme was the BoB. If they continue with that type of logic (purely speculative concept on my part), and to complete their release of the Fw 190 and P-51, and Typhoon they could add the Me 262 , Fw 190 D, P-38 and late Spit for a late war selection. A Tempest would fit perfectly too. A D-9 exists from Trumpeter already so this type might not be considered as much but who knows... A desert theme would be interesting too and a Macchi 202 and P-40 jump to mind! Post war, why not the Korean war. Not so well known but nice subjects: Sea Fury, Firefly, Sabre, MiG-15, Panther. Many of these suggestions have been made in previous posts, but I thought they could be grouped in a logical way. Also, a EE Lightning would simply be astounding!!! One of the most iconic jets of its era! Alain
  9. Just another thought: how about a Tiger Moth, that would be cool! Tons of markings, military or civilian. Alain
  10. That's an idea, but I would suggest a new Spit Mk I or a Corsair, which would have good appeal to many modelers. I still like the thought of a Beaufighter, as it would be an impressive kit for sure.
  11. A big like for that saucerful of secrets! And that Ta152 C is going to be quite unique. I hope you can finish it shortly. Alain PS: my 14 year old son is a big fan of Pink Floyd and that makes me pretty happy!
  12. Very interesting build and history too! Great work on the launchers! Alain
  13. Great work and excellent result with the masking! I was surprised you did the roundels before painting the airframe, but it should make them very flush with the adjoining camouflage paint. Alain
  14. Nice job on your conversion! Very interesting to check out! Alain
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