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  1. This thread sound so exciting to me! Thanks for sharing
  2. Actually these massive canons positioned in the front, before the air opening nose part caused too many problems to Soviets. If Soviets keep sticks to original sketch plans of Focke Wulf J.P. 011 they won’t have so much troubles. As the reports says opening fire on 7000m by all 3 guns BMW engines (get choked ) and literally stop working. Even opening fire over then 3000m caused many troubles with engines, so it was strictly forbidden to the pilots to open fire from all guns at ones. Shooting with the 37-мм gun was allowed not higher then 3000m. “Большие проблемы возникали при стрельбе. При открытии огня на высоте более 3000 м силовая установка вела себя нестабильно (менялись обороты, температура газов, возникал помпаж), а во время залпа из трех пушек на высоте более 7000 м двигатели просто останавливались. Виновником отказов были пороховые газы, которые пушки в большом количестве отправляли прямо в воздухозаборник.” Для устранения этого серьезного недостатка от использования 57-мм орудия отказались и перешли на 37-мм калибр. Actually finally Mig’s engineers find the better gun position but it was too late, because Mig-15 rise.
  3. An interesting and unusual decoration of the leading Mig-9 Air parade Migs group 1st May 1947.
  4. Looking Splendid! Airfield operational Mig-9 jetfighters been described as outside looked like “peeled “ It is because the heights speeds overpressure. Даже внешне МиГ-9 выглядели облезшими, так как краска не выдерживала скоростных полетов.
  5. 14 years after the first Mig-9 flight film been dedicated to Летчик-испытатель А.Н. Гринчик, who died crashing with the first prototype of И-300. It happened in 11 Jun 1946 since demonstration before high Soviet leader which included as well Yak-15 and trophy Не-162 “Volksjäger”. Film received First award in Deauville France at Aviation Film Festival 1963.
  6. Color profile of this exactly movie jetfighter.
  7. Love it! This accessory may be good addition to some diorama! 5013 (1/32)He 162 A-2 Engine 27.50 http://www.cmkkits.com/en/detail-sets-accessories/bmw-003e-ww-ii-german-jet-engine-1-32/
  8. Wonderful photos of LSP models! Thanks for sharing
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