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  1. Nice looking shadows Are they all in scale 1:32?
  2. Dany Boy


    Looking promising I personally like the Marine Flight Deck versions
  3. Beautiful looking airplane and realistic diorama base!
  4. I like the diorama very much Some of Ukraine’s ICM and MB 1:35 figures are looking almost in scale 1:32, if you compare them to Japanese (Tamiya’s) 1:35 figures standards.
  5. Looking like good addition to the story from “The English Patient” http://www.icm.com.ua/news/668-us-wasp-1943-1945-3-figures-100-new-molds.html
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFp62US2cyg The English Patient - flying Two types of aircraft are used in the film, a De Havilland D.H.82 Tiger Moth and a Boeing-Stearman Model 75.
  7. What a great collection you are building there Michael
  8. Thanks Maru! By the way I am not selling them, but for two full sets I am looking for one Archaic Heller 81133 Renault R35
  9. Colleague writes me that he plan to solve this (Periscope visors) problem using Photo echet parts, but I happen to have one of the sets in my collection and I am not impressed not at all Firs the visor doesn’t fit in tamiya’s turret cavities, not without sawing the back angles. The good thing is this will not be necessary for Italeri’s Panthers. Anywise it is better to have them rather not. My set is not interior but to make it look better I simply cut the driver/s sector Periscope visors.
  10. Great model, and impressive weathering
  11. Also I made some copies from my Tamiya’s Ausf G gun parts interior for my Revell-Italeri model, and if someone like them I could add this nice accessories which can be very useful to improve your unassembled Italeri Panther Ausf G, A or D model.
  12. I just improve the commander’s turret for my Italeri’s -Revell 03019 Pz.Kpfw V Panther Ausf. A 1:35 which I have from long time in my collection Unfortunately there is no periscope visors for the driver's and commander’s turret in the box, and this is so bad. Model needs 11 units 7 for the commander’s turret, and 3 for the driver and radio operator sector + 1 for the gun loader. It is interesting that copy of the tamiya’s periscope visors fits perfectly in the revell’s commander’s turret without any adjustment. But they need some sawing for the Tamiya’s turret. My Tamiya Ausf G 35176 has in the set only 4 of this periscope visors for the driver and radio operator and 1 for the gun loader, but no one for the commander’s turret!?! So I saw and adjust the periscope visors so I can fix them in the Tamiya’s turret I made copy of the Tamiya’s commander’s turret for my Italeri’s model years ago. But just these days I equip the turret with the copies of this tamiya’s periscope visors, and now it is looking so much better After all my old Revell’s model looking decent with its New turret If someone shows interest to improve the situation with his models which have no enough periscope visors I can offer for swap some of mine sets you know from here for something I need! For example I am looking for Tamiya 35171 1/35 Panther Type G Separate Track Links Model Kit Thanks for looking
  13. Really enjoy the photos! Thanks for sharing Wouter
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