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  1. Great news, congrats and all the best, Tom! Enjoy it!
  2. Good post, Peter! I have used the kit's windshield and just sanded the lower edges to obtain the proper shape. I recast the windshield first to make some tests before fiddling around with the kit part. By the way, if you'd like to see how a Prowler with an Intruder windshield assembly looks, check out the 1/48 Monogram Prowler. They seem to have used a non-modified Intruder windscreen and it makes the model look extremely strange IMO.
  3. I'm not talking about the flat screens but the entire windshield assembly including the frame and bulged side windows. the flat portions may be identical, but I am pretty sure the side windows aren't the same on Intruder and Prowler.
  4. Very nice work! Keep in mind the Prowler did not have the same windscreen as the Intruder, it was significantly lower and the lower edge curvature was different. This is also obvious when you compare the side view of your fuselage with the drawing you have posted.
  5. Elmo, sorry for replying so late! I use Mr Masking Sol which I remove with my venerable and proven Mk.1 fingertip™. The warm grey oil paint I use is from Schmincke.
  6. I really appreciate your comments, thank you so much! I think I already mentioned it in the WIP thread, your comments have been highly encouraging and were essential to keep my motivation high. I'm even more glad you like the final result!
  7. Dusty model + messy bench + finished shrouds. The ring was covered with self-adhesive aluminum foil, the resulting effect is pretty nice I think. Sadly the fins do not fit as well as they should, especially the RH side one will need some attention. I need to better prepare my sub-assemblies before I start painting! The carbon decals need some attention as well, the front edge is not straight... sigh.
  8. The "yellow dog bone" actually is a golden wrench, an award VF-102 got for maintenance excellence. I made a template for the carbon fibre decals indeed. That's when experience in other modelling fields comes in handy. The overall result is pretty good indeed. I have slightly sanded the sealed surface with a #3600 sanding sponge from Micromesh to get a smoother surface finish; I use those sponges on access panels as well in order to break the uniformity of the surface finish.
  9. I am usually posting from a desktop computer, my browser is Google Chrome. I did indeed not get any notification.
  10. I tried that when I edited my post but that didn't work! I'll try it again when I write a new post.
  11. I really like the new layout, just BB Code not working anymore is rather annoying for my workflow as I have to click the "insert image from link" every time which is an additional step... but I'm sure I'll get used to it.
  12. The Tomcat now has received its identity: Applying a coat of Tamiya X-22 diluted with Mr Levelling Thinner has protected the underlying coats of paint so that the carrier film has disappeared completely. I had omitted this step in the past as the MRP paints are glossy enough to avoid silvering, I'll be doing this again from now on. And here are two unforgiving photos of the carbon fibre shrouds in front of the nozzles. Carbon decals are usually extremely brittle and annoying to work with (that's why almost all of my F1 models are stalled...) and the ones I
  13. But you are still ignoring the fact that there are decals doing exactly what you think isn’t possible with a brush. So there clearly is another possibility to obtain the same result or better. By the way, white on black works super well using oil paints... been there, done that. I’m out now as it simply makes no sense for me to argue about someone else’s (very good!) product and I definitely do not want to argue with you, Thierry.
  14. I didn't want to post on this topic anymore but as you keep on repeating it - come on Thierry, a thin brush, white paint and a bit of time... it's been done by many modelers for years and looked just as good as the Quinta parts. In addition, there are excellent decals from Anyz and other companies making your life much easier. Looks as good and you did it yourself and didn't only peel them off a carrier paper. Who complained about 3D printing anyway? I surely didn't. The only thing I personally don't quite like about them is the fact they are pre-painted (or printed, call it as you will)
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