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  1. A true work of art, Peter!
  2. Absolutely brilliant work as usual, Marcin! The soldered landing gear legs are just mindblowing...
  3. Probably mix of the temperature not being constantly high enough despite my enclosure and material flow. And me not being the right guy to play around with settings for weeks before I can properly print a part...
  4. I know Tim, I know... I'm just not able to make my printer print it properly.
  5. No need to be sorry, unless you are the project manager responsible for this mess! As already stated, the upcoming one just has additional parts for the twoseater.
  6. Excellent job! Regarding the guns - doesn't the two seater have only one gun and a gun camera on the other side? Or are the RSAF airfraft different to the other Fs?
  7. I definitely have to get my CR-10S dialed in to print ABS or HIPS - whilst I have printed pretty much all the parts I need on my Mono X, this is slowly starting to get expensive... Regarding the size of the beast, the fuselage itself isn't that shocking IMO - but once the wings are on, it becomes really massive. Even the elevators have a biggerspan than most 32nd scale fighters...
  8. The problem is they don't fit, are badly injected and extremely inaccurate - at least when it comes to 1/32nd scale Super Hornet kits...
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