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  1. Starfighter

    CAC Boomerang

    Absolutely stunning as usual, Eric!
  2. Starfighter

    MiG-29A in Luftwaffe Service

    Love it, keep those updates coming!
  3. Starfighter

    Revell super Hornet

    The Trumpeter kit sucks in terms of assembly and the lower gun vents are a mess, but shape wise it looks pretty good. I personally don't like the surface detail, I have spent a huge amount of time rescribing almost everything and filling in many, many rivets. This reminds me that I still haven't taken any pics of my finished Super Bug...
  4. Starfighter

    Revell super Hornet

    A new spine and correcting most other big flaws would have meant heavy mould modifications. The didn't even modify small areas to ease assembly, so they most probably haven't modified the big issues either. Let's wait and see, but this one will probably be a very big disappointment and a huge missed chance.
  5. I can't wait to see how this comes together - you have set the bar very high with your PZL and I am sure this is going to be another stunner!
  6. Starfighter

    Revell super Hornet

    Having seen it in the flesh several times already, I can tell you this kit has massive shape issues. Radome, Canopy, spine and the distance between the engines, just to name a few. I for one will certainly keep my Trumpeter kits which are annoying to assemble but capture the overall shape much better than the Revell kit. The Revell instructions seem to confirm what I've heard about the assembly...
  7. Starfighter

    Lockheed S-3B Viking - scratchbuilt

    The only photo with a size reference I currently have on hand is the following one, taken at BSMC early December. Red Fox' Buddy-Buddy diorama in the background.
  8. Starfighter

    Lockheed S-3B Viking - scratchbuilt

    I rarely quote myself, but in this case...
  9. Happy New Year everybody! It's about time to post the pics of my finished 1/32nd scale Viking. The background is not ideal as the photo booth is too small. No way to take photos of the diorama either - I'll have to wait for better weather to take these photos. Anyway, no need for a lot of text this time - for those interested in the building process, here's the link to the WIP: Comments, critique and questions are welcome as usual!
  10. Starfighter

    My finished models 2018

  11. I absolutely love it - one of my favourite subjects, built the 'Timmy!' way! The result is great as usual and the build report was huge fun to watch. What's next on your list? Back to the Jaguar?
  12. Starfighter

    Trumpeter 1/32 RNZAF A-4K "Kahu Upgrade"

    Anthony, drop me a PM via FB regarding the tank!
  13. Absolutely stunning. I love the colours you have chosen for the wash, it just looks perfect. Can't wait to see more!
  14. Starfighter

    S-3B Viking - scratchbuilt

    I am humbled by your comments - thank you all for your continued support during this journey. I am very happy I managed it to finish (almost) everything on time for yesterday's model show. I usually neither take photos of awards I win nor do I share them, but I have to admit I am pretty proud the Viking won Gold in its category and the "Best of Class Airplanes & Helicopters" award at yesterday's Belgian Scale Modellers Convention in Putte. This was only possible due to your continuous support and the help of some good friends who made this model possible - guys, you own a big part of this award! Thomas Matzer, who not only machined absolutely beautiful tie down eyes, antennas and other small parts for me but built me an absolutely stunning base and catwalk which I only had to paint and weather. I would never have been able to finish something that comes close to this - it is a true work of art! Bekim Lulaj, who CAD designed the canopy and engines the best way you can imagine - the parts are absolutely perfect. Axel Fischer, who cut the masks, window frames and other surface details for me. Kai Wolter, who offered me the pitot tubes and a ladder which I sadly did not manage to finish in time for the show... All the others who have helped me and commented on my progress during the last five years - Thank you all very much!
  15. Starfighter

    Roden L-19 Bird Dog

    Wow, just lovely!