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  1. I am indeed having huge troubles with my printer since I tried printing with HIPS - even PETG parts do not stick to the build plate anymore. I did not have enough time for proper troubleshooting yet, but it's rather annoying...
  2. Just a small life sign... my bench time is very limited at the moment, but I decided to start the CAD drawings of the instrument panel to get used to working with Inventor again. The panel is in a very early stage, most details have yet to be added. I am planning to prepare as many interior components as possible in 3D and to 3D print them or to have them CNC machined once ready.
  3. Simple - different project managers and CAD teams, most probably different mould shops as well.
  4. Why? Because of all the "excellent" reviews the Revell kit is getting?
  5. There aren't many stencils on the late TPS aircraft, Eric. If you have some photos showing what you mean, let me have a look a them - I may be able to help you. By the way, no idea how far you want to go on your Crusaders, but the forward landing gear leg and fork is way oversized on the Trumpeter kit. You may want to shorten the leg by 5mm and make a new fork - I should have a drawing somewhere if you want.
  6. Excellent! Modex 200 all the way for me, 2013 looks too comic-like to me - and it's way too pristine.
  7. For those interested, I have taken a few photos of the prototype and the shots at Nuremberg a few weeks ago. The assembled model was rather difficult to photograph as it was sitting in a cabinet.
  8. VFP-206 is a great choice! I have built 146860 back in 2013, long before the Fisher conversion was available. https://largescaleplanes.com/articles/article.php?aid=1051
  9. Saw it in the Flesh at Nuremberg Toy Fair and it really looks impressive. Not sure if I am really happy about the recessed rivets, but overall look is just great. Can't wait to get my hands on this kit!
  10. Finally someone is building this gem!
  11. Having seen the built Revell kit several times already, I can tell you they have neither corrected the spine nor the canopy. The Trumpeter kits has lots of flaws, lacks detail and is rather annoying to build, but it is much better proportioned than the Revell kit and it even seems to be easier to build. Someone on Facebook is building the Revell kit and it looks like an utter nightmare to assemble.
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