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  1. Couldn't agree more. This will be spectacular once finished!
  2. Thanks Timmy, the engine nacelle helps a lot - I will compare it with the existing part I have and decide whether I have to re-design it or not. Thanks again for your precious help!
  3. I have to get back to the EAPS... I have made a quick CAD drawing, but I need a reference dimension - the overall length for example. I have scaled the drawing using the rear diameter of the EAPS - where it meets the engine nacelle - as a reference. The resulting part looks too short which could also mean that my engine nacelles are too small... Do you have any reference dimensions you could share, Timmy?
  4. Well observed! I have to admit I would not have expected this conversion to cause so much work... just don't stop right now, it'll look excellent!
  5. When you first exported from Rhino! I do not have experience with Rhino, but when you export parts from Inventor and have the STL resolution turned to 'low', my parts look like yours. Check if there are any options when you export your part to STL and if so, check if you can turn the export resolution to 'high'.
  6. Thanks Misha! My garden is a nice place indeed - I love the view. I have scribed the first groove lines on the gearbox housing and could not help myself but to cut the gearbox oil cooler compartment open. Not sure this is a good idea, but there is no way back now. Let's see...
  7. Looks good so far - looks like the resolution was rather low when you converted your 3D drawings into STL format.
  8. Let's hope it won't lead to "this will only be finished in ten years" road.. we'll see. I have 3D printed a scribing template for the forward avionic bay hatches which also serves as positioning template for the tie down eye recesses. Panel scribed and tie down eye recess in place. After this, it was time to enjoy a Jupiler from the tap and to get some inspiration from the very old Landing Zone Publications book and to think about whether or not to open the avionic bays. Seems that I am getting old - I bought this book back in 2003 when I was 18 years old...
  9. Nice paintjob on the cameras! I have used the cameras from the RF-4 kit indeed, but they had to be modified. I think I have posted a photo in Eric's thread.
  10. There will be Reedoak figures for sure! Indeed, ramp down, mine sweeping gear fitted, cabin doors and rear side windows open. Let's see where this leads...
  11. Very cool idea, I absolutely love this kind of project - the execution is perfect as usual! It seems other air forces use similar "devices" to celebrate milestones, last flights etc.
  12. Looks like I have found the photo I was looking for... folded rotor & open oil cooler compartment!
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