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  1. Excellent! I hope I can look for the pics you need later today...
  2. He scaled them up to 35th scale - I'd never order decals for a girl's scale kit!
  3. It depends on which program you are using! I work with Autodesk Inventor - in this case I can indeed tell you how to do this. If you are using another program, I won't be able to help I'm afraid...
  4. Got a new graphics card, so it was time to add more details to the MH-53E sponsons while I'm waiting for a replacement canopy for my Academy Viper. Adding raised details to compound curved parts is very time consuming, but I hope the result will be worth the pain. I'll have to split them into two halves as they are too big for my little Photon.
  5. For the Academy Zulu! I will also get the Flying Leathernecks sheet as I prefer the markings offered by Dave, but I need to make progress on my kit once I have a replacement part for my cracked windshield...
  6. Every year someone has to repost this on Facebook...
  7. I do not want to hijack Eric's thread by any means, but I have found these three old and pretty bad photos showing the modified cameras and the installation. I am pretty sure the cameras could be swiveled on the real a/c.
  8. If you are looking for a challenge, try the Trumpeter Super Bug - it's challenging and annoying to build, but it's extremely easy compared with the Revell offering and looks the part once you've made it to the end... reminds me that I need to take photos of mine.
  9. The main problem is that it takes a lot of work and skill to assemble this kit into something inaccurate in many ways, so why wasting your time on it?
  10. Send him an email. They are not on his website. I should get mine next week...
  11. 5 minutes of work using adhesive plaster +15 minutes for PE seat belts... no real need for aftermarket in this case. The def.Model figures come with separate PE belts btw.
  12. Just cut out the doors and insert them again afterwards. It would be a shame to spoil all the hard work you have done with blacked out windows... I have used modified Revell RF-4 cameras on mine back in the day.
  13. The raised line on the engine cover is a parting line and should be removed. I have mostly added rivets in areas where it was not technically possible include them in the moulds - nose top or those around the APU exhaust.
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