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  1. I suggest Gunze FS35237. The MRP equivalent is a tad too light!
  2. Looking good, but your FS35237 on the top surfaces looks very bright - or did you follow the instructions which incorrectly ask you to paint the top surfaces FS36320?
  3. Thank you all for your kind comments! Derek, the International Orange I've been using is from Hataka's lacquer range.
  4. Great looking model, excellent job!
  5. G'day Gentlemen, time for an update! Scooby is approaching the finish line - slowly but steadily. The tailfin was the last major exterior component to be finished. The high gloss orange surfaces were well maintained and looked pretty pristine even during the very last days of Scooby's active career. The part was painted International Orange from Hataka applied over a white base which was then sealed with Mr Hobby GX-113. To eliminate orange peel, the part was sanded and polished to high gloss using Micro Mesh pads. The tail number was painted
  6. Hi everyone, it's been a while... as usual, the Holiday season was busy and the work at home is not yet finished; anyway, Scooby has progressed and I will post updates on next Monday or Tuesday at latest!
  7. Oh boy, I can't wait to see this one come together! A Demon is on my list as well!
  8. Looking good! A lighter wash in some areas would further enhance the detail and add volume.
  9. You're too kind, thank you so much! The tie down spanners and chains are from german manufacturer Pitzmodels which is sadly out of business since quite some time. He also did absolutely brilliant carrier decks and catapults in 1/32nd scale and stupid me didn't buy them when they were available...
  10. Another very unusual subject perfectly finished and presented - as usual (see what I did there? :D)! Great job - I hope to see it in the flesh in 2021!
  11. Absolutely stunning project, I like it a lot! Whilst you're at it, you may want to have a closer look at the ejection seat provided with the Italeri cockpit - not the most accurate Martin Baker seat out there... By the way, whilst lasercutting PS may not be ideal, it works just fine - you just have to sand the edges. Alternatively, you could have had the formers lasercut from laminated cardboard. I have used lasercut PS to build the skeleton of my S-3B and quite a few parts like the birdcage for my Prowler; the skeleton of my ongoing C-2A was lasercut from laminated cardboard.
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