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  1. John Everett

    1/20 Nichimo Cessna-172 Skyhawk

    Hello Kevin. I was bumbling through the unfamiliar format and was able to edit the post and add some pictures. I've got build pictures and a lot more finished photos on my website. Do your forum rules allow for including links to personal sites?
  2. Hello LSP, I finished the Cessna a few months ago and have posted it in a couple of places. But I thought it might make a nice introduction to my first post here on LSP. There was a lot added to the engine and a little bit done with the interior. But in general the 40 year old kit includes just about everything you see here. Back in August a member was asking if he should build his copy or just collect it. I would answer his question by pointing out that unbuilt models are sad and lonely and if you were going to have a "bucket list" finished model, this would be one.