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  1. I am looking foreword to the Wingsy kit. However of what is available now, I build the Tamiya one many years ago and it is such a nice build. Did not even know what I was doing, still have it and just no significant seam lines. Super precise build kit. I need to get ambitious and redo the canopy but otherwise wonderful build. Just add some PE buelts and maybe a instrument panel
  2. The Anthony stewards interview really inspired me to try something different. I have not done much modern armor, but i have my own Canadian connection as my wife is one. So This got me going on the idea of building Anthony Sewards mexas tank as it meets my chief modeling requirements. I need a story to go with my models. I like personalization whether it be.a German fighter, a race car or.a tank. I need it to tell a story.
  3. Thanks for your work on the podcast, I have really come to enjoy listinening to modleing podcasts while I work. Interviews with industry folks are among my favorites. I think you guys had Mike Rinaldi on also and that was another great one.
  4. Hands down Tamiya P-51. Great fit, great detail. The ZM kit has more detail that will be invisible after you complete the plane unless you build it skin off. But otherwise all that extra detail is wasted. The Tamiya kit fits together really well and is typical Tamiya as far as quality goes.
  5. I have no concern with Legitimacy at all. If WNW wanted to retain control all they had to do was pay the bill and retain their contract rights. Peter Jackson could have shown up with a truck and hauled the molds off to one of his warehouses if he cared to. And why worry in the end peter Jackson has plenty of resonances to defend his rights if meng wronged him. This will be a chance to get a top quality dr. I. Decals should not matter as the aftermarket will hopefully take care of that. I have no sympathy for the ownership of WNw. I feel terrible for how the employees were treated. I wish WNW did not go away. PJ made that decision. I hereby revoke his knighthood for poor treatment of servants under his care.
  6. Could it be lighting or perspective, there are two shots I see of the wings from Meng, one from the front where the rib tapes look gigantic and one from the rear where they don’t. In the original photos from Telford there is evidence of wing tapes but they are hard to see. I blew up the photos to the extent i could but angle, lighting and image resolution minimize them. I am wondering if we are getting a good photo at present of the kit images from Meng.
  7. It is beyond any reasonable doubt at this point that this was the WNW kit and can be confirmed from multiple sources including former employees. Here is one source https://www.themodellingnews.com
  8. Thanks for the explanation, i have seen that in other WNW kits, in that they require a little mod here and there depending on version. I don’t have any references and have no access ago WWI aircraft references. I just relied on wnw’s insatructions and their photo library.
  9. Ignorance is bliss, don’t know what wing stacking pads are, care to share, don’t know what is wrong with the wing tapes either.
  10. Former employees, the sprue shots from the original, remember the full sprue trees were shown on the web, the photos re out there. There will be evidence that this kit was the WNW kit. I believe we are going to find that it was.
  11. Unless someone is going to claim he or they are fake employees, at least one WNW former employee is stating on Facebook that this was the WNW kit. Bryan Wall, is his name, I Checked the WNW website, he is listed as an employee.
  12. Bryan Wall formerly of WNW is stating on Facebook in the WNW fans group that it was their kit.
  13. I doubt we will ever see a copy of a contract between WNW and Meng. We will have to look at what evidence we can get whether such a relationship existed. For me, I am happy to see this released. Once we see the sprue trees, we will be able to compare to the sprue shots WNW showed and have a pretty good idea if it is the same kit. So we shall see. Just good news that this kit is coming.
  14. Meng’s tooling is amazing, I just bought one of their armor kits. I really like the quality of their work. I agree though, while I think that this is the WNW kit, and I think maybe Meng were tooling it for WNW, it does not matter in the end it the kit is nice we just want the the kit on the market.
  15. It comes right at the time the WNW kit should have hit the shelf, and WNW probably owed some money for the tooling. I suspect Meng got this in exchange for the bills in some manner. Would not surprise me if Meng were the ones tooling and running these things for WNW. Someone after all was, WNW did not own any plastic molding equipment or poses any molds to make models.
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