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  1. I still believe the Tamiya Mk IX is the best engineered 1/32 kit ever. A big part of my nomination is the engine assembly. So yes I hope they do a 1/32 Mk I/II. I also agree that Tamiya puts more into a 1/48 kit than many manufacturers put into a 1/32 kit. I have not purchase their MK I yet but will in time.
  2. If WNW wanted to Eclipse Tamiya in the world of 1/32 airplanes they could. I don’t think they will choose to do so though. Their is no indication that this is anything more than a dalliance with WWII and they will stay with WWI. They are also not going to venture into the other things Tamiya does.
  3. Actually as you look at what they are attempting and the level of detail in the photos, the second coming may not be so far off. This looks like it is a step foreword in detail that has not been attempted to this point both inside the plane and out. Even Tamiya has not gone this far with their levels of detail. It may not equal Tamiya on the fit front but it should be close. Considering the relatively small number of people that will build one of these, this thing is a pretty giant leap.
  4. Hi Jennings, my comment was limited to the Lancaster which is the discussion in this thread, there seem to be contemporary photos that show canning on the Lancaster. Also I suspect the canning won’t look as overdone in person. However I am limiting that comment to this kit. I was not commenting on the Hellcat which is a different model, by a different company in a larger scale. So I don’t think the two are comparable at this stage as the WNW kit is not available yet to see it in person. I am open minded though to the canning effect. However if people don’t like it the HK kit is available now. I am interested in seeing how the caning looks on the Hellcat, Initially I was going to buy one and build it for sure. I am looking at your decal sheet which may induce me ultimately to build one but I don’t have time right now with another major project that has to be completed first. Also getting the bug to do a 1/32 Tamiya jet.
  5. My bet is when you get the model or see it in person the canning effect will not look as over done. I am not sure if I am going to buy one or not, it is a lot of time and money for one model. The canning effect is not an issue for me as I like the look of what I am seeing so far. The photos are super closeups on a somewhat glossy bare plastic surface so I think it won’t be near the big deal it is made out to be. Frankly I think also primer and paint are going to level it out a bit also. I just an not sure I want to take on one of these things but we will see. I am getting the urge to do a Tamiya 1/32 Jet. Never built a big jet before.
  6. I think they are too big. I have thought since the HK B-17 that 1/32 4 engine bombers were going to have an increadibly limited market. It is not about the money either. HK models are really a great value when you look at what you get for the money. However, If you don’t build it you have giant model boxes to store. If you do build it you have to find a place for it. When I was a kid and I got board with a model I blew it up or shot at it. I don’t do that as an adult. Personally I try to sell my models, so I don’t accumulate a bunch of stuff in storage. But someone ends up with the model, whether it is on your shelf or someone else’s. A 1/32 single engine fighter does not take up much space, but I remember the 1/48 monogram kits of the B-29 and Liberator as I build those. They were still huge models that overhung the shelf they were on. I will also say that I find the WNW Lancaster the most compelling 4 engine bomber I have seen. I like the oil canning that some criticize, if you don’t like it the HK kit is available, but more importantly the outer wings are removable so it can sit on three points on a shelf with outboard wings removed. This works better for display as you can show it with full wings on when you want. To me that is plain smart engineering and makes the model more practical built.
  7. The day a model company makes a perfect kit will be one day after every rivet counter on the planet simultaneously has a stroke. I was reading a discussion about a 2mm error on a 1/48 kits length in one of the forums. The discussions of accuracy become a bit much but I do believe they drive the market to better quality as the manufacturers do become aware of these things.
  8. cbk57

    Prop Blur

    I don’t like the look personally of the PE or film approach. My norm is to not worry and build static. I have never had a fascination with making things work only building them. Thus I am a lifetime Plastic modeler and never could get the bug for any type of RC, plane tank or car. If I wanted the look of a moving prop though I would defiantly go motorized. The big plus is that you can shut if off and have a static prop also. Unless really small scale, leaving the blades off would bug me.
  9. It does not matter what the movies is about, if you are a subject matter expert, you will often find that Hollywood does not get it right. You need to go into it with lower expectations. With Midway I am looking for entertainment, not a documentary. If someone should come along and be accurate as well, then I would enjoy that also, however I am not going to set a high accuracy bar and not let myself enjoy a movie.
  10. Thanks Jennings and Dana, makes for some new options for our builds.
  11. Just watched the trailer, screw accuracy, I am watching this one, looks like fun. I like accuracy, don’t get me wrong, but I can also be entertained. This looks to me like it has high entertainment value. If I really have to know the facts I can watch a documentary or read a book. I well remember Tora Tora Tora and the original Midway and they always drove me nuts because they would insert canned combat footage that was not necessarily accurate either. No one can do a re-enactment of Midway with real planes so I will tolerate CGI. It should look good in the Theater and I may go. I will definitely watch this though at some point.
  12. I skipped the trailer, but am inclined to give the movie a chance. Accuracy buffs for years have shredded the movie fly boys, I really liked it and have watched several times. If we relied on the movie industry for accuracy we would not watch very many movies of any kind. There are “accuracy buffs”.that criticize the various inconsistencies in Star Wars which is complete fiction to begin with. Now I tried a recent movie about the Tokyo Raid on Amazon or Showtime last weekend and the B-25 mockups were so bad, I turned it off after 5 minutes. But I will give Midway a shot until proven to be just a bad movie. I may not go to see it in the Theater as I usually don’t go see war flicks unless my family are out of town and I am on my own. I went to Dunkirk. I saw Saving Private Ryan in the theater also which was amazing. Somebody above commented that this is the same director that did “The Day After Tomorrow..”. I happened to really like that movie and have seen it more than once as it is often on the likes of TBS, so the director is not inherently a negative to me. I have one must see movie this year Ford vs Ferrari(about the Ford LeMan win and the GT-40 program). Already told my wife I am going to that one no matter what. The only thing stopping me from seeing Ford vs. Ferrari will be my death or a stroke. Otherwise I will be there.
  13. Article was up on Hyperscale this a.m. Great article, one question though, is there evidence of switching the amo cans on the -1A or were there not enough spares at the time. It looks like the -1A used the more universal amo can from the article but the photos seem to all be carrier based -1d planes. I can see how on the carriers they would have had double sets and so on where as a result they quit trying to get the cans to match the national insignia, where the island based -1a’s, even though the cans could be switched, they were just reloading and putting back in the plane.
  14. Please post your research on the Funk website with the decals when you get them. Maybe that is a given but that is my go to for your stuff. I love the articles or manuals you produce along with the decal sheets. I have a -1A to do at some point sitting on the shelf. For that matter I have a -1 also. I built my -1D recently. I have both of the Corsair sheets you issue, so I have about 10 years worth of corsairs I could build.
  15. I am sure that is what you meant, it just reminded me of something out of Goodfellas.
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