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  1. 1/18 scale is bigger than I want to mess with. 1/32 and maybe a 1/24 are plenty big.
  2. The way you are doing this engine, you could do something like a 1/8 with all the high detail parts and build them into something like a shadow box. Tamiya does this now and then with their motorcycle kits and some things like that and it really looks amazing.
  3. It looks to me like that engine block alone is a nice stand alone piece. that could be finished on its own as a display piece in the modeling cabinet. Love your work.
  4. The first modeling reference i ever owned was probably one of their books on the t-34. I remember hungering for reference material but I have always been a history bug as well. Their was a window of time when borders had good reference material on armor modeling. But it was so hard to get anything descent in the 1980s and 1990s when I started getting more into modeling.
  5. i remember and loved their monthly catalog supplements along with their annual catalog. When I really became interested in modeling if was the one source available to me that had the most stuff. the other sources was the hobby shop in Elmhurst. The hobby shop was a once or twice a year trip, but again to me felt like it had everything. Now they are both gone. The hobby shop went a few years ago and now squadron is gone. I lived in down state illinois and a typical hobby shop had a couple models and a model master paint rack.
  6. I hope they can manage removable cowlings like Tamiya. I don't like to build open cowling only. They seem to be doing a lot of work on engine and area behind pit the may not be very visible. i know I will want to build one at least however if cowling has to be closed I won't bother with all that nice engine detail. In then end I am all in on a nice high quality p-40. For me I will be doing an AVG plane, I have the references already and have built a couple in 1/48 over the years but not a 1/32.
  7. If you turn a Tie fighter on its side, spin the cockpit a little you have a BiPlane
  8. The tamiya Mustang has a really nice engine bay, however I am sure you could improve on it. There is a lot of detail that is missing, if you did the parts that fill out the engine bay I think it could really help the kit. If you look at the Tamiya P-51D, you could find room to improve the gun bays and the wheel bays as well. There are some pretty good cockpit options at this point. I have long thought especially with the Tamiya kits, the basics are perfectly good, just fill in where things are softer than they could be without having to cut everything up. Take the wheel bay,
  9. I am glad the OP reported this, WNW is perfect for Fraud because of the high prices they pull any way and perceived collectible value. I look at what is going on now and then with WNW but I don't bid as they are running more than I want to pay. Every WNW auction on ebay seems to go really high. Some of posters above though are right that colluding on bids or bidding something up yourself is fraud. It is a technique as old as auctioneering though. I went to a lot of auctions as a kid with my dad and he was always worried he was bidding against the seller.
  10. I agree with the poster above to a point. Their engineering is highly aggressive, i have never built any of the big ones so don't make a comment on sagging bowing or anything else like that. However I have built the Dvii, the DV, the Pup, the Camel and another of the single engine ones. As to the DVII I found the landing gear strut attachment to be on the ragged edge of too small and it went together but it was anything but strong. I also had experience with key struts that were deformed, not fully formed or otherwise had minor flaws. To me the DVII was somewhat on the flimsy
  11. The bright orange aurora kit is before my day I think, I don:t ever remember those on the shelf anyway. On the other hand, I did not even paint kits until I was around 12, so it did not matter what the correct colors were, then when I did start painting my first paints were the generic testers set on the rotary thing that I got for Christmas one year. There were no RLM colors in that selection. I used some spray cans, some Tamiya paints and those colors in my teens. However, I did not have the resources to really know if I was getting the correct paints. However I liked Tamiya IJN great a
  12. The Sherman Tank and Tiger Tank have modeling books that explain every detail in every production varriant, not the Mustang, you have to dig through the web and find experts who know this stuff. It is only one of the most important and iconic machines in WWII. You would think it would merit a stem to stern book covering every detail. In addition there have been some superb restorations of the Mustang, so all that knowledge is out there but vested only in the experts and not fully shared.
  13. I have built two Tamiya Mustangs and I have a a hard time telling which is which or remembering to pay attention to which one I am supposed to use on a given project. I will not certify that I used the “correct one” on any build i have done.
  14. If only there were an emogi for the scene from the Princes Bride where the hero is almost dead but not quite dead. Because apparently WNW may not be as dead as originally thought. But considering that they canned their design staff, they are mostly dead but clearly could sell from their existing catalog if they so choose.
  15. You cut off my statement and dropped the clause where i mentioned other things that could happen as well. Even if the tooling is made from stuff that won't carode, all it takes is some eager sole to throw a mold in the recycling or some other use and there goes an airplane. All sorts of things can happen if it is just sitting around long enough.
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