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  1. After a quick search of the inter web, I think when we get a definiative answer from someone that has real expertise we will find this piece is used on F6F-5N night fighters. A quick search looks like this was installed over the regular IP.
  2. If that is the case, oh well. I hope in time they come back and do it. In the near term I am not holding out for a -3. I will happily take the -5, I like this kit. I think there is a lot to be enthusiastic about here. I am looking foreword to seeing how the wing fold works on this. Do the wings remain positionnable after assembly in some manner? To me being able to position the wings folded or unfolded would be a big plus. I just am not into committing to folded wings as I don't like to build that way but if I could have the option of positioning them that is a different story as I could put the model away and fold the wings.
  3. With luck, Airfix will also do an F6F-3, however with that said, I think there are adequate nice marking options for the -5 to keep us all busy for a while. You don’t have to have three color scheme to make this airplane interesting. I suspect we can find plenty of interesting marking options for it. So I will be happy to do a -5 in GSB and if the chance comes around do a -3 in three color. As for a 1/24 Corsair, unless it is an F4U-4 or latter I don’t see any point. The Tamiya one in 1/32 is fine. I don’t see Airfix wanting to do their own version. I am really happy to see this F6 being done. I can’t tell, I watched the Video by Airfix and have looked at the sprues but it sounds like this kit will somehow have the option of positioning the wings in the extended or folded position interchangeably. I don’t think they are incorporating a folding mechanism though. It looks like maybe somehow you can hang the wings in either position. If that is the case, I love it. You can store and pop the wings out when you want. With these big planes, storage flexibility would be a great help. I hope we see more of that in future designs.
  4. That might be reasonable, I wold think demand for this kit and A.M. especially decals should be pretty descent. I am a likely buyer of both as I will probably want something other than what is in the box for decals. I anticipate buying this kit.
  5. I mean this in the nicest way, the only people as crazy as modelers are the people at WNW. It is a beautifully insane release especially paired with the WNW Lancaster. It is not one for me. but many will be very happy about this one. I will enjoy seeing them built because it will certainly be a beautiful model when built.
  6. Personally the only way I would care about folding wings is if they can properly fold and unfold. I suspect that is not doable in scale. I prefer the wings out and open. To me folded up takes away from the plane as a whole. I know a lot of people though like to display navy planes with folded wings. I just think it takes too much from the model.
  7. cbk57

    1/24th Scale

    I am not scale dogmatic. It is more about whether I like the kit and the subject, not necessarily in that order. I am open to buying something because of the kit. A 1/24 single engine WWII prop is not so unreasonable. I am inclined to get one since the kit looks great. Would prefer the same in 1/32 thought. Would I prefer Tamiya offered this kit in 1/32 yes. But I am not going to let that stop me.
  8. I have never built a 1/24 kit, looks like this will be my first. I am fairly certain I will be getting one. May not be buying on release but plan on getting one. I just took on a really big project. Not an LSP but really big. Might do a build blog on it in the NON LSP section. To give you an idea I got the kit today and it came in a huge tote. It is not a sea going vessel either.
  9. cbk57

    Aires Cockpit Fit Issues???

    I hope Bill that you post your efforts with the Aires pit. I would like to see what happens with it. I disagree a little as to best aircraft kit. I firmly believe that the Tamiya 1/32 Spitfire is the best and most important Aircraft kit of the last 30 years. The engine assembly and cowling were revelutionary and redefined what we could expect from a top tier model manufacturer. In the Armor world I think Dragon is the most important maker of modern times because they did some crazy stuff down to individual bolts on the Panzer IV Drivetrain. They made their mistakes but I think they really opened the door for Meng, Takom, Rye Field and others. Tamiya in armor plays it’s own game and goes it’s own way but I think you really see a balance coming from where Dragon may have gone too far and Meng and Takom start coming in with lots of detail but good balance. For me Tamiya armor is all about refinement and simplicity. Their kits never seem over complex. However there is a group that always wants more than Tamiya brings to the table. So now we see much more detailed Tiger’s and Panthers in the market. Dragon really led that trend in my opionion. Above all the internet and research are revolutionizing our hobby as we learn more our expectations are driving the standards of model design into levels we never imagined 20 years ago. I can remember when the whole idea of the Tiger Turret being asymmetrical was a new discovery and it was considered a big deal when Tamiya started introducing Tiger Turrets that were correct.
  10. I think they would not be wise to announce a DR I, only for this reason, I believe there is so much demand for a WNW DRI that they would be bombarded with email etc until they finally released. That is one kit that they should just drop it when it is ready, no warning.
  11. cbk57

    Annual WNW Christmas kit speculation

    Whatever your hopes are, the original post seemed like they were worried there would not be a Christmas Surprise. There may not be however, this kit is for 2019, so there is reason to hope they have one in the pipeline ready to drop in time for the Hollidays. Anyway here’s hoping. My outside of the norm hope is a Hurricane or Spitfire using those new engines they have done. They also have the Packard Merlin so P-51B also. I would like to see them offer some single engine fighters that used those Merlin engines. Maybe that is realistic in the foresable future, I am not counting on it though. My expectation is lots of WWI stuff that I have never heard of. That is not a bad thing though or a complaint. I enjoy every WNW release because they are always interesting.
  12. cbk57

    Annual WNW Christmas kit speculation

    There is no indication WNW is leaving WWI, as far as is known the Lancasters are a deviation not an indicator of the future. They have announced a release for 11/11/18 that has nothing to do with the anniversary of WWII or any period after 11/11/1918. So there is no chance this release is anything other than a WWI aircraft. I would expect their future releases to also be primarily around the WWI era. They have given no indication that they are making a major shift in focus. They have done some overlap into post war but I don't think Lancasters and WWII are going to be the norm. Those are coming in late 2019 as expected starting date. We may not see another WWII release for years.
  13. Being the anniversary of WWI there is no doubt it will be a WWI aircraft. Zero chance of anything made after 11/11/1918.
  14. cbk57

    Annual WNW Christmas kit speculation

    With an 11/11 announcement, I would think that would be it for the year. I also realized I was grossly wrong in my post you quoted, I said it would be built before 11/11/18 and have two wings, I think it could also have three wings.