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  1. I don't know for sure. I am working with my bank on my own refi now, I locked over a week ago and that day rates swung on a 30 year from 2.65 to about 3.5. I landed near the middle. It is tough to time an exact rate bottom. Now with market panics and huge day to day swings fed rate cuts are a bit of a crap shoot. I would speak to someone in lending to really get a handle on where rates are and where they are going. I normally see interest rates about 30 to 45 days after someone started there transaction so am always looking backwards.
  2. The original post was I am furloughed. I thought I was in the last few days but now it seems we are going to work. I work in land title and many americans need to refinance right now. I am very happy to say we are finding ways to work and in turn then help people. On another note, i have been spending lots of hours at the bench and with my son hiking. I wish all of you the best in this difficult time.
  3. I have enough models to keep me going short of Stephen King scenario. I had some must have supply items that I ordered. I suspect we have enough paint and supplies in the chain. There are no shortage of models. New releases may get delayed but I am not relying on that. I pulled a Panzer Iv off the shelf yesterday to start and will speed built it then I am going to jump to an LSP. Maybe built my Tamiya Mosquito.
  4. Right now I think U.S. Mail and UPS are operating as normal albeit wearing gloves and some things like that. I have been thinking of listing some items on ebay but have not got around to it yet. Am reluctant to make unnecessary trips including P.O. Our incoming mail is delivered to our mail box.
  5. We took a trip to Atlanta for a few days, since we did that my employer has asked me to stay home at least for a week. As a consequence will be lots of modeling time this week. Cannot do all of my work from home. Then we will see what happens.
  6. We all will miss you, thanks for all of your hard work.
  7. Hey Jennings, how about a 1 and two week report on the new baby. I may purchase by the end of the month if all goes well.
  8. Probably a bad idea. Hard to tell where market is going but if you don’t need the money now, selling in a down market is just throwing your money away. I started selling a little here and there months ago as the market went up. It may be too soon but now I am buying a little here and there. I am kind of betting this won’t be as bad as 08, but who knows. I have one mutual fund left that has huge gains and has not been hit hard which I might sell but only so I could buy individual stocks that are cheap.
  9. I thought this might help in evaluating electric needs. I drive ride share as a second job. Saturday we had an event in town called State Pattys day. I did 34 rides in less than 7 hours. However my driving distance was under 200 miles. I think around 150. I typically turn a mileage tracker on and have never drover more than 150 in a full day of driving. So unless you are doing road trips or are in the country a 200+ mile range BEV is going to meet 90% or more of your needs.
  10. Close to your home your best charging point is your own. We don’t have a full BEV yet. My wife has a Volt which is a plug in hybrid. She just plugs in at home. With a Bolt you only need to worry about plugging usually if you are doing longer drives per day or longer road trips. Some rural areas might not be great but if you drive less than 150 miles per day normally a Bolt would not be an issue for you. If your norm is over 150 then you have to rethink. I say 150 because if you are in a cold weather area range is always going to drop in the winter and that allows a big safety margin. My wife drives 40 miles each way to work and the Volt has about 50 miles of batter range so half her commute is electric only. Drivers who run around town would mostly not use the gas motor even on this car. I spoke with one electric owner who has an old fashion electric GEO Metro conversion with very short range and he is able to do all of his town driving with it.
  11. Thanks for the input. I am weighing the TESLA though for additional reasons. I drive rideshare part time in a college town. The TESLA has more prestige and a better chance of getting higher end rides. I think the TESLA may increase my earnings. However the BOLT is better configured for RIDE share as it sits a shade higher and has a higher roof. Also the bolt wins on lowest possible operating cost. So it works for sure for the typical ride but may not pull in the higher end rides. i agree also with your point above, I have not found anyone so far that really dislikes the bolt. I think it is greatly underapreciated.
  12. Love that Bolt, I am going electric for my next car. Odds are I am going with a Bolt also but am considering waiting a bit longer and going for a Model 3. I would probably go used on a Bolt when I get one vs a new Model 3. I am very much looking foreword to getting out of the gas car.
  13. I don't think we have a handle on how bid this one is yet. I hope we do see it not get out of hand. I don't think they have a handle on any of the facts yet though.
  14. You are saying what I am thinking and the possibilities are pretty terrifying. Last time we had something that really might be comparable to this was around 1917 flue pandemic.
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