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  1. I did some searching on ebay and there are not a lot of 1/48 F/G options at the moment, most P-38 choices are J or L model. So I am holding out a bit until either a great price or a great decal choice comes along.
  2. Pardon me but I am going to push this back to the new Lightning. I hope Jennings will post the decal options he is planning soon. Really looking foreword to that. Depending on when those are available, I will make my purchase.
  3. Someone else has circulated this rumor to my recollection. It certainly would not surprise me if Tamiya dropped this at some point. I would probably buy either a razor back or bubble top if Tamiya releases it. I think the Trumpeter kit is good and have nothing against it. But a Tamiya kit sounds exciting. Maybe next year who knows.
  4. I have no problem buying someone’s resell. I will mark it on ebay and when one pops up for a price I want to pay and I can get decals I want then I will jump. There is nothing wrong with the kit decals either but I will buy A.M. ones just to be different. If I get ambitious I might throw in an Edward Cockpit also but might not.
  5. I have been avoiding jumping the gun on new kits as the prices do come down, and any goodies I want for the kit may not come out for months after initial release. I know I want Jennings new sheet for this as he will have some interesting choices.
  6. I just did some looking, I don’t mean this as a complaint only an observation, but the kit is advertised a bit higher than I thought it would be. Right now it looks like a good price is going to be around $65.00. I definitely thought this would be closer to a $50.00 kit maybe a little less. Looks like this is pricing out almost as much as the F-14 which is pretty pricy for a 1/48 kit. In any event I will be buying this before long. May not jump the gun though yet as I know I want to see what decals are coming for it. So I may just bargain hunt a bit and try to get closer to $50.00
  7. Old Hasegawa vs new Revell kit. To my eye the surface detail on the new Revell kit looks better. I found the wheel bays and cockpit to be disappointing in the Hasegawa kit. I agree with simplifying the engine cowling. If the cowling has to be fixed open I am not that interested so would close it up. I personally would go for the Revell kit over Hasegawa at this point. I may buy one, have been thinking about it but have too many other projects going to make it a priority.
  8. cbk57

    B-17 Down

    The injuries and loss of life are tragic. I have had questions in my mind about flying as a passenger in a war bird. There are very few of these planes flying, I speak in terms of all types of WWII planes. With that said, the crash rate among this very small population of planes seems fairly high. My impression is that about once a year we hear of an accident involving a warbird. At the same time I am not sure they should not be flown. I am of very mixed feelings in this regard. A few years ago a famous Mustang went down and was a total loss. I also was watching videos about the Mosquito and saw where someone had restored one and crashed. I am certain I will not fly in one. I think as long as people accept the risk is higher than you might think it is up to them. People don't tend to respect danger though until it is too late and may be treating these things like a ride which does not respect the real history of these aircraft. A 30 minute ride in a B-17 is only that, you really are not experiencing the aircraft as that would require taking a 8 hour flight at about 30,000.00 feet to really get a sense of what it was like. I hope my mixed feeling in this regard come through, I certainly do not see the way warbirds are used as all positives.
  9. I am sure I am guilty of some of the things mentioned in this thread. However, their is nothing I love more in scale modeling than a new kit announcement from a major manufacturer. With the state of the art of model design continuously improving I look foreword to every new kit. That does not mean I buy them but sometimes I am inspired by one or one comes out that I have been waiting on. The Tamiya Mustang and Corsairs in particular. In general I love new models. I am not really at all sentimental about old models. I don't ever really get the urge to build a reveal kit from the 70's or 80's, even though that is when I really started in the hobby. Some tamiya kits from that time period are still so well done that they are relevant and the only choice, especially their F-1 kits. Back then their F-1, and Motorcycle subjects were so good that they are still outstanding kits. Armor and airplanes have changed a lot since then and i don't find myself going back in time often.
  10. I don't think anyone has pointed out the photos from the WNW booth. To the right of the Lancaster sprues they were displaying the sprues for the Fokker Dr I.
  11. I am happy to see WNW keeps looking for new ways to release this kit. It is such a wonderful subject.
  12. There are lots of bad Drs and Lawyers, I get that, however, I am an attorney, not a mechanic and I don't replace alternators. We can talk uniform outcome if we have uniform problems. Outcomes cannot be as certain though. I think such a broad brush unfair and unreasonable. This thread originates from one bad doctor complaint. I do land title which is about as certain as it gets in the law and there are still lots of ways for people to screw up their outcomes. That comment includes Lawyers, clients, real estate agents and banks. I may have missed someone in their.
  13. to me a new 1/48 B-17 series is long over due. I wish HK the best with this kit and hopefully others in this scale. I have certainly been impressed with the look of their kits in 1/32. I know the B-17’s have cricizms but these were an early effort from a new company on a highly complex subject. It is fortunate they are as good as they were. This should be a nice stepforeword.
  14. It is an interesting point to me. I had some thought along those lines when I saw the new announcement. Herman certainly was not a good human being, he just had the opportunity to go onto far worse things than most vets as his war crimes occurred in the next WW. I thought of building up a different version of the DVII than his and posing the figure with that plane most people don’t know what young Goering looked like. I am not that interested in the pure white scheme personally but this is a chance to get the kit and use other markings with it. I don’t have any problem though with this packaging and posing the figure with the plane. I am not certain that modeling young Herman next to his plane is entirely relevant to his behavior later.
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