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  1. What are the chances they just play the long game and know they will get their money in time? I always thought they had to care to some degree. You certainly see a lot of diversity in their choices and occasionally a bit of risk taking.
  2. I trust Kotare to know this as well. Trumpeter or Hobby Boss not so much. Kotare staff has the experience to know where the sacred cows are in the modeling world and know what a rivet counter is. I believe they need a high certainty of a best seller on their first release and this is a prime candidate. I would feel more confident in this and a or a hurricane BOB era than most other subjects they could do other than a P-51B.
  3. Smart release in my opinion. I hope the sell a pile of them.
  4. I see very little point in preordering any model these days as it only insurers you will pay top dollar. Then most of us are going to stick in a stack of models we hope to build soon. I have bought a number of things lately and suddenly my stack is way too big. This one is a super high priority for me, but I will wait also. No reason to preorder.
  5. To me this is hands down one of the best possibilities in 1/32 for a young company like this. They would have a solid seller right out of the gate. Also while they may not have the molds at the minimum they have the accumulated knowledge of already tooling a Merlin engine. If they are lucky they have the data files and the electronic work they did on the engine. Even if they could not retain any of the electronic work product they did, you can:t erase what is in their heads as far as basic knowledge and knowledge of sources plus experience doing development work. I have hoped for a state of the art Hurricane and while I know there is a descent one out there by a small manufacturer, this to me is a no brainer. Also a Merlin opens the door to early Spitfires which again would be a safe bet for a young company like this.
  6. As far as I am concerned the kits need no decals at all. Save a buck there is no shortage of markings for 109s and 190s. Also no shortage of research on the colors and markings. Give me the parts with great instructions in a white box, I will deal with the rest. I am more interested in the 190, but when they do the G6 I thin I will be there. I have never done a 1/32 109g and I owe myself one. Nothing against the 109 just have not got around to doing any of the G kits on the market. I look foreword to every ZM blog, I just love their stuff but have not bought a kit yet, I did bid on one last night though, just sold to someone else. Does someone out there want to make me a great deal on a ZM sky raider? So many models so little time is my problem. then there is that pending P-40 we all know about and then their are those new F-4s on the way from Spruebrothers. I am 50 years old and time is short. It just is not all going to happen.
  7. Agreed, I know nothing about VNAF aircraft, but I agree this is a doctored photo, I just don:t understand why someone would take the time or bother making fake images of VNAF aircraft. Must be right up there with people that would painstakingly build miniatures of real aircraft and spend hundred of hours in a small room attaching parts so small they can:t see them without a magnifying glass. Oops making fun of myself there.
  8. I like it, 1/35 is actually a pretty good choice as it keeps the size reasonable and is a lot smaller than it would be in 1/24.
  9. Time frame not revealed, could be 12 models over 6 to 12 years. Sprue Brothers is tied to this, so these will come out at a pace that the market will absorb. We see new kit announcements all the time, for once we see something from a retailer that makes me really confident in the project, my bet is this will be on time on schedule and is a done deal. Does not mean we will see something in January, might be December 2022. But I am betting we have solid photos by this time next year and kits in our hands by around December.
  10. I just want to see them succeed, if that means doing something we have seen before great. I just hope they have a financial plan or backing in place that they can get their products to market and stay in business.
  11. Yes I think we need a J or L or both, I don:t know how close they are that they could be in one box or not. I have the H they did, currently building an F model. Plenty of great OD ones to work on. I have the Fundekals sheet but still want to see some later versions.
  12. My wish list for the next 1/48 kit is a continuation of current series so either a later p-38 or f-4C. I have two of the current p-38, just started building one and it is amazing, I want to do one in all metal I think as they had a lot of great markings. The f-4 series looks great also. It looks like they are doing a variant of the f-14a in takeoff mode. I think that is interesting. They could update a number of their older 1/48 kits frankly as their 190 series is behind the times, they could follow up with some 109 variants. I have not even built their 109G and that is one I should do.
  13. Main problem I know of is that with all the other modleing subjects it is not so amazing as to have made it to the level I want one. I know of nothing “wrong” with it, but it will probably take stellar for me to get to one. It is a plane I like but has not made it to the level of I have to have one.
  14. I would wrather have a beautifully done 1/32 f-86 than any 1/18 kit of the same. I would like a nice f-86 someday. It is not a must have though but a kit I would like to build if the right tooling ever comes along.
  15. I have the gt-resin pit for the f-4c, it could be better, some of the detail is quite soft. However much of the key detail is also a lot better than Tamiya. I intend to add the quinta set when it comes out, between the two I think I will get a good result.
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