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  1. Their hopes were up higher than than the jameson I have been drinking tonight. Have a bit more buzz than usual going but not so much as to think this is gong to be an LSP. That may take another kind of drug that is now legal in only a few states. I hope it is 1/48, don't think it is 1/32 and will be crushed if it is 1/72 because I just don't give aria about 1/72 unless the subject matter would be impractical in 1/48 or bigger and is done to the standard of amazing like Bandai Milinium Falcon. To go off track and share a bit of the reason for my whisky buzz my son is doing Order of the Arrow in Boy scouts this weekend and I did not get a phone call of a problem. Normally most kids a given but in my sons case he has some disabilities as he is on autism spectrum so this is huge for hims as doing the OA ordeal is a huge step for him.
  2. Agreed, I can only guess that they intended for this to leak or they would not have had it on the monitor with the other display pieces. I don’t think this is indicative of a LSP.
  3. I don’t see the idea of 1/32 armor as sacrilegious, some vehicles in 1/32 would make a whole lot of sense especially if they were seen around airfields. The armor world is just so deeply rooted in 1/35 that I don’t see 1/32 going anywhere. I personally don’t care, I don’t plan on mixing a Panther into the same scene as a Mustang or 109 so it just does not matter to me. I am not into diorama to begin with. So what I build are stand alone pieces subject to adding a figure now and then. I don’t care about 1/72, I build some 1/48 planes and some armor and 1/32 planes. I don’t care if they interrelate in any particular way. I do look foreword to a Tamiya P-38 but if the poster above is right that it is 1/72, I doubt I would buy one. I would be interest at 1/48 or 1/32 but I just don’t care much about 1/72. I tried it in the past and unless the subject is particularly suited to 1/72 I am not into it. I did build the Bandai 1/72 MIllenium Falcon though, that was a fabulous build. Star Wars is really the only subject area that I am interested in 1/72. With aircraft for me it renders the personal markings, cockpit detail and camouflage too small so all the stuff I really like starts to become invisible. My perfect scale in aviation is 1/32 but I can live with 1/48.
  4. The parts in the cases at the front of the screen are Tamiya. The left side is the rear engine deck of their new 1/24 Toyota TS 050 which was the winner of LeMan last year. The piece on the right in the case looks to me like it is part of the mold for the same kit. I have never seen any other images related to this display. I have no idea where it was displayed but it does look like authentic Tamiya stuff. It is very interesting because as we all know Tamiya tends to be very secretive about future releases. I don’t know that I have ever seen them release new kit information in this manner. Anyway I always like a new interesting kit from Tamiya so I hope they are releasing a new P-38. I think based upon comments above that it is more likely 1/48 than 1/32 but we will see, personally I would not care, I would be nearly as happy with a 1/48 kit.
  5. I would take any Tamiya P-38 in 1/48 or 1/32 personally. I have not built a P-38 in many years. Have considered the Academy kit at times, thought hard about buying the Eduard Pacific version but never did it. I would buy this.
  6. I hope someone with actual knowledge pops up on this question. It was my belief that this process applied to the B,C,D. I have not seen a discussion regarding the Allison engine planes. I don’t know when I will get around to it. However, Mr. Surfacer has a new and interesting product called liquid putty. It is highly thinned filler. I have tried it on some joints etc and it worked great. I want to try it on filling a Mustang wing at some point and see how it works. Also wanting to try it out for Zimmerit. I am thinking of testing it on some leftover parts to see how it brushes on a larger surface. I have tried it on fine surfaces to fill a seam.
  7. I don’t have the Revell kit but I saw your post that budget is a deciding factor. The Revell kit is a great value. You can find something wrong with every kit made. With the tamiya kit you need to replace the rubber tires, it needs seatbelts and could use a couple minor bits in the cockpit from Baracuda studios. The Revell kit is massively better than any other option short of the Tamiya kit. I would buy it without hesitation other than I might personally prefer their Mk II just because I have built a couple MK IX’s(albeit Tamiya). The kit is in your budget, I recommend not overthinking this and just jumping on it build and enjoy. Sometimes we worry too much about rivets and accuracy instead of building models and enjoying it. I was looking at a debate on an armor site the other day regarding accuracy of the bolts on the inner turret ring of a panther G kit. The debates we have sometimes border on the absurd. The Revell kit should be a nice enjoyable build. Our biggest fault is thinking too much. Better to focus on building a really nice model, seal the gaps, put a great finish on it and make something that looks great on your shelf. Above all don’t ask for our validation of what you want to build. You don’t need it. Most models newly released and engineered today are massively better than what was released and engineered 30 years ago. There may be exceptions but the new Revell kits are not among them. They are perfectly good entries into the market.
  8. I saw that as well. I can believe Tamiya would do that in 1/48. I don't see them doing it in 1/32 though.
  9. I have expensive boots, by the way but they may not be your size. Size 9 Asolo Hiking boots
  10. So far nothing at the show from Zoukei Mura. There was also an announcement late last year of a new p-40b by Great Wall. So far nothing from them either. I was hopping to see actual kit parts at this stage. On track-links today there was mention that Tamiya is working on a P-51A. I suspect it will be a 1/48 kit. I don’t see them doing a 1/32 P-51A. Maybe as more photos come out from the show something more will turn up on the LSP front. In any event we can’t complain too much as lots of great kits are coming. Revell have the 190A-8/R2 on the way along with the ME-262. ZM probably has another 1/32 coming by the end of the year, that German ground attach plane. We may see the WNW Lancaster out by Christmas and for those that can’t wait the HK dambusters Lancaster looks like it will be out imminently. Odds are Tamiya will release some form of new LSP someday but we have plenty of other stuff to work on until then.
  11. I wan’t to politely say your line of thought is highly unrealistic and just sets expectations that won’t come about. If there is nothing here, Tamiya just does not drop something at random with major kits. It is time to move on and look at what was of interest to any of us announced at this show. There may be a 1/32 from Tamiya someday but probably not in 2019 at this point. The good news is there is no shortage of great kits out there.
  12. I agree 100%. Shizuoka is where they release something big. If there is nothing here we are not likely to get something this years.
  13. The announcement has been out for a while: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10605156 However there is not much info, I have not been able to figure out if this is really a new tool kit or not. However based upon price and the photo of built kit this might be a solid basic kit at a good price. I would guess a minimalist kit vs Tamiya treatment but if the price is good it might be a real winner.
  14. Looks like there is no new airplane kit at all from Tamiya. I checked Tamiya blog’s videos also, that Video shows the 1/32 F4u-1D. There are several other rereleases shown along with it. Hobby Link Japan has their photo report out on their site and there is nothing we don’t know about already on it. I can only guess Tamiya was more focused on their RC product. They seem to be featuring the new RC Supra and Mazda 3. They also are featuring the new 1/16 Sheridan RC tank. There are no plastic kits that were not preanounced. Really in plastic there is nothing that is all new as the Hummel is a variant of an existing kit. The have a AMG race car in 1/24 but it is a variant of the same car from last year.
  15. I am frankly surprised how thin the Tamiya release list is at this show. I checked Facebook this morning, Tamiya inc is featuring a photo of their new Toyota Supra RC car. This show is where they normally do a major all new plastic kit. I do not count the 1/32 Hummel as most of it is derived from the Nashorn. I still expect something unannounced to drop but it may not be an Airplane kit at all. Everything we know about so far are kits that are baked and done. For example Andy at Andy’s hobby already has the new Hummel and Honda Monkey in final boxing in his hands. He also has the new Toyota TS 0050 race car in hand. Everything I am seeing is going to hit the shelf by June. Normally at this show we see an all new kit or kits that won’t hit the shelf until around August. So I will be surprised if there is not more to come. I don’t have any indication though that it will have wings. I can find absolutely nothing in that regard. While Tamiya is secretive, they normally let information out in the weeks leading up to the show. They just never give us long term information. For example Tamiya never tells us that for next year they are developing X. However it also used to be that Tamiya would sell major kits and we could get them directly out of Japan before North America and they terminated that practice. They may have tightened the lid on their product announcements as well. I don’t think we had any leading indicators on the new 1/48 kits leading up the show but I could be wrong. I build 1/48 but I am most focus on 1/32 when it comes to aviation new kits.
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