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  1. Congratulations on being a grandfather! And welcome to my hometown. Wheels and Wings is my LHS so I'm glad you discovered it. They're a fantastic hobby shop with some great stuff. I live in the west end but do a lot of work in the east end so am out there regularly. I'll probably be by the store Saturday picking up an order. BTW, if you order online this week, it's 10% off and you can select store pickup. Carl
  2. Wow, really not much left of the kit fuselage once you're done. I'd be willing to take a set as-is as well. Carl
  3. More importantly, a lot of shelf space.
  4. It's a Nerf gun! More importantly, it's a replica of one of the more famous sci-fi weapons in movies. I haven't decided if I'll give it a screen accurate paint job or not. It was also Lancaster week at my place. My sons gave me a Border Lanc for my belated 50th. Then I had one arrive as a gift from a friend. Add to that the two HK ones in the stash and I'm well on my way to making a flight of them. Or a diorama of the Avro Canada Downsview plant... No idea on shelf space for them, finished or otherwise. Carl
  5. My LHS has 3 of them they got in a massive 10,000 kit collection they bought. They're still sorting through them so I've been patiently waiting for them to get to the kits. Carl
  6. I'm in that GB. Still haven't decided what I'll build. I was thinking of my 1/20 Strike Valkyrie but not sure as I want to light that kit. Carl
  7. I think that sums it up best. I only used them on a couple Tamiya Spitfires and they're still standing. Carl
  8. I ordered from him over the summer. I wanted the RCAF Mako Shark CT-133 decals and got them fairly quickly. They look great. I just need to get another Special Hobby T-33 kit which they're going to reissue soon from what I understand. Carl
  9. Thanks for sharing Maru! My hometown. Grew up with that airshow every summer. But '73 and '74 I would have been in Taiwan. Fun seeing the skyline without the CN Tower. The Airshow is a 10 minute bike ride from us these days so the boys usually like to catch it every year. Carl
  10. Thanks for sharing. It looks really nice. Hopefully I'll have room for one. Carl
  11. The cannon are outboard in comparison to the "c" wing and you add a 0.50 cal inboard. The outer wing 0.303 guns are deleted as well. I think Altitude Aviation was coming coming out with an e wing conversion for the older Airfix kit that might work on the new one. Edit: It's Buchon Scale Models that makes the e wing conversion. https://www.buchonscalemodels.com/products/1-24-spitfire-e-wing-conversion
  12. The ModXXX beer run Spitfire was an e wing so you'll have to find suitable correct cannon bulges. Otherwise it's do-able. And of course beer kegs. I used RB wood ones when I built it in 1/32. Carl
  13. Sunward Hobbies in Canada has announced that they will be getting some WNW kits in as well. So it looks like they're spreading them around. Carl
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