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  1. I saw the news on this earlier and I'm tempted to get another Spitfire because of it. I'll have to see if I can find one at a reasonable price. Carl
  2. Nice! Are you going to do some fun markings for it like you did on the Taco? I still have the ejection seat stickers you did. My wife vetoed them on our car. Carl
  3. Thanks for sharing Shawn. Really nice kit and even better build. Way above my abilities. Carl
  4. Well, Lucky Model has it listed for $109.99 and they're currently offering 10% off that. Carl
  5. My wife's from Sudbury. She hates our Toronto winters as there isn't enough snow for her. So once the white stuff hits, she on the slopes (well, mounds) and had gotten our boys into skiing. Me? I'm in the chalet keeping toasty. Although how that'll work this year will be interesting. Carl
  6. Looks to be a cool kit. I actually just got the Bronco 1/35 Type XXIII kit so I think I'm good for large scale subs. Carl
  7. I have an Ikea Besta case that my Tamiya Mossie just fits in. You can get a 1/32 F-4E on the shelf too. I believe they come in two depths, this is the deeper of the two. I don't know if a He219 will fit as I haven't finished mine to find out. Carl
  8. Hadn't heard of them before. I took a quick Google search and couldn't find where they're available. Back on topic, are there any glaring issues with the Trumpeter version as it's 1/4 the price of the Meng kit.
  9. The only Daytona Coupe kits I know of are in 1/24. One is the old Gunze Hi-tech kit and another is the more recent resin Scale Motorsports kit. The most recent is by Model Factory Hiro. Maybe they'll do one to go with their 1/12 427 Cobra... Carl
  10. AML makes a conversion for the recent Revell II kit. I used it on my built and I think it came out ok. The clipped wing tips came from the Tamiya kit. Carl
  11. I was going through some boxes and found a complete RC car that wasn't assembled. It was still in the box. Couldn't remember buying it or where it came from. I finally got around to working on it recently and it's almost done.
  12. Thanks Michael! No, we're still in the city and the potholes are still just as bad. I can't ride in winter any more after my triple bypass last fall. I'm too susceptible to the cold now. I did take it for one last rip through Durham Forest right before dropping off with the buyer. It was a ton of fun. I still have other bikes though so I'm still able to hit the dirt.
  13. I've picked up a couple new kits lately, nothing LSP though. Mostly 1/35 stuff I'm currently building the earlier release of this kit with a different style of trailer so thought I'd pick this one up as well. I'm definitely not a ship modeler but I've wanted one of those for a while so finally broke down and got one. Lastly, I recently sold my fat bike as I can't ride in the winter any more. I decided to pick up something to just goof around on Need to get some discs for it,
  14. They're primarily known as an RC store. I used to get my fuel and batteries from them when I was racing RC cars in the the '90s. More recently they've started to carry more scale models and supplies. Which is always a bonus. Carl
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