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  1. I haven't tried this company yet but the have some camo masks listed for the F-5E and F http://www.advmodprds.com/f532.html
  2. Some things are more expensive here for some reason. But it probably would work out in the end of you do enough masks. Maybe something to consider down the road. One thing that seems to be ok price wise is Tamiya kits. Go figure. Just bought a Tamiya RC car for 1/3 less than anywhere outside Canada before shipping. And it's a new release too.
  3. They're $350 CAD here in Canada. Even with the exchange rate, that's quite a bit more than the US.
  4. Nice spiny as my son would say. I've got that and their T-Rex and Triceratops kicking around the bench. They are really nicely done. I believe that they're 1/20 scale but I'd have to double check that. Carl
  5. Looks like the Pegasus Spinosaurus. Which is a very nice Dino kit and heavy too. Carl
  6. That was my impression as well. That the clear ones were made and then they added the rivet detail to the mould for the regular run.
  7. They're probably meant to represent blocks of levels rather than individual ones. Which would make some sense. Build it in sections and then join them together.
  8. Thanks Brian! Here's one for you but it's not the 1/72 one. I still need to work up the courage to tackle that one. That more or less brings me up to date. Carl
  9. Continuing with the armour theme, I built a Sherman III. I thought I could use this to kitbash into a Firefly 1C but it was the wrong hull type so I built it as is. I picked up a Marder III and did that OOB except for the tracks which are Modelkasten.
  10. I've been working on a bunch of different kits over the last while. The HK B-25s burned me out badly so those got pitched and I started with some other stuff from the stash. I've always loved Macross since I first saw it playing in a comic book shop back in the '80s. Thankfully there's been kits released recently to replace some of the older ones. First up is a Wave Destroid Tomahawk. This the Wave 1/72 kit OOB. A nice fun build. I actually lost track of the kit but in cleaning up recently found it and decided to finish it. Next up is a VF-19A Excalibur. This is from the Hasegawa 1/48 kit. The markings are based on a profile I found in a reference book I have on the VF-19. They reference the classic markings of the VF-1S from the original series. I've been building a bunch of armour kits lately. Here's the recent Takom Jagdtiger. A great kit. Everything just went together perfectly. Next up was the slightly older Dragon Panther G.
  11. My understanding is that the clear fuselage halves were made prior to the moulds having all the engraving work done on them. They ran off a 1000 that way and then had the surface detail finished on the moulds for the regular solid parts. The clear parts I have don't have the rivet detail on them but are otherwise the same as the grey ones lends credence to this. That's not to say they won't do clear halves, just they'll be a bit more obscured. Carl
  12. Even though Sunward Hobbies is fairly close to me, I've been taking advantage of their free shipping on orders over $60 CAD. I usually get the order the next day. They have great customer service. I had a bottle of Tamiya Panel Line wash arrive broken and they immediately sent out a replacement. Edit: forgot to mention that they carry Gunze paints as well. Both Mr Color and the acrylic Aqueous lines. Carl
  13. I recently used that set on my JE-J Jr build but subbed in Master barrels instead of the resin ones. It's pretty much a resin copy of the parts on the LL sprue. Carl
  14. I dug around and so far have found: - a complete Eduard cockpit set. It says it's for the gunship but they're all the same inside. You'd need the separate nose section set for the glass nose. - main tires and hubs from Eduard - Kits World RAF stencils decal sheet - various control surfaces, one metal MLG leg, I'll keep looking around but there's definitely more that I've seen around. Just need to remember where I put it. Carl
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