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  1. I imagine you would be able to find one at a local show for sale. The last show I went to had several for sale. Carl
  2. If you have any anime shops in Montreal, check them out as some bring Mr Color in. The only problem with mail order for Mr Color is the shipping. Most will only send them via surface mail Seal Models from Hong Kong use to send them by air but I don't know if they still do. Carl
  3. Neo, whereabouts in Canada are you? If you're in/around Toronto, Animextreme carries Mr Color. They're downtown near Chinatown. Carl
  4. I've used the Ammo paints a couple times now. For me, I say they sprayed very nicely with the odd incident of tip drying. One nice thing was the easy clean up with windshield washer fluid. They also have very little smell. Here's a Dingo I just finished using Ammo paints. I didn't use an clear coat on it. You may want to also look at AK's Real Colors. They're very similar to Mr Color in terms of how they spray. Out of the bottle, they're a bit thicker.My LHS here in Toronto stocks them so they're easy to get for me. One interesting thing with Real Colors is the armour colours are dead flat while the aircraft ones have a satin finish. This is the Jagdpanther I'm currently working on. And my BF-110 from earlier this year Carl
  5. It's interesting that we had opposite issues with the fit. Hopefully the rest goes better. Carl
  6. Really nice progress Joachim! I kept reading yours and Max's comments about the belly panel not fitting as I couldn't recall any such issues on my build. I went through my pics and found that I had shimmed the lower insert panel. This got rid of the step on either side at the wing root and the nose ended up fitting better too.
  7. If you mean the tail, it has a different fuselage profile relative to the Matchbox kit. I tried it on my build and decided it was too much work to blend together. This was after cutting the tail off my Spitfire.
  8. I've also got a Bestå which I didn't post earlier as the doors on it are discontinued. The top shelf has a 1/32 Mossie and I can fit (just!) a slat wing F-4E as well as a F-104. This one came with a mirrored back so it's not as dark but I think are no longer offered either.
  9. Just catching up on this Brian. Great progress. It looks like you've got the power supply issues solved but did you consider any of the really tiny LiPo battery packs out there for the micro RC helis and drones? They do come with other concerns (exploding if over discharged) though. Here's some real world inspiration for your mounting choice: Carl
  10. Here's my Detolf with the shelf mod. I used plexiglass for the additional shelves as that was cheaper than getting tempered glass. These are the wire anchors I use to hold the shelves up. I bought mine off eBay as they seemed to be the cheapest option. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F153228367013 There's also a mod where you make your own base and top and Siamese two of them together, leaving out the glass in the centre. This is supposed to give enough room for three Spitfires per shelf. You'd need a router for this. I'm planning to do this later this summer hopefully. Carl
  11. Sadly no, I may have a few laying around but that's it. I stopped playing when my classmates ended up spending their tuition on buying cards rather than paying for their classes. It got quite out of hand.
  12. Neat! I didn't know that. I did play Magic back in university when it first came out.
  13. Years ago I'd play the boardgame version of Civilization with my friends It would easily take a weekend to play so we'd set up and play it at the cottage where we could leave it set up. Right now with my boys we play Ticket to Ride as they're both big into trains. Carcassonne is lots of fun as is Settlers of Cataan. Robo Rally is fun but even more fun (and possibly slightly evil) if you play it as a drinking game. Carl
  14. Here's the seam after sanding. I then installed the engine covers. These are supplied clear so I gave them a quick spray on the inside. The fit here was really good. Which was a nice surprise. Next up will be the nose turret and some of the various sensors.
  15. Due to the left fuselage half having been badly bent and warped during shipment, I had to use some clamps to make sure the cockpit was in correctly. The warp also made it a challenge to close up the fuselage. I started at the rudder and worked my way forward. I ended up with a bit of a step on the bottom side. It took a couple applications of Mr Surfacer to level things out.
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