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  1. Keith's was a great shop too. I still have stuff in my stash with price stickers from their store.
  2. The afternoon of the 23rd could work for me. I'm home for the summer with my boys most days so just PM me when you know
  3. Thanks Ron! Forgot to mention that it's also readily accessible by public transit. It's a 5-10 minute walk from Woodbine subway station.
  4. For Toronto, there's Wheels and Wings Hobbies. They're pretty much a full service hobby shop with a great selection of kits, aftermarket, supplies and reference materials. http://www.wheelswingshobbies.com/ They've got a basement area with older kits. I'm still waiting for their new website which will allow them to finally list a 10,000 kit collection they bought last year. Thomas, let me know when you're around and I can possibly meet you there. Carl
  5. The decals are from Belcher's Bits. There is talk that Mike Belcher is working on bulged bomb bays for the HK Lanc which would allow one to build the wartime version of VR-A amongst others.
  6. Jennings, my condolences on your mom's passing. Carl
  7. It says the kit will be out in the 4th quarter of this year so not too far away. Whether it's an all new kit or a variation on an existing one, I have no idea. Just a couple more days until we find out. Carl
  8. I know where there's a couple of them and am just waiting for them to come up for sale. Hopefully it will sometime soon.
  9. I went today and attended a couple speaking sessions. One was with Dick Rutan talking about his round the world flight in Voyager. The other was with a gent from Avspecs talking about the Mossie and her restoration. I managed to get a couple more pics as well. The aforementioned Mossie: Dick Rutan is in the left folding chair in front of the Mosquito. A C-5 replaced the UPS 747 from Wednesday. Wishful thinking for this to be my next Honda
  10. Thanks Michael! It ended up coinciding with my visit to my sister. Otherwise I never thought I'd have made it.
  11. Anthony, I initially saw only one. There was an FB VI on display that had flown in and I subsequently saw a two stage Mossie that definitely wasn't airworthy.
  12. You're welcome! I've got a Pixel 3 phone. If you click the last Mustang photo it should take you to a video of the plane taxiing in next to me while I was looking at another Mustang.
  13. Here's a couple pics I took walking around. I didn't have a camera with me just my phone.
  14. Well we fared much better today. We got there a bit after 8 and from exiting the highway to parking it was about 15 minutes. Of course we were in the lot opposite the museum instead of further in but it did make finding our car much easier when we left. The lines into the other lots weren't much longer but we didn't know the difference. Thankfully my boys didn't mind the extra bit of walking. Saw a bunch of planes as Richard mentioned. My wife went off with our boys so I managed to meet up with Richard as well. It was great chatting and walking around all the planes. Every moment we looked up, something different seemed to be flying by. I may even try going back tomorrow on my own. Definitely worth the trip and I'm glad it synchronized so nicely with visiting my sister.
  15. My sis checked the news and the police were telling locals to avoid the area around the show. The parking delays are being caused by the grounds being too waterlogged for cars to park on from some recent rainstorms. So they're having a hard time finding suitable parking spots. Hopefully they'll be a bit drier tomorrow.
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