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  1. BloorwestSiR

    Has anyone tried the Alleycat Spitfire PR.XI conversion??

    My release had parts for either Tamiya Spitfire. If you have the VIII, it's easier as you use the kit parts for the retractable tailwheel. There are resin copies of those bits in the set for you to start with a IX instead.
  2. BloorwestSiR

    Lancaster today, Liberator Monday!

    Cutting it close there! A few years ago, my wife decided to randomly take the day off. Of course, that's the day the Xbox One arrives. She's not impressed but lets it go. Maybe a week or two later same thing but this time it's a PlayStation 4. Instead of the expected reaming out when I get home and saw what was waiting for me. she merely pointed at them and said two words : "Pick one!" I kept the Xbox. My brother in law bought the PS4 from me. Carl
  3. BloorwestSiR


    Holy crap Brian! I'm glad to hear you're getting it dealt with properly and the insurance company has stopped faffing about. Hoping you can get the surgery sooner rather than later and we'll all be here when you're mended and back to the bench. Carl
  4. BloorwestSiR

    Buchon Scale Models 1/32 Hispano HA-1112 M1L Conversion

    Thanks Jennings! Most of the markings are from your decal sheet except I painted the roundels on. Carl
  5. BloorwestSiR

    Has anyone tried the Alleycat Spitfire PR.XI conversion??

    GMF do a vac PR windscreen but it doesn't fit the Tamiya kit very well. I've got and may try to use it on a PCM XIV to make a PR XIX. Carl
  6. BloorwestSiR

    Buchon Scale Models 1/32 Hispano HA-1112 M1L Conversion

    Well, I've gone and ordered one. I figure it'll be a nice bookend to my Spitfire IX MH434 in her Battle of Britain film markings. Carl
  7. BloorwestSiR

    Has anyone tried the Alleycat Spitfire PR.XI conversion??

    I built one shortly after it came out. The lower cowling is a bit short due to resin shrinkage. The easiest solution is to splice it with the kit one. Also, the replacement windscreen is fairly thick and wasn't very clear on either of my copies. I've heard that it's been revised so may be better. There's a WiP on here in the Foreign colours GB but the pics may be gone due to the great PB purge. Carl
  8. BloorwestSiR

    Lancaster decals.

    I'm back and forth between V for Vera and R for Ropey. It'll be one of those two. And if the HK nose kit comes out, I'll do both of them. Carl
  9. BloorwestSiR

    Valiant Wings Publishing The Bristol Beaufighter

    Derek was thinking of releasing a basic set for buyers to build off of as a way to get something out but that was the last I'd heard of it. Terry at Aviaeology has indicated that he's interested in doing some PE stuff for the Beaufighters in conversations I've had with him. He has even hinted at such on his new website. That being said, he's still trying to get out the RP rails and Gee radio sets from a couple years ago so they may a ways down the road. Carl
  10. BloorwestSiR

    Valiant Wings Publishing The Bristol Beaufighter

    Indeed! One can dream. Carl
  11. BloorwestSiR

    Valiant Wings Publishing The Bristol Beaufighter

    My copy arrived in the mail yesterday. Which was quite a shock due to the recent postal strike here and the subsequent backlog that created. I have to agree with keV that's it's going to be a handy reference for when I start my old Revell 1/32 kit. Carl
  12. My boys are 5 and 7 years old. They've built a number of the Airfix Quickbuild kits with little parental assistance. The fact that if they come apart, you can put them back together is a great bonus. They've also done a couple Bandai Star Wars kits but the much smaller Vehicle Collection series. For those, I've shown them how to use a pair of sprue cutters and they've made out fine. LSP Mike's idea isn't a bad one at all. The youngest is always eyeing my stash whenever he gets the chance these days so I must be doing something right. Carl
  13. BloorwestSiR

    Ferrari 312F1, Chris Amon, Monaco 1967. 1/12, MFH.

    Truly some superlative work there Pascal. Carl
  14. BloorwestSiR

    VF-1 Tomcat decals!!

    I've got a pair of Tamiya Tomcats in the stash. Actually sold off the one Trumpeter kit I had after getting these for a great deal. So that's the way I'm going. One as VF-84 and the other as VF-1. Maybe one day I'll add a VF-111 to them. Carl
  15. BloorwestSiR

    Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project

    The bridge looks fantastic. Condolences on the passing of your mother in law. Hope you can make the most of your Christmas and see you when you're back. Carl