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  1. I'm looking forward to this as well. Carl
  2. BloorwestSiR

    1/32 F-16B

    Both cockpits look really good Bruce. Likewise the work you've done converting the fuselage. Carl
  3. BloorwestSiR

    Vancouver B.C. Show pics

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. Lots of great builds there as well as variety. Carl
  4. BloorwestSiR


    According to the newsletter I received from WNW today, they're going to have test shots at Telford. They're also hoping that it'll come in just slightly higher than the Felixstowe Duellist combo. So maybe $400 or so? Carl
  5. BloorwestSiR

    'Grace' type two-seat Spitfire in 1:32

    Great progress there Iain. Good to hear you can get replacements locally. It would probably cost as much if not more to mail my spare to you from Canada. Carl
  6. BloorwestSiR

    A Small Side Project...

    ZM He-219? They look very pretty and nicely done. Carl
  7. BloorwestSiR

    'Grace' type two-seat Spitfire in 1:32

    Iain, on the RC car bodies which are vac formed Lexan, they leave the protective plastic sheet in place. It helps protect the body from scracltches and overspray. We're you able to source a replacement canopy as I have a spare if you need one. Carl
  8. Truly fantastic work as always Kent. Carl
  9. BloorwestSiR

    Lancaster purchase

    I've pre-ordered the HK kit. The big factor for me was I had the funds available now whereas I might not when the WNW version comes out. Carl
  10. BloorwestSiR

    Make the others jealous

    Actually, you're not off Rick. It was more, " can I have my dinner now that you've opened your package?" As for the cat, ours prefers clean piles of freshly folded laundry to boxes. Carl
  11. BloorwestSiR

    MH-47G 160th SOAR Nightstalkers

    Your new nose section is a huge improvement over the original resin one. The clarity of the windows make it worthwhile for all the work involved. Carl
  12. BloorwestSiR

    B-25J Betty's Dream(ing) of a French Kiss

    It was pointed out to me that the seat was the wrong shape so I made a new one. I used the turret gunner's seat as a template and shaped one from styrene. The turret gunner's seat on the left with the kit tail gunner's seat on the right. The new seat installed along with a set of belts.
  13. BloorwestSiR

    B-25J Betty's Dream(ing) of a French Kiss

    Next up was the tail gunner's position. The initial test fit looked promising. At this point, I decided to use a second length of Master Details ammo belt on each side. The dark green section is a guide and I had to add a booster motor and chute near the armour plate. This conveniently helped to hide the joint between the two belts.
  14. BloorwestSiR

    B-25J Betty's Dream(ing) of a French Kiss

    So after taking a bit of time off from the builds, they've been back on my bench for the last while and I've made a bit of progress. Also, a big thank you to Patrick Sparks who graciously sent me a set of waist windows after I misplaced one pair. First up was the trickiest part of the build for me- the waist guns. On the J, there are a pair of cables that help suspend the guns in place. I originally tried using EZ line for this as I thought their elastic properties would keep them taut. Unfortunately I couldn't make it work so ended up using 0.30mm wire. It's not as taut but was the best I could do. With the ammo belt and can installed: The 0.50 ammo belt is from Master Details and the ammo can came from the Eduard set for the B-25.