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  1. Netflix obtains licensing agreements for films and programs that are region and/or country based. So for example there are programs available in the US that Canada doesn't receive and vice versa. A few years ago, the disparity between Canadian and US Netflix was so bad, people in Canada were using VPNs and proxy servers to get around the regional restrictions and watch shows not otherwise available here. So hopefully it shows up where you are as it's a great film to watch. The BluRay was a real pain to get a copy of. Carl
  2. Will be fun to watch this. Mine is still unfinished at my parents' house i think. I'll have to possibly dig it up. Carl
  3. Thanks for doing these. I've just ordered a set of markings and stencils. Carl
  4. Thanks Mark! Thanks Kev! It really was quite the shock. Even the cardiologists were shocked that I had to get the bypass surgery. They figured a stent was all i needed but the angiogram showed otherwise. Thanks Brad! I've been home since Saturday but have to watch what I do so I don't hurt myself. I've told I'll be back to normal in about 6 weeks so we'll see. One thing's for sure. I'll have a great costume for next Halloween seeing as I'm covered in scars. Carl
  5. Thanks everyone! It took much longer than. I expected to finish this build. Part of that was having to order a replacement pitot tube. That arrived about a month ago. I was then into a different build and got that finished before the Hind would make a return visit. Unfortunately two weeks ago I had a heart attack while dropping my boys off at school. That led to triple bypass surgery a week ago. I've been home since Sat and finally ventured down to the bench. The pitot is on as well as the chin gun and before I stress out any further, I think I'm going to call this one done. I know there's still the wipers and a step to add so maybe one day I'll get to those.
  6. Hornet closed a couple years ago from my understanding.
  7. I picked up a re-issue of the Airfix 1/48 Buccaneer kit. While at LHS, I commented the box felt particularly heavy. It was brand new and had just arrived from distributor. Upon opening it, there was two complete kits in the box, down to the decal sheets. The shop owner jokingly said I needed to pay for the second one. Still have them in the stash somewhere. Carl
  8. Michael, I just couldn't resist after I first heard about this kit coming out. I've wanted a large scale Valk for a while, just never thought it wouuld be this large. But you're right in that I have no idea where it will go once I'm done. Carl
  9. I was talking to Mark (Marek?) there a little while back and he said they're going to try and get back into the hobby side of things. So hopefully they'll be back at it soon.
  10. Wheels and wings for sure. If you know what you're looking for, try emailing them and see if they have it in stock. They may even be able to set it aside for your son in law to pick it up. It was great to meet you there Thomas and I'm glad the shop was everything we all said it is. Carl
  11. Got a really big box from HLJ on Friday. At 1/20 scale, it's definitely large scale: The manufacturer had fun with the outer box putting caution labels on each corner And inside the brown box was something I never thought I'd see. If you're wondering about the size of the box, here it is compared to a HB B-24 which isn't a small box in its own right. I'm going to need a lot of paint for this sucker. Carl
  12. There are some sprue shots of the Hs-129 kit partway down the page. Not sure if they're new. https://hobby.dengeki.com/event/859363/ Carl
  13. Glad to see he's home. Our older cat doesn't go out much anymore either after she got into a nasty fight with another cat and came out with some puncture wounds. Carl
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