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  1. Vaughan, you may also want to get the Barracuda magneto set as you're building a Birdcage Corsair. The kit ones are for later models. Eduard make a full resin engine and cockpit if you're so inclined but I think the kit ones are just fine. Add the Barracuda cockpit placards John1 mentions and it'll look pretty awesome. Carl
  2. Their Mosquito has very nice gun bays. Maybe that's what you were thinking of?
  3. ?? The Tamiya kit doesn't have any internal gun bay detail. I haven't come across any AM gun bay or radio hatch sets yet for the Spitfire. Carl
  4. This I would get in an instant! Carl
  5. Tamiya has an F-51D variant of their Mustang coming sometime this year. It's listed on Lucky Model as well as TamiyaBlog.com. So they haven't given up on the scale completely. Carl
  6. FreeTime has the C for $79 and free shipping. https://freetimehobbies.com/1-32-trumpeter-mig29c-fulcrum-russian-fighter/ Carl
  7. I agree with you Tom, a 1/32 Seiran would be very nice. Hopefully we'll get one someday soon-ish. Carl
  8. Anyone know the FS numbers for this paint scheme? I have some masks for it in 1/32 but no idea what the appropriate paints are. Carl
  9. The HK Lanc is currently on sale at Freetime Hobbies for $199 US plus free shipping in the US. https://freetimehobbies.com/1-32-hk-models-avro-lancaster-mk1-s-sugar-le-edition-w-clear-parts/ I'm in Canada or I would have picked one up. Carl
  10. Hope for a speedier recovery Mike! At least you got yours done by a doctor! My oldest son when he was 3 had a tantrum and socked me in the eye. Since his fist was so small, it hit directly upon my eye rather than my skull. The impact tore the vitreous sac right off. Thankfully it was a clean tear and didn't take the retina with it. Carl
  11. We'll, I found the kit listed on Tamiyablog so I guess that's confirmation that the kit is indeed coming out. https://tamiyablog.com/2019/12/some-upcoming-2020-tamiya-releases/ It's not under the list of January releases so may be coming in February. With the relationship that Borgfeldt Canada has with Tamiya, I wonder how quickly it'll show up here. Carl
  12. Unfortunately those holes are in the wrong spot to be suitable for rocket mounting points. Not to mention way too big in diameter. Aviaeology includes a placement guide for the rockets on the Coastal Command decal sheet. On the Banff Wing one, they even have plans for the rockets rails and the drop tank guard rail as well. Sadly their actual rocket rail set is still MIA. Carl
  13. Tamiya may be coming out with a Korean War F-51D. Lucky Model has one listed as a future release. https://www.luckymodel.com/scale.aspx?item_no=TA 60328 No release date is listed though. Carl
  14. Gundam kits and most Japanese sci-fi/mecha models are referred to as Gunpla in the Japanese market. Gunpla being an abbreviation of Gundam Plastic Model. Likewise, scale plastic models are often referred to as Plamo for Plastic Models. Kind of like Kleenex for tissues etc...
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