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  1. My LHS said last year was one of their best years' ever in business. Lots of folks coming back into the hobby, existing modelers finding more time to build... They were fortunate in that they had started setting up their website right before the province was shut down in March.
  2. Tom, it's 1/144 so won't be too big once it's done. As for the Razor Crest, Revell has announced one in 1/72 coming out this year. Carl
  3. It's mostly OOB but not the usual colour combo for a Merlin.
  4. So LSP stands for Large Scale Porsches right? Ok, ok, must stay on target. I've been wanting to do a Death Star trench diorama from a while. This just made it a bit easier. I've got Bandai's Tie Fighters and Tie Advanced in the stash so it's ready to go now. Carl
  5. I'm curious about the pause you mentioned as I've had two shipments sent out by Lucky Models, one last week. That being said, they were both via their surface mail option which takes a bit longer. They send it in their own container and then on e it arrives in Vancouver, it's sent onward via Canada Post. No kidding. I looked at a couple of the specials that Sprue Brothers has had recently and by the time shipping gets added, it's more than the kit costs at my LHS. Wheels and Wings is slowly adding stuff to their online catalogue but since they're my LHS, I j
  6. Hasegawa have their 1/32 J2M3 listed as being reissued in Feb. http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/month/202102/ As for all new subjects, they recently released completely new kits of the R32 GT-R and third gen Supra. So maybe not LSP, but something new. Carl
  7. I might just have to take you up on the offer! Thanks.
  8. 1993. I was in Taiwan studying for a year and bought the Tamiya 1/12 McLaren Honda MP4/6. I started it there and have moved it around with me ever since. I still work on it a little bit a couple times a year. The tires have dried out and are cracking, something I've never seen with Tamiya tires before. That's been the big roadblock to me finishing the kit. The current thought is to finish it with tires on one side only. Carl
  9. The AK paints do spray nicely and that was a great deal on them. I've been dealing with them for a long time, originally for RC car stuff. This is my latest purchase from them. 120 Loonies shipped was hard to say no to. I've got the Tamiya 1/12 935 on its way to me from them. Should arrive next week. Carl
  10. My understanding is that they will be available as e-books and new books as physical volumes will stop being printed. This was posted on Hagerty's website. https://www.hagerty.com/media/news/haynes-repair-manuals-going-digital-back-catalog-still-remains-in-print/ Carl
  11. I had to look it up but I ordered mine directly from HGW and it worked out to $94 CAD for the kit plus shipping back in September. I had a bunch of other stuff as well. It didn't take too long to arrive here either. Carl
  12. You just need the sprue for the tailwheel. The VIII uses a small insert that you glue to the wing for the shorter aileron. You could always just glue that to the end of the aileron instead and then it would be the full width. Edit: I think the VIII kit has both short and full span ailerons in the box. Carl
  13. I was looking at some of the more recent pics of the Meng kit and wasn't liking some of the exposed screw heads and stuff. Sort of ruined the feel of the kit for me. Fujimi has the same issue with their 1/12 Skyline. As for other large scale cars, I've got the Doyusha Lancia Stratos on the bench. It's not a shake and bake kit but I'm having fun with it. Carl
  14. Well, I had a shop mail me a model from the city next to us (28 minute drive away door to door) and instead, Canada Post took it to Halifax and then back to me. So instead of roughly 50km, it went 3600. Still arrived before Christmas though.
  15. Getting anything from overseas at the moment is ridiculously expensive. More so if you're in Canada. Plus, USPS and Canada Post are still backed up from Christmas. I work at a neighbourhood kids store that does a lot of online sales and I've been fielding emails and calls at my work from customers looking for their orders nonstop. Shipments that normally are only a few days are taking weeks. Carl
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