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  1. It is very strange to view so many places around the world without people around. It does look to me as though many of these are tourist areas to see travels. I was shocked at Italy. They had food trucks at the ?bizaar/street? and no one was enjoying the beautiful day & each other. The other 24hrs of pictures it was almost a dhost town. I viewed a mall area in mainland Japan..they seemed to be going on with their daily lives but Japan is a very Robust nation. Cheers Jason
  2. Rammstein what a beautifull ship! Quetion: Why have you not painted the items as you have built and placed them unpainteg?? With all the tight places , it looks like it is going to be a "kitten. kitten" to paint. If you where able to carry this to a model some how to a competion, I would enter this model in the not painted section or ships. I am certain you will a medal. Cheers Jason
  3. if you believe pitot is to long. Could you use stretch sprue? Would liquid filler (supper glue , wood glue, childrens white glue, etc) have enough tension to blend the sprue into the nose? It is looking great. Cheers Jason
  4. This is a concept that was brought up in a book. The book is required reading in the Military college as an Idea to Manage Chinese military growth or any other country.. This book is used to show different ideas to aggression. To get students to think outside the box.
  5. She is a beauty Brett. I have not used the pastel method you have used above. After it drys how do you remove? Cheers Jason
  6. GDW you have grafted so many great model parts to make this Egg look awesome. Was asking about the missles as an Idea I had was looking for a few in the spars box and cutting them down to give the look. The main gear is looking great. As you noted the stance of the phantom looks great. Cheers Jason
  7. Why are you1 Giving a butter bar Leutinent a M4. He cannot even hit the side of a barn? He shots worse than a Storm Trooper. You are doing a great job building the Gun Station. Putting armor around that 2nd Lt. is smart... Cheers, jason
  8. Looking beautiful. This is the best I have seen in Japan or USA. These aircraft are built alot in Japan. In all sorts of paint schemes. But I have never seen one upgraded like this. Question are you going to place any air to air missles for the Marine Phanto ? Cheers, Jason
  9. Great fix to the mouth of the man eater... Cheers Jason
  10. Both heads look awesome sir.Helmet open face with glasses ....nice one.
  11. Norbert. I love the Figures have have given us modelers. Your figures are beautiful. May i ask if you plan on doing any more seated USN fighter pilots? It would also be nice to have a few head options as seperate purchases for the pilots of each era. Visor down no mask yet, visor down mask, helmet on with full face showing, no helmet (with or without sunglasses). I see and love your many helicopter crews but we need more Jet pilots. Cheers, Jason
  12. Using thin wire and larger, wrap smaller wire around larger wire into coil. Stretch and bend hose to desired position and length. Cover with white glue and tissue like many of us did as a kid to balloons in school...
  13. Neo are these really classified as smart weapons?
  14. Chris I love every time you update. So much eye candy and great workmanship.
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