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    WW2 Fighters n Bombers,Vietnam Jets to the current hot Rods flown. Usually build USMC Aircraft. I also love resetting the circuit breakers on beautiful women.
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  1. I was lucky enough to get this kit as a already started kit for $10 usd. This will be gifted to a great friend who brought me back into the hobby. I am so glad I have Chucks recent build to use as a reference. I am going to try my first metal finish so wish me luck. I will build her wheels up to look like the rocket she is. Will use a pilot from a Tamiya kit. This is the box but does not have the Decals so i will be using aftermarket.
  2. May I make a suggestion... Make square blocks about the size of your bad. Let em dry. Slowly build up your folds with thin sausages of putty. To make seams place a thin layer of putty there and use a scalpel/ razor blade for seams. Small pieces of foil/tape cut to make the zipper grasp. Looking great sir. Cheers
  3. I still need to read to understand witch programes are used for 3D modeling
  4. That was going to be a follow up question as people commented on this subject as I have been reading but don't understand the nuances so I do not have any idea. I have seen people here using Rhino. Hopefully they can help also. ty Juggernut
  5. are the extruder type machines better??? And what is the price range for one. Would a good/decent machine fall into my price range??
  6. https://www.anycubic.com/collections/sales/products/anycubic-i3-mega-s I am thinking about getting a 3D printer.I want a good 3D printer but I cannot afford much more than $300. I watch so many people here LSP printing so many models and details for them. I hope in the future some of these guys will share there files for all of us to use. Any suggestions on a good decent machine would be appreciated. I appreciate ya'lls assistance in advance. Jason
  7. I love Reedoak/ Norborts great looking pilots. It is unfortunate that he has not produced any any sitting figures for the 70, 80, 90 Navy and Marine pilots. (He is currently in the works to get these figures produced). Who has the best detailed pilots for the F-4E?? Thanks and Cheers, Jason
  8. Chuck this going to be another interesting build to follow. Chuck would you please show us how you paint your interiors so flawlessly. Your instrument panels are always an eye catcher. Cheers Jason
  9. Rammstein what a beautifull ship! Quetion: Why have you not painted the items as you have built and placed them unpainteg?? With all the tight places , it looks like it is going to be a "kitten. kitten" to paint. If you where able to carry this to a model some how to a competion, I would enter this model in the not painted section or ships. I am certain you will a medal. Cheers Jason
  10. if you believe pitot is to long. Could you use stretch sprue? Would liquid filler (supper glue , wood glue, childrens white glue, etc) have enough tension to blend the sprue into the nose? It is looking great. Cheers Jason
  11. She is a beauty Brett. I have not used the pastel method you have used above. After it drys how do you remove? Cheers Jason
  12. GDW you have grafted so many great model parts to make this Egg look awesome. Was asking about the missles as an Idea I had was looking for a few in the spars box and cutting them down to give the look. The main gear is looking great. As you noted the stance of the phantom looks great. Cheers Jason
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