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  1. I know I won't! Seriously impressive and inspirational work, Jay!
  2. She's looking superb John, I hadn't visited for a few days and was delighted by the number of updates I had to enjoy!
  3. I hope you continue with this one day Derek, it's so cool! I wonder if I can convince any of my Harvard-owning mates to do this in 1/1... Also for anyone doing the RNZAF option in the Kitty Hawk kit: based on that image you'll need to refer to photos of the real NZ1065 as the underside of the wings should have the full serial.
  4. Lovely work Derek! This is the sort of thing that would've had me tearing my hair out. I'm excited to see them in place!
  5. I've not commented much as I think I used up all my superlatives several pages ago. But rest assured this Kiwi is checking in on every update and thoroughly enjoying the ride!
  6. I wanted this kit when it came out and now that want has resurfaced...beautiful work!!
  7. I'm sorry to hear that John, I hope the info is still of use to you. I'm unsure what my camera was actually used for/in as it was saved from the trash at an agricultural aviation business and it was shocking to me that it was there at all, let alone being thrown away (along with its mount which has since gone to a 1/1 Spitfire PR.IV project in the UK). The lens seems rather small compared to wartime units but I expect the body measurements to be the same.
  8. This is exciting - I do enjoy T-33s and this is shaping up very nicely!
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