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  1. I'm listening to the latest episode of the Australian podcast On The Bench (link - do yourself a favour* and skip to 30min from the end) and they have an interview with Richard Alexander. Some bullet points regarding the Spitfire: - not at test shots stage yet otherwise would be more concrete with release schedule - when asked about oilcanning etc Richard said surface detail "makes" the real aeroplane - no indication of PE as the kit should be able to be built OOB, maybe some ancillary accessories later but too early to tell - an engine adds a huge amount of complexity, there is a market for that but it cuts out people who want to just do one they saw - number of decal options has been decided on but not ready to say, except Kiwi as on box art - multiple boxings? "Want to milk it for all it's worth"! - at the moment no wheels-up option but as part of the design process modelled compressed and uncompressed oleos and retraction to see how it fits *I'm not a regular listener, this is the second one I've downloaded - the first was also for a Richard Alexander interview. Interesting how the hosts have a light-hearted whinge, and are always surprised, about Richard not telling them about what's next....almost as though they were unware of Wingnut Wings (and now Kotare) policy!
  2. The Al Deere markings make it especially exciting for me as we went to the same school and I know his nephew. It will be very exciting to follow along with this project.
  3. Some people on Facebook are getting - in my opinion - unreasonably angry that the Kotare team are doing these teasers and games rather than just announcing the kit. The level of vitriol is making me apprehensive to visit their page.
  4. All I can do is smile and shake my head in admiration. Beautiful work. Just stunning.
  5. Speaking of speculation, no interest in the latest image they shared? Posted on 2 September, "Kotare K32001 kitset detail"
  6. Plenty of NMF Beavers out there should you ever feel the need, Peter
  7. I'm totally ready for that! I mean it's obviously an Avro 504K but hey, speculation is fun.
  8. You did on page ten: I've been complimented for my Maori pronunciation at a previous job but I'm by no means an expert or fluent in te reo. This is just what I roughly sounded it out as.
  9. Rest assured that even though I only pop up to Like etc, I'm reading and enjoying each and every update Ants
  10. Maybe you’re reading too much into it. That’s not how it’s pronounced. Simple
  11. Roughly pronounced "kor-tah-ray" with a rolled second "r". Link to definition in Maori Dictionary
  12. Not that it's germane to the Lanc, but you've got pondering the likelihood of a Vimy.
  13. ARCo's Firefly is indeed an early one, a former Swedish target tug that (thankfully) is in the restoration queue. Hopefully it can be of some help to your build! If you'd like to find some pics online her rego was SE-BRG - lots of results when Googled
  14. Brilliant, just brilliant. It's amazing to watch this come together - the engines sound like a real mission but an enjoyable one for us to watch, at least!
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