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  1. I was about to again suggest if anyone's curious they should contact Italeri directly! Thanks for sharing that, FCM.
  2. Beautiful work, Nikola! I love the effort that's gone into the cockpit. As for the red rudder or white tips problem: were it me I'd do both!
  3. I think I know the answer to this but I haven't seen it answered to my satisfaction: can one build this cowls on and have an engine to display separately? I'd have it with a cowl off but it's been nagging at me.
  4. Utterly magnificent, each and every one!!
  5. Oh, that colour scheme is cool! I'm excited to follow along with your build! I never got to see it in person but we had a warbird Midget in NZ in the late 1990s so I've long harboured a soft spot for it over the single-seater.
  6. Excellent news! I build for a friend who loves the Yak-15 - here's hoping he wants the 1/32 version!
  7. I've really enjoyed following along with this, Andreas. It's great to see what can be achieved with this kit. If you're not going to build the Tamiya kit...Christmas is coming and I've been a good boy!
  8. I saw a short clip of that video on Facebook - it showed stacks of sprues in boxes waiting to be packaged. It was mind-boggling out of context!!
  9. The painted model linked to earlier looks terrific. I'm sold and my concerns are gone!
  10. Fantastic! The Cutlass has always appealed to me so I'm excited to follow along with your progress.
  11. Thierry: are you advising people to temper their expectations or to pounce as soon as pre-orders are available?
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