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  1. I'm sorry JGT, they're showing on my end. Perhaps try visiting these links? https://flic.kr/p/2kXRjts https://flic.kr/p/2kXUbga
  2. Some more inspiration: recently the real NZ3220 was out on the Omaka grass after having her replica bombs fitted: And here with stablemate NZ3043, which is being restored to fly at Omaka: Photos by Gavin Conroy/Classic Aircraft Photography.
  3. Comsolutely flabbersmacked.
  4. I love warbird builds and this will be a fun model! I'm excited!
  5. Seeing those handholds/steps and cockpit makes me want to climb in and pre-flight. Just amazing.
  6. Is it too soon to ask for any updates, Derek?
  7. Everything about this build was and is exquisite, but the coning and twist on the main rotor blades are simply amazing. They really "make" it. Bravo sir!!
  8. Hear hear Nighthawk, she's looking fantastic.
  9. I'm thoroughly enjoying each update, she's coming together gloriously. That's gonna be one heck of a trip home!!
  10. In all seriousness, my first thought was a museum. Not to tell Peter what to do but these builds could make up a museum in themselves!
  11. I am excited. I've not seen enough Ryan STs in model form and such a large scale will make for a spectacular model.
  12. Hard disagree. Very atmospheric and it screams "Tabloid" to me! She's coming along gorgeously.
  13. Beautiful. Now I'm waiting for the prop to go on so we can see the engine run videos.
  14. Absolutely stunning, no doubt about it. WOW!
  15. To see the P-8 compared with the Connie is one thing. To see them both with a human melts my mind a little!
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