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  1. GT Resin (A/B/C/D/E) RES-IM (A/B/C/D) NorthStar (E)
  2. Hi guys, is it a conversion for the GR.1 boxing or is it intendend for the old F2 kit? https://www.ebay.it/itm/L143-Flightpath-RAF-Tornado-F3-Detail-Set-1-32nd-Scale-Revell/254246568413?hash=item3b3246c1dd:g:EcIAAOSwvL9c7Wk2 TIA.
  3. Luca

    F-15B/D cockpit

    hi Nich, yes you are right but I meant a full resin cockpit for the double seater
  4. Luca

    F-15B/D cockpit

    is there any hope? I need 2
  5. I'm in for wheel bays (4 sets), corrected nose (4 sets) and pylons (4 sets).
  6. I tried to contact SHM (Viper Enforcer) several times to check the availability of further exhausts (in addition to those ordered by the site) but it never replies....I wonder if it's only with me that he doesn't reply to pm
  7. wow great stuff! would it be the old Heritage conversion?
  8. I'd like to build an FA.2 but there are no aftermarkets out there unfortunately....
  9. such a beautiful scheme! I already have the Fishbone decals but it does not have the big wings decals (only masks) so I will purchase this one too.
  10. I ask only a F-111 or a Jaguar from Tamiya
  11. Luca

    F-15J cockpit

    I mean the aggressor popular schemes....as this ones: so pre or post MSIP? thanks again.
  12. Luca


    I also have the Northstar Mavs David, but I will be using them on a single-rail jets....I'd like to use Flightpath ones on a LAU-88 instead (A-10 and F-4G Spang)
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