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  1. such a beautiful scheme! I already have the Fishbone decals but it does not have the big wings decals (only masks) so I will purchase this one too.
  2. I ask only a F-111 or a Jaguar from Tamiya
  3. Luca

    F-15J cockpit

    I mean the aggressor popular schemes....as this ones: so pre or post MSIP? thanks again.
  4. Luca


    I also have the Northstar Mavs David, but I will be using them on a single-rail jets....I'd like to use Flightpath ones on a LAU-88 instead (A-10 and F-4G Spang)
  5. hi guys, which Aires cockpit is correct for the JASDF eagles, F-15C early (#2060) or late (#2063)? TIA.
  6. Luca


    Thanks guys, I have the Flightpath AGM-65s but no LAU-88.
  7. Luca


    where can I find it in 1/32 scale? TIA.
  8. GT resin makes this detail http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/gtr32056.htm
  9. most of them I need are SOLD OUT any chance of recasting from ViperEnforcer?
  10. the big problem with SH parts is their availability
  11. also there are the Flightpath etched parts.... https://d26qn1y84zs32g.cloudfront.net/pics/FHGS3201.jpg
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