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  1. Luca


    where can you buy Phase Hangar Resin products? (in Europe preferably)
  2. Curiously the 1/48 model (always Revell) does not have this 'problem' and it seems correct:
  3. Not only the spine, but maybe canopy 'tail' too. It seems that the bump should continue a bit on the hump instead it ends too soon (inside the transparent), I don't know how to explain it. How can we fix that issue?
  4. not only the white no steps are needed but also the dotted lines (walkways) on the wings... it's really strange that no aftermarket manufacturer has thought about it yet, they shouldn't be so difficult to make I think, something like these ones:
  5. I have not checked, ordered 24/12, but paypal did not confirm the payment by mail. I tried to ask him if there were still copies of the F-14 book but he still hasn't answered me.
  6. also his Tamiya F-14 book looks very interesting https://thekitbox.wordpress.com/2018/10/17/how-to-build-tamiyas-f-14a-d-tomcat/
  7. the forward fuselage is too short in relation to the height of the canopy, the Revell kit has the same problem. https://ibb.co/R0RffxB https://ibb.co/wJtMpg6 https://ibb.co/Ldc6fn0 with the canopy opened it is less noticeable. The Revell kit has a better upper angle of the radome/nacelle junction, but it needs to be corrected in shape towards the pitot (here Italeri is more correct because it is slightly more "rounded" than Revell one)
  8. great stuff! which are the differences from this sheet: http://coldwarstudio.com/MiG-29 Cockpit decals in 1/32 scale product/ and the one included in the cockpi set? why is it not the same? http://coldwarstudio.com/MiG-29A Cockpit in 1/32 scale for Trumpeter product/
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