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  1. great stuff! which are the differences from this sheet: http://coldwarstudio.com/MiG-29 Cockpit decals in 1/32 scale product/ and the one included in the cockpi set? why is it not the same? http://coldwarstudio.com/MiG-29A Cockpit in 1/32 scale for Trumpeter product/
  2. Have I.D.F. and Iceland (Reykjavik) ever used them on their F-15C/D? TIA.
  3. Wouldn't this one (Mr. Hobby thinner) be more appropriate for acrylics? rather than Mr. Color leveling thinner?
  4. where can we buy this huge sheet? Aero Spezial does not have it in stock. Thanks.
  5. aargggh.... I didn't know. I have 4 sets.... BTW I was taking a look at your model: https://www.largescaleplanes.com/articles/article.php?aid=1969 and they seem correctly lengthened.
  6. the Flightpath set is very well detailed, the only drawback is having to fold all those parts
  7. yes, but this way you will have a looted kit unless you want to do an F-15C Reykjavik (with CFTs) from the C kit. you also can start from the single seater kit and get the F/G/J sprues from the E boxing (purchased separately). Tamiya C/J/E landing gears are the same.
  8. excellent job Chris +1 Aires cockpit does already include the right coaming......doesn't it?
  9. any progress sir? I love this scheme, too. which is the pilot name?
  10. thanks Helms, same thing here (yes IDF F-15A/C/D/I, no F-15E)...what about Saudi F-15S?
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