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  1. why the tail tops are different? they are both FG.1s and very close BuNos why the
  2. Luca

    What decals for Revell super Bug?

    hi Mark, here you are HTH.
  3. sorry I had not read well
  4. Tony, but there is no certainty that the kit will be released within a short time, could pass even 10 years for all we know
  5. ok guys, so recapitulating the $465,00 USD price proposed by Gary for a GTR conversion set from the CE one (revised and corrected) would be good. I already gave my approval in this thread If I well understand the only drawback would be the $ 200,00 USD pre-deposit that we could lose if production was not completed
  6. absolutely no I did not want to offend anyone .... an honest price could be the one to which it was originally sold by Cutting Edge I do not remember maybe 250-300 $ (possibly increased due to limited production). Timvkampen how much did you pay to purchase it?
  7. yes, I saw a CE peace jack conversion a few weeks ago at over 1000 pounds on ebay so I can't imagine a price for this huge CE spey phantom conversion
  8. yep, but when the HKM kit comes out, however, the CE set will have lost all the value it has now....that is why the collector/owner of the wild hare set would like to sell it now before it is too late. Among other things if it has shape issues (intakes, exhausts etc.) as it was said, it should be sold at an honest price because the resin air intakes can not be changed, they would crumble
  9. any chance to get the CE conversion at a reasonable price now that HKM has announced that it will make a plastic kit?
  10. Luca

    Hornet vs. Super Hornet?

    I have not seen yet the Revell two-seater sprues, but the Trumpy kit has a wrong canopy profile at the end (since this "follows" the back line of the hump, which is too narrow). On the single-seater, however, the hump can still be worked and the canopy has not affected. I suggest you the Academy kit (with a pair of aftermarket resin intakes as the kit ones have no depth).
  11. Luca

    1/32 F-4K/M. Conversion Set for Tamiya F-4J

    If the HKM kit won't be release I'm in but not with a $200 non-refundable deposit
  12. timvkampen that CE conversion set is huge and the photos are excellent.
  13. Luca

    1/32 SUU-30 (CBU-54) B/B “early”

    IDF F-4E also (although they could be CBU-58s)
  14. Happy New Year Norbert!