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  1. Jolly Roger

    We're BACK! with 35% off sale

    Thanks Alek!
  2. Jolly Roger

    We're BACK! with 35% off sale

    I really want to get the F4U-1D set, any chance those will be ready before the sale ends?
  3. Jolly Roger

    Tamiya F-16C 526th TFS Ramstein AB (1988)

    Any chance those wheels will be commercially available?
  4. Jolly Roger

    Anyone do multi kit builds, several at once?

    I've done this in 1/48, but never tried it with 1/32.
  5. Jolly Roger

    Which GB would you like to replace 'Iron Rain'?

    I voted Air Superiority, love those fighters!
  6. Jolly Roger

    List of large scale Golden Era aircraft

    Don't forget the Williams Bros Gee Bee Z!
  7. Jolly Roger

    Tamiya Pricing

    I did the exact same thing!
  8. Jolly Roger

    USAAF pilots/crew figures for PTO

  9. Jolly Roger

    Tamiya F-16C 526th TFS Ramstein AB (1988)

    Amazing... What I wouldn't give for a set of those wheels!
  10. Jolly Roger

    Proposal for a Night Fighters Group Build.

    Would the Tamiya F4U-1 with AMS F4U-2N conversion qualify?
  11. Jolly Roger

    New from WnW

    Can you tell those of us without Facebook what it is?
  12. Jolly Roger


  13. Jolly Roger

    Have an email stating "Notice of sale of Tower Hobbies"

    Yep, got one too.
  14. Jolly Roger

    Got My Revell P-51 Today, Now what??

    Not surprised by SB's response, that's exactly how they handled two issues I've had in the past.