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  1. Really looking forward to seeing you work your magic on this one Karim! I thought I was crazy having 13 in my stash lol. Excellent choice for markings, I too would like build this one but the sharp demarcation on the spinner scares me. I am excited to see how you tackle this one.
  2. I found your review to be very informative, with personal annotations that seemed very factual. No kit bashing that I saw, just laying out the facts. Good review IMHO!
  3. Are the wing root cannon doors on backwards? The paint on the upper wing surfaces which is visible underneath the hatch location suggests they are backwards on the wings.
  4. Not sure if it's an Aim-7E2, but here's the back-end of an Aim-7. Found here
  5. Agreed - the wood finish is spectacular.
  6. Excellent photos, especially helpful having the description of the view angle. Thank you for taking the time to post these!
  7. Thank you for that information, I really appreciate the help!
  8. I am interested in the 72-73 cruise with CDR Hall. I have this decal sheet but apologize that I don't know much about USN Phantoms.
  9. Is the typical loadout for this aircraft known? I can see the air to air missiles and fuel tank, but wondering what else they might have carried (jamming pods, ecm pods, etc).
  10. I would like to see the Roland D.VI kits again, especially the "a".
  11. The dingyness on the plane captain's vest and shirt is a nice touch, bravo! Excellent work on those figures.
  12. Wow... just WOW! Absolutely breathtaking!
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