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  1. Incredible craftsmanship, WOW !!! This will be one stunning bird when finished. My hats off to you sir. Steve
  2. Very well done. I believe the 77th was in Kuwait while we were there for OIF. You really nailed the sandy dust clinging to the wet spots of the jet, awesome. Steve
  3. Very nice job and nice display. FYI, you forgot to add the yellow stripe(s) to the bombs. GBU-31's correct ? Steve
  4. Outstanding work and, exceptional attention to all the details that push this over the top !! You should be very proud of these two builds. That first pic you took against the blue backdrop makes them look like the real deal, well done !! Steve
  5. Great work so far Marcel, she looks really good !! Steve "TOMCATS FOREVER, BABY...!"
  6. Beautiful work !! If it wasn't for the background, I'd swear that's a real panel. Steve
  7. A recently finished "shelf of doom" project finished up. Enjoy the pics. Steve Decals by Yellow Hammer Models. Paints are Model Master enamels and, Tamiya clear red, green and, orange for the lights. Testor's "wet look" clear gloss and, Dullcoat. Eduard MK-20 "Rockeyes" and, fabric REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT" streamers. Cockpit is a mix of kit parts, Verlinden and, True Details seats. The tail pitot tube is by Master. Boarding ladder wells and steps are Verlinden. Nose gear door taxi light is a MV lens. The "wells unit", power cord holders and power cords, steel "safety posts", hot air hose and, wheel chocks are all scratch-built. The fire extinguisher is by Hasegawa ( I wish someone would release an update bottle.) Flory's "Dark Dirt" and, "Grime" weather washes along with Tamiya's "weathering master" sets were used.
  8. Shared from my good buddy, Brain Marbrey's Facebook page, "Gunfighter Models", Today I was forwarded a post from the Grumpy Scale Modelers group stating Testors/Rust-Oleum was discontinuing the Model Mater enamel paint line. After speaking directly to Testors today, this is absolutely NOT true, nor has Testors or Rust-Oleum issued any such statement. In 2017, Testors did issue a statement stating they had discontinued the MM2 line, but their standard line of Military FS colors is under no threat of being discontinued. Steve
  9. This has recently been all over Facebook, someone even called Testors directly and was told these rumors ARE NOT TRUE. Steve
  10. Nice work Marcel, for a "rush job." She looks great and I will be very much looking forward to your Tomcat updates. Steve
  11. Beautiful work Chuck !! Now get her a cover before she gets dirty. Steve
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