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  1. Shared from my good buddy, Brain Marbrey's Facebook page, "Gunfighter Models", Today I was forwarded a post from the Grumpy Scale Modelers group stating Testors/Rust-Oleum was discontinuing the Model Mater enamel paint line. After speaking directly to Testors today, this is absolutely NOT true, nor has Testors or Rust-Oleum issued any such statement. In 2017, Testors did issue a statement stating they had discontinued the MM2 line, but their standard line of Military FS colors is under no threat of being discontinued. Steve
  2. This has recently been all over Facebook, someone even called Testors directly and was told these rumors ARE NOT TRUE. Steve
  3. Nice work Marcel, for a "rush job." She looks great and I will be very much looking forward to your Tomcat updates. Steve
  4. Beautiful work Chuck !! Now get her a cover before she gets dirty. Steve
  5. She looks great, as usual, my friend. Excellent job with all the problem solving and the markings. Looking forward to seeing the finished product. Steve
  6. I totally agree with Chuck, the Prime Portal site with Christine, along with the DACO book were very helpful to me when I did my 1/18th scale F-14B conversion. I will revisit both when I start my 1/18th scale F-14D conversion as well. Steve "TOMCATS FOREVER, BABY...!"
  7. Welcome to the forums. Outstanding work so far on everything, it all looks great. Steve "TOMCATS FOREVER, BABY...!"
  8. That's a good shot but, I guess I should have been more specific. I'm looking for shots of the Targeting pod loaded on the center line with the crossover fairing installed. Steve
  9. Nice work Patrick, looks familiar too. I'll be interested to see if your adding the centerline pylon with the Targeting pod, I want to do that for mine (which I'll need to scratch-build) but, can't find any good reference pics of the pylon with the pod mounted. Steve
  10. Sweet Jesus, incredible work !! Steve
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