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  1. Simply incredible work !! Tip of the hat to you Pete. Steve
  2. As always, beautiful, inspiring work my friend. LOVE your updates !! Steve
  3. I second what Ben said about the Mr. Masking Sol. I used it, for the first time, on my last build, the A-6E TRAM Intruder. I used it on the two red belly anti-collision lights and the red light by the refueling probe, it worked great. Steve
  4. Great work Ben. Your lucky you have a 3D printer, could you imagine scratch-building all these items. Steve
  5. Figure painting is on a whole other level than model painting and apparently Pete is a master at it !! Everything looks so real with this build and with every update I'm blown away more and more each time. This is a pure joy to watch come together. Steve
  6. Very nice work Marcel !! You certainly have done justice to The Big Fighter and, have another masterpiece for your display cabinet. Steve "TOMCATS FOREVER, BABY...!"
  7. Beautiful work so far Marcel, love it !! Now, imagine her in 1/18th scale ! Looking forward to your next update. Steve "TOMCATS FOREVER, BABY...!"
  8. And who said " Humpty Dumpty " could not be put back together again ?? If anyone can pull this off it's you Ben. Keep up the amazing work my friend. Steve
  9. Incredible craftsmanship, WOW !!! This will be one stunning bird when finished. My hats off to you sir. Steve
  10. Very well done. I believe the 77th was in Kuwait while we were there for OIF. You really nailed the sandy dust clinging to the wet spots of the jet, awesome. Steve
  11. Very nice job and nice display. FYI, you forgot to add the yellow stripe(s) to the bombs. GBU-31's correct ? Steve
  12. Outstanding work and, exceptional attention to all the details that push this over the top !! You should be very proud of these two builds. That first pic you took against the blue backdrop makes them look like the real deal, well done !! Steve
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