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  1. I received my replacement GBU-38 tail assembly on Friday along with these little gems. 1/18th scale LAU-7 rails for my AV-8B+, from Flying Leatherneck Decals, thanks very much Dave. This 3D printing stuff is really quite impressive. Steve
  2. One JDAM loaded, three more to go. Modifying the pylons by cutting off those pegs and inserting some .040" brass rods inside the bomb lugs, which still need to be painted and, drilling holes in the pylons. Steve
  3. Taking shape and, looking good. I'm surprised the paints don't attack the vinyl pieces. Steve
  4. Finished up three of the four bombs for the most part. Attached the forward strakes, painted the GPS antennas on the tail kit assemblies, flat coated everything including the DSU-33 nose sensors and, had to wait to paint the strake straps and some bolt heads on the tail kit assemblies until my hands weren't so shaky. I may paint the bomb lugs, I have to see how they'll mount on the racks first. I used a length of 1/16" aluminum rod for the TCTS pod probe and rounded over the tip. These JDAMS, by Flying Leatherneck Decals, are extremely well done and are like little models all by themselves. Steve
  5. I have faith in you Ben, I'm sure when she's finished she'll look great. Steve
  6. My 1/48th RES/KIT F-111F cockpit set was better packed, from a war torn country, than anything I've ever received. Steve
  7. Got some time in the spray booth yesterday and today and was able to get the bombs and the TCTS pod painted. Up next will be the yellow bands for the bomb noses. Steve
  8. I have three of these 1/18th scale Tomcats. They were first sold in 2010, VF-84 F-14A and 2011, VF-154 F-14A. I converted my VF-84 "spotcat" ( very poorly finished ) into a VF-103 F-14B. The factory finish on the VF-154 was much better so, I left her alone. My third one, which is another VF-84 "spotcat", will eventually become a VF-2 F-14D. Steve "TOMCATS FOREVER, BABY...!"
  9. Actually there is a F-14, F-16, F-18 and, the AV-8B+ in 1/18th scale. The problem is there are little to no aftermarket parts or decals available for these. People like myself, who want to take them a step further, are constantly looking for someone to do these items. Steve
  10. I've seen some of the Shapeway items and honestly, they're not very nice for what they cost. Steve
  11. That's great news Dave !! Those GBU-38's are amazing btw. Steve
  12. That's fine. If you'd like you can contact me via email and go over the details, sczerviski@comcast.net. Thanks Steve
  13. I'm looking for someone who might be interested in taking on this project. Would any of the 3D printer guys be willing to make me a 1/18th scale Litening pod and center line pylon for my Harrier ? I've added the gun/ammo pods to my jet already and, would like to add this piece as well. Let me know your thoughts and what it would cost, thanks. Steve
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