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  1. Excellent work Patrick, she's looking awesome !! Looking forward to the next update. Steve
  2. Beautiful work Patrick !! How did you make the landing / taxi lights ? Steve
  3. I use regular lacquer thinner for my initial cleanup followed by KLINE'S Gun Cleaner, GC1, 100% Virgin solvents. I get it thru a body shop connection I have. It's much hotter than normal lacquer thinner and cleans great. Steve
  4. Wowzer, great progress Patrick !! Steve
  5. WOW, looks amazing !! Outstanding attention to detail and craftsmanship. Steve
  6. Beautiful work so far Marcel. I really admire your paint work. Steve
  7. I agree with Marcel, fantastic work Patrick !! Steve
  8. Very impressive, this keeps getting better and better. Steve
  9. WOW, figure painting is a whole other level. For someone whose doesn't paint figures, you sure knocked them out of the park Pete, GREAT STUFF !! I'm sure the pooch will come out just as well. This will be one impressive display when it's finished, it definitely has the "wow" factor for sure. Steve
  10. WOW, that really looks like quite the project !! Best of luck getting thru this phase of the build. What you have accomplished so far looks great. Steve "TOMCATS FOREVER, BABY...!"
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