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  1. Or you can try these, www.lvppaints.com The 2ounce bottles should last a while. I got a 12oz. spray can of FS 35109, for a BDU-33 that I need to repaint and, the color is spot on when I matched it up to my 595a color chip. Steve
  2. I'm late to the party, WOW, great work so far !! Love the cockpit. Steve
  3. Very impressive work to say the least. I'm very envious of you guys with your toys and the "know-how" to make them work. Keep up the excellent work. Steve
  4. I was thinking more towards something of simulating the rotors spinning, like a thin clear disk painted to give the illusion of rotating blades. Steve
  5. Pete, I know you've put a ton of work in the rotors but, did you ever consider doing something that would represent the rotors spinning ? Steve
  6. WOW, she's taking shape, nice work so far. I once again commend you for tackling this project. Looking forward to future updates. Steve
  7. Outstanding work as usual bud but, then again, we'd all expect nothing else. Steve
  8. OUTSTANDING WORK sir !!! I love the updates, they get better each time. Keep it up. Steve
  9. You've done a ton of works that's for sure. Things are shaping up. Keep up the great work. Steve
  10. Well you certainly like a challenge that's for sure, I commend you for taking this on. Steve
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