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  1. You could add a piece of matte board to the top section of the base, this will also help with your cutout depth. Just find a color that's close to concrete, sand the base top and, spray some contact adhesive to the base top and matte board. I do this for my display bases all the time, much easier. Steve
  2. NICE !! There she is, fantastic work as usual bud, definitely following along. Steve
  3. Excellent work Red Dog, everything looks awesome !! Steve
  4. I use this stuff all the time for gluing my resin parts to the models. Do some "testing" so you get a feel for how it works. Mix small batches at a time and try to keep your mixing ratios as close to 1:1 as possible otherwise it will harden too fast ( too much hardener ) or, it will take forever to harden ( not enough hardener ). Keep track of your time while mixing as well, when properly mixed it should start to set up in about 5 to 8 minutes, after that it's too hard to work with especially for what your trying to accomplish. Steve
  5. This maybe as good as it gets unless you try what Pete suggested ? Steve
  6. Would applying the dot decal with a drop of future make the carrier film less noticeable ?? Steve
  7. 1. The two front side panels definitely have a yellow tint to them. 2. As for the static strip, I would just paint in on. 3. For the dot pattern maybe try some Archer rivets added to some clear decal paper followed by a gloss coat to seal them in place ?? I've never tried to apply decals to a clear part so don't know if this would work or not, that's a tough one. Steve
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