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    My interests are aircraft modeling, science, military history and NFL football. I'm an instrument rated pilot but I'm grounded for medical reasons. I re-joined the hobby in June of '16 after a 30-year absence.

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  1. AdamR


    Isn’t the lack of a new-design 1/32 WW2 kit from Hasegawa more troubling? As others have pointed out, the out-of-production kits will be available on eBay for a while, but where’s a new Hellcat? Hurricane? Etc.? If it is true that Hasegawa has abandoned LSPs, it is a tragedy.
  2. Thanks. I don’t mind the delay that much, because my modeling time has been cut short anyway, and the Revell P-51 has languished on the bench. I do mind being charged for goods months before they were shipped. Thanks for pointing me to the build threads; they will be very helpful. It’s especially useful to know in advance that the PE is poor, for example. It supports my plan to "dumb down" the build. The most important thing to me is having the early P-40 outline on the shelf (underslung "jaw" radiator, cowl .50s, etc.). A highly detailed model is not my goal with this one. I will probably build the closed cowl version and leave the engine parts on the trees. There are a lot of kits in the stash I want to get built and I’m running out of years to get them done!
  3. ? Don’t tell me the rest of the world got theirs last year.
  4. 1 enormous box: …full of nice plastic stuff (beautiful clear parts), and… …more PE stuff than I will ever use, plus… …printed gun barrels (my first experience with parts made this way)… …all for building 1 of 5 different AVG subjects, and lastly… …a big-ass commemorative patch to sew on something. I can hardly wait to get started, but I’m going to be disciplined and finish the Revell P-51D first. No, really, I am. Seriously. Not kidding. Disciplined.
  5. Thank you for these posts and pictures, Nikola. I’ve just begun one of these kits so I’ve binged your posts and found them most useful, particularly the trick to widen the windshield part with a toothpick. "Wizard!" as our Brit mates would say. Your work is very well done.
  6. Excellent paint -- and no gun muzzle powder streaks! Yay!
  7. The best-looking of all Spitfires, IMO. Beautiful job.
  8. AdamR


    Whatever Hasegawa is planning is un-knowable to me, an old modeler in the wilds of Lower Alabama. I do know I’ve loved the eight different Hasegawa 1/32 kits I’ve built. I had planned another of their P-47Ds and another P-40E, so the severe scarcity of their kits worried me, and I resorted to EBay for examples of each. They now reside safely in my stash, I am happy to say. If the story about the re-release of the ‘190D is true, I shall certainly snap up one of those, as well. Long live Hasegawa! (In 1/32 scale, of course.)
  9. Ugh. I hate to hear that, because my Eduard kit has severe fit problems involving the cowling, if one makes the mistake of trying to build it with a closed cowl as I have done. I thought Eduard was more dependable, based on the couple of their 1/48 kits I have built.
  10. "Far" inferior? That’s a bit subjective, wouldn’t you say? But okay, my Tamiya Mk IX does look better on very close inspection than my Revell Mk II, but the bare Tamiya kit cost twice as much as the Revell and it still needed AM wheels, cockpit stencils, exhaust stacks, gun barrels, etc. just as the Revell did. Plus, it was cursed with a bunch of toy airplane crap like retractable gear and movable control surfaces. I liked the final results of both kits, but I must say there was less irritation involved in building the Revell, and less cost too.
  11. I built the Revell Mk II and quite enjoyed it. Not nearly as complex as the Tamiya Mk. IX, it needed a little help from aftermarket propeller blades, spinner, etc. to look quite right. It was a low-stress build and came out looking good.
  12. Still longing for new-tool F6F Hellcat, P-38, Hurricane, F-86, and Razorback P-47 from Tamiya or Hasegawa. I suppose we might get a good kit from another manufacturer, but I trust those two to do it right, with Tamiya offerings perhaps closer to perfection. The absence of a new, large-scale Hellcat is particularly bewildering. How could that not be a hot seller?
  13. Wow! You are very brave and confident to embark on journey like this. Thank you for sharing!
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