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  1. Padraic Conway

    'Grace' type two-seat Spitfire in 1:32

    Just found this thread Iain, and I've spent this morning reading it from start to finish. So impressive! Your workmanship is exemplary! The canopies look excellent. Keep going! Padraic
  2. Padraic Conway

    3D printed N1K1-J

    This is great! Really looking forward to seeing how your project moves ahead.
  3. Looooking gooood there Andy!
  4. Wow! Now THAT'S a big model!
  5. Very impressed with your painting Andy. Looking forward to seeing the finished item. Will you be taking it to Telford this year perhaps?
  6. Great job Andy - keep going now!
  7. Padraic Conway

    Me-262 B1-a/U1 question...

    Thanks so much for this. Much appreciated.
  8. Padraic Conway

    Revell Heinkel He-162 A-2 in 1/32 scale

    I'd also like to pitch in with my praise for your work here. Really inspiring! Padraic
  9. Padraic Conway

    My New Publishing Company Launch!

  10. Padraic Conway

    My New Publishing Company Launch!

    Best of luck Rich and a great call for your first book. I sold my original copy in a moment of madness some years back, so I'm in! Padraic
  11. Padraic Conway

    Revell Ju88A-4 TECHNIK

    Tony. Absolutely right about the C and G. You would have thought that a C was a no-brainer for Revell. And Revell did a similar minimal change with their He219 recently; just a revised canopy and radar plus decals. Lets also remember that Dragon produced almost all Ju88 variants in 48th from common sprues, starting with the G if I remember correctly. I must admit I was surprised at the time with my conversation with their staff about their hesitation over future versions. Perhaps sales since the launch of the A-1 haven't been up to anticipated levels? I can say here with some confidence that I've done my bit for their sales - I have 2 A-1s and an A-4. Plus conversion parts for a G and S/T. Great kit.
  12. Padraic Conway

    Revell Ju88A-4 TECHNIK

    I asked the Revell staff at the UK Nationals the year the Ju88 was released about C and G variants in the future. They were a little vague and lukewarm about possible future variants. Vague enough to make me confident to part with the ££ for the AIMS G when it came out. Strange, because they've done the hard work with the A tooling, and, as CMK and AIMS have shown, almost any subsequent variant can be produced or adapted from this starting point. However, with the current financial situation of RoG, perhaps a larger scale gamble ain't gonna happen just now? And, of course, the conversion sets mentioned have presumably satisfied at least some of the potential market that may have existed for later variants?
  13. Padraic Conway

    Just Curious about Selling

    Good post MikeC. Yes, I've done this. My Tamiya 1/48 Lancaster for example, complete with TWO fuselages so that you could build either Grand Slam or standard Lanc. Now I have another Grand Slam Lancaster. I also traded a Trimaster FW190D-12 with a Canadian modeller (I'm in the UK) and then traded back FOR THE SAME KIT some years later. It has a carbon footprint the size of a Sasquatch! But that has to be tempered by sales of some outrageously big kits that, looking back, I have to ask 'just where did I think I could put these when built'? Monogram B-36, Model Technologies B-1, Airfix 1/24 Fw190 and MpM 1/18 Me262. It was the right call to move all of these on.
  14. Padraic Conway

    HPH Models 1/32 P-51H Mustang (group buy possible)

    I like this idea; even more so if a canopy is included! Seriously though, many of the detail parts (I know the wheels are smaller) could come from a donor kit. Plenty of those about (at least in my cupboard :)) . Great idea!