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  1. Padraic Conway

    Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J - Initial Observations

    Thanks for this Petrov; I can add this to my B-24 homework for this week! Much appreciated Padraic
  2. Padraic Conway

    Bf110G4 NJG1 1944/45

    Watching in admiration Max. Keep going!
  3. Padraic Conway

    Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J - Initial Observations

    Good to see that the variant chosen by HobbyBoss also sits close to, if not identical to, to some of the 100Gp British Electronic Warfare Liberators. Martin Streetly's book on 100 Group identifies B-24J-165-CO '6G@M' of 223 Sq; this seems very close to the sub-variant in the box? Perhaps the nose turret is not quite correct as it seems this was an A6B variant? My favourite choice of markings, namely 6G@K with beautiful nose art seems also possible as being a B-24J-5-DT it has a similar nose turret, but differing top turret to the boxed variant (as I understand this, although I'm still climbing the B-24 learning curve, so welcome comments or corrections here). Not sure how tail turrets for both of these compare with the boxed example? Of course choosing British markings means that the seam in the front turret isn't too much of a problem as these were covered in doped fabric and didn't mount armament. Perhaps not too hard to rework the kit turret shape if its not going to be transparent on the model? And hopefully those nice aftermarket chaps might just present us with some corrected turrets or choices for top and tail?
  4. Padraic Conway

    Luftwaffe Tyre Colours

    Being a little mischievous here... Very late war Luftwaffe aircraft apparently used synthetic rubber tyres by necessity as supplies of real rubber became critical. Apparently these tyres were greenish in colour? I have no further information so perhaps others who know more might chip in? And you thought finding the right shade of tyre black was a problem?
  5. Padraic Conway

    HKM 1/32 Lancaster at Telford - Built and Painted!

    Just agreeing with others that this was an exceptionally impressive model to see. Beautifully done!
  6. Padraic Conway

    New HpH DC-3 Pics up!!

    Like many others here, I've both seen this at Telford in the flesh (so to speak), yet it's not on my main list of interests. The quality of the model in real life is extraordinary - that interior is breathtaking - but not for me. The price does raise once more the question of 'How much is too much for models?'. I suppose the answer is 'Whatever people are prepared to pay'. I expect that HpH have done their research here and are confident of sales. I can remember their 1/18 Me262 appearing 20 years or so ago at £550. That would be close to £1000 at today's prices allowing for inflation. And they all sold as far as I know...
  7. Padraic Conway

    Paul Fisher Fire Relief - GoFundMe

    This kind of misfortune can ( and does) happen to anyone. Great to see that there are big hearts and kind souls on this board and around the modelling world. Padraic
  8. Padraic Conway


    Yes, I saw this yesterday as well and would fully support Max in his assertions about the stressed skin effect; this is beautifully done! The Lancaster nose means that I'm now down for my first WNW kit when it finally appears on the shelves. Speaking with Mark on the WNW stand, he was very aware that this is an early Lancaster nose, but stated that a modeller would be free to adjust or amend the nose kit to make a later version. I don't care for web-based speculation about forthcoming kits on discussion boards (waste of time and electrons in my view!) but in this case I'm confident that a later blister for the nose will be forthcoming from either WNW or one of the aftermarket companies. Roll on 2020!
  9. Padraic Conway

    F-102A Delta Dagger help

    That's a neat set of checkers!
  10. Padraic Conway

    Ploesti survivors

    Excellent pics; thanks for posting these!
  11. Padraic Conway

    1/32 Do-335 two seater (from HKM)

    Well, that depends on your definition of 'service'. The Do335V3 was sent to 1/ObdL (a long range recce unit) for trials, so did see use with an active unit of the Luftwaffe. Sadly it was not reliable enough to commit to operational missions (engine problems if I recall correctly). So, for me, that counts as service, but I fully understand if you were to differ and insist that it had to have flown operational missions to count. Perhaps as we say here in the UK, a score draw on this issue of active service?
  12. Padraic Conway

    Arado Ar 234 B-2 - Fernaufklärer (Grove 4. May 1945)

    Excellent work! Love this build!
  13. Padraic Conway


    This tendency to be partisan by manufacturer reminds me of the similar issue over the Revell vs ZM He219. I don't want to reactivate that debate, merely to highlight that differing manufacturers take differing approaches. Accuracy is an issue no doubt, but for many modellers price is too! I'm lucky enough to be able to spring for current ZM kits if I'm interested, but I can also recall having MUCH soul searching in my younger (and less well off!) days if I was looking at the Hasegawa Hi Grade (or Trimaster in 48) models that were then cutting edge. Some I simply couldn't afford back in the day. Of course, both of these Lancasters will make a dent in most people's wallets
  14. Padraic Conway

    New, clean topic: HB B-24 Test Shot Photos

    What precise B-24J variant is this kit? I know enough about Libs to appreciate that the nose area and turrets varied enormously (hence the 'Consolidated Mess') but don't have an expert eye sufficient to pin this box art down to the precise details (and thereby speculate on marking options - 100Gp would tempt me).
  15. Keeping your momentum going here Andy; your final details are looking great! I think your exhaust repair job turned out really well.