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  1. Wow this is stunning! The riveting is so consistent, amazing! Marcel
  2. Coming out with some big saves already!
  3. Just awesome and thanks for the tutorial. Btw what are your thoughts on using the Uschi masks in lieu of using liquid mask to achieve a spotted appearance? Cheers, Marcel
  4. Looking forward to this, Nick! Must say I was really impressed with the kit when I opened the box. Cheers, Marcel
  5. Phew that looks terrific! And yes, I think adding daylight between the tail slats adds a lot. Cheers, Marcel
  6. Wow love this build, the pairing and weathering in excellent and it just looks like you are having a blast! Marcel
  7. Chuck, your fine riveting work just doesn’t cease to amaze me. Excellent progress all round! Marcel
  8. The Sierra Hotel exhausts are correctly sized and beautifully detailed, my first choice for sure but harder to get a hold of than a witches‘ short and curly. The recently released Q-M-T for the Revell kit look correctly sized and are very nicely done all round, that’s the direction I would take if you don’t get a hold of the SH exhausts. Cheers, Marcel
  9. It’s a great kit, I built that exact boxing some years ago. The one gripe I do have is that the intakes are of decreasing diameter towards the engine, which to my eye just looks immediately wrong. I suggest sourcing some resin replacements, eg Sierra Hotel or DMold. Cheers, Marcel
  10. Wow, super impressive! And I agree, it’s a beautiful airplane. Cheers, Marcel
  11. Wow that is just beautiful work! Almost a pity to cover it with paint Cheers, Marcel
  12. Nice! The Matterhorn Circle products are always excellent! Marcel
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