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  1. Just hope their technical capability exceeds their marketing skill, the latter is non-existent.
  2. Wow this does look like a lot of work but you are off to a great start! Cockpit looks excellent!
  3. All good... need to get her over the finish line, doing the gear and wheels have slowed me down. Low-point for me in general and on this kit there are a gazillion parts to clean and figure out. On the up side, the MLG is super sturdy.
  4. I’ll be ordering the intake. Careful with the tail, it has a slight backward tilt. A friend of mine pointed this out to me long after I finished my NSAWC F-16A, it becomes apparent when the model is next to other F-16’s. Unfortunately I cannot unsee it, I will be using a Hasegawa tail when I build an F-16B some day. Cheers, Marcel
  5. Nice progress, great to see her come together!
  6. Wow very impressive conversion/scratch work, the tail looks excellent. Cheers, Marcel
  7. Well... maye this is an incredibly elaborate ploy to get us the world’s first accurate 1/32 F-15 style external tank... courtesy of the F-4G. I’m hoping it is...
  8. Wow what a project! But the result should be spectacular, love the XL. Marcel
  9. Incredible work Sean! And love the sprinkling of history that always make your threads exceptional. Cheers, Marcel
  10. Beautiful rear end there Anthony! … couldn’t help myself…. But seriously awesome work, those huge engines just look brutal! Marcel
  11. This is very exciting news! I hope it’s a step forward in quality compared to the Tamiya kits... which isn’t a foregone conclusion, the Revell Super and imo also the Italeri Tornado are a step back to what was already out there. Anyhow, I’d love a B, S and G.
  12. Ha, well on this particular bird for this particular mission the covers were on until they all came off… no way I’m deconstructing the assembly and making another four Rockeyes from scratch…
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