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  1. Beautiful work, and I am enjoying the history lesson also. Cheers, Marcel
  2. That is what I love about Chris' products: You can have absolute confidence that they will be the best AM available, best available accuracy, perfectly cast and engineered to be easily assembled. Incidentally I did purchase the Eduard Brassin Aim-120 A/B set, thinking that Chris will only release the C's. I am assembling those right now to retrofit on my F-16C Aggressor. The Eduard missiles are perfectly cast, with very fine wings. On the down side, it seems like Eduard like to introduce detail where there is none, for example the nose cone is very slightly larger in diameter than the preceding missile section... easy to sand down but still a bit strange. Also, the rear is a little too tapered IMO. I ordered two of these sets so don't want to bin them, I'll live with the back end tapering considering I am building the dummy missiles. But going forward I for sure will only Zacto. Cheers, Marcel
  3. Soooo nice to have these out! I will finally be able to load up my F-15C when I get around to that one. Cheers, Marcel
  4. Ah, it is as I thought, but will be very good of you to share the story...
  5. Just incredible! I have noticed you really paid attention to all the details, like adding the little cut out where the leading edge meets the LERX. And the weathered look is something else. Cheers, Marcel
  6. Beautiful A-4! The overall look and weathering is just perfect! Marcel
  7. Rosie the Riveter has nothing on you, Chuck! Looks perfect! I have never tried Archer rivets but your tutorials will be very useful when I do. Cheers Marcel
  8. Wow, absolutely stunning Mig-23, congrats! Marcel
  9. Thanks! Must say I will be taking a long break from F-16's after my current F-16D. But those digital schmes are interesting, maybe I will do this some time :-) https://images.app.goo.gl/xZfjW9dCouZaQxZu5 Cheers, Marcel
  10. Very nice! Great work on such a tough kit. Cheers, Marcel
  11. Sean, great to see you tuck into this bad boy. Btw which SA weapon are you referring to in your opening post? Cheers, Marcel
  12. Chris, these look fantastic! so glad you did these, just great that we finally have some good (excellent actually) Slammers to sit nxt to your Aim-9's. Cheers, Marcel
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