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  1. Wow what an absolute masterpiece! Stunning in every way! Marcel
  2. Nicely done, very crisp build of a really challenging kit!
  3. Ha, doubt that I could ever match the incredible standard you have set with you Tomcat WIP... really hope to see that completed one day...
  4. Very nice, I’ll be following closely!
  5. Oh wow that is totally awesome! I want one!!!!!
  6. Incredible painting. There seems to just not be any room for error with the gloss yellow. A huge challenge perfectly mastered.
  7. This build is just incredible. The detail looks crisp and so authentic. Wow!
  8. Here are some some overall shots of where I am now. Still have many little flaws to fix and details to add, so the close-ups will come later. I used Vallejo acrylic metal paints for the first time, on the leading edge. Love the result, I won't be using the toxic smelling alternatives much anymore. I really need to coat the leading edge with flat, but it's so nice to see something shiny on this Cat that I am having a hard time dulling down that metal finish. Love the Fightertown decals. For the carbon fiber shrouds, I used a mix of gunmetal and gloss black (one of the rare instances where I still use enamels, in this case Modelmaster). After the first coat I added more gloss black to the mix and sprayed through a screen placed on the surface of the model to give a very subtle hashed look. So subtle you hardly see it here, but then again it's pretty subtle on the real thing. The AAQ-25 is sourced from the Academy F-16 kit. The Trumpeter pod looks really wrong since the leading edge of the intake is curved in side-on perspective, it should be completely straight. Here is my pod, complete with paint stripping off the front, as often seen on the real thing: Cheers, Marcel
  9. Looks really fantastic, and I am not even that into helicopters!
  10. Beautiful! Inspires me to do mine. Cheers, Marcel
  11. Thx Jari, that will come in handy when I build my A-6.
  12. Wow, that's just incredible work! How do you do it?
  13. Collin, I don't know, we can agree to disagree on the use of Future but the beer divide may be a bridge too far...
  14. Glad you asked! I don't use Future as a varnish anymore since it causes some paints like Gunze to crack, I use Tamiya X-22 as a varnish. Here's the process: (1) Drop decal in water as you would usually do (2) Apply a relatively thin layer of Future to the model surface with a paint brush (3) Slide decal in place. The Future will dry pretty quickly so you don't have a whole lot of time for re-positioning. Also, Future softens the decal very aggressively (far more so than any decal solvent I have used), so after a while the decal will become so soft that it disintegrates if you try to move it. If you want to reduce the Future effect as you will want to do with large decals, thin it a little with water. If you completely screw up, fresh Future will thin dried Future so you can wipe off mistakes, but you will obviously lose the decal. If you do this, your model will initially look a bit crappy because of the very glossy areas where you applied decals, but this will disappear as you coat with flat etc. To respond to some of the other comments above: Future dramatically softens decals, far more so than any other solution I have tried (refer to the GBU-12 pic above and note how the decal conforms to the incredibly rough surface). Future somehow creates tension in the decal such that it will be pulled down to conform to virtually any surface topography. The downside of this tension is that Future will make large decals (maybe over 2 square inches) wrinkle if not thinned down with some water. The adhesive property of Future is an additional huge bonus, I have many times accidentally applied masking tape onto a Future'd decal without it then lifting. Thierry, Collin, I will test the Mirage 2000 decals with the Future technique once I finally get the kit. I'll take pics, and if the results are good you'll owe me a cold one. Cheers, Marcel PS@ Thierry and Colin: I like the cold one REALLY cold, as in 1 deg above freezing... which can be a bit of a challenge here in Europe...
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