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  1. Very impressive build, wow! Marcel
  2. Great start on an interesting project! I generally scratched all the required mods on my Growler. Note that you can source the correctly shaped ALQ-99‘s from Harold (AMS). IMO the most important aftermarket set is the Eduard Growler etch because it provides the ribs on the AlQ-99s in fine detail, not sure how to do them otherwise. Cheers, Marcel
  3. Absolutely perfect! I have lately taken to getting the insides of my intakes a little dirty, closely keeping to pics of the real deal, and I think it adds realism to the overall look. Cheers, Marcel
  4. The wash is on! And boy does it make the model look better since it tones down the gaudiness of the paint a little. I really like the way this project is starting to look. At this point it's all coming together exactly as planned, which is quite rare for me, there is usually some flaw here or there. Cheers, Marcel
  5. I think by now we all know how good the resin is coming out of Reskit. But I thought I’d give some credit to the customer service also. I recently somehow lost a Reskit part, after emailing them I promptly got a replacement free of charge with my next order. Cheers, Marcel
  6. Beautiful work Nick! Of course I do wonder if that throttle is 150mm or 149.5mm in height in 1:1 scale :-) Cheers, Marcel
  7. Cockpit looks just perfect, wow! Incredible how you can place those dials perfectly. Marcel
  8. Wow, it’s all looking stunning! The missiles look perfect and you nailed the cockpit! Marcel
  9. The tiger stripes are on! In case any of you will be using Jim's masks, you actually need to spray the dark blue on first, I initially got the painting order wrong. Also, I am not quite sure what was going on with the mid-blue masks, I ended up doing those myself, which is easy to do once the main shapes are down using the AMS masks. I used Gunze glossy blues because they are a very good match (to my eye) and I also really like working with the gray TPS Gunze colors, which are satin. However, these blues don't behave quite the same way, they take forever to really hard
  10. Thanks for all the encouragement! I used Archer rivets to simulate the very prominent fasteners around the windscreen. Not entirely realistic since those are mostly countersunk cross-head screws but there was no way I was going to press into the resin and risk the windscreen chipping and breaking. I'm using Gunze Gloss blues, really hard to snap pics with my IPhone without nasty glare. On the other hand, washing should be super easy, no need for a gloss coat. Notice how the light blue at the front is lighter than the light blue at t
  11. Truly incredible work Ben! Starting from nothing and then pushing all the way through with exceptional weathering and finishing.Wow! Marcel
  12. Very interesting project, well executed, congrats! Marcel
  13. Such an incredible model, about the most real looking I have ever come across. Wow! I think you’ve taking the weathering and finishing to another level, and the level was already sky high. Cheers, Marcel
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