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  1. Very nice job on the hobby den. Hope your knee recovers quickly!
  2. That would be far too straightforward for you, Ben ... although 3D printing the A cockpit should provide you with a bit of tickle
  3. Nice fix on the exhaust and the seat looks fantastic! Marcel
  4. Take er home, Bryan! Looks great and I would leave the exhaust as is, looks perfect! Cheers, Marcel
  5. Excellent engineering work there!
  6. Wow, cant believe how bad this kit is. Loved that video though and really appreciate this thread!
  7. Danny, great choice of subject, I would choose that one also...
  8. Here is where I am with the cockpit. Generally I am really pleased with the kit so far, the fit is good, the surface detail is very fine and the Aires parts also fit really well. The front and rear IP are not glued in yet, that will only happen after I have attached the nose section to the main fuselage ie much later. I elected not to wash the instrument panels, only the bottom section of the cockpit. Cockpits may get worn but they don't get dirty. Look past the ugliness of the cockpit sills. I had to fill and sand off the detail that Aires provides here in order to fill the joint, but that is ok since the detail is entirely wrong, I will end up rebuilding and correcting this. That's what the front and rear IP look like under some magnification. That white paper on the rear IP covers a mistake I made, I will likely remove this and replace with something better. I still find that the shape of the nose looks slightly off, the tip underside on the Trumpeter nose looks too blunt. Not sure if I'll correct it though. The Aires wheel well fits really nicely. Cheers, Marcel
  9. Bryan, very strange to have that happen to the canopy, and very frustrating. The exhaust is looking great! Cheers, Marcel
  10. Beautiful work, your work on the flaps will really make a huge impact. cheers, Marcel
  11. Usual absolutely perfect and pristine modeling! Just beautiful!
  12. Hey Bryan, apologies for the late-in-the-game interjection. I know that can be super irritating, thought you were still tinkering around. You could just introduce some hard line demarcation here and there. Anyhow, digging the model all round! Marcel
  13. Looks great! The exhaust looks a bit light, maybe darken it up a bit. One other thing, seems to me the camo pattern on those NSAWC birds is originally hard-edge but may become soft-edge as touch-ups are applied. Cheers, Marcel
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