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  1. Thanks Peter, and apologies for getting the credit wrong. Really amazing pics! Marcel
  2. Wow Jari, those are the best period pics of 201 I have seen and I had not seen them before. Here is the pic I was working off of… probably later in the cruise. Also note no ejection seat triangles and yellow corrosion control: I have built her exactly like this, including the yellow corrosion control and corrosion control through the intake national insignia. Cheers, Marcel
  3. Not following your logic… the F-22 has a gun and crews go to Nellis, but the profile where it is most advantageous isn’t within visual range
  4. The Iranians seemed to be quite fond of their Cats: https://theaviationgeekclub.com/former-iriaf-f-14-pilot-explains-how-he-was-able-to-dodge-20-matra-missiles-fired-at-his-tomcat-by-iraqi-fighter-jets/amp/ From all that I have read about the USAF‘s last significant A2A action, against Serbian Mig-29s, the F-15s would entirely avoid getting entangled in close-in engagements with the Fulcrums. Instead, they just picked them off with AIM-120 at a distance (despite the Mig trying to lure them into close-in engagements). Seems like the Tomcat would have been suited to this kind of fight (lots of missiles, powerful radar). Cheers, Marcel
  5. So I looked closely at one of only two period pics of „201“ (on Coral Sea in 72), turns out she didn’t even have the panel, doh. she also doesn’t have any ejection seat warning triangles, can’t wait for the comments on that when I take the model to a show :-) Cheers, Marcel
  6. Hi guys, I‘m about to throw that ARMAMENT rectangle decal on my F-4B. She is loaded with four Sidewinders and a centerline drop tank, does anyone know what weighs would be appropriate? BASIC A/C: FUEL: STORES: TOTAL: Were the weights in fact scribbled on there before every cat launch? Or can I just forget about this detail? Thanks, Marcel
  7. Seems like the F-14‘s strength was it‘s weapons system (ie huge radar), back in its heyday. And it could carry a lot of stuff a long way. I‘ve always thought that the F-14 had unlucky timing. Had it been conceived just a few years later, it would have been a true 4G fighter with relaxed stability / FBW, LERX and most importantly no silly swing wing (which has some aero benefits but at huge cost to complexity/cost/maintenance, weight, fuel). Cheers, Marcel
  8. I received the, looks fantastic! I’m incredibly impressed by the amount of research evident in the supporting information! Cheers, Marcel
  9. Any news from John? I appreciate that he has apparently been going through a rough time but at some point you have to let people that paid USD200 like me know what‘s going on. If you are willing to take people‘s money you at least owe them a response and update if the product doesn‘t come. Marcel
  10. Thanks for all the help guys, wouldnt be able to do these kinds of projects without your input! Rich, the GRU5 recognition guide is great… so GRU5 it is! Marcel
  11. Hi guys, following on from the below thread, I‘m wondering about some of the A-6B details. Which seat did the B use in 1972… would that be the MB GRU-5? Also, I believe the B used the same wheels as the A, which are not supplied with the A kit? Cheers, Marcel
  12. Thanks this is super helpful! For once I was able to purchase a decal sheet that covers exactly the airplane I’d like to build. And four AGM-78’s is too crazy not to do. For the tail fairing, was that added outside of the tail (ie an increase in width) or integrated into the tailplane? Thanks again, Marcel
  13. Thanks! Looks like I just need the Mod 0 modifications as covered in the Steel Beach set. Biggest headscratcher are the horizontal stab tip mods, the pic on Tailspin doesn’t really show me all I’d like to see…
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