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  1. I’m with Darren on this, it’s a must-have imo, the detail is just amazing. No doubt there is work involved eg the sill needs to be cut down by 1.5mm if memory serves me right. My next build is almost certainly going to be a 29, I’ll be showing wip then. Cheers, Marcel
  2. Amazing detailing, such clean work!
  3. Hey guys, This build is alive! I did take that detour to complete the F-16D, nonetheless it seems like I have been on this build forever. Strange reading my initial notes above when I was complementing on this fit of the kit. Things took a really bad turn, I experienced fit issue the like I haven't encountered previously. I would speculate that the misfortune started with me trying to force the plastic to fit the resin wheel wells. I then tried to force the resin intakes onto the probably at that point somewhat deformed fuselage. It ended up all coming apart. Anyhow, it's all kind sorta ok now but what a huge struggle it's been. Those new Zacto gloves fit beautifully. The Zacto pylon front-ends also work great with the back end of the Wolfpack Phoenix pallets. To give you guys an idea of how much pain this build has been, here is how the right wing glove (didn't) fit initially: Creative use of clamps... Then the whole affair came apart on me... After endless superglue/sanding cycles, still far from perfect... Lot's of work around the exhaust area to get the Aires shrouds to fit. You can see the white styrene shining through, that had to all be built up, then scribed. More updates to follow from here on in, and they should be getting prettier. Cheers, Marcel
  4. Dave, thx for sharing those first impressions. On the IP, since they market the kit as a C I guess I'll give them a pass on that one. Seems like the designer really got confused with the variants though. Which I have a hard time understanding since it's not exactly an intellectual stretch to compile a variant comparison list based on the info that's readily available on the web. Forgetting the throttle is not exactly a confidence builder either, although it's easy to correct. Really don't get the lack of intake trunking, this must be one of the few industries where designers can afford to be completely out of touch with the user. All that said I'm pleased to have a Mirage 2000 available and really pleased that the surface detail and shape accuracy seem to be good. I'm waiting to get the kits in my hands but if the latter is true I'll also buy the D. Cheers, Marcel
  5. I haven’t built the A-6 but from looking at the kit and researching online it’s seems superb. Surface detail is outstandingly fine and accuracy is good. Only issue is the wing fence location, which is an easy fix. Now ie back to the Trumpeter F-14 :-/ Marcel
  6. I built the kit a while back. I found the Aires cockpit, exhausts and wheel wells to fit perfectly. The surface detail of the kit is exceptionally rough though, I regret not filling and rescribing the whole model. Cheers, Marcel
  7. Ben, sad to hear about the plight of the MH-53 but very excited to to see this project! Do you ever do normal :-)? Cheers, Marcel
  8. Thx for the quick review! I ordered some F-35 wheels from Reskit and they look fantastic. Reskit also offer many little things I have been looking for for years, eg canted VERs. Customer service is also great. I ordered a Mirage exhaust and unfortunately the lost here returned it before I had a chance to pick it up. Reskit have just resent the package without charging me for the additional postage. Cheers, Marcel
  9. Thx Dave, yeah, I evidently landed on the discontinued page in my search, too bad. Cheers, Marcel
  10. Hi guys, I noticed this kit is shown on the U.S. Tamiya site. Has ist always been there or is this an indication that it will be released again? Thanks, Marcel
  11. Big thanks guys, this has been very helpful and informative. I will go with the regular fuses. Any relevant close ups of the wiring? I can never make it out on pics and when done on models it often seems heavy-handed. Cheers, Marcel
  12. Looks like you have things covered. Pay close attention to the wheels, Block 15 OCU aircraft have the Block 30/32 wheels you get with the Thunderbirds kit. Cheers, Marcel
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