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  1. Wow this is an exceptional build! So many special things about it and the overall weathered look is also phantastic. Marcel
  2. Marcel111

    BRU-57 Canted VER for F-16

    Thx Jari, those are excellent pics... and yes it looks like they have a very slight angle to them. Cheers, Marcel
  3. Marcel111

    BRU-57 Canted VER for F-16

    Thx Joe that helps a lot and has prevented me from making a mistake. Cheers, Marcel
  4. Marcel111

    A-6A/E Exhausts & F-16 HTS Pod from Sierra Hotel

    Those look beautiful, well done!
  5. Marcel111

    1/32 RNZAF A-4K Kahu Skyhawk

    Wow that looks superb, fantastic job all round! Marcel
  6. Marcel111

    BRU-57 Canted VER for F-16

    Thx Joe... I get a little confused on that point, I found the performance spec for the BRU-57 online at FAS and it mentioned just that... but it seems the unit is based around the BRU-33 Strongback spacer which is of the wider CVER type I think? All the pics I have of the BRU-57 indicate it has the CVER and not the old VER dimensions. Cheers, Marcel
  7. Marcel111

    BRU-57 Canted VER for F-16

    Thx Simon! I will scratch build one, maybe it will be good enough for resin copies. cheers, Marcel
  8. That is such a crazy race, over 2 fatalities each year on average. I wonder how much longer it will be around. I had firm plans with friends to attend the race in 2019 but recently spoke to a woman that grew up on the island and saw a rider crash and literally get decapitated right in front of her so that's a little too hardcore for me, I'll stick to going to F1 races. Cheers, Marcel
  9. Marcel111

    Mig-23 ML in Angola

    Just awesome all round. Loved following this build over on WIP. Cheers, Marcel
  10. Marcel111

    MiG-23ML in Angola

    Congrats on finishing this extraordinary build, can't wait to see your next project! Cheers, Marcel
  11. Marcel111

    MiG-21 UM "Hungarian Air Force"

    Beautifully done, congratulations! Marcel
  12. Marcel111

    1/18TH JSI F-14B Tomcat conversion

    The lights look good! Appreciate your against all odds modeling! Marcel
  13. Marcel111

    Tamiya F-16C 526th TFS Ramstein AB (1988)

    Wow those nozzles look simply fantastic!
  14. Marcel111

    MiG-23ML in Angola

    This build continues to inspire! The paint weathering is incredible! Cheers, Marcel
  15. Marcel111

    Revell releasing new 1/32 F/A-18E Super Hornet?

    That would indeed be very laudable. I do think that the required rework is pretty huge, the spine looked wrong, the LERX to wing root transition area was wrong and the exhaust area looked badly off... this is from pics I have seen online. All-in-all the model looked badly off to my eyes. Meanwhile the Trumpy Super looks generally correct and to my mind (I have built the EA-18G) the major issues can all be addressed such that you end up with a generally decent rendition of the real thing. @ Revell: Go hire back the guy that did your 1/32 Tornado. Cheers, Marcel