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  1. Wow stunning work on this Starfighter!
  2. Just blown away by this build! Your riveting is impressive, so consistent. Cheers, Marcel
  3. Excellent work! Looking forward to seeing the other variants. Cheers, Marcel
  4. This will be all kinds of fun to follow! Marcel
  5. Hi guys, here are a few I Phone pics to prove that this build is alive and well. I have run into a few challenges but am really enjoying the kit. This part of the CWS cockpit fit is ok... needs quite a bit of filling and sanding but that's no problem on this section. The LERX extension as it is right now. I must say I thought this would be a lot easier than it is turning out to be, getting the right contour seems to be almost impossible. I am using the Zacto exhausts which are incredible. My approach to replicating the various shades of silver, gold, violet and blue on the exhausts was to spray a color and then mask off some sections and spots with liquid mask... note that the color transitions are hard so I am not keen on a soft-edges, airbrushed transition. Incidentally, this product worked really well: Before starting to remove the liquid mask, things looked quite promising: However, I then struggled to remove the liquid mask and when I did it left a slight ridge. So back to the drawing board, fortunately Christ (Zacto) sent me some replacement outer exhaust sections so that I can easily start over without losing too much time and exhaust detail. Cheers, Marcel
  6. Thx guys, interesting to hear your experiences. Again, I have been an avid Ebay user for years so this frustration is new. It turns out for my Mirage 2000 the wrong address was somehow on the package. How a seller in China gets to put the correct little Swiss town name but an incorrect (but also in existence) street on the parcel will forever remain one of life's mysteries, because the seller has gone off air and is nowhere to be found on Ebay. With my second parcel, an Academy F-16 two seater, the Korean seller finally got back to me saying the parcel has still not shipped (after three months) since the Korean post won't ship to Switzerland. I have asked to hence cancel the order but the seller has again stopped corresponding (goes by the Ebay name of "Flowerwell"). My big takeaway from all of this is that it's all good if the seller is trustworthy, but if not you're on your own, the resolution function on Ebay seems to be permanently down. Going forward I will only be ordering goods of minor value from Ebay. Cheers, Marcel
  7. Hey guys, anybody else struggling with Ebay lately? I have over $200 in orders that are nowhere to be found. The sellers have disappeared and Ebay customer service has been down for at least ten days, when trying to resolve the issue I get a "This service isn't available right now, please try again later message"... and that's been for about ten days. I used to be a big Ebay supporter but I'm done with those guys. Cheers, Marcel
  8. Mark, admiring your grit with this build, not to mention modeling skills. I came so close to throwing my recent Trumpeter D into the so many time. However, it is now my favorite model in the display cab. Cheers, Marcel
  9. I did like your louvres on my Trumpeter D, so will likely use them on the Tamiya kit... so big thanks! I used the Aires wheel bays in my Trump D but I think they are the root cause of the huge fit issues I ran into with the build since I likely distorted the plastic in trying to fit them. Won’t do that again and frankly I generally cannot see them as the model stands now. Another thanks by the way for the padeyes, looks totally hot, wil need to post some pics. Now that I finally have the Tamiya kit I really like what I see. Scribing the panels on some of the fuselage should be not much more than the rescribing required when fitting all the open panels on the Trumpeter kit, and not having to fix for shape and detail accuracy should make that project far easier. Time will tell, I am really pumped to do another Tomcat. Regarding the Aires cockpits, they don’t make a D pit for the Tamiya kit, hence my question. There is the Squadron resin cockpit for the D but I thought the Aires cockpit was one of the better experiences of my Tomcat build. Cheers, Marcel
  10. Ben, more cutting going on here than in an orthopedic surgery center but he work is inspiring. Why not just use the Tamiya kit? Having built the Trumpeter Tomcat I know I’ll never be building that kit again. I do want to build another D, any idea how well the Aires cockpit for the Trumpeter kit fits into the Tamiya kit? Cheers, Marcel
  11. My 2000C somehow got lost in the mail, very strange because the tracking shows it to have been delivered. Does anybody know what’s up with production of the kit, seems like it is hardly available right now? Cheers, Marcel
  12. That is nice, I find the Aires exhaust to be a bit fiddly with the outer petals and divergent section fit. Cheers, Marcel
  13. Excellent Tornado! Very crisp and from where I am standing flawless build! Marcel
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