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  1. Incredible build, congrats! Outstanding realism and unique presentation. Cheers, Marcel
  2. Maybe Jetmads will make one in 1/32 .... please....
  3. Wow those exhausts just look absolutely incredible! Can’t wait to see more!
  4. Unfortunately my canopy cracked but fortunately Stenka from Cold War Studio has rescued the project by very quickly mailing me a replacement, corrected clear-cast canopy. Really fantastic customer support from CWS! Here is a magnified shot of the nose section. I elected to use the Master pitot, I then had to scratch those little vortex generators since the ones supplied by Master didn't precisely fit the pitot attachment I made. Very tricky and next time I'll just use the Zacto part. Cheers, Ma
  5. Very cool stuff, John!
  6. This is where I am with the K-36 seat. I used the Quickboost seat, I'm saving the Cold War Studio seat for my SMT build. Not much of the seat is visible when inside the cockpit. Despite the high cockpit layout of the design, the Mig designers decided to pull the sill up all the way to about shoulder height of the pilot, thereby ensuring that the pilot has a relatively poor outside view. Anyhow, here is the seat: Cheers, Marcel
  7. Jeroen, its nice to see progress, especislly with the bottom panels on. I could not get them to fit at all, I will need to rescribe all lower fuselage detail, you have done a far better job with that. Cheers, Marcel
  8. Wow that is some incredible scratchbuilding! Marcel
  9. Or you can just sell it to me :-)
  10. Thanks guys! Piero, the camo pattern masks as well as the "55" on the intake and tail are from Jim over at Advanced Modelling Products. The roundels are just circles from Maketar, stencils are from the kit... they are fine. Cheers, Marcel
  11. Engines are in! The two nozzles are huge in comparison to the size of the aircraft, no wonder the T/W ratio is so impressive. Cheers, Marcel
  12. Sorry to read about your decal challenges, thats so frustrating. It will be an awesome model in the end. Cheers, Marcel
  13. Beautifully done Phantom, congrats! Your extra work to create a more unique Kurnass really paid off. Cheers, Marcel
  14. That is an outstanding 29, congratulations! The weathering is very convincing and incredible gow cleanly you executed all the added detail. Cheers, Marcel
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