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  1. Jan_G


    Well Kev it would be nice to have Jan Bobek posting here again. However it looks that he was not active on LSP since 2016. Based on my understanding HGW and HPH are 2 individual companies and Jan Bobek is not partner in HPH. They are friends and have some collaboration together. jan
  2. Jan_G


    Kev, looks like this was posted by Heinz who used to be member here (Vulcan32) and he used to post many inside information from HPH, because of his friendship with Jiri Hodan, owner of HPH I'm curious what will happen with the rest of the planned kits, Wyvern, SM-79 or He-177 announced a while back,I hope that they will appear in IM sooner or later with all the extras in HPH style. Btw A-20 will be delivered by HGW in IM, with positive rivets and stressed skin etc. jan
  3. Jan_G


    here is the pic of the SB2C sprue in IM as posted by Andreas in first post as Kev said already you need to be logged in to see the pics ond that forum jan
  4. Jan_G


    I would like to see their C-47 in IM. 60 pcs sold so far doesn't look as big achievement. 720€ is too much even for this complex top quality kit. jan
  5. new 1/24 seatbelts desgined for Airfix Hellcat available on HGW website https://hgwmodels.cz/en/seatbelts/1000-hellcat-seatbelts-124-124511.html
  6. I'm really looking for this one. Expecting more or less the same kind of entertainment as with 2001 Pearl Harbor Maybe I will get some motivation to build Trumpy Dauntless. And many people will at least realise for the first time what Midway or Battle of Midway was about Hopefully some of them will read at least wiki article about it jan
  7. sprue preview over on Hyperscale http://www.hyperscale.com/2019/reviews/kits/wingnutwingspreview_0619_1.htm
  8. sprue preview posted over on Hyperscale http://www.hyperscale.com/2019/reviews/kits/wingnutwingspreview_0619_1.htm
  9. new wet transfers - Bf 110 - Stencils in HGW store jan
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