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  1. posted by Lukasz on their FB page printed in one piece, all interior frame, wow
  2. count me in. for both cletrac and jeep as well jan
  3. wow Kent, another superb build looking forward to next update jan
  4. update posted on Lukgraph FB page seems that we should get it befor Xmas
  5. Unfortunatelly no. A-20G should be released by HGW Models, different company, but there was no update on the progress in the past months Infinity Models = HPH Models jan
  6. that's exactly what I did Brian on my Taifun build. But I'm always using Tamiya fine white or MRP surfacers, no matter if it's plastic or resin kit. Never had any problem with paints adhesion jan
  7. well I have used Tamiya Extra Thin for main plastic parts and Loctite CA glue for resin and PE but I cannot guarantee that it won't fall apart in future jan
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