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  1. superb work Miloslav! all those highlighted rivets looks so realistic jan
  2. while I will take both releases of Cr.42, I"m really looking forward to the upocming releases of Gladiator Mk.II and Sea Gladiator and the Pt-13 and Pt-17 are must have for me. jan
  3. link to full catalogue https://issuu.com/icm2018/docs/______________ jan
  4. superb collection wow! jan
  5. some progress with Henschell it's such straightforward build thanks for looking jan
  6. Mirek from HPH has mentioned on Modelforum.cz that they will maybe release Porco Rosso as IM kit https://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=57&t=131246
  7. Happy New Year to all of us! More and better LSP kits, more time at bench and more mojo!
  8. to answer OP question: ZM Hs-129 and ICM gladiator for me. Both great kits of great subjects jan
  9. Wow Miloslav! Unbelievable to finish so many builds in such quality within one year jan
  10. with their pricing and quality I will get every Stearman release, Mk. II and Sea Gladiators and at least one Cr.42. next year. after 2 russians, 1 german, 1 british, 1 italian and 1 US plan hopefully we will get some japanese plane as well. I guess that in 2021 we will see Po-2, Hs-123 or Hs-126 and Cr.32 jan
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