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  1. Jan_G

    Any 1/32 Me 262 on the horizon?

    based on listed price Brian it doesn't look like new tooling jan
  2. Jan_G

    Any 1/32 Me 262 on the horizon?

    based on listed price Brian it doesn't look like new tooling jan
  3. Jan_G


    nice to be back on track it's kind of dependency to check the forum regularly jan
  4. Jan_G

    Any 1/32 Me 262 on the horizon?

    Hannants is listing NEW Revell Me-262 A-1 kit for future release - June 2019 https://www.hannants.co.uk/futurereleases/?setPerPage=25&product_type_id=1821&scale_id=953&search_direction=asc&pageID=1 jan
  5. Jan_G

    WNW Christmas Surprise

    229USD is more than good price for both planes jan
  6. great clean build Bill! jan
  7. Jan_G

    HPH Ta-154 A-0, TQ-XE

    Finally wings attached to fuselage and all small parts added. Some fillerwas needed to get perfect alignment now its ready to first coat of surfacer thanks for looking jan
  8. Jan_G

    HPH Ta-154 A-0, TQ-XE

    Thanks a lot Troy for your kind words! really apreciate it jan
  9. Jan_G

    Kitty Hawk has announced an Fw 190A-5

    new pics posted on KH facebook page
  10. Jan_G

    Repopped Bf110C-7 ? ...

    I like the idea of cheap Dragon Bf-110 However I hope that Revell will come back on track soon with their own production of new kits in our scale jan
  11. Jan_G

    Happy B-Day AirScale (Peter)!

    Happy Birthday Peter! and all the others as well! jan
  12. Jan_G

    New, clean topic: HB B-24 Test Shot Photos

    Based on the chat with LHS guy this morning they should appear in Europe at the beginning of December jan
  13. Jan_G

    New, clean topic: HB B-24 Test Shot Photos

    depends from the weight of the final package, but you should count 30-40€ for the shipping. On the other hand big eshops like MBK in Germany will ship to US for free if you buy stuff for more than 450€ jan
  14. Jan_G

    HPH Ta-154 A-0, TQ-XE

    Thanks Shawn! I'm doing the initial TQ-XE scheme which was provided in kit. I think that this is only one night fighter scheme well covered with several pics.
  15. Jan_G

    New HpH DC-3 Pics up!!

    already on HPH eshop, price 750€ incl VAT if you want open the flaps its plus 75€ http://shop.hphmodels.cz/cs/modely-v-meritku-132/204-c-47-skytrain.html there are instructions to download, where you can see all the parts and steps of assembly. Being familiar with HPH kits instructions looks better than in some previous releases, nice adition are reference pics of interior and I like reference to recomended MRP paints C-47 is one of my all time favourite A/C and I want to have one, but not sure if I want to pay so much money for it (one can buy the upcoming WNW Lanc and HB Liberator with some AM for this money) jan