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  1. time to finish Cat I spent several evenings trying to align parts of floats in retracted position. Literally every part needed lot of sanding, dry fitting and adjusment Finaly I have rescribed and riveted lost details another thing I realised is that many part numbers are incorrect in instructions so some effort is needed to go through hundred of parts one side cowling panel left in bare metal finish as visible on the photo oil coolers landing lights assembly thanks for looking jan
  2. some good prices there https://www.wetanz.com/brands/wingnut-wings Camels for 55€ duellist Felixtowe & HB W.29 for 247€ duellist Camel +LVG for 134€ and many more you have to check in which warehouse thay have it (EU, US, NZ) otherwise the shipping price would be killer hope it helps somebody jan
  3. not sure if it was mentioned here already but the Ki-86 was released and I really like the camo on boxart jan
  4. AM for Ki-45 from ZM as posted on their website jan
  5. wow, such a great news! Gotha UWD especially. Nice camo and many good photos of the only one prototype build. and with 66cm wingspan it won't be so big. Superb choice WNW jan
  6. nice choice! will follow with great interest jan
  7. super build Bruce! looks like real thing jan
  8. Stunning paint job Miloslav! another masterpiece, wow! jan
  9. masterpiece Miloslav! outstanding weathering! jan
  10. maybe worth to see small budget but good reviews so far jan
  11. great to see that Eduard is working on AM for B-24 already jan
  12. 18 pages on this topic guys jan
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