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  1. Awesome to have you on board Damian Cheers Matty
  2. Feynman...such a genius and deep thinker. So much wisdom in that man Matty
  3. So sad to hear. I still have the DVD Ferry Pilot. i suspect it might be elsewhere on the web by now. I found the ATA fascinating and some of the women's stories amazing. Some real courage and skill. My LSP review here Matty
  4. I don't obsess over colour. I appreciate others enjoy both the research and historical pursuit and naturally, would want to discuss them. Bearing in mind we're often researching and discussing painted objects that dynamically weathered over time in harsh environments. For me its not ever worth trying to be definitive about things without a calibrated spectrophotometer. But even then, the data that the spectrophotometer outputs is only of scientific value. The influence of individual gender/genetics, age, health, how perception works (linguistic relativity) or even understand
  5. I really enjoy this guys topics and general enthusiasm. He goes to some amazing places and has great rapport with whomever he meets. I liked the episode on Snatch Blocks but this one on Sonar USS Toledo was great as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqqaYs7LjlM Cheers Matty
  6. Try putting it in a sealed tub of white vinegar for a few weeks. Rust-be-gone. It's amazing. Hot-rodders used to dip panels in molasses which when it fermented produced acetic acid (vinegar). I've restored all my grandfathers cold chisels, files and hand drills/planes with it. Some needed a wire wheel buff but came up looking near new. HTH Matty
  7. I was wondering if it was a scaled down version of it. If it was could that have made this more of a viable business decision? Assuming less development costs. Matty
  8. Found not guilty isn't a vindication, especially when the judge said the women's evidence was found to be truthful. The burden of proof for a conviction is very high...in part to help avoid wrongful convictions. It does make it particularly hard for women to expect justice in sexual assault/rape cases where its ostensibly he said/she said. But it's the system we have for better or worse. He'd be better off not saying much. I'm not sure he'll find it too easy to get work. Some of these characters do have a reputation within the industry. The Adelaide salon incident of 2004
  9. I think it would be far more preferable that when they unearth people and parts of them that they stop and hand it over to authorities. They can be pretty cavalier about digging up corpses of fallen soldiers and I didn't like it much. I can understand the fun and excitement of finding surplus or items left on a battlefield though. Matty
  10. They look do awesome. Better than some of the welds on some tanks I've seen. A nice weave going on. Ducting is going to look great as well once done. Cheers Matty
  11. Random factoid. Despite how many years humans have washed clothes with soap various hypothesis on the actual mechanism by which cleaning happens had been mooted but never entirely understood. Until relatively recently ... oh...I listen to podcasts in my blutooth earmuffs as I'm working. There's a part 2 as well! Cheers Matty
  12. Welcome! Ah...the 70's. some AC/DC and we're good. Cheers Matty
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