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  1. LSP_Matt

    Tweezer aid

    That sounds like an evolution of the idea. Very nice. Matty
  2. Interesting aircraft. Lets leave the politics out of any conversation though. There are other places for that. TIA Matt
  3. Will have to get down to the Avalon Airshow. They're sure to make an appearance. They look awesome. Cheers Matty
  4. LSP_Matt

    Paul Fisher Fire Relief - GoFundMe

    Thanks for the update Paul . So glad everyone got out alive. Hopefully the insurance company will come to their senses. Similar experiences here in Aus with the variety of similar situations we've experienced in my own state. I caught up with my mum yesterday as I was test fitting a gate I've made for her. She's been enjoying a James Michener book on Centential Colorado. Wow eh! Cheers Matty
  5. LSP_Matt

    Prepare to have your mind blown...

    I still recall how excited I was to find a sort of flight simulator in a version of MS Excell. Flew to the tombstone.
  6. LSP_Matt

    Dambusters lives on !! ... (more) ...

    Yeah he's quite good at those docos. Very entertaining. I have the PQ17 one and I absolutely love the cinematography in the opening scenes. I think those interviews with the St Naziare vets are cut from an earlier doco on the raid that's far more in depth. Matty
  7. LSP_Matt

    Dambusters lives on !! ... (more) ...

    I'm looking forward to it. I think a movie on the St Nazaire Raid would be absolutely epic. Done in episodic phases like LOTR/Hobbit. So many characters and arcs withing the whole overall mission. Matty
  8. LSP_Matt

    André ''Dora'' Dorion past away.......

    Sorry to hear Daniel. Condolences to all his family and all his friends all over the world. We'll miss him but not forget him. Matty
  9. LSP_Matt

    CAC Boomerang

    Awesome mate. You've recreated the shape beautifully. Well done. I noticed in my walkaround on this that the instrument panel from Moorabin (IIRC) seems just like the PE but the plane from Temora has the panel like you've created. Different model of planes? Matty
  10. LSP_Matt

    Paul Fisher Fire Relief - GoFundMe

    Wow. Such a great contribution from everyone. Thanks also to all those moderators and administrators from other modelling websites all over the web who have promoted this fundraising effort. We're ever so close to $20,000. Incredible effort and generosity from so many people. Thanks so much. Matt
  11. LSP_Matt

    Paul Fisher Fire Relief - GoFundMe

    My next door neighbour just chipped in $100 as well and he has nothing to do with modelling. Awesome. Matty
  12. LSP_Matt

    Cy 57

    Thanks. It looks awesome. So does the country they're flying over. Could be some good fishing and camping spots down there. Matty
  13. LSP_Matt

    Paul Fisher Fire Relief - GoFundMe

    It's a big community Kev, so hopefully we'll crack over the 10K. With Pauls mum needing additional support it's going to be tough. Hopefully people in the medical world in the US can network for him to make sure his mum gets looked after. $6643 now. Matty
  14. LSP_Matt

    Stuka B (R) will fly ...

    By the look of those wings they'll fit easier and neater than the Trumpeter kits ones... Some lovely sheet metal work but a long long way to go by the looks. Matty
  15. LSP_Matt

    Expensive Ford Escort

    We called them the Ford Laser in Australia. They were quite a popular car for many years...akin to a Nissan Pulsar. Matty