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  1. Wow Rene. This looks incredible. An amazing model. Cheers Matty
  2. Yup. Just saw it. Hard to believe. RIP. Incident Matty
  3. Thanks Mark. Sorry you lost your friend mate. It's great his wife has been able to continue on with the business. I have some of their engines in 1/32 and my observations match how you've described them. I found myself reading a reference book recently. I wasn't terribly impressed with its quality but when I checked, it was one of that companies earliest forays into the modelling scene. The book is also nearly 20+yrs old. I had that same feeling of needing to evaluate it in the now but also against the context of the time is was written. Thanks Matty
  4. Thought people might be interested in this topic and some recent speculation about developments. Protecting high value vulnerable assets (AWACS, Tankers, Ships) an increasing priority in an ever increasingly hostile operating environment. Hope you find it interesting Directed Energy Weapons Cheers Matty
  5. Love it mate. Very clean build and some great tips along the way. Cheers Matty
  6. Great job on the kit Gaz. Amazed at how detailed it is. Clever solution for the tail modifications. Thanks for posting your pics. Lol'd at the iceberg photo. Cheers Matty
  7. Hi everyone. Just letting you all know that the mods have been keeping a close eye on this topic. For the most part, and probably for most of us, we've found it very informative. Radu's pictures highlighted something that for many of us was a surprise. This cultivated our curiosity and interest. The contributions from everyone have been what this websites strives to encourage. I've been learning from all the contributors...so thanks. Arguing is fine but 'tone' in how we do it matters. Deepening our understanding on the topic need not be inherently adversarial. People hold to certain views but lets be kinder and more thoughtful towards each other when we're challenging others about what we think is intransigence or an error. I'm only posting like this because we've had a few formal complaints about peoples tone or choice of words. We felt some of the comments contained borderline issues but not so bad the thread needed editing or locking. Thanks Matt
  8. Wow. Incredible build. Thanks for posting. Matty
  9. I didn't realise but this feature is adjusted by the large wheel on the pilots left. There are two wheels, both mounted concentrically but one operates flaps and the other the tailplane trim for longitudinal stability. Matty
  10. I heard this was going to be a global problem in early 2021. Due to the pandemic, there were too many shipping containers in the wrong parts of the world and it was having a huge impact on prices. Then again, I can recall when the Tamiya 1/32 Tomcats and Phantoms used to routinely retail for $200. Matty
  11. Yeah. The days of manual chokes eh? When warming up your car was actually a thing, or using too much choke and flooding the engine was another possibility. Despite the lack of complexity it did give us a feel and ear for engines. My Dad had a TR4 for many years. Loved it. I don't think that idle speed adjust is like the screw on the carby. On my my FJ75 its a separate linkage. Usually you set it in low range when you're climbing, or more aptly plodding up snotty terrain. It negates the need to keep your foot pressure constant on the accelerator/gas pedal. Sometimes operator/driver inputs make things worse. Ironically, I found this when driving a Skidsteer 3Tonne Cat289. Sometimes it was better to just let go of the joysticks when it began to oscillate and let it correct itself. Operator inputs seemed to only exacerbate the situation. Cheers Matty
  12. Wow. Sounds complicated. Good luck. Australia has a Goods and Services tax. Basically a consumption tax but not on food or medical care. Matty
  13. Was that East Timor in the photos? The buildings look familiar. Looking good! Cheers Matty
  14. Wow...nigh on photorealistic box art. Matty
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