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  1. Mate. Awesome work all around. Weathering on the soldiers super good. Thanks for posting Matty
  2. Thanks for that. Curiosity assuaged. Great job Radu on helping bring such high quality kits to market. Cheers Matty
  3. I noticed one crankcase breather that has that more columnar appearance with two outlets directly opposite each other rather than the one outlet pipe. Does the breather hose insert into the inlet manifold or is it just loose in the engine bay? I can't see where it goes in any diagrams. Thanks for your comments on the kit. Really informative. Matty
  4. Any chance you can replicate or scratchbuild the part? Alternatively look at a 3D print or resin cast it. You could use an original part as a template. Someone might have a kit part they could lend you. Matty
  5. Hi Chris, Did you have any luck contacting HK models via their Facebook page? Cheers Matt
  6. It's a crazy big cannon. Like something that should be in the turret of a LAV. One hit from one of those shells...game over.
  7. Wow. I'd never thought to use a Dremel in a mount like that as a milling machine. Clever idea and the Dremel itself probably won't be any worse the wear for it. Great project coming along brilliantly. I think we'd all love a handheld 3D scanner that creates a point cloud in CAD software. Cheers Matty
  8. I'm just really glad that the creativity and skill of so many people you'd worked with has finally seen the light of day. I feel like it's something they deserve to see come to fruition. I suspect we'll see a collective recognition of their efforts that might be afford them some pride and satisfaction. It's great that there are people who can make such things. Cheers Matty
  9. Awesome! Love the digital paint job but your build is super clean and neat. Congrats. Matty
  10. yup. Saw figures of $11,000/hr for the Hornets. Movie had made 883 million at Box office alone in 2weeks. They reckon it might make a billion USD. More if you factor in merch and release to streaming services. Spend money to make money but I think you're right. It'll inspire a lot of young people towards aviation, even if a lot of it was fantasy.
  11. Awesome pics K2. lucky you. We have so few jets in Aus. If i even hear anything remotely like a V12 flying around I'm running out the door to spot whatever it is.
  12. One thing I'm also beginning to consider is don't get so bogged down you don't finish your model or end up satisfied before you actually die. I'm pretty sure many of us are guilty of getting a little fed up with a super detail build and opening another kit box with the best of intentions. Before long...umpteen unbuilt kits. Have fun. Matty
  13. Welcome to LSP mate. What Thierry said but also drawing the line might be easier to judge if you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve in your build and what medium will work the best in your hands to yield yourself satisfaction. I've noticed some people might concentrate on a particular aspect of a plane, or only use a certain medium. In some circumstances, you might even do away with something like intakes by using self-made FOD covers. Sometimes it is both fun and cheaper to build just OOB and see what you can achieve within the constraints of the kit that was manufactured. Cheers Matty
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