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  1. Oh I've already seen this. I just hadn't recalled the P-40. It was a cool story. From what I gather they're trying to push the motor beyond way it's design spec. No doubt ruining clearances that give a modicum of reliability. LOL...sounds like how Ferrari in F1 used to roll. Awesome engines and then bang...DNF. The tractor moving the planes also piqued my curiosity. I think its the same one that comes in the Trumpeter 1/32 Hellcat kit. Matty
  2. I took a heap of photos of the German planes in our Aussie War Memorial. They're in the walkaround section. If I recall correctly, the museum had gone to great lengths to preserve the original colours from WW2. If you approached the museum you might find they have some scientific information about the colours they could pass along. There's a Me262 and a Me163, V1 and more there as well. HTH. Cheers Matty
  3. An interesting discussion. Knowledge isn't sacred and science isn't averse to the notion of having established dogmas challenged. There's no downside to being better informed, discovering something new or re-establishing the prevailing wisdom. However, engaging in this process really need not be so passionately adversarial. Computer monitors and photographs are instruments that may or may not reproduce colour accurately. The human visual system interprets information but it's accuracy is affected by, a mans genes, neural processing or even ambient luminosity. The only 'museum level' method of determining colour accurately is to use a scientific instrument. An instrument that measures the reflected wavelength of light of different samples but which is calibrated from a standard. A reflected wavelength analysis will objectively determine what the colours of any objects are irrespective of our potentially fallible human visual system. I looked it up...a Multiangle Spectrophotometer. And even then, as Vincent has alluded, a knowledge of chemistry and variations of what might have been applied also contribute to understanding of what 'might' have been. This should be fun, collaborative and informative. Matty
  4. Indeed. However, we'd all get along with less moderator intervention if any of those opinions were expressed with more civility or if a comment antagonises someone, if they chose to not engage. Matty
  5. Hang in there Brad. Hope you get into theatre sooner rather than later. Cheers Matty
  6. Good luck mate. I hope it all goes smoothly and you heal up quickly. Cheers Matty
  7. Wow. Great news. Hoping the recovery continues. Matty
  8. A generous interpretation of an isolated instance would be that the thread hijacker is simply trying to be 'collegiate' on a shared topic. If it carries on though, at some point it obviously becomes tactless and fairly inconsiderate. Hopefully it doesn't happen too often. Matty
  9. Yak 9's...New Zealands Full Noise Tigercat I gather there are classes. Plenty of jets and post ww2 props as well. Cheers Matty
  10. I remember Wolfenstein when it first came out. When my nurse or I would see something amazing, or shocking we'd mimic the German soldiers from the game ' Mein Leben'. I used to enjoy Day of Defeat before it went to Stream. Some great custom maps and scenarios where working as a team really counted. Matty
  11. I suspect most of these games are primarily recruiting tools. Especially Call Of Duty...which my youngest daughter played with her friends until they discovered Fortnite. I'll refrain from linking to info from various searches of US Military Industrial Complex and video gaming as it gets more political in nature...not really LSP content. How involved the military is in gaming seems fairly controversial. When I did full time service on a base we used to all play CounterStrike on a LAN in large teams. It was an absolute hoot. I have trained on a legit military video system that uses our various small arms shooting laser rounds on a screen that can detect data from the gun and the round. Recoil via compressed gas. It was mainly for target practice (training for smooth trigger pull, less barrel movement, aim points etc) but there were a few scenarios that could be programmed into it. I had fun with a MAG58 GPMG one night...unlimited ammo...it was ridiculous but we all had fun. Matty
  12. OK. Locking this down in accordance with our Rules of the Road.
  13. Sorry to hear such terrible news. Kiwis are like family. Hard to believe the scale of this catastrophe and misery. Matty
  14. I think they say it becasue they know it's actually not true and there's no robust peer reviewed evidence to support it. It's definitely a calculated CYA language. What I find objectionable about it, is that in a roundabout way, people who don't know any better don't understand the difference between CYA claims and the real deal. We used to have a show called 'The Checkout' here in Aus. They were able to show that some companies offered pseduoscientific services that would guarantee a research finding in keeping with advertising. Nothing that would withstand credible scientific scrutiny. Here's one of their funnier ones.
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