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  1. A great walkaround of one of my fav planes. Thought I'd share. Very informative. Cheers Matty
  2. I actually thought the Spitfire that did a half-cuban eight? and then swooped across he field was pushing the limits a little too close. Wasn't sure it'd recover without a high speed stall out of that half roll then pull out of the dive. I took my daughter to the Tyabb airshow and we were superclose on the road. They use the runway for the display but fly across the road which is at 90degrees. After a minute or two I thought better of it and moved. It was exciting though.
  3. I lean towards the spine being a hump for fat rather than a sail. Photos of bison and the size of those bones edge me closer to that notion...not sure it's a sail for heat exchange. Awesome Dino... sorry to digress Matty
  4. It seems that he was renown for letting people drop in and have a look at his planes. Amazing. So many people yesterday were recounting stories of what a generous bloke he was. Sad that he has passed. Glad you got to have a look. cheers Matty
  5. Thought I'd share. Wow...https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/121990112/treasure-trove-of-hidden-historic-planes-including-rare-wwii-mosquito-to-see-the-light?fbclid=IwAR1GUgpUIJwga5uBvufQklgaNWn2T3RqQ6gYakXfIZrCcslmIyiEVlvvn74
  6. And people are having a laugh and enjoying themselves. Good times.
  7. Looks super mate. I like your weld beads. Was watching a Chieftan video WOT. He had a production tank and a prototype. Boy...the production tank has some slick welds but the prototype may as well have been stuck together with PVA. Whoever had a stick electrode in their hand that day didn't have any clue about welding. Oh...for your barrel issue with the rifling..sand smooth then use a tap to cut a new thread? Looks awesome. Was very tempted to get one...maybe later. Such a beast of a gun and AFV. Matty
  8. Promising that the owner left a message. I've had a similar experience with a company that sounds similar (maybe not the same?) to that one. Much the same issues. Ordered, paid and then some items just not delivered. I just put it in the hands of my bank and they organised a refund for what wasn't delivered. Luckily for me the box packing slips showed that not everything that was ordered had been delivered. Fingers crossed your experience isn't the norm and that you get a result. If the owner is involved I suspect something definitive will happen either way. The main thing is that you paid via a method where there is redress if you don't get what you paid for. Good luck! Matty
  9. I always liked this one from Australia. Whilst no video some of the Navy blokes I used to shoot with said they practiced air defence on their DDG's and the NZ Skyhawks would just about fly between the masts. They were great pilots.
  10. Thanks to those who answered Uncarinas questions. Closing this down now.
  11. Geez those Mig29's. When they pour on the gas it looks like the afterburner is pouring crude oil into the exhaust. A nice smoke trail. That first chopper was nuts!
  12. lol. Me too. I really do need a haircut. Grows like a weed. Matty
  13. That's quite true. I'm quite used to wearing masks of various types of different purposes. Fitment and fit-for-purpose are considerations. It is amusing to see people wearing them incorrectly or using a type that affords little if any benefit beyond 20mins of use. I have often wondered if they're wearing the mask for their benefit or that of others. As reasons go, both or either are equally valid or possible. PPE is never foolproof though. It's just a form of risk management, hand washing and spatial distancing the others. The tip about a soapy film of water from Troy is a great life hack. I used to ride a motorcycle in nearly zero Celsius conditions. Fog was a really problem in certain areas and a soapy film over the surfaces of the visor was the only thing that gave me vision. I have heard shaving cream applied then rubbed off is good for anti-fog as well. I suspect you're right. No one knows the real answers. Matty
  14. Did you also by happenstance read the section about 'report post'? It wasn't written by accident or because moderators like 'banging on'. Tolerance/forbearance is as much an ingredient contributing to a peaceable outcome as removing antagonistic posts/comments. Thanks Matty
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