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  1. There are more expensive $/hr hobbies though. n defense of the price, I feel like this is one of those times where we're certainly not getting something cheap but it is awesome and people deserve to be paid well for creating such a great product. People who value their skills won't work and create awesome kits unless its worth their while. That seems fair. Matty
  2. LOL...I didn't mind the music. It had a M83 vibe to it. There are lots of tracks you could put to it though. Matty
  3. Did you see the price reduction on their P47's as part of a bundle? Not bad. One hell of a kit. Expensive maybe but then maybe for what you get, it represents value and fair compensation for those that put so much work into creating it and bringing it to market. Matty
  4. Oh boy, Terrible news. I hope he is being looked after and recovers quickly Matty
  5. +1...GWS John all the best!
  6. That's one big mumma fly wheel. wow. Ticking over very nicely. Inside a canal boat? Matty
  7. Welcome back mate. yeah those topics...oh boy. Babylon 5 was more relevant than ever in recent times. I prefer the new BSG to the old but I did love the old one when I was a kid. Friday night viewing. Cheers Matty
  8. I found this last night and was pleasantly blown away at the reveal and a bit of myth busting. I never knew. Hope you enjoy
  9. Awesome. Spent heaps of time in them. FJ40 and then a FJ55...what a pig. No power steering. You either developed Gorilla arms or gave up. It was a massive rust bucket as well but the engine was awesome. I have a FJZ75 Troop Carrier with the 3F engine...man that thing weighs 20x what it should. Based on 1930's Chev truck engine. It's done over a million km/s and the last compression test I ran showed all the cylinders well within spec. Super smooth engine but body needs rust repair again. It has a nice roof rack and when LSP Mike visited many years ago he climbed on top for the Panzer Commander view as we drove along some bush tracks. Lots of those FJ40's have small block Chev V8's...327/350's. They're a real weapon in the bush. Without the V8 getting up some hills and over sand dunes requires max rpm and momentum. A very popular model here is the LandCruiser 80 series with a LS motor swapped into it. Nice rig Cheers Matty
  10. Yeah. Big allegations were made but proof of their credibility is another thing. I would think that no one would be insane enough to make allegations like that unless they did have concrete proof. Otherwise, you're looking to get sued back to the Stone Age. I read a fair bit about the Collings Foundation B17G tragedy. when they write those reports they don't pull any punches. Time will tell. Thankfully no one hurt. Matty
  11. They look amazing Ray. One of my daughters loves crochet at the moment and has turned that into a bit of a side-hustle. I'll be sure to show her. I'm sure she'll love it. Matty
  12. They're awesome. My mum is handy like that though not quite as bling as those cushions. I got annoyed at the thought of paying $25ea for cushion that are cheap rubbish to put on my hardwood rustic style chairs. I ended up getting some very nice Dunlop memory foam with a high density. Had it all cut to size and then mum sewed it all up. They are super comfortable and have lasted years. There's a bit of a fitting our your LWB utility van going on these days. Much like a caravan interior but more inspector gadget. Matty
  13. He was a character that's for sure. He was always the man for having a part of this or that a member needed for a model. Matty
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