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  1. LSP_Matt

    CO2 airbrushing dangers

    Is CO2 cheap and readily available in the US? Here in Aus it's a PITA to get. You have to make special arrangements with plumbing suppliers. I would imagine it really doesn't matter what your personal preference is, so long as you're happy with it. Matty
  2. LSP_Matt

    HKM 1/32 Lancaster Kit review

    Great photography Jim. It looks awesome. Matty
  3. LSP_Matt

    HKM 1/32 Lancaster Kit review

    I treated an old fella that flew on that mission. Just came out with it and asked me in a way that he assumed he'd have to explain to me what he was talking about. I was astonished. Matty
  4. LSP_Matt

    Wolf Buddee, Congrats !!!

    Congrats mate. always well deserved. Your models are amazing. Cheers Matty
  5. LSP_Matt

    Way OT.....Low Back Pain

    I'd always suggest anyone with complex back pain related orthopaedic issues to consult extensively and even engage a health advocate. Surgeons are highly skilled but they can often be wedded to certain procedures or be enthusiastic about techniques that are more theoretical than reproducibly effective. There's increasing awareness of the role psychology can play in how stimuli from nociceptors is processed by the brain and interpreted as pain. I'd always suggest consulting widely, even interstate and with an open mind. Beware of anecdotal feedback to guide your own individual medical decision making. Ideally try to become medically literate enough so that conversations about health aren't paternalistic but ones where you can ask challenging questions of your providers. I've had about 15 orthopaedic operations...it's no fun. Most of all I hope everyone get's better. Best wishes Matty
  6. LSP_Matt

    1:24 Trumpeter Bf 109G-14

    Great work buddy. It's going to look super once you're done. Cheers Matty
  7. A handy bit of kit in real life. Nice model! Cheers Matty
  8. LSP_Matt

    Happy Birthday Dr Charles Metz

    Yup. I really miss Charlie as well. He was such a decent bloke. I think of him from time to time so he's not forgotten. Matty
  9. LSP_Matt

    Not my stash, I promise!!

    40ft high cube shipping container.
  10. LSP_Matt

    Funny on me.....and a plug for LSP!

    Very cool. What are you thoughts on that Tetra KO product as a fire retardant/ suppressant for wood/paper type fires? Cheers Matty
  11. LSP_Matt

    Original Me-262 aluminium used to make furniture

    That's some nice sheet metal work. Nice deign as well. Homage to the aircraft Matty
  12. LSP_Matt

    Oh my. Shattered.

    So sorry to hear mate. Awful circumstances. Many of us ride/ or have ridden. Matty
  13. LSP_Matt

    fun with my girls

    Awesome mate. Enjoy them whilst they still want to cuddle. They'll be the best years of your life. I have three. Matty
  14. LSP_Matt

    Anti Drone

    It's not so much the threat of drones with bombs. In many parts of the world, especially Australia explosives have always been tightly controlled. Nowadays even the precursor ingredients are controlled and monitored. No more mixing up chemicals in your back shed blowing your fingers off impressing other young hooligans. A drone can bring down jet aircraft though. As the drone capability and affordability improves, including payload it's making the case for their inevitable regulation even more likely. I've heard our airline pilots complaining a lot about it and lobby government to do something about it before there is a catastrophe. Can see why a signal jamming gun is needed for that F1 drone. It'd be hard to aim anything to hit it. A drone would save me from casting my fishing line on the beach. Could be quite handy. Matty
  15. LSP_Matt

    New found deleted scenes from The Dambusters (1955)

    He's just tasted tomatoe sauce instead of pickles as the condiment...the look of shock on his face. Matty