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  1. Congrats mate. Yours look amazing. I think your welds on the yellow one are neater than on the real deal. Have a doco on the calutrons and factory where they took the silver from Ft Knox and put it in those machines. Amazing logistic effort and simply colossal expense. In one of the photos I was trying to work out what process they'd used to seam weld it. It looks a little like TIG or Oxy welding. Whoever did it had some good rhythm going at one stage.
  2. Have you seen the YouTube channel by Mark Felton? He has an interesting short on a special Lancaster SQN getting readied to drop the bombs in light of B29 development issues. To me that seemed to infer that Churchill and a few others must have surely have known what was coming or they had plans to potentially use them on Germany as well. IIRC he also does a video on how the dropping of the bombs influenced the decision making at the time of surrender. It seems that in the post-war period many politicians and even high ranking military were seeking to distance themselves from the scal
  3. Yup. That would be a great idea. Lets keep it mature and fair. We're not here for gossip, innuendo and talk that is disparaging behind someone elses back. The process with any vendor remains the same. If you can't make contact via email or the internet (FB/Website etc) then jump on the phone. Last resort, do a shout-out here in case someone knows of a particular issue that might be precluding someone from responding. If you've paid by a reputable method and still have no satisfaction then ask your CC company or Paypal for a refund. Matty
  4. For 'how does it work' nerds like myself this is fascinating watching. The content creator went to a lot of trouble. Very comprehensive. Matty
  5. Oh man...if I'd had the internet as a kid with the content it has now. Stuck on a maths problem - type it in and see solution - immediately unstuck. No more waiting until maths class to ask a teacher. So much information for young people at their finger tips. With a big enough plasma table cutting out all the parts, creating a tank like becomes a lot more like assembling a scale model kit. Fantastic scale replica. Matty
  6. Even my kids loved this when I played it for them. A very funny story. Matty
  7. Awesome buddy. Loving it. On my must get list. Matty
  8. At this point it's probably best if people agree to disagree over their opinions on what happens with WNW. However, if people want to debate the relative merits of each others perspective then please do that as politely as possible. Thanks Matt
  9. I think it is. Its certainly an odd taste. Much more savoury,umami oriented. Interesting thing about salt though is that as mammals we have a specific salt appetite. If we've been sweating it out at work on a hot day outside, playing sport, something salty tastes extra delicious. Our brains way of ensuring we replenish what we're losing. Matty
  10. I love it with fresh flatbread and butter all rolled up. Light to med spread density. On toast it's great as is homemade Baba ganoush Tried Marmite once and never again. The kids love Nutella...I've never liked it much.
  11. I worked with a nurse that used to eat those like they were cheetos. lol Matty
  12. Love it. Looks awesome. Cheers Matty
  13. Good recommendation mate. will keep them in mind.
  14. I'm not sure but this might help. I think I covered off on a few things that were not accurate for an Early Wildcat. LSP Review Cheers Matty
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