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  1. We've had several price hikes. Postage is now a massive business expense in Australia. Overseas postal even moreso. We found out yesterday that the CEO of AusPost is not only injecting herself into some pretty toxic politics but decided her management needed a bonus. she couldn't recall the amount at first, nor the CFO but it turns out she spent $20,000 on Cartier watches amongst all sorts of other luxury items. Really hard to swallow the price hikes when things like that go on. It makes us feel like we're all being taken for fools. Matty
  2. The Japanese pilots were taught this. They used to fiddle with the mixtures on zero's to extend their range. I recall Saburo Sakai talking about it. Imagine if planes back then could shut down cylinders like modern V8's can nowadays.
  3. We're all good mate. No one ever assumed it. It's just the inherent nature of the topic itself. That's not on you. Happy for the thread to stay open so long as we just omit firearms discussions. I suspect everyone on LSP is hoping you're going to be OK. That's the only important take-away message worth remembering. It's genuinely heartfelt. Cheers mate Matty
  4. This is the elephant in the room Tim. This is what polarises and drives people nuts. It's an extraordinarily divisive issue on which almost everybody has a opinion. LSP is not the place for opions on this topic. It's why this topic was bound to create some heat and why the staff developed a sense of foreboding. I'm not making any judgements about what you and others are entitled to believe. I hope you can accept though that many professionally trained Police in other countries operate, don't ever and would never use firearms in the manner you suggested. If we could just avoi
  5. Hi Tim, An awful situation for you. I can only empathise having faced a similar situation. I think my reaction was similar to yours. It doesn't leave you feeling terribly heroic for having not chosen to be a bystander and becoming involved. It just leaves you feeling awful. In my case my intervention stopped a woman being horribly bashed but when he took off, with her in the car it left me wondering whether I'd made it better or worse for her. I can only reconcile that I acted with good faith to protect her human rights, proportionately, and that the rest is beyond my co
  6. Thanks for the link. it also helps me understand the impact of ducting static pressure on fan choice. I had a look and some PC fans of around 200mm seem to pump around 100cfm. They seem to be a safer choice for avoiding any sparking and ignition issues. Also noted how much extra flow rate one needs to use with flexible ducting as opposed to fixed elbows and pipes. Cheers Matty
  7. Do you reckon a couple of Arlec exhaust fans at 350cmh (206cfm) each would do the job? 6M of 150mm ducting OK for VOC's is about $20 150mm flange adaptor $25 150mm Joiner $20 Galvabond ( galvanised sheet steel) 19 or 20 gauge is about $90 a sheet (1220 x 2440) IIRC A hinged eggcrate grille with filter varies in cost but can come in nice sizes 1195 x 595 LED strip lights from Ebay - easy peasey Sheet of perspex for clear top. Foam dust seals Venting the exhaust is an issue. To outside is ideal. A panel for a window sounds the least inva
  8. I could probably fabricate one out of Galvabond to size Kev. Even use nutserts instead of rivets to keep it all together. The base that the Tigercat is similar to what they inset into door or wall panels for ventilation of cavities. The only thing would be a fan. It'd be easy enough to hook up a $20 ceiling fan to a power cord. Only it'd be as noisy as a ceiling fan. PC fans any good or just as noisy? Cheers Matty
  9. That one looks like a much less complicated project to make than all glass. Make the frame out of that black melamime. You could even hide some LED strip lighting in the top panel. Mirror attached to the back. The glass could be held in by parallel 10mm slots running front to back. Glass door hinges are about $8 each at Shopfitters.com. Then you could make it custom and as big as you want. You could even make it modular an add tiers. All you'd need to do is buy new front glass doors and reposition two hinges. If the glass for the door was the right thickness you could even
  10. Can't speak for USPS but I know here in Aus, our post has been much slower. Basically...people are doing their shopping online. Couriers are finding it hard to keep up. One delivered a package to me on a Sunday!
  11. Great doco. Thanks Phil. Cheers Matty
  12. Ha! We're in Spring and I swear the grass is growing so fast it needs a fresh cut every second day. It's just explosive growth. Blossom on the trees and green. Some nice warm weather at last. Also...what's snow? Cheers Matty
  13. All this had me dive over the YouTube for DIY show/display cases. You can buy Showcase & Cabinet Hardware or even make some and paint it with Alclad. After that get some glass cut, make a base and assemble. It looks doable at home and then you could make it custom. Glass costs and getting holes drill might be the expensive part. This is just an assembly video but it foes show the parts breakdown. Good luck Matty
  14. "A relic of World War II, the bomb was dropped by the British Royal Air Force in an attack on a Nazi warship in 1945" Euronews Location is the Piast Canal...manmade. Cheers Matty
  15. What we couldn't see was the entry for that bomby
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