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    Southern Bandit

    Make the others jealous

    This may or may not make others jealous, but it was a big thing for me ... a massive thing, love my Live music as most here will know and even above our Scale Modelling passion ... Pink Floyd is a big passion, it was arranged that me and 5 other friends go down to see the Australian Pink Floyd show at Glasgow on Saturday ... Few of us have seen the real Pink Floyd before, but some hadn't and this was mostly my arrangement getting things sorted for gigs ... all was sorted, all was good ... but oh wow I was told at last minute another friend had tacked on a greet and meet package for us ... and so we all talked to the band and got a good Australian Pink Floyd Goodie Bag too ... Bloody Hell ... was overwhelmed with my good friends generosity
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    Jamie (Give your brain a chance!) from Battle of Britain Is the same guy as.... Jeor Mormont in Game of Thrones!! Sir James Cosmo!
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    1/32 FLY Hurricane: spinning wild

    Looking a few posts back, I found out the gun camera (probably from Milliput) has been added to my build. I don’t even recall having done It and that’s only two years ago!
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    F-15DJ Japanese Adversary

    Ok she is done. Thanks for dropping by. Dan
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    Hornet over Hanoi

    Alright how about some pics... I have started construction by assembling the rear fuselage. Air intakes. Focus Dan! Tail area. Some putty is needed. Also I have moved the slot for the stabs to reflect the normal drooped attitude when at rest. Vertical tails had a very loose and sloppy fit. I added shims to tighten everything up. I am re-scribing the entire model and adding rivets using the Academy kit as a guide. I have added intake interiors back to the compressor faces. The compressor faces are to far forward but it was going to be very difficult to move them farther back. Cutting up the wings. The Academy kit gives you different parts for 4 different flap angles so I will using some of these parts to show deployed flaps. Some resin and PE parts from the AM kit. Nose cone with resin gun port already added to the nose. Thanks, Dan
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    1/32 FLY Hurricane: spinning wild

    Indeed, completely and utterly wrong.wrong and wrong. I've edited the original to correct the information. Thanks to Mike for pointing it out. Although it's a different design of fairing, the photos show the one fabricated for the restoration of Hurricane I R4118. The example seen in the Townsend photo may have been related to a leading edge cannon fairing, but its position is in the inner wing rib bay beside the armament bay, as in the collage of R4118's restoration photos, with a scrap view of Hurricane IIa Z3055's spar (same wing) thrown in to show wing rib attachment points. The moral of this post being just because you researched something only a couple of years ago, don't assume you've retained all the finer points, even if you think you probably have. Still can't believe I mis-remembered the radiators after all the digging into its construction I did. Sheesh! Nice to see your interest guys, and nice to see you checking in Quang.
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    Make the others jealous

    The postman just dropped this at my doorstep!
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    I was a starboard waist gunner on an H model. The Bombay doors were always kept open until well after takeoff because of fuel vapors. Many a 24 exploded because of this. Also the springs for the nose gear were so week that the bombardier had to be careful not to lean back too far so as to not fall out of the plane. Don’t put too many fuel streaks on the plane. The ground crews were so meticulous and proud, they took care of any oil leaks.
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    Thank you for your comments everyone, managed to get some bench time again after a couple of busy weeks/ weekends and built up and painted the Fug 220 dipoles which are a real pain to assemble. While looking at pictures of 2Z + GB I noticed that one of the lower antlers must have been replaced at some point as one is all black and the other side has red and white warning markings on it as you can see from the picture taken from Die Deutsche Luftwaffe Vol 3. Also after studying pictures of exhaust stains on G-4's I slowly built these up with heavily diluted black/ red-brown paint mix. So I'm thinking I need to add all the sticky out parts now and add a light coat of flat varnish to knock back some shiny areas and then remove all the masking over the clear parts and fingers crossed I've had no paint seep in to the cockpit!! Regards. Andy
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    T-45C Conversion from Revell Kit

    Last details and stand complete! Last of the details and getting the stand finished up. Full write up found HERE. For your viewing pleasure. Thanks for watching, Timmy!
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    Yes it is true, this is my favorite plane. Recently, I have not done much in the model and maybe it is not too impressive but the work was quite a lot. The aerodynamic fairing which was behind the head of the pilot I glued in its place and smoothed its shape at the point of contact with the hull. Made of thick aluminum foil, I made reinforcements of the hull and small inspection panels. However, rivets are the product Archer fine transfers.
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    S-3B Viking - scratchbuilt

    Jack, great to see you're back - I hope all issues have been solved! If you come to BSMC show in Putte on December 9th, you should be able to see it on the competition table if everything goes to plan. I have spent quite some time painting and slightly modifying some Reedoak figures during the weekend. I'm not a good figure painter, but at least they are better than the last ones I've made... They are not yet finished, the plane captain needs to get his helmet codes and the pilot needs to get another harness below his survival vest. A second pilot figure is still in progress.
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    IT IS DONE!!! I like it, gots some buggers but I learned some new techniques and it’ll look decent on a shelf! Final build article link HERE!… Gave the model a name BTW THE STUDENT’S REVENGE See if you can figure out why…. Thanks for watching, Timmy!
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    LSP Christmas Raffle 2018

    I'll donate the following Item 1: Jagdwaffe - Volume Three Section 1 - Strike in the Balkans April - May 1941 Item 2: Cutting Edge - FW 190A Part 1 Decal Sheet (CED 32068) SSI Decals - P-47 Razorbacks R.S. Johnson 32-121 SSI Decals - Me-109G - Hartman & Barkhorn - 32-47 Item 3: Vallejo Model Air - Luftwaffe Colours Set RLM 2, RLM 61, RLM 62, RLM 65, RLM 66, RLM 71, RLM 73, RLM 74, RLM 75, RLM 78, RLM 79, RLM 80, RLM 81, RLM 82, RLM 84 Simon
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    Large Scale Fokker

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    Phantom of Keflavik, Iceland

    I'm late to the party, but I may be able to add some 57th FIS jets to my Big Scale Phantoms sheets coming in 2019. I have many partial references for many different 57th jets, but I don't think I have complete references for any single jet. I need full crew names and paint stencils, etc, before I'll add it to a sheet. I'd appreciate any refs anyone has. jmelampy2@att.net Thanks! Jake
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    1:24 Trumpeter Bf 109G-14

    Once I made the commitment to not bother with the main wheel wells (quite a relief, actually), upper wing halves are now secured in place and super glue being used to fix all seams and problem spots.
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    Thank you very much to all for your kind word, i really apreciate ! Some other pics X15
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    LSP Christmas Raffle 2018

    Hello Kevin2, please accept these as MY Donation towards the Christmas Raffle. Thank you. TRUMPETER 1/32 02205 PLA F-5 (MIG-17F) REVELL 1/32 4784 GRUMMAN F4F-4/MARTLET MK.V MARU 5137.
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    For the purposes of this discussion, I am just a model-builder that would like to buy a Liberator kit. I was (and I still am) involved in the development of a variety of model-related products in a number of ways at a number of levels, but in this case I only speak as a "potential customer." I do not imagine myself as an "expert" in anything. I can only call myself a "good listener". Everything I know, I learned by listening to others smarter than me. The truth of the matter is that I do not know if there is a problem with this kit. There may be a problem, but this is not the way to assess it. And if there is indeed a problem with this kit, I will live with it. But that is just me. You can do what you want, I am not forcing my opinion on anyone, Radu
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    P-40K 1LT R. Johnson, Tunisia 1943.

    Some more pics
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    Make the others jealous

    Promised Brian @Out2gtcha to post this... the 23KG Christmas box i got. I'd like to thank my good friend and business partner, owner of Sukerumodera model shop for providing me with this back breaking box and its contents! And my apologies for not posting this any time earlier i just didn't get around to taking photos of the kit before now with all the commitments and things going on in life... HPH custom made order 1/18 Mirage 2000-5 which i will eventually end up building as a greek bird!
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    That darn revell Bf 109G-10!

    Ok, so applying these to the tail fin was not easy for someone with Parkinson. And the other small decals was a bit difficult too. The job is finished finally and no big disasters, except a few markings omitted and one or two being erroneous. (the tyre size markings got the wrong dimensions) I used a mix of decals from Revell, Trumpeter and Cutting Edge. I have a Hasegawa sheet too but I save that one for the K-4 variant I have half finished. Next step is to spray a protecting layer of varnish over the whole thing. Maybe two. Thanks for looking!
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