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  1. TorbenD

    New to Airplane Models...

    Mighty fine work. Top of the toppest drawer! Torben
  2. MMMMMmmmm, Very much looking forward to seeing this one come together. Torben
  3. TorbenD

    1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"

    As ever, all rather spiffing Peter - glad to see you’ve managed to get some quality modelling time to crack on. Wonderful stuff! Torben
  4. TorbenD

    HK B-17...D??? 13/1 back to the butchers

    Wonderful... looking absolutely bob on! Torben
  5. TorbenD

    Lockheed S-3B Viking - scratchbuilt

    Great to see this one fully wrapped up Ben. Total hats off to you and much, much respect is due. Truly inspirational scratchbuilding... Torben
  6. Great to see another one getting the Chuck treatment Torben
  7. TorbenD

    Italeri F-35A RNethAF

    Lovely stuff - that masking marathon worth every single minute of time. Torben
  8. TorbenD

    Amsterdam bound

    Nice one! I hadn’t thought of going quite that far but if I manage to wangle staying over for one of the weekends I’ll look into that, cheers Graham Torben
  9. TorbenD

    Amsterdam bound

    Thx Chris and Cees. Yup, we ran into that ticket issue with Anne Frank House and missed out last summer as none were available for the days we were in town - the queues went around the block despite the online booking too. It’s on the list this time for definite. Cees, what a great part of town to have an office, it’s a lovely stretch of the canals around that way. Cheers, Torben
  10. TorbenD

    Amsterdam bound

    Hi Ron... Yup... it’s almost as good as Sheperd Paine’s eh? http://www.boxdioramas.com/sheperd-paine/ Torben
  11. TorbenD

    Amsterdam bound

    Thanks all - some great suggestions here. Bill I was lucky to be in Amsterdam for 3 days with my family last summer and we caught the Van Gogh and it was simply breathtaking to see such work in the flesh...prints and reproductions can do only do 1/10th the justice... everything was so vivid and texture laden. Nick, that looks like a cool place to visit if I can get the time - thanks for the heads up. Ron, the Rijksmuseum is going to get a thorough look and I’ll certainly check out the Maritime museum. Cheers, Torben
  12. TorbenD

    1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"

    Say what! As ever Peter, verrrrry noice. Steaming on.... Torben
  13. TorbenD

    Speed build: Hasegawa P-40E

    Some lovely touches throughout this build - what a great result and the OD finish looks bob on. Torben
  14. TorbenD

    HpH Macchi M5

    Lovely stuff, a quite wonderful aircraft. I’m a very happy user of Smugmug - very easy and good value. Torben
  15. What can I say Marcin but thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful build. There is so much skill on show here that is genuinely breathtaking from my point of view - something inspirational to aim for. Amongst many other things I’m intrigued how you created the fine corrugated texture on the wings and tailplane - a very effective technique! Good luck in the competition and I look forward to seeing you next project. Torben