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  1. Great start Eric! I love that Aerotech make these Schneider kits in 1/32, I just wish they were a little more affordable. The type of the resin they use is really good to work with. The wings on this one certainly look to have a more refined, in scale thickness than on their Supermarine S5. Looking forward to seeing this one in it’s Gold and Pale Blue livery although I have to admit I’ve seen a few interpretations of this scheme with more blue on the cowling, wings and floats than in the painting guide provided. I know Aerotech put a lot of effort on that front so could well be that different liveries were used at different times. I also seem to remember reading somewhere that it was painted gold all over at one point - but then again that might be a total mis-remembering by my fuzzy brain. Torben
  2. Shaping up very nicely Ben! Good luck with those pesky cracks - I’ve had one that kept on ghosting back in on one of my builds that has taken nearly 6 months to finally settle and not reappear (hopefully) after numerous fill and sand sessions. I think my issue was probably caused by not waiting long enough to let the liquid cement fully harden off before the first putty went on. By long enough I mean at least 3-4 weeks from the research I’ve done. Torben
  3. Great project Max, a delightful finish and glad to read you enjoyed the kit so much. Torben
  4. Inspirational work - so very much to admire! Torben
  5. Beautiful patina Eric - loving the warn tones bringing some life to this. One of my all time favourite looking jets - if I could ever bring myself to build something without a prop a faded Danish F100 would be pretty high on the list. Torben
  6. Cool shots Gord, certainly a couple new to me and I’ve got a quite a chunk load in my files. The short answer on the difference of Packard and RR Merlins is..... well there is no short answer ... but if there is one is was around production techniques. When RR originally sent over the info and tools/patterns to Packard the spec wasn’t ”tight” enough for mass production - RR had the skilled craftsmen to work around any metalwork/casting tolerances . Basically Packard had to redraw/spec the engine to allow them to manufacture them on a fast production line. That said, to 99.9% of normal folks these differences would not be evident, especially at 1/24th scale! Me, I’m loopy enough to have plans to one day super detail a Merlin III based on the Airfix one in the Hurricane Mk1. The worst area to my eye on that Airfix kit engine is the area on top between the cylinders - wiring harness is basic and there is a complete lack of anything resembling an engine underneath. Proportionally and side on she’s still the least shabby of all 1/24th scale Merlins. Looking forward to seeing more... Torben
  7. Mercy me that’s fantastic detailing - proper eye candy Mark Torben
  8. Beautiful foiling finish on the tail - the different heat effects adds a huge amount of subtle interest. Torben
  9. Loving the attention going on here going on to my all-time favourite RAF bird Gord. Gotta love a bit of plumbing with the Hurricane . Just a quick heads up... Although the Airfix 1/24 scale engine is a far better scale representation of an early Merlin it represents (or is trying to) the Merlin III - with odd exceptions the Hurricanes Mk2s had the Merlin XX. That said, if you’re only showing the side cowling removed and are not overly fussed about being 110% accurate as to which Mk then it would still a good one to use as the Mks are visually not a million miles apart visually from that angle. Don’t try the Airfix Spit as the Merlin is poorly represented. Canadian built variants had Packard Merlin 28 or 29 engines. Can I ask.. are you following a particular colour reference for the green tank? Genuinely curious as 99% of the colour references I have it’s a kind of brick red colour (self sealing coating?) Either way, she’s shaping up very nicely! Torben
  10. Loving this build Max! Top job. Torben
  11. Lovely scheme, cracking build! Torben
  12. Great weathering - everything got pulled together wonderfully. Torben
  13. Beautiful monotone finishes Fanch - proper eye candy. Torben
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