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  1. As ever Karim, it’s a joy to see your top drawer modelling skills on display. Lovely stuff! Torben
  2. Very nice Alain - looking good! Torben
  3. As ever, you make the complex look so simple, Peter. Wonderful result with the spinner. Torben
  4. Very tidy - some lovely detailed work going on here. Torben
  5. Looking wonderful - loving the black finish. Torben
  6. More than deserved Marcin - congratulations. Would love to see this in the flesh as I have some of your racers... maybe Telford this year???? Torben
  7. Wonderfully dirty bird! Torben
  8. Looking very tasty indeed! Lovely paint work so far. Torben
  9. Wonderful stuff - thanks for the lesson too!!! Torben
  10. Looking very smart. Torben
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