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  1. Gobsmackingly delightful Si! Unequivocally frickin’ cool as ice and twice as nice. Torben
  2. Utterly lovely stuff - very skillful CAD and trad work Torben
  3. Thanks Mike, most kind of you Goodness me, I cannot believe a year’s gone by... Funnily enough, I saw the AMP early CAD work images for your kit on Facebook a while back and got in contact with them with reference for the interior and a link to the build here as the original planned version was totally off kilter! Although they seem to have then followed this reference they unfortunately show the cockpit floor structure completely back to front in the instructions!!! A shame because it’s great to get such an iconic racer in kit form and the overall kit looks good - I l
  4. Beautiful work Marcin - outstanding and a joy to see it come together. Torben
  5. My gob is well and truly smacked! Hugely impressive build so far - love the dry dock mounting - Hat’s off to you sir. Torben
  6. IPs look.... well... real! Just WOW! Super impressive stuff Peter Torben
  7. Great work Peter. Loving seeing this come together on the Patreon site too. If anyone has been hesitating following this build on the Airscale Patreon site as well as here I can so recommend the extra insight, thought processes and show and tell videos that have been posted there. Pennies for diamonds Torben
  8. Lock and load! Looks like a hot rod and probably flew like one too. Torben
  9. The P39/P400s, in all my research so far the rear shelf was left blank for the RAF. It may or may not have had a raised bracket as modelled here. There’s the original ref top left in the first picture. HTH Torben
  10. Another great diorama coming on there Kent Torben
  11. Lovely stuff Peter - I was about to say that’s seamlessly flawless work but I can see the seams!!!! Torben
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