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  1. Soooo much to admire here! Congratulations on such a fine diorama. Torben
  2. Delightful! Fantastic NMF and overall finish. Torben
  3. Exquisite! Good to here you’re recovering well. Torben
  4. Wonderful work - a proper labour of love! Torben
  5. Wonderful stuff Iain - enjoy that glass! Torben
  6. Wonderful finish - great in-scale patina! Torben
  7. Lovely job of a tricky kit to build regarding fit in certain places, especially around the wing roots/radiator intakes. Great weathering! I wouldn’t worry too much about the interior colour either as I’ve seen plenty of variety in this area from Bell’s dark bronze green through to brighter hues, something much closer to what I see here, especially in the P-400 and P-39D series. Torben
  8. Lovin’ it. Great finish to an unusual scheme. Torben
  9. Great tutorial thanks Chuck, thanks for sharing - most helpful as I have a massive Archer riveting job in the pipeline. Torben
  10. Class! Pure class Iain... don’t doubt yourself for one single second - your client should and will be delighted Torben
  11. Inspirational finishing - absolutely bob on patina and weathering... love it Torben
  12. Cracking work Foz - consistently the highest order of scratch building. Torben
  13. Wonderful work, simply wonderful... SO good I had to say it twice
  14. Wonderful work, simply wonderful... Torben
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