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  1. Sublime modelling as ever Karim - I’m glad to read the surgery went well and wish you well with your rehab. Torben
  2. Sublime, Miloslav, utterly sublime! Torben
  3. Shaping up wonderfully to my eye. Looks like you’ve caught just the right amount of detail and texture across the whole wing. Lovely stuff! Torben
  4. Lovely job Jay - top notch and respect on taking on such a large, large scale plane Torben
  5. Up there with the very best Kent - congrats on such a fine build. Torben
  6. Mighty fine work - a wonderful job all round Torben
  7. Wonderful skills on show. What a cracker! Torben
  8. Loving it Kent! Wonderful craftsmanship and attention to detail. Torben
  9. Goodness me Kent, what a wonderful job you’re making of this big beauty! Hat’s off to you sir... a joy to follow. Torben
  10. Sweet mother of... So looking forward to the next instalments. Torben
  11. Lovely work - really enjoying seeing this one come together. Torben
  12. Delightful - bravo!!! Torben
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