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  1. So glad to see you’re back and on good form Dale - top Spit too... Torben
  2. Not surprised you’re happy! Delightful stuff. Torben
  3. Lovely finish - great build. Torben
  4. Gotta love a scratch build! to the forum Torben
  5. Mighty fine work Vaughn - great setting too! Torben
  6. My kind of build Pip - so much modelling madness to admire Torben
  7. What a fab dirty bird! Love the weathering and overall worn patina. Torben
  8. Truly madly deeply inspirational Torben
  9. After Photobucket went and dumped on everyone using their original free hosting service from a great height a year or so ago I vowed never to use them again. What a way to ru(i)n a business. Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand their need to make money as a business but to be originally offered free-hosting for things like linking images to other sites, to then unilaterally withdraw access/links by essentially holding cutting off those links and charging around £400 a year for the same service is utterly insane from a brand and business point of view. If I had been approached before that situation arose and said they really needed to start charging for such hosting services at such and such a rate going forward (whilst honouring their historical deal for those already hosted free) then I would certainly looked at that potential offer with an even mind. Okay - to go from zero cost to £400 per year is more than a little cheeky - what really damns them is the way they held everyone to ransom. So many historical posts across this and other forums were rendered unreadable. After doing some research (avoiding “free” services) I switched to Smugmug (only around £70pa incl VAT) and so far so fab. Recommended. HTH Torben
  10. Super super-detailing - loving the love that’s (so close to madness) going into this. Torben
  11. My gob is smacked, my flabber duly gasted! Great skills on show here Rammstein Torben
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