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  1. So much to admire here Thomas - you clearly have the time and skill to bring this off with aplomb! Thanks for those reference portal links - I think I’ve got a version of that dvd - the Warbirds might have to wait until I’m feeling a bit richer! I will certainly PM you about those fuselage formers!! Thank you for your kind offer Best, Torben
  2. Sublime stuff Peter, beautiful work, - nuff said...
  3. What a cracker of finish! Beautifully subtle patina and weathering - really showing off those wonderful riveted Fly wings. Torben
  4. Goodness me.... I must drop in more often.... My very favourite aircraft being being given some seriously skilful scratch work - what is not to absolutely adore!!! A fantastic start Thomas , so much to admire. I assume you’ve checked out this scratch-built beaut in 1/48? I know it’s not LSP but boy is it good... https://pwm.org.pl/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=79416&sid=d69b4efa313e5778c274f8e182238166 I must have nearly every book on the Hurricane somewhere in my collection along with Bentley’s wonderful plans but never been able to get any plans or profiles of all the wooden formers, both top of the fuselage and sides - May I ask where you got such drawings that you pantographed those sections from? - I would pretty much give my eye teeth to have a set, whatever scale. Very much looking forward to seeing the next post, Torben
  5. Staggeringly skilful Peter. Hat’s off... She’ coming together beautifully. Torben
  6. Wowsers! Shaping up very nicely Peter. Torben
  7. Totally top of the toppest notch Peter! Torben
  8. Luuurvely! Proper luuurvely! Torben
  9. Lovely work as ever, Peter - nice paint job too, that tiny amount of scuffing beautifully sets off the detail. To answer your earlier query - all fine and dandy my end thx, hope likewise with you and yours. Hoping to get some time back on my bench too after a very long break - got a couple of shelf queens that I want to dust off. As ever, PM me if you need any graphics drawn up for this one, it’d be my pleasure. Torben
  10. Truly, madly, deeply sublime. Many congrats for getting this one over the line in such style Peter. Torben
  11. Haven’t dropped by LSP for quite a while... looks like my timing could not have been better! After the sublime job you did on the Hawker Fury, I’m soooo glad you’ve picked this one up again Peter
  12. Bloomin’ ’eck Peter - now that’s rather splendid. Utterly splendid...
  13. Gobsmackingly delightful Si! Unequivocally frickin’ cool as ice and twice as nice. Torben
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