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  1. Thank you for your appreciation, that's very kind of you This model is important and personal to me, so I try to make it good. This is thin aluminum foil, but much thicker than such a chicken baking foil. I bought it once at a model market, but I don't remember where, a product without a name. Engine done, even went quickly
  2. You build quite a large model . The desk will probably be too small to work and you will have to build this model in the garage
  3. The interior of the fuselage is practically done. The hull is closed and glued.
  4. Thank you for your appreciation and kind words, it is very motivating Recently, I managed to make a few small elements for the interior of the fuselage. In fact, the hull is practically ready for interior painting. I also made wings, the structures of which were based on the wings from the resin PZL P11c Silver Wings model. I cut the wings properly and remade them to fit the P6, at the same time I improved the profile of the center wing as it is way too flat there. The trailing edge of the center wing is made of a thin brass plate. I glued a carbon flat beam to the wings so that the wing
  5. Great work, it will be a beautiful and unique model
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