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  1. So I am coming back to this project That's all for now Best regards Marcin
  2. Dziękuję Thank you And a family photo PZL 11 III Cleveland 1932 and PZL P6 Cleveland 1931
  3. An interesting model, it will be a good workshop to watch
  4. Thanks Guys And now I have to start building another model
  5. Thank you, I am very pleased that you like the workshop Now I'm working on marking the plane. I make them using Techmod PZL P11c decals and my own invention.
  6. Very good Peter That's how I make hulls, it's the best method
  7. Thank you for your kind words I will try to ensure that the model does not disappoint you. Although, unfortunately, it is not a happy construction, because it has been going on for many years, I hope that this time I will finish it and I will be able to sleep soundly. For now, I am still working I managed to cover the tail with a corrugated sheet. Thus, I consider the execution of the corrugated sheet cover to be completed. Now there are details, corrections, painting of markings, complete assembly and traces of use. After the initial assembly without glue
  8. I've finished covering the wings: I also finished the propeller "Ratier":
  9. The interior of the pilot's cabin looks great. It will be a fantastic model
  10. Thank you Peter, your models are perfect, I am happy to watch your every workshop. There is a lot to learn from you, thank you. I am glad that we were able to meet at SMW. Your Spitfire model was the best of the best. The propeller cap is made of metal and the connection is not visible. Such elements were once made of a single piece of metal by pressing on dies or spinning on spinning machines. Therefore, sticking with a flat element did not make sense. The propeller is also made of metal and polished. Now he is working on covering the wings and tail wit
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