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  1. A very interesting undertaking, I will follow the progress of work with great interest.
  2. BOEING F4B-4 was disqualified because it was considered a diorama, not an airplane model. Mainly due to the fact that there were parts dismantled from it near the model. Oddly enough, with other models similar arrangements of the stand were no longer a problem. For me, this model and the model of a large helicopter were the best aviation models. The winners of the FW200 Condor, although very good, could not even compare with them.
  3. Here is my last souvenir for PZL P11, silver in SMW 2019 This trip ends my modeling season this year and at the same time ends the career of this model. As always, Telford was great. Models at club shows and a master class competition, there was something to watch. I was a bit surprised that the best aircraft of this competition was disqualified, I mean BOEING F4B-4 on 1/32 scale! More and more new models in 1/32 scale are appearing on the stand of modeling companies, which makes us very happy. Although I have to admit that due to the high quality of these sets they are more and more boring models and their construction is no model challenge but rather easy. However, the effects achieved by the manufacturers of these models are impressive. Which only increases the availability and popularity of our hobby, so all in all good. Thank you for a nice chat at the LSP exhibition, best regards Marcin Now you have to start building a new model, but somehow I have no power .
  4. Thank you all. The next project will be completing Wedell Williams 45 or Keith Rider R6 "Eight ball", I haven't decided yet. But I also dream this one: PZL P6, pilot Boleslaw Orlinski race in Cleveland 1931.
  5. Well done. One of the most beautiful planes for me.
  6. The model has recently received several awards at Polish exhibitions. But the travel season is ending for me. I still plan a trip to Telford, and I need to start a new project.
  7. I admire you for your persistence and pursuit of purpose. Beautiful work
  8. You're greatly modifying this toy, it will now be a real model.
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