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  1. Irek, this model is masterful Pozdrawiam Marcin
  2. Engine from Williams Bross kit 1/32: I added aileron to the wings: This is what it looks like today:
  3. So I am coming back to this project That's all for now Best regards Marcin
  4. Dziękuję Thank you And a family photo PZL 11 III Cleveland 1932 and PZL P6 Cleveland 1931
  5. An interesting model, it will be a good workshop to watch
  6. Thanks Guys And now I have to start building another model
  7. Thank you, I am very pleased that you like the workshop Now I'm working on marking the plane. I make them using Techmod PZL P11c decals and my own invention.
  8. Very good Peter That's how I make hulls, it's the best method
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