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  1. As stated above, the anti-ablation coating was pink. The white is an over coating. I would say any primer with slight texture would work just fine. It wouldn't be too noticeable in 1/32 scale.
  2. I think I paid $625 or so shipped. It's huge and since shipping has gone up, the price of it goes up. I think the UPS driver was a bit angry when he had to deliver it.
  3. http://modelpaint.tripod.com/booth2.htm
  4. There is an article from years ago about how to do all the math. Let me see if I can find it later. Biggest tricks are to use solid wall ducting and use as few 90 degree turns as possible. As mentioned above you can also use in-duct fans to assist. If you can run 6 inch ducting, that would ideal. If not, go as big as you can. Anything vented directly inside is a big no-no. Doesn't matter what type of paint as you can still get particulates in your lung. The only methods to really reduce those are the water (bong) style filters or properly fitted N95s. It is doab
  5. To do it properly you need a squirrel cage fan or something that is brushless and then compute the CFM needed based on the type and length of ducting. Most people don't use even remotely near enough CFMs to adequately vent out.
  6. I don't think anyone would dare touch it to ring it
  7. Harold sells them direct. If you would like his info, just PM me. Sometimes Model Builder's Warehouse gets them in, too. As for the Trumpeter kit, I can't remember them all but the area under the front bonnet is not very detailed and there are some dimensional issues. It was a good start for the KA detail set. If Meng's kit is nice detailed and only needs the basic items, it will be worth the difference in price at least to me.
  8. Harold Bradford of Historic Racing Miniatures makes the best Daytona Coupe in 1/24th scale. It is lightyears ahead of anything that SMS, MFH, and Gunze ever offered.
  9. It is, as I had DHL send a box from HLJ from Japan to my front door in a day and half my time. I can get UPS parcels from Europe in the matter of a few days up to a week. Same goes for FedEx. USPS is unfortunately heavily reliant on commercial aircraft. It will be a long time before they catch up. The backlog from those packages are spewing over into the ones that would normally go via truck. Add in all the mail in ballots which require no less than three mailings (one to get the form, one to mail the ballot, and one to mail it back), all the political paper ads, the increase in mail ord
  10. It appears they updated some of the sheet as it does say a few pieces are now printed by Cartograf
  11. http://www.hobbydecal.com/detail.cgi?number=al32001v1
  12. DHL got a shipment from HLJ to my door in NC in a day and a half...
  13. Just from appearance, the only differences I can tell other than they are doing different subjects is that some of theirs appear to have the aircraft on whereas Quita has them off, but that isn't every case. It also appears that Red Fox is trying to match MRP paints. I haven't seen anything from Quinta showing what they are matching. I did order a couple of sets so I can say definitively when they get here.
  14. It is a 3D printer that uses a colored vinyl. Think of it like an old plotter that puts down tiny drops of the vinyl in layers. Whatever they use would be like a Stratasys’ Objet500 Connex3.
  15. You can get the Hobby Decal set directly from them still. They show "plenty" in stock. It is $35 total with shipping.
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