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  1. Well, this may or may not happen. My daughter is back in the hospital and with all the crazy stuff going on in the world it is overly complicating things. Luckily we have her next chemo scheduled. Hopefully the country won't rip itself apart by then.
  2. I just wonder how many of those assholes bought tylenol, thermometers, and gatorade/pedialyte as they are going to need that a lot more than TP. Curious what if anything will be left in my hometown after week get back on Monday from being at St Jude's all week. Everything was fine when we left....
  3. I have heard some factories have started back in China. However, given that, it will take months for them to get back going into full production so I would venture to say all of it won't be seen until well into summer.
  4. Just going to park this here. Won't be starting for a couple of weeks though.
  5. Wow, sorry to hear that. I really wish they had emailed all the pre-orders and kept them up to date. They did post on Facebook but should have went a bit further. Never had an issue with Freetime before. Sometimes their prices are better than anywhere and usually even ground is next day shipping which is why I go there. I have managed to get several Pontos sets from them for close to half off.
  6. Freetime has shipped theirs. Got mine yesterday. Other than the obvious issues due to molding limitations, it is a really nice kit. Will definitely figure a different way to do the lighting though and look forward to the Pontos set. There is also a few people working on furniture and details for the rooms that you can see.
  7. There is a huge museum in Pigeon Forge, TN, that draws quite the crowds. I know it was a huge tragedy, but I have never understood the cult like level some people are with it. Are there ones like that with the Hindenburg?
  8. I got a UPS tracking number from freetime. I had assumed they had them in, but I am beginning to think they made a whole bunch of labels for the orders anticipating that they were arriving today. Either way though, it isn't like I am going to start on it anytime soon. I am about four hours away from them so when it does ship, it will be close to overnight if they ship it early though.
  9. You must be using a coupon as it still says $429 when I go. Says in stock though so maybe they will ship the ship now.
  10. Free Time has their share and are shipping.
  11. I am so sorry to hear this. You definitely have put up the good fight. That's all one can ever ask. We have very little control in the end but alas that does not help much. If there is anything that we can do, please let us know.
  12. Stephens International is the distributor, MegaHobby is the online shop, and AAA Hobbies is the actual store you can go visit. It is all in the same building. You should go check it out.
  13. That is interesting as I have not had a problem with them before. I do remember they were in the process of moving. I am not sure if that is going on at the moment. They had a store front called Blue Ridge Hobbies if I am remembering correctly. From what I had heard they are closing that to just do online sales.
  14. Pontos is up there. I think as far as detail goes, Illini or however you spell it is the best, but Pontos has learned that Veteran Models makes great 3D parts and as such has added their good stuff to their sets. I had noticed that in a review. I would suspect that is to allow those that don't want to do LED the opportunity as it is much easier to drill than add.
  15. The detail set is by Pontos which is known for creating great sets albeit their instructions are not the best. I have several of their items and have slowly been using one Iowa set. You really have to study the photos and know the ship decently. I hope that Trumpeter helped them with that respect. Otherwise though it should be an incredible compliment.
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