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  1. It appears that the cutout for the rear landing gear does not line up perfectly on my example. That is the only issue I have seen so far. It appears they have taken some thought into the overall seam of the fuselage so this may not be a big issue once the hole is properly placed and sized.
  2. I just received my HpH C-47. I wouldn't have gotten it if I hadn't gotten a good deal on it. Almost as cheap as my Catalina. I haven't had a chance to look at the box yet so no pics. I also got a Trumpeter Su-25 and Academy F/A-18D earlier this week. I really love the Ukrainian digital camo and I had to get the Hornet once I found out about Furball's sheet that has the Oceania Russian scheme.
  3. I have watched almost all of his stuff. Not much of a YouTube lover for stuff in this hobby but I do watch Andy and Nigel quite often when I am able.
  4. Would this be similar to what Isracast did?
  5. Tamiya did not retool anything. They simply made new sprues for what was required. I highly recommend watching Andy's video on both the review and build of the Hummel and 2 part video on the Nashorn.
  6. All that sounds great. Been wanting to build a Myrtle Beach unit for quite some time. I used to watch them while on vacation growing up. They would make practice flights up and down US17. Not sure if they actually were making unarmed target runs or just following to the range in NC, but to see and hear them coming a few hundred feet off the highway was both breathtaking and scary.
  7. Saw another pic on line that shows a F-16 thunderchicken but I can't tell if it is the 1/32 or 1/48 kit. Judging by the size it looks like maybe the 1/32. Curious if it is a straight reissue or if it was updated if it is the 1/32.
  8. It is the Nashorn kit. Andy has already done a review of it. There are a couple of new sprues, but the majority is the Nashorn from a few years back.
  9. Once the package starts to leave New Zealand on its way to the US, that customs number will show up on the USPS website. There are very few packages that the USPS won't track if it has a customs number. Mine just popped up on their system today. Hopefully, within two weeks, I should have it. I would say they got bombarded and some of the larger boxes didn't make it out of the warehouse until the end.
  10. The Fokker E.III sold out early in the sale.
  11. I have several hundred kits, but I do look at it a bit different than most modelers. I do things as an investment. There has been so much stuff I have found for cheap because someone either just didn't want it anymore or they had no clue what they had. I have also bought several subjects just because I know they go up in value. About six years ago I got in a huge bind after a relationship break up. I ended up auctioning a small portion of my LeMans kits and got around $9,000. Some kits I had gotten early when the yen was low. Others I had gotten through trades. Overall I would say I made about $4,000 after accounting for what I originally spent. That's some good change. I know what some of you are thinking. That makes me a collector and I am part of the reason prices go so high. Well, I am a builder. I get every kit for the hope of eventually building it, but sometimes life as well as interests change. WnW kits have always been a good investment. Now that they are reissuing kits albeit in different schemes, the prices should come down a bit. I once saw a Albatros DV with the Bavarian markings go for almost $600 on fleaBay. Anyway, my point is pay $136ish on an AEG. Odds are it won't be issued again soon. Sure someone would pay $225-$250 or even more if you needed to sell it in a pinch.
  12. Not all kits were discounted. You may have gotten that. If you go into the shop it will show the discounted prices before it goes into the cart.
  13. Well the more you buy the more you save on shipping too. Just got some kits I don't have and some early Fokker to practice on. Hopefully the wife will not see the box. Definitely hope they are making room for new announcements. Will not mention what I spent so there is no record for the wife to see, lol.
  14. Would you rather have a new canopy? Ha, just now saw some others offer. Love this community.
  15. Love the paints. They are going to put a hurt on those that use Tamiya. BTW, make sure you go through and hand tighten each lid. I got some a few weeks ago that had loose lids and as a result, five jars leaked all over. Luckily it was confined to the set boxes. AK was great and sent replacements after I sent pics.
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