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  1. I ordered directly from them some time ago at least in two separate orders. Can't remember for sure if it was two or three. I had to email them, and they invoiced me. I love their punch sets. They are the best I have ever used. Their chopper is really nice and worth it compared to the others out there.
  2. There were some stationed in the Philippines. Not sure how much action they saw though.
  3. As has been typical over the past 8 months, it was just my wife and my daughter. Never really felt like Christmas as we never had a chance to even get in the spirit this year as the wife just got over Covid, and my daughter and myself had to stay away for almost two weeks. Right after my wife was able to return to work, one of the nurses there passed away from Covid. Horrible as they were allowed to get their vaccines this past week. We just barely had enough time to get stuff for dinner and never really had time to even think of anything else. Even though the last year has been so full o
  4. Have had a set for awhile as well. I love them. It really comes in hand getting small bits off the runners that could possibly be damaged by the double edge versions.
  5. I recently bought myself the Bentley Super 8 and already had the Pink Pig. I have debated on the 787B but if they ever do the 79 Porsche 935, I will hit buy minutes after they start selling.
  6. My mother was able to get hers last week and my wife gets hers tomorrow. My mother hasn't had any issues, but from what I hear it is those that have had Covid before as well as usually on the second shot that have any sort of side effect.
  7. Two things are going on right now. First, Sprue is in the middle of a massive warehouse expansion. That may be impacting their phone and email system. The second is USPS is pretty much in shambles with any packages. It is hit and miss but more misses than hits by a wide margin. I am still waiting on a package sent priority from Texas sent before Thanksgiving. I get some packages in days though. It has nothing to do with where they are sent from as I have had almost all the way across the US get here in three days and yet a package from the other side of the state take well over a week.
  8. Grex XGi3, TG, XA, and XN - these minus the XA use the exact same parts so I can use one set of 0.2-0.7 needles on them without any problems. They also have fan attachments which work really well for large areas like boat hulls. Badger Renegade Krome, Sotar 2020, and Patriot - these were all cheapy badger birthday purchases to use for various things, but I haven't touched them yet as the Grex have been my go to for everything.
  9. Anosmia is a common side affect of Covid but not everyone gets it. Covid is considered a lower respiratory infection as that is normally where it is found. For some people, it stays in the nasal passages and thus invade the odor receptor cells that transmit to the olfactory nerves. You still retain your sense of taste, but most people forget that taste is done by the tongue and only sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami. The "taste" that most people associate is actually you smelling what is in your mouth. When those odor receptors start to regenerate you can get all sorts of odd sensatio
  10. I have found Dawn to be the best thing to get baby crap out of clothes.
  11. From what I had heard awhile back it primarily has to do with the labeling since Tamiya USA is headquartered in Cali... Seems to be a running theme with anything Tamiya imports.
  12. PBS did a documentary already that aired early this year. It's worth watching. As for the RV camper thing, it is the town of Paradise itself. Not everything burned. Some residents didn't have a thing touched. If you know anything on how wildfire burns, you can follow a topological map and see there were some decently shielded spots. Anyway, since things were opened back up, the city council passed an ordinance on what was to be allowed in residential zones. Their reasoning from my understanding was to preserve some land/house value. One of the biggest issues with cities afte
  13. LOL, this kit is a prime example of what Tamiya has become. Some of it is nice quality but a big chunk is toy like. I am sure it fits nicely together, but I have Revell kits with better detail...
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