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  1. 5.1 at 0807 local time. It is the biggest earthquake in NC in over 100 years. The Appalachians are very old and the faults that run through here are very active but don't produce many upper end quakes mainly due to the geology of the region and the activity of lava flow because well there aren't any active volcanos over here. We have had well over 100 earthquakes this year which is normal. I am not sure which fault line it was on, possibly the Brevard which is the longest running one. On a side note though, Charleston typically sees one major quake every 200 years. It's been something like 225 years since the last one...
  2. Did it say in stock or available? Also, did it get sent priority or parcel/first class?
  3. "Mung" can be a variety of green beans similar to peas. It can also refer to something filthy or nasty. And lastly, it is a group of people from southeast Asia. Although that last one is spelt hmong, it is pronounced in certain parts the same as mung. So I would say pronouncing it meng would distinguish it from any of those definitions of mung... potayto, potahta
  4. Does this including a training plane used for other purposes?
  5. Supposedly the release date is Saturday
  6. One thing I have learned from some of the early iaf and idf history is that anything is possible. For the longest time it was said that no Israeli F-4E had a belly strap but I have at least a dozen pics saying otherwise so who knows. I do have a few more pics I am trying to find.
  7. Those three pics I just posted today are from those four during that delivery. I am not sure when 703 was sent. It more than likely was before those but there is no definite proof in anything I have seen. There are bits and pieces of stories scattered about including of some airframe sections sent that made for more unusual painted birds but I have yet to see pics of those.
  8. I am not sure which BuNo 703 is but it would be one of these. 158492, 158493, 158497, 158502, 158503, 159101, 159102, 159103, 159104, 159546, 159547, 159548, 159549, 159550, 159551, 159552, 159553, 159554, 159555 and 159556
  9. If I remember correctly those pics are post delivery and as they were redoing them which would explain the exhaust. I have some pics somewhere of them being repainted. The pics came from a Facebook group a couple years back. May have more, but will have to look later.
  10. There were a handful TA-4Js that were delivered in that scheme as they were former US Navy planes. A few photographs are out there, but they weren't in that scheme for very long. I will look for the pics I have.
  11. That is good to know. It then makes it possible to use solder balls. Might have to look into that and save my rivet decals.
  12. So would assume by your method that Trumpeter got the riveting pattern correct or mostly correct?
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