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  1. A good friend of mine works at that museum as a tour guide from time to time since he is retired now. It's a wonderful place and I think he enjoys it more so than the visitors, lol. Anyway, almost all the odd Luftwaffe project planes are full size originals. I think only a couple may be replicas, but I will have to ask. It's all owned by some rich guy who loves flying. There is a small airstrip next door to the museum that they use quite a lot. They also do several special functions during holidays. It's worth a trip if you ever in the Va Beach area.
  2. Thanks. I had bought everything but the zacto for the single seat. It was around $425 for it all which if I wasn't a fan of the A-10 and A-9, I wouldn't touch it albeit the Ukrainian digital scheme is so cool.
  3. What are the tan bits at the far left?
  4. For at least a couple of months
  5. I can print out the FSM article if you like. Just PM me your address and I will send it off this weekend.
  6. I sold a quarter once for $25 just to see. It was a brand new Georgia state quarter, lol.
  7. Last order I got from Lucky Model with the shipping discount took almost four months and by that time I was able to find the kits for cheaper shipped in the US, lol. Point is, we all have anecdotal stories about how we saved a few bucks. No need to make this thread a petermeter match.
  8. Well that is the cheapest I will probably get the new Gotha for some time...
  9. I received one as well. It is quite huge. I placed it next to my three month old and it was close to the same size.
  10. nichenson

    F-15B/D cockpit

    Someone can correct me if I am wrong but I am pretty sure one can somewhat combine the C and E to make a D albeit that is expensive and probably doesn't get the correct IPs.
  11. I rarely get upset over hobby stuff so any remarks didn't bother me. If I can afford it, I do plan on getting four sets along with three spines and two tanks to replace the two Sufa transkits, one Barak, and one for a Thunderbird. Will probably go through what I have this weekend and put a little bit on eBay.
  12. BTW, what I meant by the original question was the forward top fuselage, canopy, rear cockpit, etc as far as partswise only. I am sure that they will be top notch. I attempted that Kfir transkit. It is maybe 25% done. Required a ton of work.
  13. Really interested to see what you come up with. Isracast, especially the early stuff, has its limitations. I have a couple of their transkits. If you get a canopy I can easily deal with, I will be buying several of yours to replace those pieces.
  14. I read a paper that an evolutionary biologist wrote on why cleavage is like it is. He more or less summed up that basic animal instincts of attraction focus around the buttocks and since we are erect, breasts developed over "selective" breeding to become well... Never looked at it the same way myself after that.
  15. Most of my life has been studying criminology. I have been exposed to almost all the theories out there. There are some studies that do show that they are correlated but they cannot prove causation. Evan at that, the actual percentage of crime that can be correlated to those conditions is often low. Simply increasing equality and decreasing the amount of poverty has also shown little if any impact on crime. Almost everything though can be explained by a person's moral compass and decision making. No amount of money or equality affects those. It is cultural and self/community learned. BTW, doing attacks on people's grammar and opinions does little in the way of winning an argument.
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