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  1. From what I have gathered, it is the first class non-package items that go through a regional processing center capable of taking a pic and tagging it with your information. Only a handful of centers have that capability and not all 100% of the mail is able to be read by the machine. Some mail stays local too. A lot of handwritten stuff never gets picked up by the machine as well as those envelopes that have the window. On the plus side, USPS won't tell you this directly, but if your item has tracking, when the final delivery driver scans it for delivery, the hand machine also captures the GPS coordinates so they will know exactly where that driver was at the time of delivery.
  2. In the US it is $12 for shipping and they will notify you if there is a need to buy anything else. All the labor is free. http://www.badgerairbrush.com/Service-Supprt.asp
  3. Try that and if that doesn't work I suggest you call or email Badger. They can rebuild your airbrush for you.
  4. I was taught to use a vacuum chamber for your mold making after mixing but before pouring your rubber and a pressure pot for your casting resin.
  5. The price difference is probably more related to the initial work put in and not the casting material. The skin on the C-47 original is completely photoetch.
  6. Just don't tell the wife, lol. Quick question. Are the flaps down while it is parked? I can't find anything showing for sure. The ones that sit forever show they are down, but others have them up. If so, guess I will have to get the flap set. Does it appear to be worth it?
  7. I put a down payment on one from my "dealer" here. I was reluctant at first due to the issue on the F7F, but after seeing this, I am quite relieved. I know I won't get to it this year, but next year maybe. Definitely needs a nice star of David on the side.
  8. Someone a while back had asked about the IsraCast Kurnass conversion. Well, I finally had time to sit down with one and show what was included. First up is the adaptors for the Python 3 AA missiles. These are included in the current offering of the missiles. http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/isc32042.htm Next two pics feature the mount for the AIM 9 into one of the forward Sparrow sections. These are not currently available. The second pic also shows the refueling probe which is the same as the current offering. http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/isc32041.htm Next picture is of the short ALQ-119 which you can get from AMS resin albeit without decals. http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/ams32091.htm Here is a quick scan of the instructions. And finally, the included decals and reinforcement plates. Those plates would be super easy to make out of sheet plastic and a rivet punch. I hope this helps someone. I wish these were more available, but this goes to show you don't necessarily need it to make a Kurnass.
  9. Their 55 sale is a basic brush with the needle they have listed. You can buy extra needles if need be. If it is a gravity feed, it will come with a leather pouch. If it is a siphon it will come with a plastic bottle attachment and a zippered case. As for the lid, they are somewhat good and somewhat bad. You should always have a vent at the top so it will spill paint someway or another, but I do like that it doesn't spill a lot with the lid. I mainly use Grex, but I learned on Badger. They are decent brushes and good general purpose ones. I did order two airbrushes from them this go around as I intend on using one for primers only and the other for clears only.
  10. Everything should be easily worth what I paid. My only concern is the handle maker as the "clamps" are directly in line with a few of the steps. I'm not sure why they decided to do that. I have the UMM one as well which is a little better but not as well constructed. I may end up getting the Micro Mark one as it accommodates for that.
  11. The round items are aluminum rods which are used on the UMM roller tool. The long rectangular pieces are their sanding bars.
  12. You can buy a copy of that chart for something like $2 with an order. One did come with my book though. I really like their new line of paint. Very Tamiya quality paints but the proper shades. Tamiya has really missed out on this. My only complaint is that I wish you could order in the paint in large jars.
  13. Finally got some tools I have been wanting.
  14. Revell actually does fairly well at making automotive kits.
  15. He said in the comment above the last about a year to year and a half, maybe.
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