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  1. nichenson

    Tamiya F-16C Block 32 available again?

    I'll second that!
  2. nichenson

    WNW Albatros DV 'Richthofen'

    If you need any decals from the other kits, just let me know. I even have sets from the Jasta 5, too. Thank you for that very kind gesture.
  3. nichenson

    WNW Albatros DV 'Richthofen'

    If you aren't going to use the decals, I would gladly buy those from you.
  4. nichenson

    News for September 2018

    WooHoo! Glad they are doing the paper towel holder!
  5. nichenson

    Direct contact for Revell USA?

    I guess this is what happens when you have two companies with the same name in the same field of interest. Anyway, what molds that were stored in the US that were left over by Revell US have been bought by Atlantis. The NASCAR kits that were included in this were subsequently leased or sold to Salvino Models. If you look on the side of your kit box, it will give you an idea of where the kit was made. If it was made in the US, there might be a slim chance you will see it again sometime, but Atlantis does not have to honor anything Revell sold prior to the acquisition of the molds. Now, if it was made in China, the last that was stated was that Blitz has paid off any debt that was owed in China and has gained rights to the molds. I don't say ownership as in China the molds belong to China. If and when they start molding kits again of the US kits is in the air. I have however heard from a few dealers that some kits already scheduled or in production should start popping up again. As for any part, Blitz has no obligation to fill any parts request on Revell US items. Best bet is to see if someone has one or if the place you purchased it will do something.
  6. nichenson

    Kinetic 1/32 Kfir !!!!!

    There were rumors of Isradecal doing a resin conversion for the Italeri series. Who knows if we shall ever see it. They have stopped selling resin directly.
  7. nichenson

    Another 15% off on anything on eBay today!

    Top Studio is the best at detail sets for F1 kits. They don't make stand-alone kits, but they make in detail kits is just mind-blowing. I guess one can think of the Eduard Big Sin kits for Formula 1. I have several of their items in 1/20th and plan on getting the MP4/6 1/12th some day. Considering that most Model Factory Hiro kits in 1/12th go for $550-$600 for F1 and $600-$750 for others and they are the top tier, that detail set at around $400 is a steal as I do believe they get better detail than MFH. Speaking of MFH though, I was waiting on that coupon to show up and snagged the new 1/12th Pink Pig kit. That is my favorite of all time racers. As for Shunko, they should include the proper Marlboros and are Cartograf. If you just want the logos, Tabo (sp?) which is actually Studio27 makes a set.
  8. nichenson

    NEWS IN HpH !!!

    How close is the DC-3 to the R4D?
  9. nichenson

    Anti Drone

    The electric "rifle" actually shoots out in a wide beam overpowering any signal it would be receiving from a controller so it would even work on that one. The shotgun is probably armed with a shell that has a thin filament net. Those are only good for close range.
  10. nichenson

    Chattanooga 2019 convention

    I hope to be there albeit we will have a new addition to our family then that will be about 5 months old. We shall see. I am originally from TN, and I don't believe my wife has ever been to Chattanooga which is a reason I am using to go, lol.
  11. nichenson

    News for July 2018

    I can see where it might come in handy considering that many manufacturers in the aftermarket realm are going to digital-only instructions.
  12. nichenson

    News for July 2018

    When will you have the paper towel module?
  13. nichenson

    WNW Albatros DV 'Richthofen'

    Yep, and I was pointing out that just because they say they are for Roden's kits doesn't mean they don't plan on doing those particular planes as well.
  14. nichenson

    WNW Albatros DV 'Richthofen'

    If you look close, the instructions say as of April 2018 so that doesn't mean they won't ever make them.
  15. nichenson

    HKM To Re release the B-17G

    More than likely the molds were made to accept a plug that can be changed to do the E/F/early G and late G. This would create the odd patterns on the inside and the rivet problem on the E/F. If that plug is removed and the piece for the staggered opening is put back in, you have the late G again.