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  1. Good day, there are two material variants of gaspatch turnbuckles - resin and metal. Any advices about the pros and cons of these? Which one is better to use? Thank you in advance! - dutik
  2. You over there are lucky. The kit still is not available in Europe, also not at HLJ. Patience. Patience, little grashopper... Regards - dutik
  3. BTW, any news when the new short-nose Ki-45 "Nick" kit will hit the shelves? Regards - dutik
  4. It's a nothingburger. If I buy a Fokker kit at the hobbyshop I pay the same price and get a resin figure of Fat Herman for free. Not to forget I have it now, not after a few weeks... OK, that was it about reduced Weta-kits. Regards - dutik
  5. I don't believe it till it hits the shelves... Regards - dutik
  6. Simple question about the latest Dioramag issue: Which scale is the "Latest Eagle" diorama with the Ju-388? 1/35+1/32 or smaller scale? Regards - dutik
  7. BTW, how much is WNWs price tag for adding a resin figure compared to the previous Fokker D VII kits? Regards - dutik
  8. Same here with soviet style APCs. We had side windows/vision slits covered with bulletproof glass. 5-7 layers of thick glass sheets in a solid frame. The glass was never tinted, only thick clear glass, but showed a slight green tinting. Remember that armored glass is often a layer of uncoated glass sheets, so there is a good amount of refraction effects between each successive layer. Regards - dutik
  9. How is the small 1/32 scale Avia going on? THIS is a kit on my have-to list. Would be nice to get one at the Euro Modell Expo 2020 at Lingen/Germany... Regards - dutik proud owner of a Smolik SH-1 and an Albatros L-39
  10. Well, this is piano wire. Much harder than just plain steel wire. Any styrene will crumble away long before. No chance to push it into the correct position. As for the debonder - I use nitromethane, not acetone. Nitromethane is used to fuel RC engines or to boost full size combustion engines. Maybe I will be able to wrap seal the engine and col insides with Tamiya tape to apply some debonder. I ponder this option. Regards - dutik
  11. Dear friends, got some trouble with a near-completion LSP model: I misaligned the prop axle. I replaced the prop axle with piano wire and glued the prop with superglue onto the engine front. Well, I misaligned the prop axle. Problem: The whole model, also engine and prop are fully painted and wheatered. There is a spinner on top, it is sitting somewhat inside the cowling, so no room to use some kind of saw or nippers. And the axle is not of styrene, but of steel... Brute force is no option. Sawing/nipping is no option. Freezing is no option (the model is full of PE and other stuff, also painted). Maybe I am able to drop some debonder between spinner and engine? This means repainting of the engine, but hey... Any other ideas how to remove the prop/spinner assembly withput destroing the whole model? Regards - dutik
  12. Hmm, sorry, but this one is definitly quarterscale. You know, thouse asians are small people OK, OK, it IS an 32nd scale model. No doubt Is someone able to perform some face recognition of the designers? Just curious to know if this is Trumpeters A- or more someone of the D-to-Z-team OK, seriously now. Glad to see an Invader hit the shelves. Or two. Guess a counter-invader would be the most wanted version of them all. And someone from the AM companies will soon step up with a firebomber conversion. Just my 2 cents. Regards - dutik
  13. BTW, they show a lot of interesting stuff there: That's not a childrens toy - it's a flight simulator! And the control unit: Guess you know what this is: German too: Ruhrstahl Fritz X glide bomb: The rudder of the Letov S-16 that made a 12.000 km flight from Prague to Beijing, showing all the landing places en route: The fuselage of a Saro Cloud: Interesting story behind this: Used by Czech Airways before WW2. Scrapped, the fuselage used after the war as a houseboat for decades. So it survived and got recovered from the museums team. The L-159 ALCA light attack aircraft. See it in Iraq - or Prague. Your choice They even have a Gloster Meteor, a Yak-23, an Iskra, a Su-25, both czech made towed aerial targets KT-03 and KT-04, a wing and engine of a Skoda-Kauba SK 257 and much more. Not to mention the plethora of replicas of czech interwar aircraft. Added to my collection a good number of detail photos of the Letov S-2 (kit by HPH) and for other LSP kits in my stash. Enjoy! - dutik
  14. Wait till you see THIS The pink JS-2 is the gate guard. And the yellow and green "Armoredslidedevice 2000" above is part of the museums playground for children Otherwise all of the display items are properly painted in camo colors or factory finish. Regards - dutik
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