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  1. This is High end! No doubt about this. Incredible! Regards - dutik
  2. Got some stuff from Hannants: These are Czech prop logos for my Avia and Letov kits. Now someone has to bring up also an Avia BH -5, -10. -11 or else. HPH, are you listening? The AML set is a different story: Ordered one directly from AML in Czech, but got the night figther variant delivered. Same resin and PE parts, but different masks and decals. Emailed AML about this but never got a response. Hannants to the rescue: They delivered as ordered. Also got this bugger from Hannants: The Schertel-Sachsenberg fast attack project. Not exactly an aircraft, but a hydrofoil - so it moves fast through the air (at least the most parts of it) and has wings too I want to build it as some kind of steampunk aircraft - with a steam engine behind the cockpit and dragonfly wings. It just had got THAT aerodynamical look and shape that is hard to resist... Regards - dutik
  3. Was the new house an add-on or a giveaway? Congrats! My home is my castle. Always nice to have a place to your drums. And your LSP models Regards - dutik
  4. When I look at my own stash, I think: I am the hobbyist version of a prepper Regards - dutik
  5. If all the hobby shops finally go out of business due to Covid we just know where to buy new kits! Regards - dutik
  6. If I watch my stash I think I am the hobbyist version of a prepper... Regards - dutik
  7. These are good and bad news close together. Well, had some thougts about buying some Zacto stuff, but relegated it to after the crisis. Well, I will reconsider this. Would be a shame to miss some of the best Am stuff around and to loose a fine one-man-company too... ... Here? We are shutting down now. Planning wa for wednesday, but with the latest German ban for groups larger than 2 people we have to reconsider this. At least we will be ready to restart our business ASAP after the crisis - we are part of the health sector, so our work will be needed to take care of the people that remain health problems after making it through Covid disease. To add some fun: After the news of the more-than-two-people ban were spread I told my children to grab their stuff and leave our home. Sorry, kids, no more than two persons in one flat! Thats what the chancellor said Stay safe! - dutik
  8. Macchi?! Here, here! Me want! Waiting for news about this... - dutik
  9. Don't miss part two of this series: "German Aircraft Toilets" Duck and cover - dutik
  10. Reminds me about the good old days, when HIV was brandnew and everybodyon the OR talble without a negative screening test was considered to be HIV positive. LGBTs even with a negative screening test, due to the gap between infection and response. well, good old times: At least there was no risk of aerogen transmitted infection, except from spill of body fluids... Good luck, old friend! We are still in need of this. Regards - dutik
  11. Ordered WNWs Fokker D.VII. Well, looked for the "Early" variant, but it was sold, so I went for the "Hermann Meyer" kit as a compromise (I'm German, have some problems with the fat boy). Nevertheless, this one will be made into a Finnish one on skis. As for covid, thera are also good news: NYTimes reported that ISIS called it's jihadists not to travel to Europe during covid pandemia Well, we are prepared as prepared someone could be: food for 14 days, feed for our animals too, facemasks are ready (hey, we are modellers, we own facemasks for every day of modelling, don't you?), hand desinfection is here. Schools are closed now for 5 weeks. I have written a pandemia plan for our business facility back in February, I've contacted the health department last week to ask how to handle certain details, and the big brass is busy to come up with a replacement plan to substitute all the co-workers dropping out because of illness or simply to take care of their small children for the next weeks without school and kindergarten... We shall see. Live long and prosper! - dutik
  12. Well, owning both the Armada and the Aviacollectzia books about the La-9/11 I must confess there are no photos of multicolor camouflaged La's. The common variants are soviet grey allaround. Erly La-9s show a light grey underside with darker uppersides. Only exception from the "paint it grey" rule ar the wintertime ferryflights from the factory to the VVS airfields: Red colour overall for easy recognition in case of emergency landing elsewhere. Guess that was simply the primer coat, with the standard grey beeing applied after arrival at the VVS airfields. If you want some more color go for a chinese La - they have red and white striped rudders. Regards - dutik
  13. The drawback of HPHs move to styrene is that the little Avia BH-5 (iirc) is gone. No further mention of it, neither resin nor styrene. Lots of colorful marking choices, and they are so small that adding a second one to your cabinet is a sound option... Regards - dutik
  14. Loved Colonization, X-Com and Master of Orion II... - dutik
  15. Excellent build! Regards - dutik
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