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  1. Thank you, thats what the doctor has ordered! Time to think about how to hide it in a base. Regards - dutik
  2. Nice finding! Got hooked on the "fire/burning" effect for an aircraft crash Diorama. What is the size of the battery holder? Would be nice to know how to hide it into the base or elsewhere. 40cm cable might be a bit short for a large scale aircraft so careful plannig will be needed. Regards - dutik
  3. Have my references ready: Started to build the kit. First step was to wash the sprues; they were somewhat greasy. Not very common with SH kits, but this one was greasy. There are a lot of ejector pin marks, both sunken and raised. Even combined ones, with a sunken and a raised half. This kit is really festooned with ejector marks. Take your time to remove them carefully to achieve a good fit of the parts. At the moment attaching the larger parts (intake ducts, flaps and stuff) while waiting for the putty to dry: Regards - dutik
  4. Excellent! Best way to make a model! Regards - dutik
  5. A few images for the modellers building a La-9: Don't miss the auxillary iron sight. Upor, I guess you still know this: The tail wheel unit differs between the La-9 and La-11. Regards - dutik
  6. Some images from Armada's book about the La-9/La-11: A whole flight with Lavochkin logos: The RD prototype: Color profiles from the Armada book: It is some kind of stylized piston engine aircraft. The La-11 had the "La-11" inscription in form of a round badge. I have also the "Aviakolleczia" book about the La-9/11, but I am not able to find it at the moment. Regards! - dutik
  7. Had a look at your decals. White print on white sheet is hard to see. Question: Are there the white Lavochkin cowl logos on the decal sheet? They were common with La-9 fighters (La-11 had a different cowl logo in black). Regards - dutik
  8. And now the promised large non LSP stuff. I am a Falcon without wings Flying here and there and everwhere. Who am I? Of course - the Millennium falcon Two excellent 1/72 Blinder and Backfire: When every aircraft was a VTOL aircraft: Crocodiles have wings too: Both build by a teammate of mine. I've got wings too! Very interesting critter. Hydrofoil fast attack project of the Third Reich. It never materialised, but a line of more conventional both civil and military hydrofoils. 1/35 scale, MicroMir. And a very large model: I'm a baaaaaaaaaaaaad brother! Bismarck/Tirpitz type twin 38cm turret for a coastal battery in Denmark. scratchbuild 1/35. A Gneisenau type triple 28cm turret is in the making at Schatton Modellbau from Germany. I ordered one. Two were actually deployed in Norway, after WW2 used by Norwegian army up into the sixties. Something tiny: 1/350 scale. Check out the painted sailor figures!!! Last but not least one for our US readers: United we stand! Thats it from the Euro Model Expo. Kind regards - dutik
  9. Last batch of LSP photos: Here comes the Specia Hobby booth: The other vendors were not that happy with the presence of noth Special Hobby and Eduard, both offering discount on their lines. Hard to compete for a vendor. More stuff from modellers: This is a nice one. Th old Revell kit. Build a decade ago, repainted last year. Looks like a 110, no doubt. Well, there was anohter modeller with 4 Mirages on display, a mix of Mirages, Daggers and Neshers, one in Ecuadorian livery. Was not able to take photos because my camera accu went down. I know him from other shows, his Mirages are wonderful. Now he is waiting for the release of the Mirage 2000. BTW, had a conversation with master modeller Christian Gerard. He also had his trouble with Italeries Mirage kit. Opaque canopy, bad fit, lackluster details. Well, now I am somewhat glad, that my stalled Mirage build is not totally my fault... Ever seen a large scale Blenheim? Paper kit. At least a paper kit of this aircraft. Last one is a real gem: Scratchbuild by Chloe from Wiener Modellbau Manfaktur (Vienna modelling manufactory) . Yes, 1/32 scale. Well, that was my colletion of LAP planes. Will add next a bunch of large models that are not large scale but still large. If you want to see the bulk of aircraft models from EME just take a look at Miniarts file. The makers of the Flettner Kolibri kits. They attend the EME every year with a large display of their line. And they took a loooooooot of images of the models there. Enjoy! - dutik
  10. This is not the end, beautiful friend This is not the end, my only friend, not yet the end... Can you picture what will be, so limitless and free Desperately in need, of some, stranger's hand In a desperate land? - dutik
  11. More aircraft models: Forgot to ask if this is HKM or WNW. Front turret was very opaque. What a pity. Otherwise a nice build. Enjoy! - dutik
  12. A short Junkers J.1 special. Remember that WNWs J.1 was their very first kit. It had some flaws. The second kit too, but from the 3rd kit onwards WNWs kits are setting the stanhdard for large scale kits. Here I want to point out to some small corrections to add details that were missed by WNW. Of course you know of the aileron/rivet head issue. They also missed 3 filler caps - behind the engine at on top of the wing: This particular aircraft had a spinner in reality. Another detail WNW missed. Also check the style of the Balkenkreuz: This is the correct one for this particular painting option. WNW got this wrong in the instructions. The crosses of the other painting options are correct! Please take note: The filler cap at the wing is a little bit off the centre line! The modeller did his research well. So take care of the filler caps for all your J.1 builds and the markings and spinner of this particular aircraft. - dutik
  13. More LSP photos: Regards - dutik
  14. Copper State Models from Latvia was there with the range of products: Didn't take photos of the quarterscale kits because they are not my focus. But here is CSMs own build-up Lanchester armored car: Next post: More LSP models from all around the show. Stay tuned - dutik
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