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  1. Great, given that Cammetts E.377 went out of production years ago. Looks simple and well buildable, where the Cammett kit had some issues (major parts were made from different materials with different shrinking properties...). But I don't see the trolley, which is IMHO a must-have for that kind of model. Will the trolley follow as a separate kit or are the modelers on their own regarding this? Regards - dutik
  2. More Me-262 photos. This is a mockup using salvaged original parts and some rebuilds. Now I have my head and my camera inside the main wheel bay. Not the common drill in most museums, and not a common experience for most modellers Leaving the 262 and going back to the Junkers F-13 replica: That grid behind the window is just the reflection of the visitors pedestal, not a part of the aircraft. These are photos from my trip to Rechlin in 2014. if you watch closely you will see that they moved the aircraft into other rooms. Much better rooms I can say. more to come. Enjoy! - dutik
  3. If you go with an open bomb bay then I strongly recommend Eduards bomb bay PE set. Eduards set adds superb inner door shells with all that large holes there, plus some more useful and visible items. Regards - dutik
  4. Two cockpit photos of a real He-162: And the R4M missle rack of a Me-262: I guess the screw terminals are modern ones But I like that the wiring is shown. The 262 is a mock-up using orignal parts. Fuselage front and some UC parts are original. This is also the only 262 where you are allowed to stick your head into the UC bays. Normally are these kind of exhibits strictly fenced in like this one in Prague (yes, this is a real one): Regards - dutik
  5. Junkers D.1 fighter replica, formerly located at Gatow Luftwaffen museum. This radioctive warnig tag was definitly not provided by Junkers More Junkers: F-13 replica. Fuel gauge and lifting handle at the tail: I have more f-13 photos somewhere from the trip before. will show them too. Coming soon: He-162 and some Me-262 stuff. Enjoy - dutik
  6. Beside the upcoming engine walkaround for the B├╝cker 131: what other stuff are you interested in? I have another Fokker D.VII walkaround, with full Lozenge outfit, some UC bay shots of a Bf-109 G, the UC of a Mig-23 plus some more details, Arado 234 cockpit replica, the He-162 cockpit, missle racks of a Me-262, a BMW-132, a lot of photos of the Gotha Go-60 replica and some bits and pieces licke He-162 bang seat, ETC for a 109, small stuff. Any preferences? Regards - dutik
  7. DFS-230 assault glider replica: Could be some kind of help to detail Broncos assault glider kit. The barbed wire was a unique feature of the Eben Emanel assault, used to shorten the landing distance further than by using the brake parachute only. There was not a lot of space on top of the fortress and a veritable slope behind the edges ot the top plateau. A makeshift solution that worked well. I have darkened the photos somewhat to make the details better visible. The natural color of the glider is a bit lighter. Enjoy - dutik
  8. Photos of a strip down Fokker D.VII replica: ... Preview of Mengs new Dr.1 kit And an Etrich Taube: Enjoy! - dutik
  9. dutik


    Parking backwards is always difficult... Regards - dutik
  10. Sure it has. Wings, tailplanes, struts, U/C, engine, guns, seat, controls... ... Well, given Mengs nice Komet this shall be another winner Regards - dutik
  11. Yes. The one that was at the Deutsches Technikmseum in Berlin. It's just borrowed for exhibition, but the Rechlin museum collects money to buy it. This is an original He-162, captured by the British Army in Germany, then on exhibition in Canada, later owned by a British, now back in Germany. Hm, wasn't aware until very now that this is the real one. Thought it was just another replica. Interesting. Didn't take photos, because I have a lot of references at hand. Well, If Ihad known this before the visit I still would have crawled under the fuselage to take some photos of the UC bay and other parts... I remember that I saw this one years ago in Berlin. The only photo from my Rechlin visit just for you: Regards - dutik
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