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  1. Looks like the idea to solve the issue is to thin down the upper and lower vertical lip of the cover from the outside to scale thickness. Then rebuild the small bulges if neccessary. Maybe to add before some styrene from inside of the lip to avoid breaking whilke sanding. Finally fill the remaining gap at the front (between lower and upper fin) with styrene and putty. Maybe this might work. Regards - dutik
  2. Good job so far Did you consider to take part in the just started "Out of Africa" GB with this build? You are welcome! Regards - dutik
  3. Well, that stabilizer issue should never had happened given the pricetag of this kit. And the reputation of the manufacturer. You are loosing your face, Zoukai Moura. Regards - dutik
  4. BMF+anodized aluminium paint looks like the deal. Regards - dutik
  5. It's some kind of magic. Indeed! Regards - dutik
  6. Have one in the stash too. Got it for a few cent less than 70 Euros, so I guess this is a good price, giiven the sheer mass of resin. The surface of my kit does not look too bad either: Parts fit? We shall see. All of my bullet shaped resin fuselages had some fit problems between the large parts, i. e. different diameters. Sometimes you need more or less sanding, sometimes a disk of styrene between the parts does the trick to achieve a smooth transition. Nice and clean work so far! Hope to see this one live at Lingen next year! Regards - dutik
  7. Improved the front gear bay. There are shallow pipes and other stuff (molding limitations). Simply added some wire on top of every line to achieve a more 3D look. Added a bit of aluminium paint and a wash. The front gear bay is really deep and has only a small opening, so this should be enough for a busy look. Got more AM parts: Proper resin wheels and a pitot tube. also a batch of Real color paints to choose from for the paintjob. Now I have a pure green (radome), Russian light blue, a brownish/beige sand color and a camouflage green. Still looking for a proper greenish dark brown. We shall see. Regards - dutik
  8. I have fulfilled a desire and ordered a fistful of Reskit sets as well as other AM stuff: Just to be prepared for more "Out of Afrika" GB builds. Regards - dutik
  9. FYI - The largest remaining part of the Dora gun is here: This are the two last remaining railway wagons of the Dora train. Two formerly climatized cartridge handling wagons. The gunpowder load was tempered to achieve consistent ballistic results when shooting. Both wagos had a crane rail at the ceiling that could be connecteted to other wagons and to the gun to move cartriges and projectiles ahead. The wagons served after the war as repair train wagons for the Czech railway. Now located in Czech Republic army museum at Lesany. Enjoy! - dutik
  10. What a shame! Thing about the great boxtop artwork he'd have provided! Each box a small Sixtina Chapel by itself Regards - dutik
  11. Ouch! Just realised how busy are the Chengdus landing gear bays. Time for some serious detailing work Regards - dutik
  12. It is never too late for a happy childhood. Regards - dutik
  13. First pics of glued styrene: Aftermarket parts from my stash: Also placed today an order for more useful AM stuff: Master pitot tube (Mig-21SM type) and weighted wheels (mid generation Mig-21) from Armory. That's it so far what is available for the Chengdus. Also a bucket load of paints. Not sure which are the right colours, so I ordered two different tones each of underside blue, sand, brown and green, as well as a bright green for the radome. We shall see which ones will fit best. Regards - dutik
  14. Just as the proverb says: You get what you pay for But nothing to keep away a determined modeller from building a good looking model. Stunning paint job Regards - dutik
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