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  1. dutik

    Air Museum Wernigerode / Germany

    Now something quite unique: A HAL HF 24 Marut. The only one on display outside India. Details: Sorry for somwhat blurry images. Forgot my camera and had to go with my wifes smartphone... Regards - dutik
  2. Hi, folks! Had a trip to the aircraft museum at Wernigerode in Germany, which holds a nice collection of aircraft from different eras. Some of them are still airworthy. Some of them unique for European and Conus museums. Very unique Took a number of photos I want to share with you. Could be useful for one of your builds or another. Lets start with an aircraft we got a large scale styren kit of just this year. ICM made the Bücker 131 - here we have a look under the skin More to come! Enjoy - dutik
  3. dutik

    MiG-23ML in Angola

    Impressive paintjob Regards - dutik
  4. Want to buy some money to pay my bills, and some canned modelling time to finish one kit or two from the evergrowing stash. Not to forget some timber to secure the stash from tipping over. Regards - dutik
  5. dutik

    WNW Junkers D.1

    Very nice one! Regards - dutik
  6. dutik

    Make the others jealous

    Extra part simply dropped into the pit. Everything is just dry-fitted after unwrapping the kit, no glue used. Didn't care too much about the placement of the finer details Regards - dutik
  7. Well, this one is a nice litle resin kit, indeed. Good fit, good surface details, lacking in the cockpit, but no hassle with the wheel wells - this one had a fixed undercarriage. The intake is empty too. I made my own intake duct using a rolled sheet of paper to get the right shape, then using it as a template for cutting some styrene.Looks fine. At least one more photo: Enjoy! - dutik
  8. dutik

    Make the others jealous

    Large enough to accomodate a Bf-109, if you remove the inner compartment walls. Regards - dutik
  9. dutik

    Make the others jealous

    Still lacking time to build models. But there is always time to buy new kits to ....errrr - collect them Something very large and heavy these days: An Atlantic wall bunker. For size comparision: These are 34x34 cm, or 14x14 inches. This ist the Longues-sur-Mer battery, or at least one of the gun bunkers in 1/35. Made by Masterpiece Models in resin. There is also a fully detailled 15 cm Torpedobootskanone gun with full shields includet. Nice (and heavy!!!) kit. FYI: Four hundred meters to the east is the site of the advanced RAF Airstrip B11 that was used from June 21st until the 4th of September. 125 Wing operated from here and included several foreign pilots including the French Ace Pierre Closterman. Regards - dutik
  10. It got a new task: Gathering dust on the shelf... Any modelling activities stalled last year due to job related overwork. Was only this year capable to re-start at least the Texan build. Anything else is still on hold. Regards - dutik
  11. Was this the variant made in resin by Loon/Ozmods or the one by Radub? Regards - dutik
  12. dutik

    1/32 He-162 Salamander

    Did it. I merged this build with my Cammett Arado E-377 Mistel-5 build linked at my signature. It got a V-tail Saved some parts not used for the buttoned-up aircraft (wheelbay f. e.) to be used another day at another build. Regards - dutik
  13. Modelling stalled last summer due to real life workload. Was not able to finish a single build last year... Resumed modelling this year. Want to finish at least the Biafran Texan, so everything else is on the backburner. Regards - dutik
  14. dutik

    D-Day June 6 1944

    The Longest Day forever. Semper fi! - dutik
  15. dutik

    Make the others jealous

    Finally it hit the German modelling stores: You know this one, no further introduction required. Also grabbed some brass from a sale: Last but not least I crashed my modelling budget by ordering a dwarf from Russia. Well, he is 90 millimetres tall and comes with an engraved styrene socket, a large resin base and some kind of dog as companion... Regards - dutik