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  1. dutik

    Make the others jealous

    'cause I am such a nice guy , and SWMBO came to the opinion that I am taking a real lot of pictures (modelling and military museums related) my Xmas present was this beautiful toy: Pentax K-70 with 18-50mm zoom. Well, I had a reflex camera with Pentax bajonet back in the days when taking photos was related to negative film, so I own still some lenses with Pentax bajonet, even one ready for AF cameras. So Pentax was the choice. Special feature: The K-70 is dust- and wheaterproof. The right tool to stroll around open air displays collecting photos for your next modelling project Regards - dutik
  2. dutik

    Make the others jealous

    Just one word in reply: HAL-lo! - dutik
  3. dutik

    Make the others jealous

    Fellows, these are all the images I have. Beside the group photo with 120 peole in front of the Eurofighter. The EF is still a military high tech, deployed in a security area inside the military area. It is prohibited to take images in this area. The technicians checked first that nobody had a smartphone in his hand before he removed the intake covers and opened up some other hatches. Part of the tech is still top secret, f. e. the inner shape of the intake duct. Well, at least I had a peek inside, but no photos allowed. The commodore himself granted us permission for a group photo in front of a operational EF inside the security area. Even this permission by the commodore was so highly uncommon that the technichians called back to the staff to make sure this was true. So - no more photos. Sorry, guys, but I respect orders in military security areas. Part because I am used to this, part because I don't want to bring someone ele into troubles; like the technicians. But I want to tell you something more modelling related. Just in case you want to build your own EF model: - Big surprise: The trailing edges of the wings are not thin. No need to sand them down on your model. The real deal has a thickness of an inch/3 cm. The leading edge is also very blunt. - Surface is very smooth. Also paneel lines are barely visible. - Gun port is in the right wingroot and faired over. No hole here - the cover will be shattered by the first round. - No conventional pitot tube. There is a set of 4 vanes under the nose (hidden by the red covers that make the EF smile ). Each vane is trapezoidal in shape and made of stainless steel (left unpainted). The outer rim of each one is a small tube that acts as a pitot. BTW - the vans are heated for de-icing. Don't touch them after landing - they will burn your fingers. - Central fuel port is in the left wingroot. - The horizontal platform behind the canard/below the greenhouse (they are at both sides) are antennas. And the double up as walkways for the pilot(s) in case there is no external ladder at hand and the retractable ladder of the EF (its at the left side) comes to use. Yes, you can stand on these antennas. - Watch the position of the intake ramps when on the ground with power off. The droop. Sorry, no cockpit photos. Because this is an operational aircraft they left the the cockpit closed to avoid to have to search for debris or small items that might have fallen into the cockpit. To much reflections from the canopy for photos. Good news: I will try to visit the wing next year again with a small visitor group. Then we may visit the tower and the flight simulator too. Anybody in need for images from inside of a russian nuclear reactor? At least I have some of these of my own Regards - dutik
  4. dutik

    Paul Fisher Fire Relief - GoFundMe

    Donated. Best wishes to Paul and his family! Well, the news about the fires and the total destruction of Paradise were so far away from Germany - but now I am aware that I know a real person from there. Did business with Paul in the past. Truly amazing. The world is a global village, indeed. Regards - dutik
  5. dutik

    Make the others jealous

    Saved my money and visited the Eurofighter at the Luftwaffengeschwader in Laage/Germany. Also got free breakfast and free lunch, a 90-minutes long briefing by the Commodore and a walk-around guidet by a technical officer. Also some coverings got removed and the gunbay opened, while other Eurofighters were taxiing around the shelter. Yep, we got permission for some photos inside the shelter Finally we watched from 50 metres away the pre-flight check and leaving of the shelter of another Eurofighter. Was a nice day, indeed Regards - dutik
  6. dutik

    Air Museum Wernigerode / Germany

    Stuff for sale. If interested contact the museum staff. Bang seat from a T-33. 1750 Euro: No connection to the seller. More to come. Regards - dutik
  7. dutik

    Air Museum Wernigerode / Germany

    More stuff as promised. F-104 Starfighter. Guess there are enough walk arouns with exterior images, so I focused on the radar and the emergency power unit. Enjoy! - dutik
  8. CRS Syndrom at work. Must be best practice for the USAF. Who could expect a landfall? Naaa. Andrew 1992. Cat 5 over dry ground. And the list of his girlfriends too. 'Nuff said. - dutik
  9. dutik

    Air Museum Wernigerode / Germany

    Paid a second visit. More images on the way for you! Teaser: Su-30 model, 1:32 Enjoy! - dutik
  10. dutik

    Air Museum Wernigerode / Germany

    Last call! Any interest? - dutik
  11. dutik

    Air Museum Wernigerode / Germany

    Fellows, I'll try to visit the museum again within the next weeks - with a working camera Are you looking for images of some of their aircraft, or special detail shots? Linky - the button "Einblicke" on top opens the gallery of the hangars. I am there for a round trip across the Harz mountains with other GT86/BRZ/Scion drivers A visit at the museum before driving home is on shedule. Regards - dutik
  12. dutik

    Make the others jealous

    Something special from Hannants at HALF price: Pretty ugly beast the size of a small aircraft. So heavy that it could had to be towed by a Mig-15. Challenging kit: You have to build an inner square core and glue a skin formed by large PE parts onto this, then add the details... We shall see. Regards - dutik
  13. dutik

    Air Museum Wernigerode / Germany

    Another special item: The IP of a U-2 in the making. This is the mock-up for the U-2 cockpit used in the Steven Spielberg movie "Bridge of Spies", starring Tom Hanks. The final version is property of Steven Spielberg. The cockpit replica was made by the museum staff. There is also a real pressure suit as used by U-2 pilots too: And now for something completly different: Bf-108 (french or spanish license build). Enjoy - dutik
  14. dutik

    Air Museum Wernigerode / Germany

    More images. Here is a BAC Jet Provost once piloted be a very prominent flight student: Prince Charles. A Gina. They have two. Added two shots of the shotgun for those of us building the Gina kit. Yes, it is out of focus, but maybe useful too. Dashboard: A Swiss recce Mirage: Enjoy! - dutik
  15. dutik

    Air Museum Wernigerode / Germany

    Yes. The Dora variant is available, also a good number of AM parts. The Berta variant is still to be released. Regards - dutik