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  1. Hmm, sorry, but this one is definitly quarterscale. You know, thouse asians are small people OK, OK, it IS an 32nd scale model. No doubt Is someone able to perform some face recognition of the designers? Just curious to know if this is Trumpeters A- or more someone of the D-to-Z-team OK, seriously now. Glad to see an Invader hit the shelves. Or two. Guess a counter-invader would be the most wanted version of them all. And someone from the AM companies will soon step up with a firebomber conversion. Just my 2 cents. Regards - dutik
  2. BTW, they show a lot of interesting stuff there: That's not a childrens toy - it's a flight simulator! And the control unit: Guess you know what this is: German too: Ruhrstahl Fritz X glide bomb: The rudder of the Letov S-16 that made a 12.000 km flight from Prague to Beijing, showing all the landing places en route: The fuselage of a Saro Cloud: Interesting story behind this: Used by Czech Airways before WW2. Scrapped, the fuselage used after the war as a houseboat for decades. So it survived and got recovered from the museums team. The L-159 ALCA light attack aircraft. See it in Iraq - or Prague. Your choice They even have a Gloster Meteor, a Yak-23, an Iskra, a Su-25, both czech made towed aerial targets KT-03 and KT-04, a wing and engine of a Skoda-Kauba SK 257 and much more. Not to mention the plethora of replicas of czech interwar aircraft. Added to my collection a good number of detail photos of the Letov S-2 (kit by HPH) and for other LSP kits in my stash. Enjoy! - dutik
  3. Wait till you see THIS The pink JS-2 is the gate guard. And the yellow and green "Armoredslidedevice 2000" above is part of the museums playground for children Otherwise all of the display items are properly painted in camo colors or factory finish. Regards - dutik
  4. I see, under the tail. Thank you and f5guy for clarification! - dutik
  5. Where are the counterweights located? Meanwhile an old warrior resting in peace: Former South Vietnamese AF, then VAF, now at Praha-Kbely. Regards - dutik
  6. Went to Prague for vacation. You know, Bohemian beer, like Pilsner Urquell, Kosel, Gambrinus and Budweiser, in the morning and the afternoon, not to forget in the evening (it was very hot these days, an the doctor said: Drink a lot! ), Bohemian cuisine, all that stuff. Oh, I also had a field day at both the Army Museum at Lesany (boy, hard to find place!) in the morning and the aircraft museum at Praha-Kbely in the afternoon Followed by some beers in the evening . The famous pink tank from Lesany. They have a vast collection of military stuff, mostly guns, AA too, and the only 8,8 Flak 41 in Europe (or was it the only one in the world?), and tanks, but also 3 aircraft: An Avia BH-10 and two Tu-143. Also two railway ammo cars of the Dora gun And then Kbely: Kbely is stunnig. A number of hangars by period, outdoor displays and down the road the old hangars of the Aero factory containing the bomber collection. Anything the Cech AF used, a number of foreign aircraft too, airliners and a spaceship. The only place to see a S-199 and CS-199 together, both a Me-262 single- and doubleseater, an Il-2 and Il-10 and much more stuff. The old Aero factory hangar: And the entry is for free at both places! If you are ever in Czech - don't miss it Regards - dutik p.s. Did I mention the bohemian beer...?
  7. Well, I found it Monday in the mail pile that had accumulated during vacation. It's a gem. Hope you will get your copy soon Regards - dutik
  8. I've got printed Well, not the whole book. But there is a fistful of my photos inside Regards - dutik
  9. Great news! Where to buy? Hope they have a working online store or a distributor. If only via Facebook they lost a potential customer. Regards - dutik
  10. Quite right. A missed opportunity. But the past will not change until you are able to handle an Infinity gauntlet Regards - dutik
  11. A trip to Shizuoka would solve that matter Does a full size submarine count? Not to forget the elephant in the room: Fine Scale Modeller featured some time a winter diorama with Tristars Storch, a halftrack (Trumpy, iirc) and a russian hut. It happens, but not that often Regards - dutik
  12. What for is it? Airbrushing? A bit unconventional, but if it fits the bill... Most people prefere compressors over storing compressed air bottles in the house. During my service in the Army there was an oxygen bottle passing through a garage wall made from reinforced concrete slabs. At least no one got harmed, except afterwards when the sergeant mayor kicked some butts (not my one ). Since them I thread pressurized bottles with due respect Regards - dutik
  13. Hooo-Woooow! Yippee! Great move, MiniArt! Folks, if you are not happy with the 1/35th scale there is an easy fix: Brush one ore two more coats of paint onto your kit - and you have got your 1/32 scale replica Duck and cover - dutik
  14. Really nice looking model! Regards - dutik
  15. Thank you, thats what the doctor has ordered! Time to think about how to hide it in a base. Regards - dutik
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