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  1. Applied filters (different grrens and a brown around the sideskirts) and a pinwash: Without flash: Regards - dutik
  2. Perseverance... I hate painting trousers. The upright running fabric folds make it very challenging to paint lights and shadows. Not really my cup of tea... Regards - dutik
  3. Our rocket scientists coming to life: Still in need of some paint, but you might get the idea. Regards - dutik
  4. WW2 and/or modern? Guns only or missles too? Regards - dutik
  5. Looks nice! Does it also smell like a new car? Regards - dutik
  6. Some goodies from Pastor John have arrived: Bf-110 G2/R2 with 3,7cm BK (aka "Have BIG GUN will travel") (yes, both vacu and resin canopy) two sets of Ju-88 tail wheel bays I-153 bracing wires Fw-190 UC decals Me-262 decals Regards - dutik
  7. Wingspan 4 is out. Recieved my copy from Canfora last week: Great builds as usual. HPHs C-47. Some jets, some props, a WNW Fe.2b, and someone wrestled with Hobbycrafts P-51 A Mustang. In the end he was happy to get the colors right without attempting to correct too much details Regards - dutik
  8. ... Our technicians got the fuselage closed. Fit was OK after some sanding here and there, but some putty needed along the seam. I drilled a hole into the bottom to fill it with some superglue and filler to prevent cracking off of the fuselage seams. Proven drill. Of course the fuselage leaked like a sieve - at some seams and aft along the exhaust insert. The whole working table got drenched with superglue puddles, I'v glued some fingers together - proven drill, as usual After some sanding and polishing I completed the cockpit interior. Now look at this:
  9. Sorry, i am not into manned space flight, at least at the moment. Sputnik-3 and a Luna are in the stash. I'd like to build the Lunochod too, but it has fiddly all-PE tires. Hasegawa has two satelit models too, in styrene. We shall see... This Sputnik kit is just the equivalent of a "cute" kit. Low parts count, round shape, easy to paint. A speed build, compared to my ongoing Natter and the KT-03 target. It is surprisingly large with this 4 unfolded antennas! And prone to breaking. I have ordered a wooden base to store it secure. I guess I will add an image of the surface of the ear
  10. You are right! Wasn't aware of this. So it is the first man made object placed into an orbit. The Germans had an habit to exploit higher spaces. During WW1 the Paris gun hurled its shells 40 kms (25 miles high into stratosphere to achieve a range of 120 kms en route to Paris They even had to make deflection shots to hit Paris because good old planet Earth moved a good bit while the shell was underway... For the V2 our genuine expert is LSP_K2. No need here to mingle with his business Of course I could build a 1/33 scale R-7 rocket, card model kit, but I am not in need
  11. Which peasants? Here are only rocket scientists wearing regional fashion. When in Austria behave as an Austrian! Ordered some grass and flowers for the camouflage of the workspace. You never have enough flowers in a rocket research facility. Regards - dutik
  12. Beep! Beep! Red Iron Model from Russia. Who am I? The very first man-made object in space: The Sputnik-1 6 parts and 4 antenna rods. Carbon rods. I doubt that the Russians used any carbon for this but I did Still in need for some paint. One of the antenna mounts got damaged during cleanup. Had to add a litte bit of putty, so I have to wait a day before I can add primer and paint. Enjoy! - dutik
  13. Hi there! This will be the launch pad for my large scale spacecraft. Mostly unmanned so far. Enjoy! - dutik
  14. And here are the bezels for the dashboard (plus some spare ): Airscale: Jet instruments, bezels, early Soviet jet instruments. Nice stuff! Regards - dutik
  15. Airscale: Jet instruments, bezels, early Soviet jet instruments. Nice stuff! Regards - dutik
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