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  1. All of the above and Panfilov's 28 man - great battle szenes with tanks and a Stuka Ivan's childhood - full of poetry, if you ever can say this about a war movie Come and see - graphic, shocking and cruel about what happened to civilians in WW2, but very impressive in his own way Regards - dutik
  2. Just the pure necessities, plus a fistful of styrene strips, and a hundred bucks are gone... Regards - dutik
  3. Congratulations, it's a fuselage: Front is facing to the right, rear to the left. Thats it for the next days. All the etched lines have to be covered with triangular profiles, but these profiles are not provided with the kit. Not very professional, Profimodeller I've ordered a fistful of styrene profiles from Ebay, but delivery might take two days or three. Also ordered square profiles of different size as inserts for wings and rudder. There are PE parts for the wing ribs, which are OK, but I want to use something more solid to get the wings straight and even. Meanwhi
  4. It worked. Had a look at your new homepage and it worked fine Regards - dutik
  5. Take your time and dryfit, dryfit, dryfit. Had to sand off a bit here and to shim with strip styrene there. Added some substatial styrene strips behind the wingroots. The original resin strips are much to week to support the wings. Also added spacers and bulkheads where the furselage sides tended to bent inwards. Nonwithstandig all the dry fittting I had to partially cut off one PE sheet to sand down the frame underneath. And the top sheet does not fit. There is somewhere a bend into my build. Have to think about how to fix this to get the fuselage closed. The companies name "Profimodeller" ha
  6. Here we go: Just the upper runs. Track skirts follow soon. I'll keep wheels and lower track runs off to easy painting. Track links are illfitting around the drive sprockets. The horn is to long and has to be sanded down as far as possible without completly eleminating the upper crossbar. The outer rim of rubber pads of the links interferes with the inner rim of the drive sprockest. Just cut off a bit of the edge of the rubber pads. Fit of the idler wheel to the axle is a bit wobbly. Watch for alignment while the glue cures. Thats it so far. Used the tr
  7. Just plain PE sheets, some resin strips and metal rods. Feels like building a paper model. A number of flat parts to be formed into something threedimensional... The central cage is the very core of the whole thing. Take your time to get it right-angled ans square in all directions, or otherwise the whole fuselage will become crooked forever. The outer shell are just 4 large PE pieces, so there is no way to correct bent shapes with some putty and paint. I diverted from the instructions that want you to build the fuselage frame first. But there are no alignment pins or other su
  8. Cyberhobby. Building Eduards cockpit is a PITA. Regards - dutik
  9. Shapeways is your friend Look at all that wonderful 3D printed LSPs here: Avro Lincoln, Bf-109Z, Hs 748 AWACS, Pucara, Boeing 737/P-8A Poseidon, Hawker Siddeley Andover, just to name a few. Saw also a 1/35 Mil Mi-6 some years ago at Shapeways. The sky is the limit Regards - dutik
  10. Trumpeters Mig-19 and Shenyang-6 kits are pretty good. Shape and fit are very good, but take your time to align the multi-part fuselage. A bit of putty is required to blend the engine nozzle part in. Wheel wells are a bit empty, a problem that this one shares with a lot of other modern jet kits. A resin seat might be considered (mandatory to build a Pakistani or Bangladeshi -19), otherwise it is a nice replica out of the box. It's up to you if you prefer a resin cockpit or not. Recommended for an open canopy, not nessessary when closed. As always there are some AM resin muzzles, an Eduard dash
  11. BTW, I'd like to see an Il-28 Beagle. Both soviet and chinese versions. Kitty Hawk pondered the option some years ago, but that's it so far. Size is in the B-25 Mitchell range. Lot of WARPAC and international users. Camouflaged and silver painted options... Regards - dutik
  12. @LSP_K2 Resin. LEM has a nice and growing line of early russian jets and the last soviet props. Beside some other nice stuff. Regards - dutik
  13. Lots of roadwheels. 7 per side, in total 28 wheels discs plus 14 centerpieces, not to forget two drive sprockets and two idlers and 12 return rollers. Also assembled two runs of tracks and started to paint them. Regards - dutik
  14. What's wrong mit LEMs Mig-9? Regards - dutik
  15. There are both resin kits of the Su17/22 and Mig-27M readily available fro LEM. A La-5FN would be nice, indeed. Someone out there to make a cockpit section of the Tu-95? Regards - dutik
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