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  1. Hardcore

    That darn revell Bf 109G-10!

    The finish line with fishing line, and all else that can break
  2. Hardcore

    It’s gotten cold outside

    Sounds like Australia or thereabout.
  3. Hardcore

    That darn revell Bf 109G-10!

    Ok, so applying these to the tail fin was not easy for someone with Parkinson. And the other small decals was a bit difficult too. The job is finished finally and no big disasters, except a few markings omitted and one or two being erroneous. (the tyre size markings got the wrong dimensions) I used a mix of decals from Revell, Trumpeter and Cutting Edge. I have a Hasegawa sheet too but I save that one for the K-4 variant I have half finished. Next step is to spray a protecting layer of varnish over the whole thing. Maybe two. Thanks for looking!
  4. Hardcore

    That darn revell Bf 109G-10!

    Not pleased with the surface finish i decided to just go on with applying decals. If there is no silvering all is good. Black crosses on aluminium looks really good, I think. I have played around with some washes already.
  5. Hardcore

    Cute Porsche tiger. Scheming.

    The novelty of building my favorite subjects eventually wore off once I got myself an Airbrush. Nowadays my main priority is to improve my skills. For that reason I am looking for your input on matters of subject, camo schemes, Techniques and materials, etc. I may also make a small base to put it on, so ideas for that are also welcome.
  6. Hardcore

    Tamiya 1/24 Calibra DTM - "The Beast In Black"

    Very life like. For a moment there i forgot I was looking at a model.
  7. Hardcore

    That darn revell Bf 109G-10!

    I am not very happy with my paint job. The edges of the camo fields are to fuzzy, but that is because I did it free hand. That is how many do it so I wanted to try that. I figure I would have gotten better result with thinner paint, lower pressure and keep closer to the surface. It would also be nice with a backstop on the AB. Anyway here is where I am and the possible markings. White 4 has the advantage of a plain spinner. Since this is supposed to be an in - flight model that makes things a little easier. I have not decided yet. Ps. The mottling is inspired by Anders Hjortsbergs' profiles. I may tone them down a bit by Rlm76.
  8. Hardcore

    Dragon's Sturmpanzer IV

    Did they really apply zimmerit behind the running gear?
  9. Hardcore

    Eduard has a big sale coming

    Hm. Found no must have at first look, but maybe I should go back and give the list some more thought.
  10. 23-27 november. 50% off plastic kits and self-adhesive PE. Here is their link to the list in pdf format to download. http://app.se6les.cz/public/open/nlink/?u=892e9ba4-3359-11e4-8c35-002590a1e85a&c=f8eeb9ff-699b-11e4-96a5-002590a1e85a&l=c3405691-e355-11e8-ae19-06b3ea2053b4&sid=c8bec8b655ca40d7b2d5815e95665e3b
  11. Hardcore

    That darn revell Bf 109G-10!

    I intend to finish all my builds I have started threads about, and this one is currently active again. The build is an opportunity to test pre-shading so I may be a little carefree in execution. Ever since I paused the build i was not satisfied with the black Primer. I feared it would not be good for the colours making them unrealistically dark. With an Airbrush this is easy to fix and so I lightened it all up a little with some medium grey. Another first is to try use the right pressure and mixture. I would have done so long before but I suppose I didn't trust the manometer of my cheap tank. Maybe I owe the Chinese an apology. I have started applying Gunze Rlm 76 and 75 today (properly mixed 50/50 with rubbing alcohol). Next is the complementary late war green. Probably tomorrow. Funny thing is that I haven't decided on a Decal scheme yet. Sorry for the long delay, folks. ;-)
  12. Hardcore

    Imperial Tie Fighters - Dual Build - FINISHED!

    I approve. -Darth Vader-
  13. Hardcore

    Open Canopy help sought

    Use a sanding stick at an angle along the canopy edge. This give you more surface area for the glue to stick to
  14. Hardcore

    1/32 HS293?

    Did the French use the combination operationally? Or was it just a test?
  15. Hardcore

    1/48 eduard SSW D.III

    Good job! Very pretty.