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  1. There are several actually. Amur makes one IIRC
  2. A new book? Sounds interesting.
  3. It happen sometimes that in a dream I find myself go looking for a shop selling plastic model kits. I often find one and then feel the excitement of exploring the back rooms for kits I never seen before. It's not quite the same in real life... The only unknown here is the future releases!
  4. It's been a while since his last one http://theprofilepaintshop.blogspot.com/?m=0
  5. From Tamiyas website: 【 Smooth the Paints 】  This paint retarder will make acrylic paint dry slower, enabling a smoother finish. It can be used up to a 1:10 ratio with Tamiya Acrylic Paints. It helps to lessen the chance of painting a grainy surface on your model. Also, it is ideal for painting glossy finish surfaces. 1 bottle contains 40ml.
  6. Hmmmm. Size wise it is nice. I figure that you get used to it sitting close to the edges, or adjust the angle slightly. Alternatively place it parallell to the street and add figures to break the symmetry. Old school chain mail and mithril? Cool, will try that. Tnx
  7. Quality of the artwork varies greatly. That above is basically the same as this, which is not readily apparent. I suggest you paint it like you want too. Black underside and big spots? Well it's up to you in the end.
  8. I do what I like when I like to do it . No problems . There is however something to the idea of switching to something simpler. You can still use all your skills but with less pressure from large parts numbers and details.
  9. They are not the same machines. From what I could find the first machine is Green 1 that was lost after his last night victory. Camo seems to have been just the standard for a day fighter. This because the fighters where borrowed from day fighter units. Note that Eduard seem to think the panel under the engine should be yellow. http://falkeeins.blogspot.com/2017/08/fw-190-6-grune-1-werk-nr-550-445.html?m=1
  10. You could try apply a thin pin wash to the depressions. Very thin. The choice of colour would still be tricky. Blue is reflection of the sky. More noticeable in the evenings than in direct strong sun light. Alternatively pretend the tracks get through the snow to the ground and make the impressions dark brown green. I suspect lots of experiment is necessary.
  11. How do you do the metallic on the tracks?
  12. Comparison photos are useful to measure progress. Here's the clean left side. ...and the right side after applying mud. I have a bottle of Mig's oil weathering I use because I like the colour. (need to find a water based substitute) Here it's thinned by odourless thinner and applied by brush. (the Airbrush was too subtle) The rear looks quote right.
  13. Another way to clear a minor blockage is to use the needle, but blunt end first.
  14. What color do you use to simulate wear?
  15. I am not sure there is a future for the hobby, in its present form. Stores is what attract new people to the hobby and they get rarer. I suppose tanks and aircrafts in various fixed scales may eventually disappear. I am not that worried, however. Building stuff and painting it, otoh, is a basic fun thing you will find in all variants and that will stay forever. Kids today do the Warhammer stuff. Of course, what they call tanks and aircraft are pure
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