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  1. I have to agree with all of the above as I've obtained a few examples myself. Nothing else out there compares. Neat, clean, and very accurate. Bill
  2. I think somewhere on the heavy side of middle Damian. Just a guess. Bill
  3. Hi Damian, Really excited about your product, and just in time for me as I've recently returned to the hobby within the past couple of years. Any plans for Tamiya Corsair legs? "Semper Fi", Bill
  4. Fun ride Alex, I really enjoyed this and learned alot too. Thanx, Bill
  5. Really nice Alex. The testing has a lot of value we can all reference as well. Thank's, Bill
  6. Outstanding Shawn. My father was a radarman aboard AV12 end of WWII and into Korea. Of course I have one but I haven't done anything with it yet. Never thought it could look so good, but made me look a little closer at the possibilities. "Bravo Zulu" Bill
  7. Compliments on you're deductive reasoning Alex. Makes us all a better model artist. I'm learning a great deal from builders like you, Thank you. Bill
  8. Really good recovery Dave, and a nice little tutorial on vacuforming. Bill
  9. Great adventure, and a lot of lessons learned. Thank's Woody. Bill
  10. Good attention to detail Grunticus, and don't ever settle for less. Bill
  11. OK Grunticus, I'm in. I'll make this my next purchase when I go shopping again. Look's like a bunch of fun. Bill
  12. I'm with Robert on this kit, a breath away from pressing the purchase button. Then I think back to Matt "Doog's" description as well as others and fall shy. You might change my mind Grunticus, I'm watching your progress.
  13. I really like this idea Dave, I'll be watching with interest. Bill
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