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  1. ….unbelievably unbelievable…., absolutely amazing!!!
  2. Absolutely amazing…! Your work is so outstanding!
  3. …looks like it’s done on purpose…, and you see the aircraft far in the back pulling up and recovering….
  4. Outstanding, beautiful, awesome…. What a great progress, i love it…
  5. …awesome what one can make from such an old kit! Great work man….
  6. I really have to thank officially in this forum Tim Perry from Flying Start Models, where i ordered a set of Eurofighter inner and centerline pylons, which arrived immediately…, till my wife found them and threw them in the trash, which I noticed days later… Writing Tim to order a new set, he „conspirativley“send me another set FOR FREE !!! What a service….!!! Thanks again Tim!
  7. …for „…just something to build…“ an awesome work… absolutely cool…, great job
  8. Awesome work man!!! Even the pictures look so darn real, looks like you can hop in for a spin…. Great and inspiring work…
  9. …okay…, i‘ll wait…, my MH-60R is coming next week, so die to other projects it‘ll be build earliest in fall or winter… thanks in advance, your decals are top notch !!!
  10. Awesome work…, so impressed I‘m so desperately awaiting a conversion for a TA-7C, that actually looking at your pics is heartbreaking… But I’m absolutely overdramatic… Great work dude…
  11. It hasn’t been released by now…, i‘m afraid
  12. Amazing job man!! I love it..., on spot
  13. almost every two seated jet, like TA-7C, Crusader, a MiG-23UB or a Mirage f-1 and Sepecat Jaguar....
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