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  1. A Me 410 would be great
  2. ...absolutely beautyful, hell of a great job! I love it ...
  3. ...it’s big, beautiful, it looks like a B-24 and the paint job is spot on! Great job!
  4. ....da hast Du recht! (....you‘re right there....)
  5. ...man..., absolutely cool! Looking really good! I love the „in flight“ pose..., great job
  6. Looking really cool! Great subject and wonderful weathering..., awesome!
  7. Beautiful...! Wonderful work...., looking really good!
  8. Great stuff!!! I love it! Awesome work
  9. Great looking Gladiator! Beautiful!
  10. Excellent! I just love the dark sea blue Corsairs! Great work!
  11. Great stuff!!! Looking really cool!
  12. Hello, this is my next build after the A-6E Intruder. I used the Zactoman intake set, AirDoc Decals and the Academy Nay Pilot.... Thanks to Raimund, aka Isar30/07, I got new Canopy! Thanks for that againe! Hope you like it....
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