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  1. Yessss…! My absolute favorite british carrier aircraft
  2. …and there was this, rather accurate, OLIMP Models -C conversion . I got one of these and with the Eduard Exterior set and the Quinta Models cockpit, you’re getting close to a A-10C
  3. ...all sorted...
  4. Absolutely amazing, beautiful, inspiring and sooo cool….!! Man I love it….!
  5. Absolutely amazing…, great job man…!
  6. …looks super cool…! Amazing finish !
  7. ….unbelievably unbelievable…., absolutely amazing!!!
  8. Absolutely amazing…! Your work is so outstanding!
  9. Outstanding, beautiful, awesome…. What a great progress, i love it…
  10. …awesome what one can make from such an old kit! Great work man….
  11. I really have to thank officially in this forum Tim Perry from Flying Start Models, where i ordered a set of Eurofighter inner and centerline pylons, which arrived immediately…, till my wife found them and threw them in the trash, which I noticed days later… Writing Tim to order a new set, he „conspirativley“send me another set FOR FREE !!! What a service….!!! Thanks again Tim!
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