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  1. Will they do Wolfchen? I always liked that marking for the 33... but they could do Polish, Swedish, Danish and Bulgarian too. Tnarg
  2. Martin B-10B Boeing Y1B17-B Curtiss A-8 or A-12 Shrike Curtiss SBC-3 or -4 Helldiver Vultee SB2U Vindicator (wind indicator) X-20 Dyna Soar XF-85 Goblin Parasite Fighter Breguet XIV (in Polish and USA colors) I could go on and on, but I'd really like to see them try something like the P-38 or P-47 razorback which might sell more than a few kits for them. The list above only shows me that 3D printing or limited run is the only way I will get the kits that would really please me (on that list). I could pretty much guarantee that none of these will e
  3. The tree on the parking strip in front of our house has changed into its fall colors and the leaves have an amazing shade of orange red. Contrast that to the brilliant blue sky and white clouds and that makes my day. I am thankful for color. Tnarg
  4. 1/32 Martin B-10B? Curtiss Shrike? No, probably some obscure 1/35 scale thingie with tracks and big guns. But a P-38 would be nice. Tnarg
  5. Dictate your personal history and remembrances of family now. Record it on your phone or have your children or wife or someone do it on their phone in video or on a voice recorder. Do it NOW. They will appreciate your memories while you still have them and your great grandchildren will know who you are, even if you forget yourself. I was too late recording with a good friend and his stroke robbed him of too many memories to share. Keep building. My father in law built the real thing in WWII (B-24s at San Diego) and then repaired just about every Navy plane while stationed on a smal
  6. "Shaken, not stirred" or in the worst case SNL "S-Words or Swords?" He was the best Bond that could be.... even though Ian Fleming said he (Bond, not Connery) "is no Riley". Check out Sam Neil in that really old BBC/PBS series. What an amazing guy with a great legacy of work. Red October makes me believe all Russians could have an English accent. Tnarg
  7. I really like that Porco Rosso icon. Welcome. Tnarg
  8. Danish and Finn... just what I wanted. Tnarg
  9. The Spitfire Mk.I is graceful and smooth, the Dewoitine D.520 has the curves to match, the P51D is a beautiful but serious warrior, the Corsair is curvy but deadly, the Bf/Me 109 is hard and predatory, the P-47 is Thor's hammer, The P-38 rivals the Spitfire for poise and power, but even it loses to the Tigercat. The P-26 calls out to me even if it didn't do much in WWII, but my vote has to go to the Avia B-534. It even carried Bulgarian crossed swords insignia. Tnarg
  10. My college housemate came from Oklahoma, but we were in Utah at the time. He had a brown paper bag colored poster, think of a grocery bag texture and color. It had a thin black line across the bottom, about 1 inch up, representing the horizon. There was a very small drawing of an oil well at one side, maybe 1 inch tall, on a 2.5 to 3 foot tall poster. At the top were letters in bold black type, "SKI OKLAHOMA". Bit of a contrast to the terrain nearby. Tnarg
  11. This really cries out for an Horizon Models Mercury Redstone and Mercury Atlas next to it on the shelf, doesn't it? ... or even better, a Gemini Titan and an X-20 on top of a Titan next to all of them. I guess you can get the Luftwaffe 46 manned V-2 versions in this scale also for a fuller range of von Braun. But then you'd need one of those 1950's ships with the big wings and vast numbers of the V-2 engines in multiple stages. Yes, I get carried away... all the time. Thanks for letting us see some great work. Tnarg
  12. When I was 14, I really wanted to build the kit, but they didn't make it, so I had to wait. I am now in my later 60's or "6" as I prefer, since that indicates my maturity. If the kit comes out, it is the new shiny object for a few weeks, but then comes another. Too many on the shelf of doom, or rather just half way to perfection. There used to be a magazine that reviewed kits but never painted them. Maybe that is my method? At least they finished some of them. Tnarg
  13. The Taube mold could be expanded to provide multiple versions of the aircraft including the earlier air race version and a striking Austro-Hungarian plane with red and white striped fuselage. They could go further to release an Antionette Monoplane (or Monobloc), and follow on with the balance of the amazing planes from the movie "Those Magnificent Men and their Flying Machines".... Oh, sorry, did I say that out loud? I must have been dreaming or in a parallel universe where people would actually purchase a model of a Trajan Viua or a Phillips Multiplane or any of the amazing pre-W
  14. There was a multi-volume history series with English captions, what area are you interested in? Look for Suomen Ilmavoimien Historia series. There were almost 30 of them, with individual aircraft type profiles or time period focus. Lots of photos and profiles in colors. Enough English for me to figure them out. Tnarg
  15. Which is why racing planes are so much fun. There are no limits on the color (or the ego). You need to be confident to win, but you also need incredible skill and a great plane to start. What color would yours be painted? Or there is the "What IF?" approach. It will set your creativity free. Tnarg
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