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  1. What's the problem? I only see two small shelves on one wall. Call us when the garage is completely full. Amateurs. ...or maybe I am as my wife says, one of the "H" word people. (They have some TV show I hear). Say it ain't so. Tnarg
  2. The F3F planes have a real possibility, given the age of the Revell/Monogram alternatives. In the same field, the SBC-3 or -4 biplanes look really nice and of course, I am always hoping for any Shrike (A-8 or A-12) or a Martin B-10B. But given your location, why not a PZL P-23? A Karas would be amazing. You could also do something really crazy like a Vindicator... not a spectacularly successful plane, but looks good with yellow wings. Tnarg
  3. Some of the most amazing images were the wear and faded paint. Not like so many of our models with perfect finish, these were nearly worn to pieces. Amazing. Tnarg
  4. Tnarg


    You inspire me and probably all of us to get more done. Thanks, Tnarg
  5. You can also go directly to his website: https://www.hismodel.com/ and buy accessories such as blocks, etched metal parts, turned cannon, laser cut decks and cloth sails sewn with patterns or even printed with decoration (like Golden Hind or Santa Maria). He is great to deal with and has lots of resources. He sells old plastic models or can find them for you. Highly recommended. Tnarg
  6. mmmm, sausages... where are the marshmallows? Great stuff. Tnarg
  7. My Dad told me he also wondered who "They" were... not "Them", that was a bunch of radioactive giant ants in a movie... He said he went to the fun house and looked in the mirror... that's who "They" were. Tnarg
  8. I recall those Moon missions very well. My Uncle Veldon maintained the control link on several of the probes (Voyager for one), but I was too much of a clueless kid to ask the correct questions. Interesting stuff on Mars. In 1976 in an experiment (designed outside of Nasa) on both of those Viking landers, Gilbert Levin and Patricia Straat may well have discovered the first microbial lifeforms found on another planet. They had the most sensitive experiment by a factor of 1000 or so compared to the other experiments and found products of metabolism (carbon 14 tagged carbon dioxide or
  9. Not only Battle of Britain, but also Hanover Street... he flew in both of them. Tnarg
  10. Danish with our own masks, I guess. Sounds good to me. Tnarg
  11. Netflix is running "WWII in HD" which is a documentary. It was fascinating, horrible, impressive, brutal, real. It has actors and a few of the veterans relating personal accounts of experiences only of Americans and their perspective, so by no means does it cover the full conflict. Seeing the film (in color) of the things that I had read about put the reality of the situation into my head much stronger than text or still photos. I believe it helped me understand my Father's generation and their experiences better, even having interviewed him and quite a few other WWII veterans about those time
  12. Hope you find joy in today and in your memories. Tnarg
  13. I admire the coordination of the color of the wing camouflage with the color of the grass on the base. Maybe it was luck, but it sure looks great. I also congratulate you on spectacular creation of a replica of an aircraft engine that has perfect color. I believe those rusty exhaust and oil stains correspond to a real machine. What an amazing creation. Tnarg
  14. I would echo the sentiment that I miss my grandkids the most. I can zoom with them, but it isn't the same as one on one time together. They live too far away to see without a plane ride or a several day drive. Not happening. My brother in law just passed away. It was unexpected following heart surgery. My sister is doing OK, but I can't see her either. Some of the good parts about funerals (and weddings, which are also few and far between now) were getting back in touch with more extended family. I am noticing that this has pushed us a bit more into contact, but limited by the viru
  15. Check out Space in Miniature. He has multiple books on building spacecraft in various scales. He has lots of details on the various shuttle kits. https://www.spaceinminiature.com/ Also good for previews of space kits is Sven the ninfinger's site: https://www.ninfinger.org/models/space_models.html DK did a good book on the shuttle, but I am sure there are multitudes of references out there. Lake County Spaceport sells lots of decals and details for each scale and manufacturer's shuttle kits. http://lakecountyspaceport.com/
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