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  1. No one said Bl**dy Paralyzer? Isn't that the nickname of the 0/400? This guy is so big I can't even imagine where to put it. It's like building a modern 1/32 scale airliner. Crazy big. I guess they follow the rule "Go big or go home". Tnarg
  2. Tnarg

    Imperial Tie Fighters - Dual Build

    Fantastic Plastic has the history of which kits were produced in various science fiction and fact genres in the form of photos of built up kits. They also sold lots of SW and ST kits to fill the gaps left by FIne Molds and more in 1/72 scale and smaller... until Lucas and Disney hit them with both barrels. Start with the 1970's sci fi collection from Fantastic Plastic and go on to the next decades and you can see what he has pulled together. https://fantastic-plastic.com/1970s---science-fiction.html You may find some of those kits second hand, but they are pretty rare now. Randy Cooper has some large stuff that looks interesting: http://randycoopermodelsdesign.squarespace.com/new-page/ He did the design for that big Mars Hopper kit from Pegasus, as far as I know. Tnarg
  3. Tnarg

    ALERT! Anyone heard from or about Paul Fisher?

    I talked to Paul on email and he is OK. Not sure of his home. Lots of people are in a bad hurt up there and will need a lot of help to recover past this mess. It has been over a year since our fire and people are finally starting to rebuild. It takes much longer than you think it might to get back to "normal", if that ever happens. Back up your family photos someplace where they stay safe. That's what most of our friends who lost homes miss most. Tnarg
  4. Tnarg

    ALERT! Anyone heard from or about Paul Fisher?

    The smoke from the fires began to cover Sonoma County, CA by about noon. The air is awful here, and we are over a hundred miles away. Can't even imagine how bad it is there. Hoping for the best for all of those in this awful fire. Tnarg
  5. While I like the B-26 idea, completing the quartet of those WWII US bombers to hang from my ceiling (just like when I was a kid, but larger)... it will be a Breguet XIV, or so says Karnak. Tnarg
  6. Tnarg

    Imperial Tie Fighters - Dual Build

    Have a look at that B wing kit too. The new one in 1/72 looks just as fine as any of the other Bandai offerings and so much better than the old MPC kit from way back in the day. Tnarg
  7. Tnarg

    Imperial Tie Fighters - Dual Build

    The force is strong in this one... Tnarg
  8. Tnarg

    ICM 2018 1/32 Release

    I-15 and 152 please, in Spanish Civil War colors.... and more 16's if you can. There is a resin type 5 conversion that will work well for the later type 16. Tnarg
  9. Tnarg

    WNW kits sold out - what’s next?

    It is often the one that shows up on the home page... clearing out stock may be what they are doing. But you never can quite figure out what they are up to next.... good business practice. Tnarg
  10. Tnarg

    Annual WNW Christmas kit speculation

    There is the possibility of a Breguet XIV, speculated about since the inception of WNW. And then... there is that book (Windsock Breguet XIV Datafile) on the desk from the photo, along with the Austro-Hungarian and Italian WWI plane books. Lots of WWI possibilities. And I know so many of you want that Dr.I... This could be interesting, but I am really hoping for the Breguet. Tnarg
  11. Tnarg

    Macchi Ni.21 Available

    Ni.29 and it looks nice with lots of options. Tnarg
  12. Tnarg

    Make the others jealous

    Thanks for those airshow pics. I guess that pretty much seals the story on whether I should do a panel line wash or not. Some of those were quite defined and dark. Tnarg
  13. Tnarg

    Copper State Models 1/32 Nieuport N. 17

    One interesting feature of the released photo of the sprues for this model is the fact that the fuselage side, top and bottom pieces as well as the front section are all separate parts. This allows significant room for release of many more of the Nieuport family. Hopefully this will happen as the detail parts look infinitely better than the Hobbycraft alternative and likely better than the Roden versions, even from the 3 to 6 foot view we get in the released photos. And I still want some Polish, Estonian, Don Republic, and IRAS (Czarist) decal options...especially Ilya Murometz, Mermaids, Horses and that lady with the sword. (Sorry if my phobia of all things red star still cripples my model building, even if that Mig 23 is a real thing of beauty). I need to print or mask some of those, I guess. Tnarg
  14. Tnarg

    Wingnut Wings Photo - Clues?

    Let me just say that this could possibly be the best news I have heard in a long time for WWI model aircraft: Austro-Hungarian, French and Italian and a Breguet 14... Please Sir, Could we have some More? (hoping for a very generous as opposed to Dickensian answer) Tnarg
  15. Tnarg

    New, clean topic: HB B-24 Test Shot Photos

    Not being even an amateur in all subjects B-24, I wonder about what decal choices might match this kit. If you are into excellent nose art, Kits World has a full set of the Zodiacs in 1/48 and I suspect that they could upscale those to 1/32 without a huge effort Does anyone have any detail on whether the HB kits would enable construction of any of those subjects? or others of a similar nature? And then there's the Ploesti raid bombers... any interesting possibilities there? Thanks for any information you have, Tnarg