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  1. If only they were delaying it to coincide with a simultaneous release of several big brothers... Viggen, Draken, Gripen and maybe a 105... not likely, but I like to dream. I just hope that they keep at it. Tnarg
  2. My cousins still laugh about the fact that when they babysat me I was always reading the encyclopedias. There wasn't any internet back in the day and libraries were all we had. Maybe that's why I only feel safe when surrounded by shelves of books. Tnarg
  3. CMK was selling these in various colors (clear, red, green and blue). Here is a link for the clear ones at Hannants. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/CMK010 Enjoy, Tnarg
  4. Maybe more entertaining to read would be a "What will Tamiya NOT release?" I'd love a P-47 Razorback or a P-38 a lot from them, but would never expect to see them release one of my other favorites in 1/32 scale: Curtiss A-8 or A-12 Shrike Martin B-10B (remember the Mon-key?) Savoia S-55 of that Atlantic flight Westland Hill Pterodactyl and why not a Handley Page Heyford to fly as it's companion? (I guess I would qualify as "Certifiable" in the UK) Curtiss SBC-3 or -4 Breguet 693 of Air France (OK, this one deserves to be in 1/72 and is impossible to conceive of in 1/32) A full set of every Schneider and Thompson Trophy racing plane in 1/32 or 1/24 (we could dream, couldn't we?) Every Saab aircraft in 1/32 We now return control of your internet. You control the horizontal, you control the vertical. Not the droids you were looking for, but hopefully some entertaining thoughts.
  5. I haven't built an SBS kit, but the surfaces look quite amazing. They make some very interesting subjects. Good luck with this beautiful plane. Tnarg
  6. I believe that the Gotha's sold out for the same reason that the large WWII bombers sell. We have some rather large fantasies about a grail kit that we'd like to build and don't think so much about how large it might become. Those are big kits and don't fit on the small shelves where WWII or WWI fighter planes in 1/32 will easily find a home. It doesn't stop us as from wanting that large plane with some amazing detail. LIke with that 11 foot spaceship model I want to put up in our living room, these larger kits don't always find a happy reception with my wife. Oh well. I still like those big planes, but have few places to put them. It didn't stop me from putting the kit box on the stash shelf, but it has stopped me from building it until I figure out where to put it. Tnarg
  7. The difficult thing with WNW is that they do all of these great kits, but they seem to focus on one person's passion. (And I don't say that like it's a bad thing, look at all he has given us). If he doesn't find an obsession with French or Austro-Hungarian or Italian aircraft, then there is no hope for something like Polish, Middle Lithuanian, Russian or Ukrainian machines other than by conversion or by someone like Copper State. Special Hobby had a Hansa Brandenburg C.I on their list, but that seems as likely as a TBD from Trumpeter in 1/32 scale. Roden seems to have withdrawn to only smaller scales. We are all sitting here like a Dicken's character... "Please Sir, could I have some more?" Maybe we need to be a bit more adventurous with conversions or scratchbuilding. Tnarg
  8. I like your idea of conversion of WNW kits. Imagine an Albatros C.III with the dragon and crocodile on the sides or even a simpller update of the B.II to a B.IIa with "Ada" polish decals and that big eye on the side. There are many extensions of the kits that I hope for, such as the Halberstadt Cl.IV, but with so many interesting alternatives we never can predict exactly what WNW will come up with. Tnarg
  9. As many of us have indicated before, if you want a loan of our unbuilt kits or a source of reference material like we gave you in the past, please just let us know. I am a slow builder in denial of being a collector, so I have too many of your kits not finished. I also have that set of data I gave you for the Curtiss A-8/A-12 Shrike... maybe more than one of us in the world would buy a kit of one of those in 1/32. Whatever you do, please know that we are pulling for you and hope for the best for you and your family. The people here in Santa Rosa, CA are finally seeing some houses built again after a year and a half since our fire, even if some of them have just left for greener pastures. Hopefully the people of Paradise see something to take care of them as well. Good luck with your efforts, it just takes time. Tnarg
  10. This is how the master does it. What an amazing build. The most impressive part about it is the progress in spite of a very busy schedule of work and life. You show us how it is done. Best of luck with everything. Tnarg
  11. It didn't have to look "pretty" it had to look mean and totalitarian. "Pretty" was left to the Federation, like the Spitfire in WWII or maybe that Bugatti racer. Nice build regardless of the difficult kit. Tnarg
  12. Anagrand Craftwork did a few of the Pan Am China Clippers, Boeing, Martin and Sikorsky flying boars. They don't have interiors and have some rather large and deep lines, but they look pretty nice nd are quite large. The Boeing 314 is sold as a C-98 in 1/72 scale: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ANIG2098 The top of the wing has a large engraved line that appears to only serve as a demarcation for the metal versus the orange color. The larger windows look OK, but the smaller ones just aren't there. Alternatively, you can find quite a few 1/72 airliners of the 1930's and 1940's. They are smaller and would be amazing in 1/32, but only two or three of us in the world would buy one. You can find a Contrail HP. 42/45 in vac form with a lot of searching and time waiting.. they must change hands when dreams turn to difficult reality, but that is a very large 1/72 airliner with two wings. I actually have seen one built and it is larger than many 1/32 fighters from WWI or WWII. You can find an Arc en Ceil / Couzinet 71 or a Wibault Penhoet 280 in resin if you look for them and I don't know of many aircraft more off the beaten path than those. They are beautiful in my eyes, as is the Valom DeHavilland DH.91. Tnarg
  13. Just one comment... from Christmas Story movie... "Where's Flick" or maybe what he said, or tried to say. "Stuck!" You probably owe her at least a blanket over that wing. Looks too real (great work on that) to not be painful. Very nice work on both plane and figure. Tnarg
  14. Wingnut WIngs caught my interest because they made the fantasy of my youth a reality. I remember seeing and wanting the 1/48 scale Aurora kits of WWI subjects like the Breguet 14 and Albatros C.III but I only had the few dimes it took to buy and build Revell or Airfix WWI fighters. They covered half of my ceiling, while the other half eventually became Monogram and Revell WWII US bombers of WWII as my increased resources and Christmas presents provided later. The reality of the K&B or Aurora kits was nowhere as wonderful as their box art led me to believe, and the reality of Wingnut Wings may still be improved upon slightly, but it is pretty amazing. I still hope for the Breguet and the Albatros two seaters plus a lot more. It may be an old man's recapture of his youth, but it is also a re-creation of an incredibly different time that puts today's world into a different perspective. Tnarg
  15. I like that "nice to see it on the news" part.... that pretty much describes all snow for me. Tnarg
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