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  1. Imagine a Legion Condor Ju-52 with a "dustbin" machine gun platform underneath it being harassed by some Ratas in your ceiling diorama... or a Scandinavian Airlines Ju-52 on floats, or maybe that one with the huge loop antenna for setting off magnetic mines. Too many interesting Ju-52 schemes. However, give me a United Airlines Lodestar and now we are talking about interesting new model kits. Tnarg
  2. I may prefer the aircraft of the 1930's and earlier, especially those of WWI in larger scales, but I also like to build 1/72 airliners of the 1930's, 1/72 submarines and all sorts and scales of spacecraft (real and imaginary, from Project Mercury to 2001 or War of the Worlds). I like "What if" builds, 1/32 Saabs or Aggressor aircraft and Maschinen Krieger, but also like to build electronic art that crosses over to Steampunk or Dieselpunk subjects, such as my idea of what a time machine or parallel universe transporter might be. (My granddaughter likes the blinkey lights and buttons). Not too close to large scale planes in some ways, but the electronics can animate them on occasion. It is way too easy for me to get distracted and have too many things on the shelf, only half finished. Oh well, the journey is fun too. Tnarg
  3. If you are as slow to finish something as I am, even the fake box top can give you some joy. I truly appreciate the creation of those box tops of the B-58, B-26, Do-17 and Hampden. I have seen them and enjoy them almost as much as having them on my shelf, maybe more, since I just saw them and I'd have to dig through the garage to find their siblings. I guess that means I should finish something, but collecting is so compelling. And the kit will probably be a really fine P-38 with all the versions as options, assuming they want to sell a lot of them. The Martin B-10B only works if they want to sell one or two to me and two other people. But just think of how fine they could make a B-26 in any version and how many fascinating alternatives you could make. We really need to fill out the upgrade of those Momgram 1/48 heavies in 1/32 scale so we can cover the ceilings of our model building man caves. Tnarg
  4. No love for the Martin B-10B? or a Y1B-17B in camouflage multi-colors? Unfortunately nearly as likely as a Savoia Marchetti SM.55 or a Curtiss Shrike series including the A-8 to A-12 plus an Airacuda. That would be surprising, but one or two of us would be very happy. It sure is fun to engage in speculation without limits. It is good to see some people still trying to bring out new kits. Thank you to Neil and company for that and good luck. But Santa, I still want a Shrike and an SBC-3/4 and a.... (not a football or even a Red RIder BB gun with a compass in the stock). Tnarg
  5. We like to do this, don't we. We don't have WNW to kick around, so we do this with anyone else we can find. Even so, I really, really want a B-26 with lots of nose art options, given that it shows up in the WWII section. If they did a really good job, they would get more love than some of the previous heavies from everyone involved. All they need to do is to remember to check how many cylinders the engines had and they will avoid serious trouble. Here's hoping for a good prospect. Just make it look good from a few feet away and you are most of the way there. Tnarg
  6. I love to see your tweak lists, but this is far beyond those lists. The photos show how to make the plane come alive. Thanks for the chance to watch. Tnarg
  7. His figures are top notch. Very well detailed by a number of good artists and well cast. It has been over a year since I contacted him, but I highly recommend his products. Tnarg
  8. Tnarg


    I once owned the SU version and every time I pulled it out of the box I went back and forth between wanting to have a Staggerwing and thinking that I might be better off starting with some wood and a knife. Maybe the combination of the two kits could yield a decent engine and airframe. I guess as they say, are we kit assemblers or model builders? I always make it too hard for myself by diving for the details. My wife notices things in her art that no one will ever see. I think we all have that problem and that is the root of building something that we know is there but is sealed up inside the fuselage. I would say it is only money and you will probably be ahead if you pull the two kits together use the resin kit as if you bought an aftermarket upgrade set and try to patch the places where they join as best you can, make it look good from a few feet away. (easy to say since I'm not the one building it). Think of it this way. Once you nearly finish the build, ICM or IBG will announce yet another great 1/32 kit of a between the wars aircraft made by Beechcraft. We will thank you for your service. Tnarg
  9. On the WNW topic, I'd love to see a Starstrutter from either of the two companies that started one. It seems that WMW scared off Copper State from actually investing in tooling, even if the design was pretty far along. I don't know any details on that, just speculating. That is a shame, for tho few of us who are fanatic about Austro-Hungarian aviation. Like I said, for the few of us, but there are lots of colorful options for the Hansa Brandenburg or for Copper State's Nieuports. Too bad their decals don't display some of the more colorful versions of Nieuports in the "Coloring Russian Aviation" books. Nose art and a lot more variations exist to liven up some otherwise rather boring aluminum and grey doped planes. But I like "Bod" (Bob) a lot. Thank you for that one. You could put a Russian "Bob" next to an RFC "Bob's" using a Sopwith Pup. Tnarg
  10. Remembering Fifth Element, where she keeps calling him "Cornelioos". The guy was amazing. Tnarg
  11. Definitely one of "The Greatest Generation". Tnarg
  12. I hope for a P.24, but really hope they go in numerical order and upscale their P.23 first. I gotta care about a Karas, I just can't help it. That P.11c is a very nice kit. Hope they make more. Tnarg
  13. Masks are a major pain if you wear glasses. My wife found a suggestion (maybe Pinterest) that said fold up a small rectangle of tissue (maybe 1 inch by 2 inches) and place it at the top of the mask right under the area with the wire insert and it will reduce fog. It works. I really can't stand wearing the mask and hope this is over soon, but that doesn't look to be the case. At least it doesn't fog up my glasses. Yes, I tried contacts years ago, but dry eyes drove me nuts again. Masks are mainly useful to keep the sneeze drops out of the air, not to protect you from breathing in airborne viruses. The "good ones" with the valves supposedly actually protect you somewhat better if you don't have a beard and lose the seal around the chin, but the valve opens to release your air and closes to filter the incoming air, doing nothing to protect others. I guess that reduces but doesn't completely eliminate incoming dust (when woodworking), but it also could let in viruses. No fun, no matter which way you look at this. But, if things were easy, and never bad, we'd never have the opportunity to be grateful for when they are good. I take joy in knowing that we have a Viggen in 1/32 on the way. Good things are happening in the midst of a lot of insanity. Tnarg
  14. Evacuation rules: Make sure to have your photos and other critical files (history, etc.) backed up to the cloud, shared, or on a portable memory device, and make sure to carry that with you. Don't leave it by the door as you leave. I know too many people who left their laptop, memory stick, or wedding ring on the night stand or by the door as they left their house, never to see it again. Make sure you have your important papers with you or at least photo of them. Photos of the interior of the house along with what is in the drawers and closets help immensely with insurance claims. They ask you to write down everything that was in the house. Try doing that under stress with no help from a picture. You will not have enough insurance to replace what you had... sorry, but it is true. Bring your medicine with you. Have a bug out 72 hour emergency bag ready and easy to find. I have too many friends who no longer have any family photos because they lost everything in the fires. One of them has rebuilt with an interesting piece of metal art on the wall... which just happens to be the melted wheel from his neighbor's car (he gave it to him after the fact). In the end, most of it is just stuff. Make sure the people you care about are OK and safe. Hope this never happens to any of you, Tnarg
  15. I have always wondered whether we were buzzed by this plane over Guatemala City in the mid 1970's just before the 1976 earthquake and "Belize es Nuestro" almost war. We heard the jets but I never actually saw them. They wouldn't have stood a chance against the Harriers, but they sure made a lot of noise. Not to worry, we were told, Guatemala had a "secret underground hanger" in Mazatenango with lots of Mirages to protect their interest. Does anyone know if this one was flying in 1976? And to comment upon the model, it is really a spectacular job. Great work. Tnarg
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