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  1. The interesting and unfortunate thing about this can be seen if you look at the Kits World decals (32021, 22, 25, etc.). They released a couple of sets of 1/32 Gulf War Jaguars quite a while ago for this nonexistent kit and Hannant's is still stuck with some of that inventory. Somebody must have thought that they had good intel on an imminent release. Too bad, since there are so many interesting color schemes for this aircraft.... from the Air Force of the Sultan of Oman to South America to Africa in addition to many larger air force users. Tnarg
  2. As that quote from Close Encounters goes... ""Ah seen Bigfoot once, made a sound Ah wouldn't wont ta hea twiced". Unfortunately for us, the Jaguar has achieved that sort of status.... up there with UFOs and a Trumpeter TBD or a Special Hobby Hansa Brandenburg C.1. If it is real, it could be very nice, but then so would a magnetic monopole or actual free energy. Tnarg
  3. Nobody should suggest that Large Scale Planes is exclusively military, since there are plenty of Air Racers and even airliners that happen to be made in 1/32 or larger scale. I guess a 747 might be a bit too big for most of our display areas, but the DC-3 and Ju-52 did a lot of "non-military" work and had some fascinating color schemes as airliners. I may be "odd" but I like all of the airplanes and add to them spacecraft and X-Planes, no matter where they come from. As for video games being a mechanism for systematic desensitization to the results of military confrontation... that seems rather obvious. They are also well suited to creating a complete disregard for actual physical phenomenon... like making us think that auto collisions don't really hurt, or that cars can jump 200 feet and keep on rolling with minor damage. Pain when you do something unwise serves a useful purpose. Just make sure it is a lot less than "just a flesh wound" and not something major and then learn from it. Tnarg
  4. You can find several interesting options on Shapeways. They are 3D printed, cost quite a bit, but look very nice. https://www.shapeways.com/shops/spacemodels Tnarg
  5. If traffic and downtown repairs are as bad as Joe says, I would concentrate on Udvar-Hazy. There are many fine aircraft there and you will stay busy looking at the details for a long visit. Diving is definitely not fun in DC, so get a taxi or similar. Tnarg
  6. It depends upon which planes you love. The shuttle was in Udvar-Hazy when I visited there and I spent a lot of time with the P-26 and Sparrowhawk (see the walkarounds), because they are targets of my obsessions. This was a few years ago. The museum on the mall has the spacecraft, WWI and record aircraft separated into individual displays where Udvar-Hazy packed more and varied aircraft together. On the mall, you can see the Mars Viking lander which very likely discovered microbial life on Mars (look up Gilbert Levin's labelled release experiment if you want to know about that- OK, rant over). I'd want to see them all. If you hurry, you probably could do both, but you'd be running through. Check the latest list of which aircraft are where and plan what to see. Whatever you do, have fun. There is so much to see in DC that you could spend weeks. Tnarg
  7. Now all you have to do is keep the dust out. What an amazing creative piece of art. Tnarg
  8. I see some nice Romanian colors on quite a few of those. Tnarg
  9. I just want to shout out a huge thank you to Peter Jackson. His actions are the opposite of the false stereotype of a greedy capitalist who doesn't share any joy with anyone else. His company creates what he wants, but I for one also find joy in those creations. I am very happy to see his joy in his and his amazing team's creations and call myself lucky that I get to share in that joy. If he doesn't like what I like, then we are different. Oh well. I can make my own creations or hope that someone else like Copper State has joy in another creation that makes me happy also. I saw his movies and paid the price of a ticket, he doesn't owe me anything else. I saw his kits and happily paid much more than the price of a few movie tickets (because I like more of them), but he doesn't owe me anything because of that either. If i like his new stuff, I will hope to purchase some of those too. Thanks again, Tnarg
  10. Fascinating photos, but even if they painted it pink, that desert sun would quickly fade the red to something a lot less intense. Tnarg
  11. They could always make some Ukrainian aircraft as well as Estonian. What the heck, add some Lithuanian, Latvian and Polish aircraft and you'd make me happy. Tnarg By the way, thanks for that link to Wingleader... nice work on their part.
  12. Anyone for a Curtiss Shrike (A-8 or A-12) as a big sibling to these? or an SBC-3/4 series? Just imagine an Airacobra to match them... Can anyone tell that I am a nut for the 1930's planes? Seriously, these look amazing. Too much fun, Tnarg
  13. Tnarg

    Jedha city

    This shows true creativity and imagination at work. Thanks for giving us a seat at the table to see this happen. I agree with your assessment of Rogue One... I could hear the same voices in those fighter pilot sequences as I heard back in 1977 when I saw the real first star wars movie in the theater 17 times. OK, we all have our obsessions. But when they cut to Princess Leia at the end of Rogue One it just blew me away. Here was the real story before the first one. (Ignore most of the others, "not the droids / movies you were looking for"). Tnarg
  14. Neomega sells a Type 5 conversion kit. It was released with the first release of the I-16 and sells in the $35 range on ebay from Russia shipped to the US for about $9. Not cheap, but it does let you make a type 5. Tnarg
  15. How about a Breguet XIV (in Polish or maybe Middle Lithuanian colors) for the new aircraft? There are so many interesting combinations with that one from an Estonian DH 9 or Camel to another Polish Oeffag Albatros (Kosciusko Squadron) to (Ukrainian and more) decals for the Copper State, Roden and Special Hobby Nieuports..... (they did it for Richtofen). Oh, you were talking about actual, possible double kits from WNW.... sorry about that. I just got carried away for a minute. The new Gothas had me fantasizing about something equally wild and crazy. Tnarg
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