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  1. What an amazing story. We all hope for treasures to be found hiding in a barn or garage. Here they are. Tnarg
  2. Tnarg

    IBG PZL 11.C

    This just gets better and better. If you are in any way a fan of Polish aircraft, this is like five Christmas mornings in a row... but we still have to wait till Santa can come. I have the kit and now I can just sit at the window of the closed shop and drool over the fine accessories (but I'll keep my mouth closed to avoid sharing any viruses). That venturi is amazing and the pilot figure is a must have. Then the decals make if impossible to build just one. Tnarg
  3. Tnarg

    IBG PZL 11.C

    On a whim, I had a look at the Modelimex email link that they sent me, probably because I bought something one time. I looked at IBG/s kits in that shop and saw a very long list of 1/35 and 1/72 armor plus some 1/700 ships, but at the end I saw six different variations of the Karas and a P-24 in Greek markings in 1/72, plus two of their 1/72 P.11 kits. If they have already obsessed enough to design that many in 1.72, might we hope for a Karas in the larger scale, in which they just released the P.11c? Think happy thoughts, it worked for Peter and Tink, Tnarg
  4. Tnarg

    IBG PZL 11.C

    I am wondering about using the oil cooler parts from Silverwings, if I could use a microscope to assemble them. Maybe one of the decal options would be nice also, but the kit which was pretty nice before is completely outclassed by this new one from IBG. Like you say, it won't be lucrative to sell now. Tnarg
  5. Tnarg

    IBG PZL 11.C

    That Master set looks very nice, especially the venturi. The kit even beats the Silverwings version. It looks like a real labor of love. Do they love the Karas as much? What will we see next from these guys? I am as happy or even happier with the detail on this kit as I am with Wingnut WIngs kits. I got a kit from Aviation Megastore, probably just before things really started to shut down. It is a real marvel of injection molded plastic Tnarg
  6. This model looks incredibly good. What an achievement with the reconstruction of everything that you had to accomplish in order to find the true shapes and details. It cries out to be made as a kit from your work.... maybe a much simpler kit without the interior for us "mere mortals". The X-Planes are so interesting, but we only have a few in kit form in 1/32. Imagine an X-20, HL-10 or X-24's in the bigger scale. Congratulations on your excellent work. Tnarg
  7. As for metal accessories: I think Yahu has an instrument panel for this kit, not the same as the one for Silverwings' kit. Tnarg
  8. I know that the lawyers of Nacirema Airlines (read it like my name, backwards) charged money for the rights to do their decals back a while ago, and that stopped several companies from doing airplane models with that name. I recall building an old Revell kit of that livery as a kid, before I ever flew, thinking that one day I'd love to fly in that beautiful plane. Once I heard that they didn't understand that it was free publicity and like Apple, they could get every kid addicted to their brand but making the "first one free" (like Apple did with schools), then I decided to avoid ever flying on their planes again. Sad, but I still would like a Ford Trimotor in their old logo. I don't know where this puts my favorite Southwest state flag colors for a 737.... probably don't want to know, since it will just cause me another temper tantrum. I do like those 1/72 airliners, since I could never fit a 1/32 one in my house (or my wife would never let me fit on in the house... to be state it with more accuracy). Some people would welcome the publicity and advertising, since people actually pay for the privilege to admire their brand. OK, I can like quite a few lawyers, but like Edgar Rice Burroughs said, "The Martians are a happy people, they have no lawyers". However, there is that thing about how they settled all their disputes with a sword... to the death... Tnarg
  9. The original Southwest Texas, Arizona and California liveries fit on a -300, but I think the Maryland plane is probably the most colorful. This gives a blank canvas to play. I have Pan Am and Western Airlines decals for the early versions, since they were some of the first planes I ever flew in. I just like the "purty colors". If only they had Mermaids and Unicorns on the airplanes, you'd get my granddaughters interested. Pokemon, maybe. Tnarg
  10. I hope for a whole series of those Southwest State Flag planes, but he will need to make their big brother versions for many of them. My desires are often too big for my wallet and my display area, but those options could really persuade me to get some of the kits. Tnarg
  11. I have to say I really appreciate "Bob" as an option. Tnarg
  12. That photo etch set completely changes the kit. Great work on getting it updated. Tnarg
  13. You would imagine that Ernie G has a license to print money, but G Factor stuff is often difficult to find. His parts are so much stronger and more accurate. It's surprising that the SAC stuff is all over the catalogs, especially if one purchase burns a customer. Tnarg
  14. Good stuff, especially an SM.79, but I still hope for Porco Rosso's plane.... Tnarg
  15. You are going where the rest of us fear to tread. Thanks for holding up that light ahead of us and showing the way. Are any of us brave enough to follow? Really amazing work. I love the technique to determine random locations. Nothing is regular in reality, all of nature is fractal, even when someone tries to shoot in a straight line at a target. Tnarg
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