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  1. One man space pod from 2001, A Space Odyssey in 1/8 scale. Having waited for Captain Cardboard's 1/6 scale model for decades, this one will let me fill it with functional animated displays. 1/32 Saab Tunnan, just because it is a Saab. (Where is our Viggen and Draken, in all their flavors?) Copper State's 1/32 Nieuport 17, wishing I could afford a case of those. Tnarg
  2. Tnarg

    And now for something completely different...

    Designers Rationale for Ma.K.... Sort of reminds me of my son's nixie clock that we built together. we mounted the clock board in a laser engraved box which we picked up on sale because they engraved the castle and unicorn decoration on the bottom instead of on the lid. It made a great base, and when he is asked how it works, all he does is turn it over and say, "Unicorns". Same thing works for Maschinen Krieger Ma.K or SF3D stuff... "Unicorns". Tnarg
  3. Thanks for the amazing "smokey" pictures. So many clouds or trails with airplanes. Very nice. Wish I could have seen this, but we have your great photos. Tnarg Was that a Stinson Airliner? Any detail shots of that one?
  4. Tnarg

    Flat monofilament. Finally found some !

    American Standard rigging wires were specified by thread size, but the big one as used on the larger wires for the Gee Bee R-1 and R-2, Boeing P-26, F4B-4 and P-12E was a 1/2" - 20 part. The half inch was the thread size and the width was specified to 0.732" with 0.183" to 0.192" thickness. That flat monofilament sounds about as good as it gets for matching this line. Perfect for the larger wires on those planes. They also used the 3/8" -24 wires (sometimes next to each other) which were 0.540" wide. Sounds like some Golden Age airplanes could look even better. Tnarg
  5. The main reason to watch Top Gun was to hear the jets take off. Turn up the volume and bother the neighbors. My sons approved, but only when SWMBO wasn't there to veto the volume levels. Plot, who needs a plot, there's airplanes up there. Hearing loss, don't worry about no stinkin' hearing loss. What did you say? Tnarg
  6. Tnarg

    Reno Air races 2018 Anybody going?

    Hope someone takes photos. Many of my pictures are from ten years ago now. Get a pit pass and you may never leave that area. Too much fun. Tnarg
  7. Tnarg

    SPAD Xlll vs Fokker DVll

    I was wondering about letting my grandchildren race them around the room making zoom sounds.... maybe an alternative test? But we'd need to include Tie fighters and X wings in the competition. Tnarg
  8. Tnarg

    Junkers J.1 latest at Wingnuts kit to sell out

    I like the fighters from WWI, but the two seaters make WNW stand out from all the field. No one else has presented such treasures to us. I say "Bring it on", give us more of those recon and bomber aircraft. Breguet 14, anyone? (with nice Polish or Middle Lithuanian insignia?) Tnarg
  9. Tnarg

    Chaos in our lives...

    It doesn't matter what nationality or culture we look at, there are those who believe that other people are only NPC's (non-player characters) in the sociopathic video game that they call their life. You have to stand up to them and let them know that it doesn't matter how much money or title that they have, they only deserve what they can prove by their actions. Most of the time they are actually just terrified little children with a scary costume worn to try to deal with reality. Tnarg
  10. Tnarg

    Chaos in our lives...

    Best of luck with everything. I like your work and recommend it to everyone. Your wife did the correct thing, but it is unfortunate that tyrants do not fail as fast as we might want them to. If everyone voted with their feet, none of them would have the power they believe they have. In the long term, people will only follow someone they trust. Tnarg
  11. Tnarg

    Aftermarket kits needed.

    He said Draken. Maybe they could squeeze out a nearly full Draken (and Viggen) kit to accompany someone's wheel or control stick if a complete kit isn't in the cards Is there one part from the Gripen kit that would serve as the last piece required for a Draken? Never mind, that kit is unavailable as well as not correct for the production version. Just wanting some Saabs.... in all flavors and colors. Tnarg
  12. Tnarg

    List of large scale Golden Era aircraft

    I am tempted to reduce my stash to only include this era, but then I realize how much I like WNW... and Ma.K and Space stuff and ..... Tnarg
  13. Tnarg

    List of large scale Golden Era aircraft

    It is hard to compare an F4B-4 with a Spitfire, but an Estonian "What If?" Spitfire with black and white or aluminum under the wing pushes me to call it Golden Age also. I would definitely call a Bulgarian Heinkel or Avia with the early Cross of King Zvonimir insignia Golden Age. Crossed swords and a lion in the center... way too cool of a national insignia. This suggests that a cutoff for Spanish Civil War and later might be more WWII like, but I find myself obsessed with all things 1930. If it is a biplane, I'd still make it Golden Age, even if it is a Polikarpov I-153... and I still want an I-15. Make two lists if you want to... I like them all. Tnarg
  14. Tnarg

    List of large scale Golden Era aircraft

    Other 30's kits include these (some are very late 30's): HPH: Avia B-534, Letov S-328, Letov S-16 Silver Wings: Fiat CR-32, Heinkel 51 (including one version with floats) ? resin kit, forgot company name: Avia B-35, Yugoslav version of Hawker Fury, IK-3 (may be too late) Special Hobby: P-36A (think War Games Camo in late 30's National Air Races), Polikarpov I-16 (type 10) XS makes some resin racing planes with the Curtiss biplane racer for wheels or floats (two kits). That is a reasonable kit with good wing detail, even if the interior is just a hole in the plane. (Put in a pilot and use Jimmy Dolittle's head from Kings Road Miniatures... not inexpensive but a great figure). ICM/Revell: Polikarpov I-16 later kit with Vector type 5 conversion kit Montex: Dewoitine D.500, HS-123 (both later done by Alley Cat) Lukgraoh: Focke Wulf FW.56 Trumpeter: Junkers Ju-87A (late 30's in Spain)
  15. Tnarg

    List of large scale Golden Era aircraft

    P-6E from Silver WIngs is an iconic aircraft of that era. Lone Star makes several conversions for the BF2C kit by Hasegawa which will enable more options, plus detail sets for the Hasegawa kits, the F9C Sparrowhawk and the F3F of Monogram/Revell. The big Bugatti by Fisher is a superb kit in 1/24 scale, in addition to the 1/32 version by LSM. Tnarg