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  1. Lukgraph just gave us a whole pile of Curtiss US Army, Navy and Marine fighters plus their previous releases of the Nieuport 29's in three boxes with multiple nationalities. Even if they are resin, they are between the wars and look pretty fine. You can fill a display case with just planes from the 20's and 30's from all the options. Most of them are resin, but there are a lot of injection molded kits. Tnarg
  2. Nice.... sort of Ma.k but different. Where did you find it and are there more fun things like it? Tnarg Only one issue... where do you put your legs when you sit down inside the mech? Or do you always sit cross legged?
  3. Keep having fun. Congratulations and best hopes for a wonderful future together. Tnarg
  4. Great to see the type 10 released. I wish they would do the early versions of the family like the I-15 and 152. Spanish Ratas / Moscas call my name. Tnarg
  5. Weathered to an amazing degree. It is amazing that the plane could still get airborne. What a great model. Tnarg
  6. That looks like it is a real aircraft, not a model. The weathering makes it come alive. Just amazing. Tnarg
  7. The older races like Thompson or Schneider had some amazing colors as well... just not warplanes. One of my favorite race planes didn't race, but was the whole P-36 squadron that went to the National Air Races and had those wild and crazy camo alternatives. The P-36 with black, white, OD and sand (that is often portrayed as orange) camouflage and a frog on the ammo case was only the squadron leader's plane. The rest were just as fascinating in variation. Tnarg
  8. What an incredibly beautiful creation. I am also a huge fan of that green. Tnarg
  9. I not only hoping for a P.24, I really, really, really want a Karas. That would be amazing. I guess I will need to buy a few of these. Tnarg
  10. I appreciate your step by step walk though the build. The wire pins sound like a great solution to the fragile but interesting detail on the kit. Thanks for letting us watch, Tnarg
  11. Color has a much more profound impact upon my perception of history. I have seen the black and white photos over and over, but in color they become real and the effect upon my feelings is strong... even for this "old news". The Normandy landing 75 years ago hits home in a way I haven't felt before. Thanks for this pointer. Tnarg
  12. My wife and my sons and sometimes their wives and my older grandkids will play 5 crowns. It takes almost no room for the card box and doesn't have the feature of taking forever to play like Risk and Monopoly did. We can have fun and then move on to something else. We played it once when we were stuck in the Copenhagen airport waiting for our delayed bags and were distracted from those difficulties. None of the family have any interest in Avalon Hill stuff. Napoleon at Waterloo or Richtofen's War caught my interest back in the day, but I could never seem to find anyone who wanted to play... even my younger brothers played only with the most difficult persuasion. They preferred RIsk and Monopoly with loans so we could play the same game all summer. Tnarg
  13. One response to the nose issue of the B-17 might include the following steps: 1) Cover an appropriate section of the side front right fuselage with resin and cast an impression of the detail. 2) Vac form several copies of that section of the right (or left) side of the front fuselage. 3) Trim the edges of the vac formed sections rather irregularly as if cut by a torch. 4) Paint or finish the section as per the prototype (natural metal or an appropriate color). 5) Decal with your choice of nose art. 6) Hang up on a scale wall of a nose art museum. There you have it. Many versions of the B-17. Add a B-25 and B-24 to the collection since they have similar alternatives for interesting nose art. Doesn't fix the problems with the kits, but lets you build and store a lot more projects than the other way. (Dodging incoming flak) Tnarg
  14. What an amazing blue and white color scheme. Thanks. Tnarg
  15. I REALLY LIKE the idea of a Kosciuszko Squadron history. Sopwith Camels, Ansaldos, Hurricanes, Spitfires and Migs. Good luck with your efforts. Which others are in the plan? Tnarg
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