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  1. That would be the nose cone of a P-38. Now that is just a HUGE tease. Collin
  2. Watching with interest. The two-seat F-104 is like a itch I can never scratch. Something about that aircraft just screams "build me". Looking forward to how the rest of the kit goes together. Cheers Collin
  3. Agree with LSP Kevin, you should post your builds. That if one fine B-24. Nice to see what is possible OOB and this build really shows that. Cheers Collin
  4. This is an OOB build trying to be built into a ICAP II aircraft based out of Patuxent River in the 1990's. First, this kit is a lesson on learning to test fit, and a great subject to learn to use super glue and better your scribing skills. Trust me....if you build this kit, you will get practice at both. Used Miliput to create some seatbelts on the other-wise bland seats. Cockpit painted up and installed. Overall this is the state she is in now. This kit has fit issues. The wings went on pretty well after searching the net and getting the "gouge" on how to grind down areas to get a better fit. The rest of the kit fits OK, but I pulled out the super glue and scribing tools and went to work. Upper surface wasn't that bad. The belly was a pain. Lots of glue/sand/glue....then rescribe. The intakes are a pain, so this is how they ended up: Built the canopy up (I plan on building it closed). Added a small strip of plastic strip to the underside to provide some rigid structure...it's very frail without it: Also trying my hand at darkening up the canopies. Prowlers have to hard to recreate tint, but I am trying to some brown Future wash (just experimenting at this time): And finally tried my hand at creating wingtip lights (and rescribing the lost details): Cheers Collin
  5. Such a tease!! Cheers Collin
  6. Best to your health and recovery. It obviously had no effect on your excellent model skills, this is an exceptional Skyhawk. Cheers Collin
  7. Let’s get a 1/32 Mirage 2000C first. Collin
  8. If you are looking to do a Pocket Money Haiphong Harbor minning aircraft, use the MK-52. That’s what the Intruders and Corsair IIs used to mine the deeper channels. Smaller/shallower channels were seeded with MK-36. Cheers Collin
  9. The 1/48 Shapeway MK-52’s while pricey, are beautiful. Cheers Collin
  10. Pocket Money was specifically geared toward mining Haiphong's harbor and entrances. Navy was mining inland and near shore waterways with Destructors a lot during the war. For example, no F-4's participated in the mine laying of Pocket Money (just A-6's and A-7's)....so many of these photos are for the other operations using Destructors to slow the flow of supplies South. The white band is the primary indicator for the Destructor series. What Finn posted is pretty much the best info I have found on Pocket Money and other mining operations. As a former CVW Mining Officer.....it was required reading in mine school. Collin
  11. I did this research a few years ago...I have the 3D printed mines as well.... Pocket Money was three unique strikes: 09 May '72: You have the correct squadrons and loads. 11 August '72: VA-75, VA-37, VA-105 reseeded the mine fields. 17 Dec '72: VA-145, VA-113, VA-25 reseeded as well. Maybe you can find those other A-7 squadrons in 1/32 to open up some options for you. Cheers Collin
  12. Built completely out of the box with Xtradecal decals to give me a colorful test aircraft from China Lake. Simple build, kit fits very well, so I if you can live with the funny looking intake...give it a try. It will be going into my display at work, so didn't really want to weather it much. Will be putting on some drop tanks donated from a member of the boards...thanks (the kit drop tanks are just terrible). Cheers Collin
  13. https://m.imgur.com/gallery/3DcvpYR
  14. I’ll be watching as well. She’s an underrepresented kits in 32nd. T-2 was a very stable and fun aircraft to fly. Not a ton of power, but enough to get maneauvers started. Great vis from the cockpit and spinning her was just a blast. Cheers Collin
  15. I have this kit whispering to me from the shelf.....”build me” (along with his pals: PCM Spit IXc and XIVc). Nice looking Tempest, can’t wait to see her complete. Cheers Collin
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