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  1. Great job overall, and excellent job cleaning up those tough seam lines to the rear of the canopy and the aft fuselage just in front of the tail. They can be a challenge. Cheers Collin
  2. Back in the late 90’s/early 2000’s period a USN TPS student did his dissimilar aircraft paper on the B-1B use by the Navy and wrote up an extensive paper. I remember it because I went to see the Kansas ANG B-1 parked on the Pax River transit line while I was still flying in a VX squadron there. There were a few good points, but the rest were not. I took interest in it since I was leaving the Navy shortly and headed to a Guard B-1 Squadron (which the ax fell on soon after I transferred there). The USAF is looking to get out of the B-1 business and is gaming it to keep the healthiest tails viable until replaced. “No chance Paddles” that the Navy is getting any. Maybe the USMC. I kid, I kid. Cheers Collin
  3. I only drink warm dark beer. Come to the dark side or no-dice. Interested to see how Future woks on the OOB KH M2000 decals. Cheers Collin
  4. I think these KH Mirage decals aren't the same as KH decals of other kits. I took one look at the sheet and noticed how thick they were. The OOB decals from the KH 1/48 AH-1Z I built a few years ago....very thin and went down like a charm (a little prone to folding/grippy but workable). This isn't a Future (or name your fav setting solution here) issue...it's an issue that the decals are not up to snuff, which is unfortunate for a kit so many of us were waiting a long time for. Cheers Collin
  5. Excellent build. I’ll have to keep your paint choices in mind when I build mine. I’m waiting for aftermarket decals to flourish. Looks like there are parts in the box to do everything from a plain original 2000C to a -5F?? Cheers Collin
  6. Anyone have opinions on these decals, other than being expensive: https://www.ebay.com/itm/FFSMC-Productions-Decals-1-32-Mirage-2000C-et-5F-Français-ref-P-32-052-/293289949818
  7. Great build. Now all we need is some new aftermarket decals!!! And maybe a newer in-flight French pilot (think I have an old AJ productions one in the stash). Cheers Collin
  8. Great Job. It's funny...I have a "wife" model waiting in the wings as well. Will be a half OD/NMF 357th/Yoxford tail 1/32 P-51D early. Have masks already created for her initials and her name as well. Cheers Collin
  9. Kit just showed up on my doorstep today. Super excited but taken aback by he decals discussed here, and I was really digging the 103-KV kit markings. Guess an aftermarket company can print money putting out these decals!! Cheers Collin
  10. Excellent job MB13. Interested in your in-flight base. Assuming homemade with acrylic rods and wood base? Cheers Collin
  11. So, is this kit available in the States yet? I haven’t seen it yet. Without a local hobby shop, where is the safest and least expensive place to pick one of these kits up? Cheers Collin
  12. Gear up for sure here, 2000-series looks best in-flight. Cheers Collin
  13. Beautiful Pony, I just picked this kit up. You can’t beat the price. Regarding fit problems, can you share what they are so I don’t step on the same landmines. Cheers Collin
  14. I have one of these on the shelf having already built the PCM Griffin Spit. You did a splendid job on this kit, giving it just the TLC these kits need. Cheers Collin
  15. I have one of these on the shelf having already built the PCM Griffin Spit. You did a splendid job on this kit, giving it just the TLC these kits need. Cheers Collin
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