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  1. Brilliant looking build. Will be saving these photos for future reference. Very nice finish, worn but not over the top worn. What is your technique for wing root weathering? Cheers Collin
  2. Boat is the term we use around other aviators. While airborne and talking to controllers (E-2, or surface), she is “mom” or “mother”. Collin
  3. CV-62 was a bundle of fun in particular sea states. Much different than bigger deck boats. She also had a pronounced Dutch roll in addition to the deck pitch. Indy LSO’s were great at timing the deck, but I’ve been on both extremes looking over at my pilots asking WTF after the deck either unexpectedly pitched up or down on us. In-flight engagements after the deck falls away yet the hook still catches, those you don’t forget. Daytime was bearable. Nighttime, I’ve climbed out of the jet and told the PC to give the pilot a few minutes....his knees are still shaking. Cheers Col
  4. Do you have to build the engine on these trump Harrier kits? Of is there a shortcut not doing so because you can’t see it finished on the completed model? Cheers Collin
  5. I’m building the same kit now, so watching closely. I’m doing Hun Hunter from the Eagle Cal Sheet. You are welcome to either of the other two schemes. I also have Kits World 132026 that I won’t be using. Yours if you want them. Cheers Collin
  6. Yep, from the photo evidence of when Brown got the Mustang, that’s what she was “wearing”. Collin
  7. Brilliant so far on a terrific subject!! weathering and colors look spot on. Cheers Collin
  8. Freaking sweet!! I mean sweet! Can you expand a little on your improved intake? Cheers Collin
  9. Went over to WWII Aircraft forum and found some interesting details. Seems that Brown's P-51D was a hand me down from the commander who was transferring. So the photo with the stripes on the bottom is actually WR-A before it was turned into WR-Z and had the stripes removed. Seems the upper OD color on WR-Z would have the traditional old and new paint where the stripes were either covered up or removed and repainted. No lower stripes at all. Interesting that "The Hun Hunter~Texas" may have never been painted on the aircraft. Photo evidence show the black arrow empty a week before the pla
  10. No stripes: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/351210470920573573/ Stripes (I think): Although I think the lower pic is actually WR-R?? Look like the same tail number and kill markings (two rows).
  11. Next project is going to be the newer Revell 1/32 early P-51D dressed up as The Hun Hunter. I’ve seen conflicting photos on the net. Did she have lower wing invasion stripes w/two rows of kill markings which were later removed ( when a third row of kill markings were added)? Anyone know if she once had overwing invasion stripes that were painted over? Thanks for anyones info!! Cheers Collin
  12. Grabbed this kit to practice my airbrushing. Made up markings for a late war 219. Earlier Tamiya mold from the mid-90's...good kit with just a few little areas to watch out for. Fun build of a cool looking aircraft that was before it's time. Cheers Collin
  13. The only tricky part of the build is the area of the engine bodies and attaching them to the wings. Just be careful glueing them. You may have a small bit of cleanup on the rear parts of the engine and some excess plastic near the wing leading edge and engine. Hard to explain, but when you build it you will see what I’m talking about. Other than that, it’s a great kit. I kept the wings off until the end. Sure helped with painting, it’s a surprisingly large kit. And yes, the wings just slide onto the plastic guides provided, and press fit to the fuselage. A little touch of glue. Absolute
  14. Weathering, gear and wings on. I was amazed, the wings were snap together tight...could have left them unglued. Exhaust stains and flat coat. Cheers Collin
  15. I never met a beer in Munich I didn’t like. Darker the better. Cucumber vice lime, I’m game for trying that out. I’m on “bingo” when it comes to my JD and Glenlivet (12 not 24). Need to hit the store. Jamison Caskmates Stout is my first choice. Whistling Pig Rye if it’s still on the shelf. One cube of ice to sip sip sip and enjoy. Cheers Collin
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