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  1. Wow!!! That's amazing! Got any more pics? I'd love to see more In-Progress pics and finished model pics if you have more to share. Jake
  2. That is so cool!!! Great progress!!
  3. There is no such thing as accurate line drawings. I've yet to see any drawings anywhere that were accurate, unless they are the official drawings released by the manufacturer. The reason is simply because they are drawn by an artist based on photos, and left to the translation, interpretation, and imagination (in many cases) of the artist. If you're looking for 100% accuracy, use photos of the real thing. The D&S book is not great because it's old, not in full-color, and the drawings are not accurate. My suggestion for a Naavy F-4 is to get the Daco F-4 book. It's much, mu
  4. Wow!! Can't wait to see this come together!!
  5. I got mine today. Really nice work! The detail and casting is superb!! Thanks again! Jake
  6. Looking forward to those, for sure!! Jake
  7. These look great. When do you anticipate having the loaded version ready? Jake
  8. Hi Jan. Those look great. I'll take a set. Jake
  9. Outstanding work!! This is great to watch come together. Jake
  10. Dude!!! More pics of that phantom please!!!!!
  11. Holy hell dude. That is a whole 'nuther level. jeeeeeezzzz
  12. Would LOVE to! We need the Modern Pave Hawk Guide first.
  13. The gun gasses streak along the bottom of the jet. When they're downrange, they do get exquisitely filthy. I was around the Boise Hogs when they came home from the sandbox a couple years ago. It was so awesome. They took great pride in their dirty Hogs. Jake
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