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  1. Holy smokes, man! That is so awesome!!! Jake
  2. The problem may at least partially be that nobody is allowed to photograph the weapons bays up close and in detail. When i'm around the jets with a camera, they make it clear that up close photos of open panels are not permitted. Jake
  3. Very nice work!!! Wehre did you source the short ECM pod and the rocket pods? Jake
  4. Cyber Monday starts now!!! Visit the webstore for crazy deals on any in-stock book or decal sheet. You must enter CYBER into the discount code box to receive the discount. www.reidairpublishing.com
  5. Push through. This kit is hard. I have two in various forms of construction that I gave up on. Don't be like me. I've never seen the Michigan jet built. That's my vote. Thanks for using my decals!! Jake
  6. Agreed. The panel should be dark with no lights during flight.
  7. Wow, that looks great! There is a lot going on inside the nose gear well. Excellent start. Jake
  8. I love everything about it, but the base is fantastic. Great job. Jake
  9. Astonishing. Absolutely, positively, breath taking. It looks so REAL. Great work, my friend. Jake
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