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  1. I was never a real fan of the 38(t), though I know the Germans used them in fairly large numbers.
  2. I have never bought even a single Panda Models kit. From what I recall, the subjects never interested me.
  3. Nice! I'll be watching with great interest.
  4. I'd personally like to see the Kingfisher reappear, as I never got one initially.
  5. A 1:24 Fokker D.VII would certainly make my day, no question about it.
  6. Darn shame, as GMM has been around for ages.
  7. A couple more added to the pile(s). This has been on my wants list for years now. Found it at a real right price so decided to go for it. Still shrink wrapped. This is just a splendid kit, and I got it for an excellent price. While I already had the kit, I figured I could use this for another version, or at least lots of spare parts. Box is a bit battered, but kit itself is in excellent shape.
  8. Lots of goodies here. Thanks, Kev.
  9. I used a Badger 350 for years and years, never had a bad thing to say about it.
  10. I'm rather surprised to not see Rich pushing his books here anymore.
  11. Decals for other subjects; Bf 109, Fw 190, etc. might also be used to piece together generic markings for a D-9.
  12. Agreed; not a real practical looking vehicle at all.
  13. I think Barracuda makes wheels, Master should have some nice 1:24 MGs, but that's about all I can think of right now. It also seems that Jerry Rutman may have made a wheel well set, but even if he did, finding one now would be a real challenge.
  14. Are you referring to VDM Heinz Nickel? If so, our database shows no entries at all.
  15. It's interesting, and cool, but the armor I'm primarily interested in, is WWII German stuff, and those kits seem to be growing in number every day. I'd also like a Russian JS-2 and JSU-152 (already have the T-34/85), and to grab another 1:16 US M16 half-track, German Kubelwagen, and I'd be a very, very happy guy.
  16. It's not a matter of poor customer service, it's a matter of no customer service at all. Like I said, I can just "borrow" the needed parts from my IA, and chalk this all up to a learning experience, and try to be extra cautious in the future.
  17. No updates for a while, as I've decided to devote all of my hobby time to finishing my big ol' Panzer I first.
  18. I have a couple of thoughts. Either I'll putty the mounting point and hope nobody notices, or just steal the part from my IA kit. Hopefully, a couple of years from now when I need those parts for my IA, I'll have finally heard back from Takom,... maybe.
  19. I'm very sorry to hear that, Joe, I truly am. Good to see you back at it though.
  20. True enough on the 3D parts, Rick. It pains me to pay $20 for a tiny little piece though, especially considering the kit itself was only $60 or so.
  21. Three new additions (so my other kits don't get lonely). So-so artwork, beautiful kit. Beautiful artwork, so-so kit. Beautiful artwork, beautiful kit.
  22. It happens, Kev. I recall one time working on an Airfix L-1011. Nose weight added, check. Windows blanked off, check. Glued the fuselage together, only to realize about an hour later that I had completely left out the main gear wells! Once I pried apart the goo that was the seams, a quick install and I was back in business and hopefully a bit wiser.
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