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  1. I can't speak for the Eduard kit, but the Dragon kit is outstanding, the only real issue being the very frequently mangled wheel well inserts. I just received the Dragon E-3 kit, and the very first thing I did was check these inserts;... yep, mangled, as usual.
  2. I of course have no idea how actual sales went for WNW, but I do recall that way more than once, when a new kit was announced, I'd just scratch my head and wonder why. Some of the very early releases still hadn't sold out, even after nearly ten years of availability, whereas others; Fokker D.VIIs and Albatros Vs, seem to sell out a whole lot quicker. I can easily see why even the most ardent of WWI aviation fans, would balk at some of the bizarre choices of kits released.
  3. I really like the idea. Take an otherwise drab, boring as dirt scheme, and paint it as something truly colorful and imaginative. I can see a bright VF-84 scheme in my mind, or possibly VF-41, which is also cool.
  4. My roommate knows that I'm an amateur astronomer (totally amateur), as well as the fact that I enjoy word play, so he snatched a couple of these for me as a birthday gift. I think they're just too cool.
  5. I use the same method that Kev described; never a problem. (Firefox 80.0.1 64-bit)
  6. Foot pads (I reworked them some) are now pretty much finished. A wee bit more work needed to the turntable itself, and I'll be ready for paint, and I'm really looking forward to that.
  7. I'd dump the Revell and Trumpeter Corsair kits, and snatch the Tamiya kit; it's outstanding in every way imaginable.
  8. Hadn't really thought about it much, Mike, though when the time comes, I'm sure there'll be any number of options for me to consider.
  9. Thanks, Jose. It's slowly getting there, for sure.
  10. Excellent. Thanks a ton, Kev. It looks much better now.
  11. I've actually already stumbled upon some Tiger I track sections on a facelook group. Not cheap, but would just be so cool to have.
  12. One thing I'd like to point out, if you don't mind, is that the wings were generally streaked roughly 30° to chord, whereas the ailerons themselves were streaked at 45° to chord. This was a fairly consistent Fokker practice with the Dr.I. Not a big deal, really, but just something to keep in mind, should you choose to do another at some point. I really like the look you achieved with the airbrushing though, it's really quite excellent, far better that I'd ever be able to pull off.
  13. The more I see of this kit, the more I really like about it.
  14. It's definitely different, but no one says I need read it, so I just scroll past. The truth be told, I'd prefer it gone completely as well.
  15. And yet another from my deal with Ray. I've been after this one for quite some time now.
  16. Agreed. I've heard that Aber makes some great stuff.
  17. One point of interest in that article, is the two different locations in the tail for control cable exits. I'll need to look into that. Also, those reinforced openings would have been just a simple piece of leather, not big honkin' steel plates, as the kit seems to depict.
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