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  1. Yes, it does now appear that the bow angle is messed up; what a shame, but probably fixable.
  2. Aside from the battleship-like armor belting look, I rather like what I see so far.
  3. How cool. I'll look forward to seeing some reviews.
  4. Oh yes, aftermarket tracks alone frequently cost more than the armor kit they're going onto. Add in stowage, ammo, barrels, P.E., crates and whatnot, and it can cost way more than the kit itself.
  5. I like it just fine. Looks real good to me.
  6. I reviewed the G-6 (here), and while perhaps not as photo heavy as some reviews might be, certainly seems to cover the majority of the bases, I think.
  7. Interesting stuff. Thanks for taking the time, Kev.
  8. Still a workable kit though, and in a great scale too.
  9. Oh yes, and I have many of those references already. Thanks, I'll check it out.
  10. That would be great. While I already seem to have plenty on the A and perhaps even C, I have virtually nothing on the G's. Terrific. I appreciate it, Dean. I really have no idea.
  11. OK, fellas, I'd like some advice on really good Ju 88 night fighter books (if any exist). I realize the variety of available schemes may be somewhat limited with these versions, but that's what I'm really interested in the most. Thanks a bunch,
  12. My roommate just decided to install Roku recently, so now we have access to all sort of cool war movies and documentaries. Lots of D-Day stuff this week too.
  13. The biggest booboo there was that Sal was shot twice, two shots in very rapid succession;... not really doable with a bolt action rifle.
  14. I faced a similar dilemma with a friend. He wanted a square bridge Fletcher to build the destroyer that his father served on in WWII, so I set out to fetch the Revell kit and the shapeways add-ons,... until I saw the prices of the shapeways stuff. I bought him the smaller Tamiya kit instead. I bought the Revell kit for myself, but long before the Platinum edition was released, now I feel that I got robbed.
  15. I thought that it looked familiar. Until today, I'd forgotten how nice a book it really is, though I wish more of it were in color. I don't yet own the Mushroom book, though It is on my "to get" list. Thanks a bunch.
  16. It's hard to go wrong with chess, or for more ease of playing, checkers.
  17. Before I moved a few years back, I had kits in the basement, garage, attic, hobby room, den, living room and bedroom. Only when I went to move them all did I realize the utter insanity of a collection that large.
  18. If I might ask, what Hind book is this?
  19. Not me. When I was considerably younger, I had a ton of them, but lost interest over the subsequent years. I do tend to play some word games on the astronomy forum I belong to, but that's about it for me.
  20. Looks great, Dean. Now you just need a bigger shed.
  21. I did a review of this kit some time back, and while not the worst I've ever seen, I was very disappointed with what I saw. I'll look forward to seeing what you can make of it. (Both excellent books, by the way.)
  22. If you ever get the chance again, don't hesitate.
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