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  1. Did they snatch that huge Tiger too?
  2. Here's the public access kit database in its entirety, easily searchable too. (Not the admin link.)
  3. Yes it is. I just corrected that while you were asking.
  4. According to our own kit database, 85-5989 is one of the boxings of the new tooled kit. Revell P-51D
  5. Darn shame, Rocky, but it's still nice to see you here again. I'd not hesitate to prosecute them both.
  6. I'm big time jealous of that F-86 deal.
  7. I'm thrilled that folks there still care after all these years, it's very comforting to know that the sentinels are still hard at work, trying to resolve the issues with the unknowns.
  8. I've not actually done that many, but on the ones I have, I just freehand it. (I really wish that I'd finished this one.)
  9. Mustang book looks interesting. Thanks, Kev.
  10. At this point, I'm not even 100% sure I'll make it to Omaha at all. I'll have to just wait and see, I guess.
  11. Looks like I'll need to book a room elsewhere then; or sleep in the car.
  12. As it turns out, Tamiya did one as well. I'll more than likely go for the Tamiya kit. Thanks again, fellas.
  13. Excellent. Thanks a bunch. I thought I'd seen one before somewhere. And now added to my "wants" list.
  14. And the utterly gorgeous Barracuda wheels also showed up today. As far as I'm concerned, this will be all in the way of AM for this tribute (aside from an original box in good shape, which I can easily get from feepay), but I'm still hoping for a cool result, which I think is very doable.
  15. And seat, as expected, fits like a charm. "Pit is now ready for some RLM 66.
  16. A bit OT, but does anyone do (or did) a nice mid-wing George in 1:48 scale?
  17. If I was a PBY crew member in WWII, and the engines were spraying oil all over the place like that, I'd certainly be sure to have my parachute on at all times.
  18. Excellent. I just recently snatched a Tamiya A6M2, but I'll most certainly have to add a couple of Eduard kits too, especially if they do a Rufe.
  19. I have a Seal body too,... the kind that Killer Whales like to have for lunch.
  20. Much to my happiness, I discovered that Ultracast makes the appropriate seats (with belts), so I naturally had to order them. In retrospect, I really don't know why I didn't choose to do this in 1:72 scale to begin with, but oh well, I'll be more than happy with 1:48.
  21. What stunned me the most, was the tremendously fast acceleration of the rocket. Having watched several Saturn V rockets take off over the years, this was so much faster. Of course the Saturn V was gigantic, but still, it was an amazing sight. And I'm so happy that Shatner got to make the flight.
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