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  1. I was rather surprised today to (re)discover that I have the 1:48 Pro Modeler (Hasegawa) Lightning in my stash. I'd be very curious to see a side-by-side comparison of the two, though I rather suspect that the Tamiya kit would ultimately win out.
  2. That AIMS stuff looks just great. Thanks, Kev.
  3. Thanks, fellas. I may just go with Tamiya for now.
  4. Does anyone know if the Revell kit is a re-pop of either the Tamiya or Hasegawa kit? Thanks a bunch,
  5. My own 190F-8 was stalled when I went to assemble the multi-piece cowling, and much of that was my own fault, being in too much of a hurry. Otherwise I suspect it would have gone as smooth as the rest of the kit did for me. Assuming I do eventually grab another kit, a one piece cowling might just be very appealing.
  6. Thanks for the input, Duo, and,...
  7. Wonderful looking figures; I'll have to snatch a set. Thanks, Kev.
  8. Indeed. The G-14 & D-9 are really appealing.
  9. The '107 is certainly an intriguing aircraft.
  10. When that does happen, I suspect that Revell will sell a ton of them. I recall a photo of a huge pile of Tamiya Mustang kits (Dave Johnson), but many folks cannot afford that, so Revell becomes the best alternative for Mustang maniacs that want several.
  11. There's a Voodoo not too far from here, acting as a gate guard at a small airport. I need to run out there and take a ton of photos one of these days.
  12. I like the one on floats, so may have to consider eventually adding that to my stash.
  13. Thanks, Kev. The Barracuda stuff is indeed in a league of it's own.
  14. For me as well, though the admin area still sails along fairly nicely.
  15. And it looks excellent too; real nice. I've yet to grab the Ginter book on the '107, but it is on my to get list.
  16. Thanks a bunch, fellas, I appreciate the input. They have a computer component that I really want for the "transplant" of my old HP guts into a new case.
  17. Has anyone had any experience with ordering from these folks? Thanks a bunch.
  18. Very cool news indeed. Perhaps we'll still eventually see the later Mustang now as well.
  19. I just go by what the overwhelming majority of my Century series reference books include, which as you point out, are the same six jets, which is more than good enough for me. The F-111, etc., are not traditionally associated to the Century series of aircraft, for whatever reason(s).
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