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  1. Just a wee bit off topic perhaps, but I was absolutely stunned last night to discover that Tamiya has (at some point in time) released a 1:16 scale Russian JS-2. It's quite expensive, from what I've seen so far, but also looks to be quite an excellent kit. If they eventually follow this with a 1:16 JSU-152, I'm going to just freak out.
  2. I had intended to be there, but as with so many things lately, it just won't be possible. I hope he sells a ton of stuff for you.
  3. I've owned several so far, but finished none, at least not yet. Hard to believe that it's been 10 years since we first heard of them.
  4. Then it's "display case" time, it seems. My roommate and I are still kicking around the idea of a display case for the extra bedroom, as both of us have stuff we'd rather not get all dusty.
  5. Looks great, Jeff. Hard to go wrong with VF-84 (or VF-41).
  6. I was wondering the same thing.
  7. I'm going to say some sort of Bf 109, probably a G-6.
  8. Very cool. I hadn't realized until I read more in the book last night, just what a collaborative effort these books really are.
  9. Oh yes. Both of my black paint jobs have been directly from spray bombs, but while one was almost perfect, right out of the gate, the other (Tamiya gloss black lacquer), turned almost a satin black, so I painted it again with Model Master, and after clear coats, looked quite acceptable, at least to me. If you don't already have one, I'd strongly advise getting a tack rag. With black, in particular, it seems that every dust particle in the house is drawn directly to it.
  10. I hear ya' there. I've only tried black twice so far. The first time looked fabulous, the second time, not so much, but I'll keep playing with it until it looks the way I want it to.
  11. I suspect it's a fire suppression test.
  12. I've been using the Shack for a couple of years now, and also run into similar posting issues from time to time. I find that usually by doing a hard refresh (CTRL/F5), that resolves the problem, at least on my Firefox browser. This fix seems to work for either the insertion of the direct link into the text area of the post itself, or by using the insert other media option.
  13. Thanks for checking, Maru. I'd imagine we''ll have no major issues with eventually getting them.
  14. I already started mine, and have enjoyed it a lot so far. Congrats for the great win, Kevin; I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
  15. If you want a joyful experience in 1:48 scale, chase down an Accurate Miniatures Dauntless kit.
  16. Well, they've done the Corsair, Thunderbolt, Wildcat and Mustang, and all of those contributed to shooting down hundreds of Japanese planes, so I don't really see the connection.
  17. Z-M Bf 109G: Yes! Z-M P-51B/C: Yes! Z-M Ar 234: whatever.
  18. This, and a couple of other armor threads here, have me also back at the bench, working furiously on some of my own armor projects, so thanks for that.
  19. Looks just great, Wolf. I too had read somewhere that hatch interior colors were the same as exterior colors, but I also know there were many exceptions, as I've seen interiors of hatches that were the off-white color.
  20. Very cool, Joe. As you suggested, I too built a bunch of the Monogram kits, my favorite of the lot being the tank buster Stuka, though I also liked the P-38 kit quite a bit.
  21. And yet another section of the references database (Green Arrow) that needs a little help. We currently have but 8 books listed for Green Arrow, with only five having a cover image, so, we now need the remaining 3 covers to make this section complete, at least for now. And these 3 books are: Luftwaffen Warplane [sic] 1928-45 The History of Warplanes [sic] Paint and Camouflage 1914-45 The Royal Air Force & Navy Warplane [sic] 1931-45 As usual, if you have any of these 3 books and could scan the cover(s) and send to K1 or myself for inclusion in the database, we'd certainly appreciate it immensely, and of course if you have others that are not in the database yet, we're certainly not opposed to having that information either. Public Green Arrow books are located here. Please Note: A reminder that we'd prefer not to just snatch web images, but rather use our own scans, if possible, thus avoiding potential rights issues or other unpleasant stuff. Thanks a bunch for any help you can offer, fellas
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