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  1. I can't tell from the photos, but what color did you paint the insides of the MLG doors and wheel wells?
  2. Agreed. I just recently acquired both a Kate and Val in 1:48 (Hasegawa kits), as larger options seem like they may never be available.
  3. Someone held a "design the world's ugliest aircraft" contest, and this was the winner.
  4. I agree 100%. A new Dewoitine D.520 would be cool too, speaking of oddballs.
  5. Yep, pre-printed and all skanked up. Exactly. All things considered, most are fairly inexpensive too, which is a real plus as far as I'm concerned. I'll be buying more, for sure.
  6. Not that it probably makes that much difference in 1:32 scale, but the bars are just that,... round bars, not flat like you'll get with P.E. I have a great photo here somewhere. Assuming I can actually find it, I'll post it up here.
  7. I suppose one should strike some sort of balance between living for the here and now as well as planning for the future. Like a famous baseball player, I always had it in my head, starting in my mid-teens, that I was never going to live to see the next decade anyway, so lived exclusively for the moment, assuming that I had no future. I'm paying the price for that now though, 66 and living on a not too substantial social security pension (thank god for FDR), so in my case, living solely for the present was not really a wise choice at all.
  8. I've developed a real taste lately for Japanese Pearl Harbor attackers and would love to see anyone do a Kate and/or Val.
  9. Correct. A bowl shaped depression with a rather hefty five bar arrangement that is welded to the outside top of the bowl.
  10. Also worth mentioning, is the fact that lacquers can easily be wet sanded and polished to a glass-like shine. This is a '68 Dodge Charger that I have underway.
  11. To B or not to D. (Sorry, I couldn't help myself.)
  12. Coastal Kits. Sprue Brothers sells a bunch of them.
  13. Oh boy, some hobby goodies arrived today, specifically some items to help with a 1:32 A6M2 that I’m currently working on.
  14. My roommate just received this kit in our LSP Christmas raffle, so I'll be sure to send him a link to this.
  15. I'll echo the thoughts of a couple other fellas;... this release really does nothing for me, but I still wish them great success, as they then may eventually release some stuff that I am interested in, filling in some gaps where other manufacturers seem to fear to tread.
  16. For me, the really good thing about taking in progress photos, is finding boo boo's before the model gets to the contest table. Apparently the headrest gizmo has uneven bottoms, so gave a distinct list to the starboard side. I have now corrected this. Before: After:
  17. Looks killer, Joe. I like it a lot. I just wish mine would turn out as well.
  18. Prop blades and spinner look OK out of box to me, shape-wise, so after a wee bit of cleanup, I'll start spritzing some paint on (now that I actually know how to paint them).
  19. I think it's a totally cool project, and look forward to seeing more.
  20. Yep. Quite dated by the standards of today, but still worthwhile.
  21. Many thanks to AlanG for my Christmas raffle gift, which arrived today in excellent condition.
  22. Yes, that was an error on my part, instructions only show them on the bare metal side. Thanks.
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