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  1. Beautiful model, looks like the real thing. Your photos are excellent as well. Dan
  2. Dandiego

    Trumpeter F4F-4 of the Cactus Air Force

    That is very nice. You did a great job, especially with the fit issues. Dan
  3. Dandiego

    Hornet over Hanoi

    Yup cut off the slats. Pretty easy really. I just scored the hinge line top and bottom and then snapped them off. There will be a little work around the raised hump for the wing fold. Stay tuned... Dan
  4. Dandiego


    Good luck with your surgery Brian. Back issues are life altering. I've had a few issues myself over the years, but nothing like what you describe. Dan
  5. Dandiego

    Hornet over Hanoi

    A small amount of progress. I have cut out the very plain looking vent area and will be building up some actual vents. Also some "shoot from the hip" re-enforcing of the nose to main fuselage joint. And last some reshaping of the instrument cowl to get a better shape. Dan
  6. Dandiego

    F-15DJ Japanese Adversary

    For those who asked here are some pictures of the bottom of the aircraft. Dan
  7. Dandiego

    F-15DJ Japanese Adversary

    Nelson, I started with light and dark ghost grey. Flat white, Testors orange in the square bottle, and Testors Rust in the square bottle. I will post some pictures of the bottom later today. If you enter the tail serial number you should be able to find lots of pictures of this jet including the bottom Dan Dan
  8. Dandiego

    Hornet over Hanoi

    Ok ...next installment. I have been working on the flaps. After cutting them free from the wing I needed to do some filling and shaping. I used the Academy flaps as a guide as to overall shape and panel lines. I was going rather fast this morning and ended up gluing the fuselage together before I took any pictures of the cockpit. I used the Hasegawa cockpit for a couple of reasons. First I knew it would fit and the detail was actually quite good. So after adding some sidewall detail I painted it and glued everything together. I have also epoxied the PE cockpit sill into place. It was a perfect fit. I have added the nose and a bit of a preview to the finished model, a black nose. Basic colors on the resin seat. Later, Dan
  9. Dandiego

    F-15DJ Japanese Adversary

    Nelson, the decals are a mix from several sources. However the primary markings for this squadron are an OOP Twobobs sheet. 32039 if I remember correctly. Dan
  10. Dandiego

    Hornet over Hanoi

    Thanks Brian, if I am not building I feel that something is missing. Also when I am about 80% through a project my focus shifts to the next. I have been building this current project for about 3 months....in my head. Squadron, hmmmm. Not sure yet. However probably a Navy bird. Might make something custom for the first " Hornet Det ". I have been looking at Hornet graphics on-line to try and get some ideas. But I will try to make it believable and in line with Vietnam Era markings. Dan
  11. Dandiego

    Hornet over Hanoi

    Alright how about some pics... I have started construction by assembling the rear fuselage. Air intakes. Focus Dan! Tail area. Some putty is needed. Also I have moved the slot for the stabs to reflect the normal drooped attitude when at rest. Vertical tails had a very loose and sloppy fit. I added shims to tighten everything up. I am re-scribing the entire model and adding rivets using the Academy kit as a guide. I have added intake interiors back to the compressor faces. The compressor faces are to far forward but it was going to be very difficult to move them farther back. Cutting up the wings. The Academy kit gives you different parts for 4 different flap angles so I will using some of these parts to show deployed flaps. Some resin and PE parts from the AM kit. Nose cone with resin gun port already added to the nose. Thanks, Dan
  12. Fantastic. I want one! Dan
  13. Ok she is done. Thanks for dropping by. Dan
  14. Dandiego

    RF-101 model At Smithsonian

    I have long hoped for a large scale Voodoo. Built the Combat vac kit many moons ago. Didn't turn anywhere as nice as this one. Dan
  15. Dandiego

    Kit Bash Stinger

    Looking good Chris. Nicely done. Dan