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  1. As I come closer to a finished product I realized that I would need to provide engine exhaust parts with nozzles. So here is the first one off of the printer. There are better resin J-79's out there to be sure but I wanted to provide something. Dan
  2. Thanks Kev. You may notice that I have not added rivets, which I normally do. However with this being a prototype I have decided to hold off. Spend more time and effort on build #2. Also looking at 100's of photos it is hard to actually see any rivets on the real deal. It does however add visual interest to a model. So still undecided on rivets on #2. Dan
  3. Small update. Wing tanks have been attached. Main landing gear doors are on. Overall shot of the underside. Also, I have given the entire airframe a coat of clear flat. Dan
  4. Thanks Ben. Can't wait to see yours. I am sure it will far exceed my humble efforts. Dan
  5. First decals. I applied a gloss coat before applying decals. And not many decals at that. Looking at pictures there doesn't seem to be much stenciling. So a few more tomorrow and it will be time for a flat coat. I also tried my hand at a sun-faded paint job. Looks ok to me, for a first try. The fading doesn't really show up in the pics.
  6. Mr Goose, although I am certain that there are shape issues sprinkled throughout, it does look like a Vigi. Success! Dan
  7. Blackbetty, I hope to find a way to print out the carrier names, bureau numbers , squadron designator and other small markings. I have everything assembled and enlarged to the correct size. Everything will be black. If you could help that would be great. Dan
  8. Major paint work done. Masks removed. Looks ok, but not great. Dan
  9. I am looking into having some custom decals mage for my Vigilante project. I have found several companies, on the internet, that can do the work. My question is, does anyone have any experience with custom decals? Are there any companies that you might recommend? Thanks, Dan
  10. Kevin, thanks for the comments. Well I do see the finish line, but I see lots of other things too. Poor surface prep, too much heavy primer, and a rushed paint job. But, this is only the first prototype. I see needed improvements in almost every printed part, and I see the need to change up the construction sequence. I have already begun prep work on a second model, learning from my mistakes. I will definitely change primers and surface prep techniques. Second build should go quite fast as I now have all of the parts. Dan
  11. Some progress. Windscreen has been glued on. Everything masked off and a first coat of Gull grey has been applied. Lots of work, repairs will be needed. I will be trying to replicate a sun bleached China Lake bird, so lots of post shading to go on all colors. Sorry for the over exposure. I have been working on designing and printing the exhaust tubes/nozzles. First print, many improvements to be implemented. Thanks for looking, Dan
  12. 1. Lots of sanding. 100 grit and I used my orbital woodworking sander. 2. Small parts are quite rough, need lots of work. 3. Thanks. Dan
  13. Thanks Jack. Still fine-tuning the design but eventually I will offer this for sale. So if you still have that same enthusiasm for the Vigi hold on just a little longer. Be warned this bird is big. 25 inches long, 20 inch wingspan. Dan
  14. Tail colors. I have been thinking. If I paint multiple tails in different colors I could change from one squadron to another. Well at least for the test birds. And I can print out as many tails as I want. Never liked the green VX-5 green tail stripe, but................. Dan
  15. Oops.............I did it again. More Red/Orange. After nearly 9 months I have a desire to wrap up this prototype. It won't be perfect, far from it. I am taking notes and creating a "punchlist" of problems to fix and improvements to make. Also I have not painted anything for almost a year and it shows. I am experimenting with acrylic paints for the first time and breaking in a new airbrush..............long story short, the paint job could be better. I have sent out a complete kit to a trusted builder who has already given me valuable feedback. Still hope to produce a kit that will sell to committed and passionate Vigi fans. But I am still a ways off. Anyway, for your viewing pleasure my Orange and White Creamsicle. Gull grey to follow in a few days. Dan
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