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  1. Seems to work................ Dan
  2. Maybe that is my strategy, reduce the competition by keeping them off of the table. Dan
  3. I keep jumping around. Here is my first attempt at 3D printing the oval shaped intake trunking for the middle engine. The tall tube is my first attempt. I was going to make slices most of the way through and slowly bend it. Might work. The 12 smaller sections have an angled edge and I thought that I could glue then section by section to get a curved result. Might work. Or maybe a combination of both?? We shall see. Dan
  4. Both wings inserted into their internal support structures.Much fussing and alignment to go but...... The difficulty now becomes getting both sides to be symmetrical. When doing a vac this is a real issue. There are no factory designed supports, no down to the mm measurements from a cad design. It will come down to me fiddling with this until it looks right. I will have the same challenge with the engine pods. Dan
  5. Ben, That fuselage looks awesome. I know that you have had to put in lots of time to get to this point but the result so far is impressive. Following closely. Dan
  6. Wing stuff.... Here is my first go round for the interior wing support. I have super-glued the 2 wooden supports to the keel. They are separated by the thickness of the metal wing plate. If all lines up right the metal plate will slide through a slot cut into the fuselage and slide into the space between the the 2 pieces of wood. I will be incorporating magnets into the wooden supports that will "grab" the metal plate and hold it firmly in place. When I have all of the supports correctly glued in place I will further strengthen the whole structure by drilling a hole through the wood and inserting nuts and bolts to really lock it place. Easy As Pie!!! Dan
  7. Chek, The variable wing feature was similar to the Crusader. The main wing box was one solid structure and extended through the fuselage, making in essence, one solid structure from wingtip to wingtip. There was a opening on both sides of the fuselage that allowed the wing, as one unit, to pivot. If you notice there is a flange on the top of the wing where it meets the fuselage. This was to smooth airflow and reduce drag around the opening. Martin did not add a flange on the bottom and sometimes you can see the opening in the fuselage when the wing was in the raised condition. There was a hydraulic piston in the fuselage that raised the wing. I believe that the Crusader wing pivoted to help reduce landing speeds, not for space considerations. Oh yeah, I will be opening up the cannon ports. I am also considering having the rotary bomb bay in the deployed condition with a full bomb load. Dan
  8. Yup, it's going to be big. 32 inches long with a 20 inch wingspan. And, no, I don't know where I will put it when it is finished. Dan
  9. Ok just a small update. Here is the horizontal tail with the elevators cut out. Told you it was a small update. Dan
  10. Chek, Believe me when I say that I have researched this aircraft extensively. I have the B-51 monograph and several magazine articles. Your movie stills were greatly appreciated because these were new to me. The one thing that will bring this model to life are small details that are hard to discover. And unfortunately these types of closeup detail photos just don't exist. As I get to the panel line scribing, riveting and adding hatches and vents I will be pouring over every photo to add as much detail as possible. Some areas have no useable photos from which to ascertain airframe details. These areas include the wheel wells and the top and bottom of the wings. Oh well, if I can't find info about these areas then no one else will know either. Dan
  11. Thanks Chek. Great stuff, especially the stills from the movie. I saw the movie many years ago but that was 15 years ago. Having the stills is a great reference tool. Dan
  12. I will be working on the engine nacelles soon. Any new info is appreciated. Dan
  13. Colin, I don't consider myself a elite builder. More of a " stone knives and bearskins" kind of builder. Sure I build some unique models but they don't hold a candle to many of the models you can find here on LSP. When I take my models to a show/contest I rarely bring home any awards. Side by side with other modelers my work doesn't hold up well. My biggest hurdle is always my paint work. However I can guarantee no one has more fun than I do building models. I remember building a 25 cent midget race car with my dad when I was 5, haven't really stopped since. And that was 60 years ago. I guess you learn a few tricks along the way. Dan
  14. Port wing basic construction is finished. Lots of fine details to work on, obviously but it looks like a wing. I have inserted the metal tab between the 2 layers of the workbench and it holds just fine. I will need to bend the tab to produce a 6 degree anhedral. A quick blast of some grey primer has been applied to highlight any areas needing additional work. The large flap has just been fitted to check the fit. Dan
  15. Ok, All 4 wheels glued together and slathered with putty. Metal peg for the outrigger gear. Wing half with plastic bulkheads, and for a more solid wing, blobs of Bondo. The bondo is mixed and applied and before it cures the wing top is mashed down on top forming even more internal support. And finally the wing top is glued to the wing blank and assorted supports. Clamped to the table to ensure everything is straight. Later, Dan
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