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  1. Mike, masks for some things sure. But my biggest challenge will be duplicating the squadron badge on the tail. Typically about the size of a dime in 1:32. Too small for a mask. Dan
  2. One tank primed, the other in process. Although my 3d printed core is very useful it did not help out on the ends of the tanks. So I filled the end of each tank with Bondo. When it had cured I sanded each half flat and then super glued it together. The pylons came from an F-16 and were cut down to the correct shape and size. As with almost any Vac subtle shape differences crop up between the different halves of almost anything. Case in point, the fuel tanks, Although they look identical they are not and this leads to extra work to get them right.
  3. Thanks for the offer. There are several squadrons that I could do but it always comes down to the squadron path on the tail. I thinking about doing the 87th FIS with the red bulls head on the tail. I will let you know if I need something printed. Dan
  4. Ok, lets start with something small. The underwing fuel tanks have a good shape and recessed panel lines, but the plastic is very thin, hard to glue. I could use a central keel again but on something that is supposed to be round the keel will distort into an oval. So .....I have printed out a round core that will support the outer skin. First step, measure the interior diameter of the tank. 18.87 mm. This precise measurement allows the printer do produce the exact size needed. It is one of the advantages of using a 3d printer, 18.87mm needed, 18.87 mm produced. I have a
  5. Derek, thanks for the link, but Frank built the F-102. I am working on the F-106. Same basic shape.....but different. Dan
  6. Thanks to everyone who has posted a comment. I will give a little more info. This kit was produced about 35/40 years ago. This vac was produced using a female mold which is why it has decent surface detail. Most vacs are formed over a male mold and are devoid of any surface detail. The plastic is rather thin and will need to be reinforced throughout to produce a sturdy assembly. I will proceed with my usual solid plastic keel to glue the fuselage sides to, but with an added 3d printed twist. I will also be adding 3d printed exhaust nozzle, wheel wells, weapons bay and
  7. Ok, here is a quick look at my next project. This is the Combat Models F-106. I picked this up about 8 months ago and just recently bumped this up to the "Next" pile. Yes I know, I already have a couple of builds going, but this has been calling me. I have already cut the parts out from the backing sheet. Surface detail is quite good for a vac. It has a mix of recessed panel lines and raised panels. It comes with 2 vac canopies. Anyway I will begin construction slowly as I wrap up other projects. Here is an overall shot of the main c
  8. Yes Mike it is true........injection molded. And I used kit decals....the horror! I have been working on a Revell Super Hornet. Almost done. Even with all of the problems that this kit has it has been fun. Except for the spine behind the cockpit, the overall shape is quite accurate. Surface detail is very nice. I'll post some pics in a few days in the RFI gallery. Dan
  9. No work has happened since my last post. However it still remains on the workbench. I must admit that I have fallen from grace, I have been working on a mainstream injection molded kit. Please forgive me. Stay tuned as I should be returning to the Scorpion shortly. Dan
  10. Dandiego


    That is awesome!!! Thanks for sharing. Dan
  11. Thanks for your comments Maru. I was stunned when I logged on and saw 45 likes........all from you! A very enjoyable build, but not the best model. Many mistakes and errors. However hopefully a step toward better models in the future. Dan
  12. I am building one now. Let's see now........how does it build up? Very complicated build sequence. 64 page instruction book. Very detailed gear bays, but way over- engineered. Parts don't fit, especially the whole fuselage assembly. Spine was reworked, hope it looks ok when painted. Cockpit is disappointing. IP sits too high. Landing gear detailed but a nightmare, don't seem beefy enough too support the model. Weapons way over- engineered. Nice surface detail. Decals, a very
  13. Brian, you are at the recommended viewing distance.......at least a thousand miles! Dan
  14. Ok all little more progress. And a confession. This isn't turning out as well as I had hoped. The farther along I get the more the mistakes begin to pile up. Lets just say that I want to finish this and go on to my next project. But the wheels are on. Here are the gear doors. And last the canopies. Dan
  15. Seems a shame to not build them. I purchased and built his Skyray. Beautiful kit, tons of fun to build. Building them is the real joy. Models as an investment????? Sorry, but no. Dan
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