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  1. Dandiego

    Building Japanese

    Detail painting on the nozzles. Metalizer Burnt iron followed by Exhaust. Some drybrushing with flat aluminum, a dark wash and then a silver pencil. Colors are a little washed out by the flash. Dan
  2. Great work on the engines and props. Dan
  3. Dandiego

    Happy Birthday LSP Ron

    50, holy moly it's all downhill from now on. Ask me how I know. Dan
  4. Dandiego

    Building Japanese

    Small progress, Afterburner nozzles sprayed with Metalizer Buffing Aluminum. Lots of work still to do here. Some panel wash in some of the topside vents. Some detail painting on the seats, about halfway there. Later, Dan
  5. Dandiego

    MH-60S Academy 1:35

    One cool looking helo. Dan
  6. Dandiego

    Aerotech Piaggio PC.7 `Pegna' 1929

    Super cool. Dan
  7. Brian, You are a patient modeler. It would drive me crazy to spend as much time as you have taken to get the wings on. I can't wait to close up the fuselage and add the wings, usually to the detriment of the overall build. Great stuff, Dan
  8. Dandiego

    Building Japanese

    Ask and you will receive..... This is verrrrry close to the final version of the camo colors. But every time I look at this I find a new problem or over spray. Next up a panel wash. Dan
  9. Dandiego

    Building Japanese

    I have been working on the bare metal areas st the rear of the airframe. First I have applied the Alclad Gloss black base coat. And after a day to harden off I have applied the metal coats. The basic color is Metalizer buffing Stainless steel. Followed by various metalizer colors to get a worn, hot metal look. A little masking between colors to get a slight panel look on the bottom. This was all followed by a wet coat of Tamiya Clear. And a little bit more. A metal vent behind the cockpit and the refueling door. Thanks, Dan
  10. Dandiego

    Building Japanese

    A little progress..... Landing gear with some gloss white paint. Mains are the kit plastic gear, the front gear is metal. Canopy has the grey applied. However a lot is missing. There is a small shelf at the very rear of the canopy which is not included in the kit. I will have to scratch this detail. Tanks are also camoed. These are the basic colors but there are still more details to be added. Seats, I now have both widened. I have found that they sit very low in the cockpit. I think the easiest solution is to raise the cockpit floor. Stabs. Finally added the missing stencil grey surrounds. And so it goes, Dan
  11. Dandiego

    1/32 KH T-28C in plaid!

    That looks great! Very colorful. Me likey. Dan
  12. Dandiego

    Building Japanese

    Thanks Brian. As much as anything this is "shakedown " cruise for my new airbrush. It was a Fathers day gift from my son. It is a Paasche Talon and it is very nice. As with any new tool there is an adjustment period. But it is much more precise than my previous airbrush which I had been using for 30 years. Dan
  13. Dandiego

    P51A hobbycraft 1/32 scale

    That is really super. Looks like the real thing. Dan
  14. Dandiego

    Building Japanese

    A lot of masking, a lot of painting, a lot of mistakes.... Many, many small corrections are needed and one really big one near the airbrake. Colorful huh?! I plan on fixing all of the painting mistakes before I unmask the areas that will be natural metal. Dan
  15. Dandiego

    Happy Birthday MARU!

    Happy b day Maru. Have a great day. Dan