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  1. Been working on small details in the last few days........... Inside of the canopy. Front landing gear door. One side of the weapons bay doors. Kind of tricky as the gap between the doors increases as you go forward. Area behind the seat. That's it, Dan
  2. Been working on the gear and their bays. Nose gear. Still some details and weathering to add. Main gear and bays. Gear still needs to be sprayed white, plumbing still to be added. Doors, landing lights are missing. Weapons bay. Highlighting is done, still some dark washes to be added. That's all, Dan
  3. Ok guys, but...........let me finish the Dart first. And then my Advanced Scorpion. And then my B-51. And then maybe a Twin Mustang. Dan
  4. Richard, yes I am aware that a vac F-82 exists. But I thought that I might try to modify 2 existing P-51 kits. Hopefully more detail in the IM versions. I thought that I could print the extended fuselage and join the front of the Revell kit to the new printed parts. Dan
  5. Hmm. I don't know. Got to find one first. Still lots to go on the 6. Dan
  6. Oh yeah, I know there are significant differences. That's what makes it fun. Dan
  7. Neither. Someday I hope to take my 2 Revell Mustangs and add 3d printed parts. Extended fuselage and Wing center sections. Dan
  8. Me too. But I don't know if it is next. Dan
  9. Unmasked.................. Thats all, Dan
  10. Thank you Richard. Gutsy.....I don't know. But they sure are fun. Dan
  11. Two updates in one day, Holy crap Batman. First decals. Stars and bars from the spares box. Wing stars. I thought that I would have to paint these on, but no. I found the correct sized items in my Revell Mustang kit. I had to add the red stripe, but that was easy. I have two Mustang kits and only need one set of decals, why would that be? Hmmmmm Masked and painted two flush antennas under the nose. I am fortunate that I have these USAF and U S AIR FORCE stencils courtesy of Mr Brian. Thanks again
  12. Painting continues..... I like red. Here are the command stripes on the weapons bay doors. And some red on the tail hook. This is just a strip of plastic with a hook head, from the spares box, grafted on. Weapons bay with basic paint. Still lots of plumbing and detail painting to be done. Exhaust nozzle complete and installed. Panel for serial number ready for numbers. Dan
  13. Geoff, you might have more luck finding someone who can make this part with a 3d printer. What exactly do you need? Dan
  14. Do yourself a favor, visit the Cabrillo National Monument on Point Loma. Or visit La Jolla. Dan
  15. Lived here since 1968. Yep, gorgeous. Yep, expensive. Dan
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