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  1. Small progress. I have been adding small details and getting a flat finish on the model. In an attempt to add some visual interest I have taped over some panel lines and then sprayed the clear flat. Hopefully when I remove the tape strips there will be some panel line "augmentation". I am not sure if this will work, but if it looks too strange I can just apply another flat coat. Later.... Dan
  2. I found that the soda bottle plastic would start to shrink after only a few seconds. This method is different than vacforming. In vacforming you get the plastic hot and it sags and then you form it over your mold. Using soda bottles is different. You jam the mold into the bottle and apply heat. The plastic reacts to the heat and shrinks. Only after it has shrunk will it begin to melt, actually it seems to crystallize and turn white. It took several tries to get it right. You need to see how the plastic reacts/shrinks to get a decent result. PS. This is my 1000th post. Only took 7 years. Dan
  3. So small progress. I have had airbrush issues and was waiting for parts. Anyway............... I have finished the main canopy. It is not as clean as I would have liked but it will have to do. Flaps have been installed. And the forward wheel well doors are on. I snapped off the nose gear, it is back on but needs some more work. All in all a decent effort but not as good as I had hoped. Still.... it will be the only Pirate on any table I put it on. Dan
  4. I am working on the Revell kit right now. Perhaps, in the end, the extra work will be worth it, but right now the basic assembly of the fuselage is a real bear. It is overly complicated with poor fit. I haven't built the Trumpeter kit but it has to be better than the Revell kit. Dan
  5. Thanks Ray. My real question here is what kind of plastic am I dealing with here. Soda bottles are made of what??? It is very smooth and I question what will actually work. Lots of glueing trials to come. Dan
  6. Some progress. I have been trying to heat shrink a plastic soda bottle over the canopy blank. This has proved elusive until today. After 6 tries I finally got one that is acceptable. I have sanded it to get the smoothest appearance and dipped it in Future. I will need to find out whay kind of glue will work to attach the canopy to the frame. Dan
  7. Really sharp, looks like a nice kit . Dan
  8. Thanks for all of the replies gentlemen. I sometimes get a little frustrated when it is not as good as I had hoped. I am always striving for the perfect build. So far, not even close. But I am still having fun and, I hope, getting a little better along the way. Dan
  9. Thanks Matt. However I have been building models for over 50 years and you would think that I would have learned how to use my airbrush better. I always seem to have problems laying down consistent smooth paints and gloss overcoats. I should have a painting stand-down and start from scratch. I do think that I should go slower and have more patience. My skills are ok, but I want to be so much better. Maybe I should switch to acrylics?? Dan
  10. Major paint and markings are complete. Still lots to do. The farther I get into a project the more the small errors and poor paint skills combine to bum me out. Yeah it looks ok but I just can't seem to bring it all together and produce the quality completed project that I am shooting for. Maybe next time. Dan
  11. Ben, Thanks for the info on the CGTrader site. I was a little overwhelmed by the 480 pages of models. Only looked at a fraction of them. I did see the A3D model, looks good for the price. If I remember correctly it was less than $80. Lots of programs/models for sale/download. I will probably give it a try, with an in-expensive, model to see if I can complete the journey from downloadable program to something I can hold in my hand. Dan
  12. Ben, You said that you bought the file. Is it available to purchase? You also said that you "made it printable". What did that entail. Love to have one of these for myself and if the file has already been produced, well, why not. Dan
  13. Ok. Some work on the windscreen. After about 8 attempts to form a windscreen by heat shrinking a plastic soda bottle I got one that actually was pretty good. So it has been cut to size and epoxied into place. Next is an application, or 2, of Bondo. Much sanding in my future. I have also added a rear deck to the cockpit. It will be sanded to size. Here is the completed fuel bay on top of the fuselage. Dan
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