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  1. Kit is available from........me. Just let me know if you want one and I will add you to the list. $100 plus shipping. Dan
  2. Still going through the pain. Anything with compound curves still throws me for a loop. Dan
  3. Small progress. I have been working on the pylons and bomb racks. Pylons have been scribed and riveted, Bomb racks have 2 wire pins that allow for a secure attachment to the pylon. Took a while to get this done as there are only a couple of pictures showing the racks with bombs. I wanted to get the placement right so that I matched the pictures. I will be adding more details in the future, re stenciling and sway braces. Mer's were originally from a Trumpeter A-7 kit. Dan
  4. Bullpups and a crew. Exciting, looking forward to further updates. Dan
  5. I am creating my drawings in solid modeling. Usually creating profiles and performing a loft between the profiles. This produces a solid shape which you then hollow out using the shell command. I have been at this for over a year. Sloooooooowly getting better. Dan
  6. Jim, it is super cool. Way more fulfilling than building an IM kit. Get a 3 view drawing and go to town. Dan
  7. Well here I go again. Not finished with my #2 Vigi build but I wanted to start designing my next project. I have made small strides in my Fusion 360 abilities and wanted to see if I could design and build something that that is a little more "curvy" compared to the rather boxy Vigi. So here are some preliminary drawings and a first test print. Both show promise, so I am encouraged, however there are flaws aplenty in both. So I will be starting over with a brand new design learning from my mistakes and hopefully producing a better model. This will be the F7U-1. I always liked it better than the -3. Dark Sea Blue. Dan
  8. Glad to see that finally got there. Enjoy. Dan
  9. Hey Dave, I have been going over your build and realized that you have closed up the fuselage but have no cockpit yet. Did I miss something? Or do you have a plan? Dan
  10. Yes assembly is quite fast until you get to the cockpit. But now that it is done and the fuselage is in one piece the pace will pick up again. Final surface prep and then a final white primer and onto scribing and riveting. Dan
  11. After weeks of prep the final stages of the cockpit come together rather quickly. Here is the finished pilots IP. I have 2 extra Phantom seats. I am thinking of using parts from both of these to get a more detailed hybrid. Stay tuned. Cockpit installed into fuselage. And with the cockpit installed I have glued the cockpit section onto the main fuselage. Here it is sitting in my garage chair. I will let it set overnight. Dan
  12. Cockpit 3d decals. These are made for an F-4 Phantom. I cut them up to fit and glued them with PVA. Side panels and cockpit tub have been painted and weathered. Thanks, Dan
  13. More cockpit detailing. Almost ready for paint. Bombs with fuses. Dan
  14. A question about the yellow painted stripes on US Vietnam era bombs. Some weapons have one yellow stripe while others have two. Why is that? Is it significant? Or random? Getting ready to paint bombs for my Vigilante and was hoping for some clarity. Dan
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