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  1. Dandiego

    F-11F Tiger 1/32 revival!!!

    Yes Tiger and Fury definitely missing. But will they sell? In the final analysis any project needs to be profitable. Which subject would sell better? Probably the Fury, due to its longer service life. Either way put my name on your list. Dan
  2. Dandiego

    F4D....the Ford

    Thank you Maru. Meeting you and other LSPers was the highlight of the trip. Dan
  3. Dandiego

    Bad news

    So sorry for you and your family. Dan
  4. Dandiego

    New bridge or big Voodoo?

    Although I am very excited about the prospect of a large scale Voodoo, don't tease me with a cryptic message. If a 1:32 F-101 is in the works just say so. My 2 cents, Dan
  5. Dandiego

    Casting supplies

    Hey everyone.... I am thinking about reproducing some parts for my current build. I am building a JASDF F-15 DJ using the Revell kit. These aggressor aircraft usually carry 2 wing tanks, but I only have one. So I think I will try my hand at casting a new one from the one I have. Problem, what is the best material ? I have looked a lot online and have become very confused by all of the choices. Anyone have any recommendations? Dan
  6. Dandiego

    F4D....the Ford

    Thanks to everyone for your comments. I know that the perception is that this kit is expensive, and, ok it is. But everything comes in one box, no need for after market. If for example you buy a Tamiya 1:32 scale "anything" and then add a resin cockpit, resin exhaust, resin wheels, decals..... I would venture to guess that you have exceeded the cost of this kit. If you want a Ford go for it. You won't be disappointed. Dan
  7. Dandiego

    2018 IPMS Phoenix Convention

    Cash or bank cards in the vendors room? Dan
  8. Dandiego

    F4D....the Ford

    Thanks for all of the nice comments guys. Bill, a rare bird indeed. Just don't see many of these built. Why is that ? Bill W. Luck won't help at the contest. Skill and dedication rule. Mongoose, stars were individual decals. Took 5 minutes to put them on. Didn't have too be too concerned about placement because no 2 planes were the same. Gigant, photography wasn't so special, natural light is always the best. Dan
  9. Dandiego

    F4D....the Ford

    Here is my Fisher Skyray. Done just in time for Phoenix. Dan
  10. Dandiego

    Fisher Skyray

    The end. A few photos of the canopy... And the Ford is finished. Thanks everyone for your comments in the last 4 months. This is a terrific subject and a wonderful kit from Fisher Models. It is a shame that more are not being built. Dan
  11. Dandiego

    2018 IPMS Phoenix Convention

    Almost go time. Finished the Skyray yesterday. Models all boxed up. Driving out Thursday morning, should arrive around 1pm. Looking forward to meeting all of my fellow LSPers. Dan
  12. Hello Dan... I look forward to meeting you at Phoenix.


    MARU  5137.

  13. Dandiego

    Fisher Skyray

    Getting close to being done. Today glued on the remaining underwing stores. And some paint work on the canopy. Dan
  14. Dandiego

    Trumpeter F-100 info needed.

    Enjoyed my build. Very proud of the finished product. New nose cone is a must. Embrace the rivets, they will set you free. I did a WIP, shouldn't be too hard to find. Dan
  15. Dandiego

    2018 IPMS Phoenix Convention

    Has anyone registered online for the convention/ contest? How difficult is it? Dan