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  1. The horizontal stabs have been installed. I cut a slot from one side to the other, I then inserted a thin piece of sheet metal to use as a support. The sheet metal was then pushed into each stab between the upper and lower skins. Lots o epoxy and Bondo later..... Working on the lower inboard wing panels. These have a lot going on. I will be adding wells for the wheels and flap. I will need to accomodate exhausts and intakes as well. And I found some bits that will become the exhaust. Later, Dan
  2. Thomas, yes it is an IM cockpit tub. What kit did it come from? I have no idea. Just grabbed it from the spares box. However it is heavily modified with completely cobbled together side panels. The ejection seat is still to come. It will be kit bashed from whatever bits I can find to resemble the actual seat. Dan
  3. Major update Fuselage closed up! Wings On! Closing up the fuselage was really no big deal. Glue and rubber bands. The wings were another matter. I installed the port wing and made sure that it was level. The trick, I found out, was getting them symmetrical. Several hours later........Viola! I cut some slots for the stabs, they are not permanently affixed yet. And just the slighest smear of Bondo to blend it in. Dan
  4. Some work on the cockpit. What I have done is to cut up some old consoles from old kits or unused bits . I then sand them down to wafer thinness and then glue them to the new consoles. This isn't really accurate but it does give that "busy" look that I am after. IP. Flat panel with Airscale decals and bezels. Looks a little wacked in this large photo but will look the part when installed. A little work on the tip tanks. The metal tab will slide into a slot in the end of the wing. Dry fit of cockpit componets. Canopy and windscreen set in place. The windscreen that comes with the kit seemed too large. So I cut down an F-18 windscreen and sanded a flat spot in front....seems to work. Later, Dan
  5. Harold the biggest challenge, I think, is how to attach the wings to the fuselage. It definitely doesn't just snap into place Dan
  6. Thanks Peter, I enjoy modelling as much as anyone. And this is the kind of build that gives me the most satisfaction. I love trying to figure out how to do something different. Sometimes it takes days or weeks to get the right technique, sometimes I just start cutting and gluing. But it's always fun. Dan
  7. Minor and major progress. Major, I glued in the wing support and also added a cross piece so it lined up level and wouldn't move. Minor, I have cut down the side consoles. They sat too high. I have added the new wider side consoles. Lots still to do here. Dan
  8. Ok progress... The upper surface of the wings have been glued to the wing blank. You can see where I changed the leading edge contour, just look for the Bondo. A few drawn in panel lines to see how the wing will look. Underside, there will be a lot going on here as I plan to have the flaps deployed. Tail planes. Wooden wing support. Lots of work to be done here. Vertical tail. Later, Dan
  9. Thanks Lee, some good stuff in there. I will be adding wingtip tanks and probably painting it in a grey and white scheme. Dan
  10. I am quite sure the lesson will be......run away fast. Vacs are a bit of work, but if you like to build something different..... Whatcha gonna do? Dan
  11. Just a little preliminary work on the wings.I have cut out some sheet plastic blanks that were transferred from my plans. The shape of the kit parts and the blanks based on the drawings don't match. So I will have to sort out which is closer to actual. Anyway you can also see that I have cut a slot into the side of the fuselage. This will allow for a wooden support to pass through the fuselage and into the wings. Kinda looks like a Banshee. Dan
  12. Guns. The gun troughs are quite prominent so I am improving these features. Really not a good way to reproduce these on a vac kit so some improvements. And some internal items added. Vac on! Dan
  13. 98.354% done. So a few pics.... Whats left you say? Paint the pilot and add the Sparrow missiles. Dan
  14. Perhaps the needle is not fully seated in the tip or the tip is cracked. Dan
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