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  1. Really nice seat! What did you use for the straps? Dan
  2. Thanks, Kev. Technically Brian, primer is paint. This will be finished in the livery of VF-64 with red and white stripes on the tail. Dan
  3. I have finished scribing and have had a chance to get some white primer on the underside. I will be re-scribing and re-riveting any areas that need it. Also you can see the installed pylons. I have wet sanded the underside and will begin pre-shading in the coming days. Dan
  4. Small progress. I have been scribing and riveting this week. Not easy over white plastic and hard to photograph. However you can see something else. I have made 8 pylons....wow! And a little work on the tip tanks. It took a lot of fiddling to get them right and symmetrical. Also I had to carve out a wingtip sized hole so that they fit correctly. And a smear of bondo on the bottom side to fill out the underside of the wingtip fairing. Tanks, Dan
  5. Been a while but progress continues, I have begun scribing, not my favorite thing to do. An exhaust port on the fuselage. Scribing the nose cone. Also I have glued the windscreen on and added putty. Dan
  6. Very nice Eric. Love the wood finish on the props. Dan
  7. Amazing work Marcel. I am planning on doing the splinter scheme. Hope mine looks half as good as yours. Dan
  8. Beautiful model, really great weathering. Dan
  9. Just a little bit more. I realized that the interface between the vertical tail and rudder was not perpendicular. So I added a shim and glued it onto the trailing edge of the tail. I also built up the base of the rudder to a more substantial base. I have been working on the instrument cowl. Very hard to get a good look at what this area looks like. Here is my best guess. Unpainted and with a coat of flat black. Later, Dan
  10. A bit of a break, but here is a little more progress. I have cut back the fuselage behind the cockpit to accommodate an equipment shelf. I then added a piece of plastic to hold the equipment in this area. Test fit of the windscreen. Some putty work to smooth out the intakes. Thats all, Dan
  11. A little more progress. I have been working on the intake interiors. I bent some plastic over a candle to get the main shape and then added a back plate and a side plate. I cut a hole in the back plate to accept the compressor face. Lots of putty and sanding to get a smooth transition to the engine face. I covered the hole in the rear and poured in some gloss white paint to get that smooth look. I used some tape to center the compressor face and then slobbered on some CA to hold it in place. Not very pretty but it will work. And a little work to finish up the exhausts. I cut some plastic tubing in half for each side of the exhaust. Later, Dan
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