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  1. Very nice. Always wanted one, strange that there is no IM kit of this aircraft. Here in the US these aircraft are getting new life as contract aggressor aircraft. Can't wait to see what kind of wild camo schemes might come forward. Dan
  2. Couldn't resist....................... Dan
  3. Most major parts now have a wet coat of Alclad gloss black. I see some defects in the paint and will need to sand out a few areas. Dan
  4. Wow, incredible. Thanks for sharing. Dan
  5. That looks great Lee. Building a vac is so satisfying. You are definitely doing a much cleaner job than I am. Go Lee, go. Dan
  6. Working on the bomb bay. Basic structure and some bombs. Correct bombs will have the box tail. So I will have to modify the 6 tan bombs that I got from the Revell Mirage. I will try to design and 3D print the new box tails. Dan
  7. I converted the Tamiya F-4 C/D to the F-4B several years ago. I felt it was the best starting point. Still lots to do though. I agree the most colorful navy version. Dan
  8. Yeah the bullets turned out well. However there was a lot of pondering and mistakes made to get it right. Dan
  9. Not much progress. However I have sprayed on a little Alclad gloss black to see if there is a reaction with the primer and to see if the scribed details and rivets will show through the gloss coat. I usually put a dust coat first. This allows me to clean up any needed repairs before the wet coat. I will probably be using Alclad vs foil as I have no experience using foil. Not sure how long the learning curve is for foil. Dan
  10. Riveting, not very exciting, but necessary to bring these large slabs of plastic to life. Dan
  11. 1974 Revell Mirage. I was thinking about joining the Master Modellers Club. Only costs a dollar. I hope the decals are still good, they are only 46 years old. Dan
  12. Adding vents and scoops to the engine nacelles. I have used manila folder card stock to bend the shapes. They are then glued to the nacelle with super glue. Dan
  13. More scribing. Dont know what these are but....here they are. Have worked on the transparencies. Round starboard window, overhead window and nose camera window. Dan
  14. Well Ben, it was an experience of a lifetime for me. Made possible by......modeling. Our local IPMS chapter was asked to make models for a display at NAS North Island. All of us who participated were given an opportunity to fly out to a carrier. I jumped at the chance. Kind of sobering when you are filling out the next of kin form. Safety briefing...."we will only open the rear cargo doors if we are inverted in the water". Gulp! The trap was actually no big deal. Spent the night on board the Enterprise. Was on the LSO platform at night. "Don't worry, if an aircraft buzzes the platform just jump into that net down there". Gulp! Stood in the starboard catwalk while F-14s and EA-6B's were launched. Noise so loud that the 2 bones in my arm were vibrating. When the Tomcat spread its wings for launch they were over my head. Life moves on, the aircraft, the ship, and I.....all retired. Dan
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