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  1. Don't you mean UB 40. What a band!! Dan
  2. Cold??? Supposed to be 95 Here today. Darn So Cal weather. Dan
  3. It's been awhile since I last posted on this project, and its because of the fact that I will be moving. Currently I am breaking down my work bench and boxing everything up. Move date is the first of November. Probably will take a month after that to be back in business. Toodles, Dan
  4. I remember reading that Tigger Models was going to be releasing a vac 107. Not sure when. I would buy that vac! Dan
  5. Got this kit, looking forward to learning from your experiences. Keep up the good fight. Dan
  6. Love the Voodoo. 3 distinct aircraft, F-101A/C, RF-101A/C, F-101B. I have seen much more obscure aircraft brought to market. So in my mind not impossible to see a 1:32 kit. Not holding my breath either. Dan
  7. Great looking model. Impressive finish and weathering. Dan
  8. More details. Airspeed pitot. Tailhook. Flaps. When I glued them on before I didn't have them drooping down far enough. This looks better. Dan
  9. Excellent result. One of these days I will have to build mine. Dan
  10. Crash related?? I posted something in the WIP forum and it did not jump to the top page. Problem?? Dan
  11. Small progress. Seatbelts made from AB putty. Wiring is from small diameter solder. Dan
  12. A little progress in the cockpit area. Seat is painted. Small details and belts still to come. Canopy details. Deck behind seat. Still some wiring to be done. Dan
  13. Oh yeah! Very nice finish. Dan
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