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  1. Here in San Diego the IPMS chapter is currently meeting at the San Diego Aerospace Museums restoration facility at Gillespie Field. Need extra research? Someone thinks you got something wrong on your model? Take it outside! Hmm.......Just lucky I guess. Dan
  2. Small update. Airbrakes installed. Gunbay nearly done. Pilot and canopy. Still work to be done. Thanks, Dan
  3. Teeny tiny update. Pilot will be putting on his helmet, Now where did that head go? 3D printed inserts for the airbrakes. I said it was teeny tiny. Dan
  4. That is a cool looking jet. I like the changes/ improvements that you are making. Looks like a lot of fun. Dan
  5. More progress, I have finished major airframe painting. I then gave the whole smear a gloss coat. And I started applying decals. Decals are coming from several sources, whatever looks right. Laser guided bombs. I am using the bombs that come from the Academy kit. Also the decals for the weapons are from the Academy kit. And there are a lot of them. Ecm pod from Academy. And fuel tanks. Thanks, Dan
  6. Lots of details being painted. Exhaust nozzle. In Place Weapons. Wheels. Gun bay painted gloss white. Wheel bays. Control surfaces finished. Next will be an overall gloss coat in preparation for decals, Dan
  7. Trailing edge looks great. I think vac kits can be greatly improved with 3d parts. I have 3 big vacs awaiting this same treatment. Not only detail parts but I hope to print internal support pieces as well. Dan
  8. More work done on getting the camo scheme looking right. Topside almost done. And the underside, still lots to do. Thanks, Dan
  9. Basic topside camo pattern has been established. Lots and lots of work to be done, but you get the idea. Like I said lots to do. Next will be a very thin flat white coat to soften the panel lines. Fun, fun, fun. Dan
  10. Pre-shading panel lines is done. I have used a water based marker, I have found that the marker will sink into the flat paint and will not soak thru the top coat. It is easy and fast. I have also added the rear canopy glass, added putty and masked it off. You can see that I have added the 3d printed bomb pylons. And the painted control surfaces. I have added static dischargers. I cut a slot with my razor saw, jammed the wire in and secured it with CA. I will be adding some more pre-shading with black and grey before I begin to lay down the camo colors. Dan
  11. Happy Birthday. 68 is up next for me. Dan
  12. Ok moving on to preliminary paint. I have sprayed the entire airframe flat white. This is from a rattle can as I just can't get flat white to look this good from my airbrush. The grey patches are just pieces of paper laid on top. I am considering a white/grey camo similar to what an F-15 would have. Not sure yet but....I like it. However I could also reverse the colors, still pondering. Thanks, Dan
  13. If you are going to not extend the fuselage the Kangman kit is the way to go. Dan
  14. Kits wing on top of XL wing. Can't show you the original Kangman wings as I threw them away. Here is the drawing that I used. It is just a generic 3 view off of the internet. And blown up to 1:32. Bombs with 3d printed pylons. And main wheels. I have added a spacer to give a thicker wheel, not sure if this correct. Dan
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