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    Since young aged (born 1957) interested on a/c plastic modelling, early 72nd then 48th and now, looking for this wonderfull website 32nd! In the past tank modelling too but now few time for and concentrated to starting a 1/32, maybe Re2005 PCM or any other else.Now I'm involved on a crazy project: my first scratchbuild in 32nd, a Reggiane 2001.

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  1. Great work Jan! Very nice model and superb building!!!
  2. sandokan

    FIAT G.91 R/1 1/32nd DAYGLO MODELS

    Excellent work Piero!!!
  3. sandokan

    Macchi Mc.72 in 1:12 scale

    That's great Paolo!!!!! Excellent project. I will follow your wip!!! Superb!
  4. sandokan

    Airfix Harrier GR.3 in 1/24th scale

    Woa! What excellent and stunning work! Bravo Piero. Complimenti!!! Ti seguo con grande interesse. Ciao
  5. sandokan

    1/32 Cavalier Turbo Mustang conversion

    Are there any walkaround pics/schematics or manual?
  6. sandokan

    Fiat G.91 R3 - Dayglo Models

    I'm happy if helped you and anyboby else Alex. If you are on facebook contact Luca Ocretti for more pictures. He's a young guy and good fella! I'm sorry cannot edit here photos I have not yet chosen an images server for but I will add those pics from Luca in the walkaround section asap. Cheers Tib
  7. sandokan

    1/32 Marauder

    Absolutely stunning!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. sandokan

    Fiat G.91 R3 - Dayglo Models

    Enjoy your break Reimund. Wishing you the best Ciao Tib
  9. sandokan

    Fiat G.91 R3 - Dayglo Models

    Hi Reimund. I hope you didn't yet completed the interior of the Gina cause I've found many superdetailed photographs coming from Luca Ocretti, a Facebook friend of mine. He works and studies at an aerotech school in Udine, Italy and owns hundred of pictures and walkaround videos for restoring and game simulator duties. He said to me will be happy helping you so you can contact him at: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004380134662 Big cheers Tiberio
  10. sandokan

    1/32 Cavalier Turbo Mustang conversion

    Really amazing job!!! Excellent!
  11. sandokan

    Bf 109 F4 in Regia Aeronautica service

    Good stuff Filippo. Lavoro raffinato Ciao Tib
  12. sandokan

    Fiat G.91 R3 - Dayglo Models

    You are so kind Reimund! Thank you. Nice project you are making also for the next training variant you told about. Great!!! It is really amazing to follow lessons in modeling you 're doing! A big hug. Ciao-cheers Tib
  13. sandokan

    Franz Von Werra Bf-109 E-4

    Wow David! Very beautiful Von Werra's Bf109 model rendering! Very interesting report about his combat and claims. That remember me the '60 movie "The one who got away", a true amazing story!
  14. sandokan


    Really nice build!!!