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    Varese, Italy
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    Since young aged (born 1957) interested on a/c plastic modelling, early 72nd then 48th and now, looking for this wonderfull website 32nd! In the past tank modelling too but now few time for and concentrated to starting a 1/32, maybe Re2005 PCM or any other else.Now I'm involved on a crazy project: my first scratchbuild in 32nd, a Reggiane 2001.

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  1. What awesome project and job!!!! Following your superwip!!
  2. Very outstanding project! Amazing combi tech of building!! Wow!
  3. Very amazing news! I wonder if will follow C205 and 200!!!
  4. Incredible project!!!!! Fantastic!!!
  5. What superb scratchbuilding!!!! Great art!!
  6. Great!!! Excellent in all parts!!!!
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