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  1. Indeed - Hahn's airframe - F-2 with yellow nose - depicted as red in a number of inaccurate illustrations! Here's one I bodged together from the Hasegawa release when it first came out... And the LSP build article. Iain
  2. Thanks for the updates and behind the scenes work Kev! Iain
  3. This is a bit of a 'Rut Buster' project for me - I know very little about tanks, so it's stopped the 'rivet counting' creeping in and I've just been able to enjoy the process! Stickers on earlier today - and a few items dry fitted for artistic effect/morale boost - lots of detail painting - and weathering to come... Only change to kit has been to replace the awful suspension coil spring on the first road wheel with one I printed on my Mini 4K LCD resin printer. If anyone spots anything wrong, I really don't want to know - this is purely for FUN! Iain
  4. Great to see this being tackled - look forward to seeing it come together! Iain
  5. Thanks Jennings, that's what the avenues I've gone down so far appear to support. It's odd, because the site is all still live - and you can place orders. But no updates there, or on social media since 2019 (at least that I can see...). I used the site 'contact us' form earlier today and will give it a few days - then claim back through PayPal if nothing heard. Pity - I really wanted that figure!! Iain
  6. Ordered a 1:32 'Sir Percy' figure from them via their website in July and not seen anything yet. Have dropped them a line - but just realised the owner/founder sadly died in 2019. Does anyone know if they are still trading? Or have I inadvertently ordered from a dormant site? Any pointers appreciated! Iain
  7. Just placed an order for the Siskin, Flycatcher, Bulldog - and a Demon as I already have the Hart. Really pleased to see another run of these - I kept putting off ordering when they were available and then, well, they went OOP. Just dreading the possible Customs bill now when they hit the UK... Iain
  8. Great work Hercules - and a very attractive subject! Iain
  9. Love that - very nicely done! And Iain
  10. Affirm - next meeting Thurs 16th Sep I believe... Iain
  11. I wasn't aware of that one either! <makes note to visit one evening> Iain
  12. *Really* not sure at present - but, funnily enough, the topic of the Lightning correction parts came up yesterday with my good buddy Tim @wunwinglow whilst we were working on another project. I'll dig the patterns out again in the near future - but I got *really* burned out on the project - with so many corrections needed, and new ones appearing at every turn. I guess you have to make a decision/set the limits of scope at some point - I can't possibly correct everything, but may make parts available on the understanding that they correct most things and the rest is up to the builder. I'll ponder some more and give an update in the near future. Blue skies... Iain
  13. That's the version I'm waiting on too... Iain
  14. Nice work Max! I've not tried my cutter for that - but notes made... Iain
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