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  1. Lovely build!! Your images took a while to load on my connection though... Iain
  2. Well - the household emulsion paint I used on the intake trunking failed - broke up on sanding. I've used a similar technique before to smooth intakes and it's worked fine, but this was a really cheap white emulsion that I had to hand - and it's obviously not up to the job! Funnily enough, a five minute soak in warm water removed it all really easily - so probably no bad thing that I decided to remove. I'll smooth with sanding and a coat of car primer, and we'll see where it goes. In the mean-time I've created the cut-outs for the fins on the r
  3. Thanks Piero - I think Tim's done an excellent job with the shapes! Spent about half an hour last night sanding joints - and this is the result (quick photos taken on mobile): And, well, I couldn't resist (rear hinge area needs a little trim) Iain
  4. Whilst I'm here, the intake trunking has been taken out of the airing cupboard for a coat of looking at, and a bit of sanding. Looks crude after three dips (it's household emulsion paint, so it will be) - but sands easily and should give some nice smooth trunking: Sprue handle is a press fit into a previously drilled hole - stops me getting too messy whilst I dip the part. And the important bit - a little sanding to be done later: Making good progress now - may have a full airframe by next weekend! Stay safe!
  5. Stage 'The Next' - missile fin cut-outs. I had an idea - strange, but true... The layout/spacings for the holes mirror those in the front insert so, I thought, put that on the scanner, scan, then mirror. Print out on paper, trim to size and we'd have a template. Simples! This is the mating surface of the front fuselage insert/3D print: And the scanned/mirrored/printed template. Positioning is straightforward - align centre - then rear edge of second slot from rear lines up with panel line - see arrow.
  6. OK - some pix. Bear in mind this has involved some major modifications so I'm very pleased with how well everything lines up! Assembly done with Revell Contacta (the one with the needle applicator) for maximum strength, and minimal shrinkage. Aires cockit tub bonded with thin superglue... I've just spent 5 mins with some sanding sticks and everything mostly blended together beautifully! Now, that emergency canopy release - here's a photo of the real thing - printed out
  7. Oooh - just extracted from the autoclave airing cupboard, having dried overnight - I have a complete forward fuselage ready for sanding and panel engraving. Pretty impressive it is too - and immensely strong thanks to Tim's design of the conversion parts. Photos to follow... Iain
  8. I think so - been doing this 20+ years and never had an issue with any brands. Adding a black edge not only makes for a neater joint, it also makes the clear part look thinner. It's a good 'cheat' IMHO... In breaking news I've successfully printed a photo of the canopy release panel to go behind the clear cover - should give the desired effect. All the decals I've seen done for this fail miserably. Iain
  9. With the lack of gun on that side, and the retractable refueling probe, I suspect there will have been some internal structural changes (the access panels further back are very different). The panels around the AOA probes are different too - square on IDS, round on ADV. Note - my conclusion re. position is based upon looking at photos - both IDS AND ADV - and comparing with the kit. I have no dimensional data - but position looks a lot better to my eyes - and bear in mind, once masked, it will be smaller diameter than at present. No issues with permanent mar
  10. That's looking absolutely brilliant! Iain
  11. Brilliant - really appreciated Thierry - have two versions of this kit in the stash - so really useful! Iain
  12. Thanks guys - starting to get a little MoJo restoration with this build... More progress on the flying surfaces - joints prepped. I do like the fine surface detail on these: Tail surfaces - will replace the pivots with brass rod: Wings - with outer pylon pivots filled with stretched sprue - and tip lights fitted. Outboard pylon pivot shows just a little darker - but surface now perfect: The tip lights are the kit parts, with the rear faces coloured with permanent marker, before super
  13. Mine would be: Injection Moulded: ICM Gladiator - for subject and execution. Resin: Lukgraph DH 89 Dragon Rapide - who'd have ever imagined that one! 3D Print: Andover (just for Anthony ) Just need to finish something now! Iain
  14. OK - trunking still drying - emulsion takes a lot longer than Tamiya Acrylics! In the mean-time... The 3D-printed turbine blades - painted gloss black, then Alclad, then black-wash - will look great at the end of the trunking! Underside - with a few surface details removed and the holes for the stores pylons of the IDS kits plugged with stretched strue and sanded flush. Next step is to mark out positions for the missile fins... I've made the decision to use the main cockpit tubs as supplied by Aires - there are some di
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