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  1. Ace project Peter! Off to look at Patreon... Iain
  2. Spinner is a different type - so not applicable to the Andover (pity). Iain
  3. It's things like the regularity/symmetry of the casing bolt castings that are almost impossible to do by hand - but are really easily done in a CAD package. Will save a huge amount of time that can be re-deployed elsewhere on the model. I think I'm sold - but I might need two - or to make a resin copy of the intake ring for the opposing side, so they match... Iain
  4. Hmmm - just saw the 1:32 print on his Facebook page as well - and leaning towards getting one - but I think I'd want the cowl panels as well - even if they need tweaking a litte... Certainly looks impressive next to 1:72 and 1:144 prints! Iain
  5. Is that for the Dart - and the open cowl panels Anthony? Assuming it isn't? Iain
  6. Got sidetracked elsewhere - but some more progress on the Thunderjet today - polishing of main canopy repairs now done and all sparkly! Centre panel of windshield tinted a very slight blue/green with Tamiya clear and everything bonded in place - masking next then we should be ready for a coat of grey primer: Have fun and stay safe! Iain
  7. Good find - what an excellent project! Iain
  8. Nooo - bl**dy awful things IMHO! My Lotus Turbo Esprit - otherwise known as a Constellation stand... Iain
  9. Ooooh - i like the look of that!! Iain
  10. Iain

    Revell A-400M

    Living close to RAF Brize Norton we see these a lot - and it's quite a stellar performer when displayed. Look forward to seeing this come together Chris! Iain
  11. Yeah, right... Anyway - yes - agreed that MRP is absolutely brilliant stuff, especially for things like freehand mottle - and does have the advantage of correct consistency straight from the bottle, but I stand by Tamiya/Gunze as an excellent, and more widely available, starting point. Caveat is that I've been using them for years, so I find thinning is almost second nature - and have no issues with fine freehand work using them. Like all things in modelling - there is usually no 'one size fits all' advice, as we all have our own ways of working! But, yes, I will agree that MRP is the best paint I've used to date through my airbrushes... Iain
  12. Doh! I missed that bit - typical! But if I were returning to the hobby I'd still be inclined to go Tamiya/Gunze than MRP to start with - cost, availability, more forgiving and fumes... Iain
  13. Hi Denis, Welcome aboard! I'm not knowledgeable enough on the subject to give any answer - but I'm pretty sure there will be someone around here that can... Iain
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