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  1. Lovely build - looks great and with just the right amount of patina! Iain
  2. I'm shocked to report that I've just been informed that UK modeller, 32SIG member and friend Alan Bottoms has died! I don't know the circumstances - but my thoughts are with friends and family today. A sad loss to the modelling community. RIP Alan. Iain
  3. Hi gang, After thinking long and hard I have decided to stand down as SIG Leader - there's too much going on elsewhere in the world at the moment - and my heart really isn't in it any more. A stand booking was made in April, with our annual IPMS return - but I've not heard/seen anything back yet (nothing unusual) - so hopefully it will magically appear when the site plan for Telford is published (that's normally how we find out). I'll hand over the reigns to my very capable deputy, Royboy. Thank you for everyone's help, support and involvement over the last 21 years - it's been great fun! Iain
  4. Turret frosting - I spent a few minutes with some Micromesh Pads and Novus Plastic Polish on mine and it came up a treat (apart from the visible seam across the middle). Iain
  5. Thanks John - hopefully of use. Need to crack on and build the beast now! Iain
  6. Hi Peter, I ran out of superlatives years ago when it comes to your projects - but that really is beautiful work! Iain
  7. That's magic! Have never seen one on this side of the pond... Iain
  8. Brilliant - I bet that's great fun to drive! Iain
  9. Little update - but big milestone... I haven't been doing a lot of modelling recently - this summer I've been mostly flying (shout if anyone wants to see Chipmunk and Bulldog formation pix) - as well as fettling motorcycles and the Esprit! The Esprit has been tucked up in the garage, off the road, for last 10 years whilst, well, life happened I guess. Focus has been elsewhere - but very happy to report my 'toy' is now serviced, MOT'd and back on the road, where she belongs - a little bit of escapism. A few things to tweak - but not looking too shabby for her age (she left the Lotus factory in December 1982 - I've owned her since '97): Drive safely! Iain
  10. I feel left out now - I have an initial release of this kit somewhere - no F-14 parts (at least, that I remember!). Iain
  11. Pleased to report I have a hugely supportive family for all of my hobbies (models, classic Lotus, classic motorcycles, flying and photography). My wife, Anne, knew what she was letting herself in for when we met 21 years ago - and has been nothing but supportive - even though she has to cope with hobby detritus around the house a lot of the time. My son - well, he seems to have adopted the 'if you can't stop dad, then join him' and has become a very committed enthusiast of 1:35 AFVs and military history... They bought me the Wingnut Felixstowe for Christmas when it came out - need I say any more? Iain
  12. Hi Andy, Yes, my understanding is the front turret isn't frosted on later copies (they got around to polishing the moulds!) - but you still have a joint right across clear panels - so I'll be going the vac route and making some clear copies in PETG. Iain
  13. Hi Rowen, At the moment I can only go on what the instructions state - 300g ahead of the instrument panel/cockpit (10.56 ounces) - but I'd be inclined to add a little fudge-factor if possible. And I'm modding the wings/cowlings on mine - so that might make a difference. Enjoy your build! Iain
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