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  1. Flooring is inherited - until last month the offices were home to a shared office space for small tech start-ups. Decor is down to the founders of that, who where designers - so the office has an arty feel to it - which actually grows on you! I'm setting up a 6' wide photo backdrop and lighting in that white corner - I'll actually be able to fit the 1:200 Hood in there for photos! Outside is grass, trees and space - it's a really nice location - especially in summer... Iain
  2. I still have space at home - but idea is I do a few hours of 'Aeronut' stuff after work, three nights a week. There's no chance of getting any decent space closer to home - we live in a very expensive part of the country and there's no way I could get space like this for the amount it's costing me. Tools-wise I've just acquired a second Jun Air compressor - so will have airbrush stuff here - and at the 'office'. It will actually force me to focus I think! Iain
  3. Ever wish you'd never started a thread in the first place? Right - for the avoidance of any doubt, this is where we are: Downloadable Drawings: Yes, as I've stated multiple times - I will make the profiles available as a download .pdf to all LSP members once they are all complete and I'm happy it all works. Modification Kit: This is currently the plan and is being worked on in the background. Other ideas that have been forthcoming from readers: I think I've come up with the easiest solution that will vastly improve the look of the wing - from root to tip. I'm also working on new wingtips to cast in resin - these will be less than half the thickness of the kit wing tips. I've thought through all available/practicable options - trust me... Timescales: I make no promises at all - this is (currently) my hobby (but see below) and has to fight for time with work, family and everything else. If you don't see an update it's because I have nothing solid to update - not that the project is parked. The Aeronut - and going commercial: Part of the delay in anything moving forward has been due to an opportunity I've had through my day job: the availability of some proper studio space for me to build, design, play, photograph etc., but it's taking me a while to get all my kit from home to the new space. However, once everything is across I will be spending my evenings, three days a week, ensconced in the studio working on things like this. Work is 45 miles from home - so I can't just move everything over at once. There's also a key driver - I'm paying for this new space - so I now have to generate revenue to pay for it! Somewhat fittingly - this is in an old WRAF block on a long-disused former wartime RAF aerodrome! More news as soon as I have something solid to report - I'm still working through the most sensible way to modify the kit spar to work with the modded wings. Iain
  4. Telford haul... Joined Cross and Cockade - so picked up three of this years' journals - really useful/inspiring content for anyone with an interest in First World War aviation: Of course Wingnut Wings were there - with some great show 'deals' - so I couldn't resist! Hannants do a 10% on orders for collection - so opportunity to get hold of some stuff I've been meaning to order for a while... For the BiG Liberator: Built a Spanish Civil War I-16 from the Special Hobby kit when it came out - but now we have the ICM kits I fancy having another go: Some decals - and seat straps for this, and the I-153 I already have: With the I-153 in mind I ordered these: Then, in a moment of serindipity, I found the Revell re-boxing of the ICM Type 24 shouting at me from the shelf at Wonderland Models - at half-price my resistance was weak: Need to get another set of straps now! From Graham at Iconicair - his superlative Seafang. Have been meaning to get one for ages... Note - if you want one, or a Spitful, I suggest you get on and place your orders. Shocked to hear that the beautiful Attacker I reviewed a few months back is now out of production - after disappointing sales. Graham tells me he'd be interested in running another batch if we can get at least ten orders together - any interest? And, finally, I've been looking for a supply of thin, straight, Nickel Silver rod for some of the biplanes I have to build. Found on the Albion Alloys stand just before show close: Sizes are: 0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.33mm and 0.45mm - experience will dictate which is most useful - but very pleased to find these. Spent a lot - but not as much as I could have done. And I managed to avoid bying that 1:32 Buccaneer! That took a lot of will-power - but I do know someone of this Parish that did indulge... Have fun... Iain
  5. Some quick and dirty photos of some of the LSPs in the competition area yesterday: Great to see everyone! Iain
  6. F√ľndekals do a lovely set of FAA decals Mike - I have a set here and will put together a review: http://www.fundekals.com/corsair_RN.html Iain
  7. Looks like Cameron and I will probably be around on Saturday. *If* there's space on the stand I may bring the two-seat Spitfire - but would have to drop off in the am - and collect at the end of the afternoon? Iain
  8. Absolutely beautiful detail! Iain
  9. I've had the elastic perish and fall apart after being in the display case for a few years - hence looking at the wires. Others' mileage will vary - and I'd be interested to know if anyone else has had similar issues? Also have the two sizes of Easyline - which I haven't really tested yet. Iain
  10. Yes - it's very similar quality/breakdown to the Silver Wings Hawkers... I'm the same Max - I have the Fury and Hart - and would love to get a Demon. Am cutting my teeth on some simpler WingNut Wings builds first - and experimenting with Radu's flat rigging wires - before I tackle the Fury. Iain
  11. It's really nice Max - I have the original Montex release - with masks instead of decals. There's a nice build over on Hyperscale: http://www.hyperscale.com/2014/features/hawkerfurymki32rh_1.htm Iain
  12. And it's very nice too Max - I have one here... Iain
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