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  1. Hi gang... Sorry to resurrect this one - still not delivered to my client - but a few updates to her that I thought might be worth posting. Back in the office for first time in 4 months today - and access to my 'studio'. Quick lunchtime breakage fix to a client's two-seat Spitfire (rear-view mirror adrift) and some fresh photos taken in the studio - but with mobile phone, rather than the usual SLR... Hopefully deliver once the current global crisis is over - my client is in Paris. Blue Skies! Iain
  2. It's no big issue for me - I'm used to it - accept here in the UK the Iain is usually mis-spelled as 'Ian', rather than the US 'Lain'. Iain is a Scots Gaelic form of the name John. And don't get me started on the spelling of my surname - generally only spelled correctly when I'm North of the Border (Scotland). On the Andover - decision made last night, after some deep overthinking, several good coats of 'looking at' and a test clean-up of the interiors of the fuselage shells, is that I'm going to remove all internal printed detail, sand smooth and replace. A Fin (family motto - To The End - hopefully something I can apply to the Andover!) Iain
  3. Hi Derek, I've never used it with Klear - or any varnish - never needed to - and on the outside that would just get sanded back anyway. I've never had fogging on the rear side - just a tiny amount of superglue at a time - or smear the rear face with a little neat washing-up liquid and just rinse afterwards! All the transparencies on the Connie are done with superglue... Depends on how all the glazing panels fit - I want them flush - with the only external 'step' being the masked edge for the painted frame. But choice of HIPS, rather than PETG, was dictated by the need to sand flush and polish. Iain
  4. Hi Derek, No - the edge colour not effected. As it's an ink it dissolves a little - but dries neatly - and doesn't effect the strength of the bond. I've also been known to use thin superglue applied in small amounts from the front with a cocktail stick, before sanding back and polishing - the superglue acting as a filler. I'll decide at the time on best route - but happy I can make nice panes that actually fit! Iain
  5. Lovely build of an attractive aeroplane - and even more so given the ‘quality’ of the base kit. Bravo! Iain
  6. Oh, go on then, Gold Star for Derek! Yes - with my fresh supply of 1.5mm clear HIPS sheet I thought I'd take a break from sanding/cutting/reinforcing big chunks of ABS and have a play with a glazing - to see if this particular cunning plan was going to work. I'll let you guys be the judge by the end of this post. The quality of clear parts can make, or break, a model and so I usually spend a lot of time on a project trying to get these as good as I can get them. I try to use the most suitable material for any given purpose. The fuselage windows I'm going to do as a single strip each side - so wanted a clear, non-yellowing, plastic that would easily conform to the single curve of the fuselage - and gould be glued to the ABS fuselage prints with solvent. So - 0.25mm UV Stabilised PETG sheet will be used. For the cockpit windows I wanted something absolutely flat and distortion free - and something I could use wet and dry followed by polishing with Novus Plastic Polish. PETG doesn't like sanding/polishing at all - but HIPS does - and at 1.5 mm thick substantial enough for shaping and to hold it's flat shape on fitment. Add to that the trick of 'edging' the clear part with a permanent marker that I've been using for years to make neat edges, as well as create the impression of thinner 'glass', I thought I might have the tools to make a go of these. Tonight I cut the first window: An oversize section was laid over the window aperture and the edges marked on the surface with a new scalpel blade. The section was then trimmed back using Tamiya side-cutters to within about 1mm - then the edges taken back with the T-Bar sander - bit by bit, with lots of trial and error - as well as corner rounding, until it fitted absobl**dy perfectly - even if I do say so myself! Here it is just press fitted in position - took about an hour - but hopefully looks OK! Final bonding will be with a little solvent touched into the corners and into the joint - followed by a polish. So, I think there's another challenge sorted, perhaps... Iain
  7. The resin backfill is essential on this as soon as you want to modify/cut/thin one of the components - and I've used it a lot previously in vacforms. Yes, the endless sanding is wearing a little - but I'm trying to keep focussed on the end result that I have in my minds-eye... I hope so - we'll see I guess! But thanks everyone for looking in - I'm not the best 'completer finisher' - but I am filled with a great resolve on this one and your interest/support really helps!. I may have a small update tonight - just uploading some photos... A quick clue - can you tell what have I been working on in this photo? Hopefully not too obvious - which means it''s worked. Iain
  8. OK - some photos: And some filler-primer on the interior of the tail: Iain
  9. Slow progress this week - but I think I'm getting there with the tailplane - with the various elements/angles/interfaces now making sense, after some surgery and scratch-building. May have some images to post later... Still no further with detailed images of the root area (but possibly have enough now) and internal layout on the E3 still unconfirmed. On a more positive note, supplies of 1.5mm Clear HIPS sheet for the cockpit windows, have arrived. Iain
  10. We take a look at an excellent new sheet from Fantasy Printshop covering four colourful F-16 Block 30 schemes from the 176th Fighter Squadron, Wisconsin Air National Guard: https://www.largescaleplanes.com/reviews/review.php?rid=2316 Iain
  11. Courtesy of Pete Roberts we have some useful images of the Supermarine Spitfire Vc at the South Australian Aviation Museum. Thanks Peter! Iain
  12. Absolutely beautiful! Iain
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