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  1. Oooh, crikey... I'd love one of these! <must be sensible> <must be sensible> <must be sensible> <must be sensible> <must be sensible> <must be sensible> Look forward to seeing this come together - great subject! What's the material - ABS? Iain
  2. I hadn't picked up on those Thierry - but then I haven't built it yet! <makes notes for when the time comes> Always difficult with a pure 'in-box' review. I still think it's a wonderful kit though! Iain
  3. The older I get, the more amusing I find threads like this. We all have subjects we'd love to see, but... We all want what we can't have We get excited when that which we previously can't have is announced We go into a slough of despond before that which we previously can't have is released, as someone 'spotted' something heinous with the test shots, drawings, or their tea-leaves We buy it anyway... We add it to the stash We crave for something new that we can't have And so the 'virtuous' circle of modelling continues, and it will ever be thus!
  4. Thanks for that - brilliant input. Yes - agree with the error on roundel... Iain
  5. Lukgraph's stunning Dragon Rapide/Dominie in the spotlight: In the topsy-turvy World we currently find ourselves in, this kit makes me happy! Have fun, Iain
  6. I've been a little delayed on this over last few weeks... Plan was to make resin copies of a few of the Aires parts, so that I could cut and shut/modify them to produces a reasonable F.Mk 3 cockpit. However - could I find the fresh batch of Rubber and Resin I ordered from Sylmaster in June? No. No I couldn't... House turned upside down... Garages turned upside down... Shed turned upside down... Followed by "must have taken to the office/studio" (50 miles away). Office turned upside down...
  7. We take a look at the Sea Gladiator variant of the excellent ICM Gladiator kits. Blue skies! Iain
  8. We take a look at a new set of decals (two sheets) from Fantasy Printshop: Euro Decals ED-32101 Very Colourful Sabres Have fun! Iain
  9. My thoughts (and aims) exactly Thierry... I have the ID Vac - I started it in the last Century - even this will be a better starting point IMHO. Iain
  10. Hmmm. Interesting... What is this 'focused' of which you speak? I don't recognise it. I gave up years ago and just go with the flow in my head now - but have projects to hand and try and do at least a little on each regularly, so that progress is being made and eventually they start rolling out at the other end. That's the theory, anyway. Oh look, another squirrel... How ever you do it - have FUN - that's the most important thing. Iain
  11. OK - so I *was* supposed to go to bed - but thought "I wonder how well the Aires tub fits"... Well, beautifully as it happens. Straight in - sitting on the Revell location tabs - walk in the park! And then, well, I'm a kid, so I wanted to see what the nose looked like: And - would you look at that. Sexy, or what? Interestingly I've been taking quick snaps with my phone for these today - using ambient light. A lot quicker than getting the tripod/DSLR out - and I think the results are good enough
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