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  1. We take a look at another new figure from Elan13 Miniatures - EL98 British Pilot Italy/Mesopotamia WW1 1:32 Scale: Iain
  2. We review a new figure from Elan13 - a German Mechanic WW1: Iain
  3. Indeed - I suspect Jennings may already have seen it - but just in case: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235030579-f-4k-fg1-on-ark-royal-lift/ Roof Rat's your man - last posted a week, or two, back. Iain
  4. Royal Navy squadron/ships crest perhaps? Iain
  5. Just writing up a review of the Gladiator this weekend (Santa brought me two!) - as with their other 1:32 subjects, I'm very impressed. We were expecting the other versions of the Gladiator, but very pleased to see the Fiat and Stearman! As others have said - I think they've got the balance of subject/quality and price spot on. Iain
  6. OK - count me in - and son Cameron if allowed? Have a Revell 1:32 ASK-21 Glider and a Revell Piper PA-18 Super Cub - as two separate 'prizes' - one from Cam and one from me. Will post photos tomorrow... Iain
  7. Lovely build and photos Max - hopefully you can bring up to the Wilts club at some point? Iain
  8. Ooops - got sidetracked. Will get loft-side this evening... Iain
  9. Yes - agree to the section - I had marked out the area to be cut out at one point - following 'crease' along fuselage from intakes towards exhaust area. My initial strategy was to replace this 'chunk' of fuselage with new sections/intakes/burner cans - but keep nose/cockpit area, fuselage spine/fin/part of fuselage rear. Unless you can cast resin to a very high standard - from bang-on masters - I'd much rather start with the Tamiya fuselage. But that's probably just me (and I hate big chunks of resin that need hacking and shaping)... The wider section of fuselage actually sits over the top of the 'J' wing box/upper skin. I have photos/dimensions of a K/M wing removed from a fuselage that demonstrate this. Yes - it's a big conversion - but replace intake to exhaust section of fuselage/underside + exhaust and you're most of the way there. *YES* there are other changes - but by no means that difficult to do IMHO. Anyway - moot if we're going to get the HK kit Iain
  10. Hi Thierry, I'm afraid I'd have to disagree... I've been looking at this for years - yes - there's a big section of fuselage that needs replacing - but by no means all of it. If there wasn't the HK Models kit on the horizon I'd happily cut up a Tamiya F-4J. Far less work than I can see in a full resin kit - but I'm sure others' mileage will vary! Iain
  11. Seconded. Even without a new kit from HK, I'd rather convert a Tamiya F-4J. Iain
  12. Having a play with this - modified/detailed Tamiya 1:35 T-55 to create a Prague Spring (1968) diorama - depicting a tank that was neutralised with a can of paint. A lot more to be done - and ignore kit tracks - am replacing with individual links by MiniArt - and figures just undercoated at the mo, so please be gentle! Iain
  13. OK - so first off - I'm going to move this out of the Group Build as there's no way she'll be complete before the end of the year. But, on a more positive note - some progress there is... It's taking a while to get relevant kit into the new work area - but have been able to make a start on the kit supplied 'spar' - modifying it to fit with the new wing formers. This has to be done before I finalise the ribs for laser cutting. So - ribs: Spar - with intitial mark-up for material to be removed - a start having been made at the front with a course sanding bar, and at the rear - which needs most of the upper section cutting down to almost the lower line at the rear to accomodate the lower wing trailing edge: I'll dig out my belt sander and shape the rear tomorrow - then adjust the rib drawings to match. Hopefully on a roll now I have the space/tools. Iain
  14. Hoping my local 'street dealer' will have a pair of these for me at our next club meeting (Wiltshire Scale Modellers Society). Iain
  15. Ooops - sorry Max - the AK Extreme I haven't tried the Mr Color Supermetallic - yet! Iain
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