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  1. I haven't looked at the contents of my -1a or D in a while, but doesn't either or even both come with the shortened FAA wingtips?
  2. Great work on the Lighting for sure
  3. In full agreement with Dan here K1, it's got to feel good to get back to the bench after a long absence. Especially when that absence is likely due to time circumstances rather than a lack of interest or MoJo.
  4. Have you PMed Harold here on LSP? Harold
  5. Thanks Mark, Actually after engaging the manufacturer, they indicated a 9v was a good power supply, and it reads a 9v power supply is a viable supply, indicated in the written instructions too, right on the cover. Magic Scale Modeling indicated any listed power source from from 4.1v to 10v is good, siting 4 rechargeable AAs, 4 non- rechargeable AAs, 9v, to a USB power connection is good. MSM even indicated they could supply a 9v supply for their kit, but I already have one I'm going to experiment with. The 9v is definitely the way to go if I'm going to make it all self contained inside the model itself as I've come to the realization that although 4 AAs work really well, I will not have room inside the model to use them, no matter the configuration. I will need to run wires externally if I I use 4 AAs, which I really dont eant to do. The power actually doesn't run directly to the LEDs, but rather to a small circuit board designed by MSM to take the 4.1v to 10v power source which controls the sequences and lighting type (always on, flashing, or fading). The power leads to the circuit board are very tiny, as are all the nano leads as with the overall amount of wires in the kit, it would be near impossible to run them all inside if they were much bigger. I had reservations about a 9v source too, even after reading it on the cover of their instructions, so wrote them a note just to confirm a 9v is a good source. The only thing MSM indicated was the animation time was a bit less with the 9v VS the 4 AAs. AAMOF, I just got a new bare bones 9v holder in, so this holiday weekend will be spent on the 104 (I'm on call for work, so cant really go anywhere anyway)
  6. At least those are the better "anti-static" peanuts VS the older style that built up static electricity and stuck to every bloody surface in your house.
  7. Wow Marcel, these both turned out wonderfully, but the Alaska aggressor is really nice. Ive got a Zacto intake, cockpit and the Monokio decals for the two seat F-16D red 75 to do myself. If it turns out half as well as yours Ill be a happy man!
  8. That seems an unfortunate stereotype. I would say that the majority of us are "nerds" so to speak in our own right, but are generally just very detail oriented folks who enjoy very specific things like trains or planes or automobiles.
  9. By the by, looking at this vid of the new Hellcat from one of the Airfix designers that showed a motorized prop, (5:14 minute mark) Is there such a thing on the final production version? TIA
  10. Yep! Really a small glitch w/the breech of the nose .50 cal, but its the very first thing I picked up on. Amazing what we as modelers pic up on re: that kind of thing.
  11. I've just merged the two Lanc threads into one for consolidation purposes. I just saw that Kent is selling his Lanc.
  12. Great looking model! I tried using PPG once for my 1/24th CHC II Beaver, and it was more than 10x for the paint system than it was for the model itself.
  13. Love it! The paint work was really worth the effort Although I cant decide if these two gents are doing anything family-unfriendly or not! "Feeding the Ducks" or "Distributing some free literature"maybe?
  14. The day I ever buy another apple product is the same day you can come over to my house and remove my head with pliers, because its a body double and definitely not me. Thanks! Were all fixed up! Twas my own fault. My Galaxy is an older "Edge 7" Galaxy about 3 or more years old, with the cool wrap around screen and has been through two Easter Jeep Safaris in Moab Utah, dropped multiple times, and stood up to every bit of abuse I've thrown at it. But when the camera started shutting down randomly I did some research............ Long story short, after trying everything that was recommended to do to fix the issue, I finally figured out that although I do have automatic updates turned on, apparently back in October of last year I was about to do an update but for whatever reason I manually postponed it (maybe too low on battery or more likely no WiFi). This effectively prevented every other update since October of last year from being installed. Known bug in the software apparently was fixed, because after I DLed and installed five different full separate updates, the phone camera is back and working. Ill try to take some pics tonight.
  15. Indeed so far, so good! With the 1 exception as noted in another thread that sent me off on one of the scenes right around that still shot, they showed the main bombardier in the nose of his sweetheart right next to what should have been a .50cal machine gun breach, but there was nothing there! Fiance thought i was insane, standing up yelling at the TV for such a blatant CGI blunder.
  16. Very convincing! I really like the way the paint and weathering came out on the engine. Well done!
  17. Cant tell what the riveting on the BC offering looks like, but the Trumpy riveting looks fairly typical. That aside, it appears that the HB offering would be an easier fix on first impression.
  18. I concur Max, in a lot of ways. We all want what we want, and that usually is the "uber kit" but I have found that certain new and untried aspects to certain builds are what keep the MoJo juices flowing
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