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  1. Nice! That is going to be a large beast. Do all the panel lines line up from side to side and wing top to bottom?
  2. I got all the markings on, albeit not on the first try. The Hakenkreuz ended up being white with a black outline at first, so had to completely re-shoot that. As you will see, I also have to re-shoot the crossed swords in the victory crest on the starboard side tail, as the swords were exceptionally small, and proved to be at the cutting/size limits of the Silhouette cutter. Not perfect, but not too shabby. Needs some touch-ups, but the basic paint is done: Port side tail is good: Starboard side needs to have the swords re-shot, but otherwise OK: Balkenkreuz on the underside also turned out very well, with only a very minor touch-up of the black on the port wing: Next up, Ill re-spray the white on the starboard side swords, then will get started on the washes and weathering. YAY! Cheers til next time,
  3. OK gents I haven't been stagnant on this one, so have some progress to show.........
  4. Always nice to have people in the know. And welcome to LSP btw!!
  5. Got it too! A Gotha on floats! Never had any interest or reason to get a Gotha...... I do now!!!
  6. Yep, I had MM enamels and some Tamiya acrylics and that was about it. I've almost completely switched over to MRP at this point. I'm still evaluating their aqua based line for brushing.
  7. Lovely! Before I got rid of FB, I was a devout follower of TABs page. It was great to see her first flight live. I also love the fact that they paid attention to the details when restoring her, and that the resto is the ACTUAL TAB that flew. I love the details HpH provides, but have been let down quite a few times when it comes to their assembly details, as occasionally it seems their QC could use a refresher. Im hoping the gooney bird is up to snuff, and you dont run into any of the issues I have run into! The kit does look really lovely. Have you thought about designing your own paint masks for TAB? All the markings seem fairly straight forward and doable for masks. Heres looking forward to some progress!
  8. Oh man, the whine of modern and early modern F-1s is A M A Z I N G.
  9. Great work John! The pit is coming along swimmingly. I love the HGW belts. Id say give the HGW directions a look as they call for "balling" the belts up a bit, which IMHO does away with the stiff almost inflexible look they have sometimes right OOB. I like to wash mine to highlight, but the HGW instructions say to gloss coat them first which actually seems to help, then a dullcoat. I like gluing them down to the seats too, for that added bit of realism to get that draped effect VS setting proud of the seat.
  10. I just dont get whey they made assembly SO complex. It seems to me there could be innumerable other ways of doing it, and most would seem less complex and less work.
  11. Real nice! I like it a lot. The MRP paint looks stellar.
  12. Good on ya WnW!! Thanks for a decade of great models. Their Junkers D.1, while a bit ugly to some is ugly "cool" to me, and at $79 with all but no rigging it may be a good starter choice. I may also recommend their "Early" D.VII at $99 but a big bigger and a bit more complex, but also with near no rigging. Both will be a joy to put together.
  13. Excellent! I love it. Makes me want to build another
  14. I know myself, and can't speak for Peter, but for me, even with the best engine representation out there, open engine panels destroy the pristine lines of the aircraft.
  15. I used your kite string method on my Do-335, and it worked a treat. Too bad the sharkmouth decal isnt cooperating. Hoping a sharkmouth masking job comes together!
  16. Good news. Sometimes does take a bit longer w/the smaller cottage businesses.
  17. Im surprised an IM T-38 didnt come out before he was finished!
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