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  1. Looks awesome! Really amazing looking model, well done.
  2. It's not a terrible kit, but the Meng 163 fuselage alone has 8 or 9 parts to it. Just takes some finagling of the alignment.
  3. Just lovely,lovely business that.
  4. Thanks Peter! It's really up to the individual modeler IMHO. In this case I think you are right, Vosss machine was a prototype, and did not really last long before he was killed in battle. Cheers and thanks for dropping in on me.
  5. Thanks Matt, and yes, just looking to finish this one up with dignity at this point. The trip we are taking in about a week and a half has me pressing to fix mechanical issues with our tow vehicle, on top of seasonal prep work to get our trailer ready for the off-road season ahead. All of this has kept me busy on all of my days off, but I did manage to sneak at least a few nights work in on the little tripe. Nearly the entire thing is completed save adding the lower aileron braces, landing gear rigging, prop and aileron control lines as well as final assembly. I figure about 1 mor
  6. That does look pretty nice! Its just such a tiny subject in that scale.
  7. Wow! What a lovely model.....a real work of art Pete! Class, class, class!
  8. Indeed, we are hearing from those ordering trailers like ours now as well, shortages of even things like leveling jacks, glass for the windows, and the water tanks are all now coming into shortages of their own. Omaha marine down the way from us normally has about 200+ boats on their lot at any give time of the year, and this year there isn't a single boat on their lot, and they indicate a 6mo to year wait. Seems people really want a way of their own to escape into the wild/outdoors away from where they likely have spent the better part of the last year.
  9. What number is one of the lighter looking pencil "leads"? Is No 2 still a bit dense/dark, and is there a graphite pencil alternative that is not quite as dark when put on?
  10. Hrmmmm, cant seem to see any pics Vincent
  11. Good to hear! I guess it is the desert...........last we were in the desert in UT it was in fact bitterly cold and night and scorching hot by 11:00. Id still take 105F heat and no humidity VS what we get round here. I really do like the Aliner campers, seems like a very nice compact set up. We had an Aliner next to us at Moab a few years back, and got to know the guys cat he traveled with. Cool setup!
  12. I guess it's all about where you came from. For me personally, it's not really semantics, as the two are separate and distinctly different things with two different purposes. It's a case of agree to disagree here me thinks.
  13. Yep, and a lot of that is the labor that I just don't have time for with our trip rapidly approaching. It's actually sold as a complete oil cooler housing assembly, and contains a couple different sensors. Not fun, but necessary.
  14. Yeah it is a real bummer. I really did want to go, but I Just paid off the Jeep, and (as Murphy would dictate) the check engine light came on literally not even a DAY after that, and its a oil pressure sensor unit and is about 750 with labor (no way Im installing that myself) and of course at the same time paid off my only remaining CC. It was a practical decision, but unfortunately one I had to make with the expenses coming up, including getting a new roof.
  15. I'd have to respectfully disagree with that. Where I am from a stand is just that; something to stand the model on while you ar working on it....hence why "stand" is by far and wide the most used term when describing the JH models stand. When I hear "jig" that says something that has the ability to lock the model down and manipulate it while still strapped to or attached in some way. A jig also can be something that one can use to build to keep something still while forming or otherwise making something around it, keeping everything in place; IE like a welders jig
  16. Love it, looks like a hot time! Any A/C in there? Figuring you may need it in AZ This was our last outing into the dispersed bush ..........
  17. For me personally, this has nothing what so ever to do with any figures or cost calculations, nor is this a casual dismissal of anyone's opinions. Opinions are all we have here. No one including myself actually know what is going on in that respect with JetMads. Could I too be wrong? Of course, we are all only human......................However I am going with the evidence here.
  18. I guess I've just not got a great confidence in wood glue to hold things solidly on super small parts. My dad got me into peanut and walnut scale FF models when I was a kid and they always had to be super light, and the one thing that always made them strong and light was bonding layers of the light balsa together with thin CA. I guess it comes from the plastic modeler in me wanting to use CA instead of slow drying wood glue. After fortification with CA my JH stand have survived many many years of me torturing it with everything from spraying it down in the paint booth to droppin
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