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  1. DAM!!!!! Why does this always happen................The Bv-138 has always been one of my all time favorite sea planes! So will this be resin or IM from Infinity?
  2. The carrier decks were amazing up close btw!
  3. huh! I never noticed you were in the "Big O" as well! Cool, another LSPer here, learn something new every day! And yes, those hotels were a tremendous value to the show for sure.
  4. That is a SUPER nice super cub, but that seems like a LOT of cashola for what it is.
  5. I really like the idea of the forced perspective diorama. A FP dio won first place in its category back in 2017 at the US Nationals, and the effect really works here too. Your eye just naturally makes the Zeke the "same size" in your head, but just further away. Well done!
  6. I like it! Definitely looks better to my eye with not so bright a white on the winter scheme. Looking good!
  7. Love it! That is some seriously great detailing Jay. The yoke and surrounding detail really is tremendous looking.
  8. Wow. The sheer scope of that diorama along is astounding. There are so many elements to look at, it would day a day or two to soak in all the details
  9. Dang, I cant see either one of the photos. usually the site will appear as a photo if the picture link is direct/embedded, but cant seem to get that one to work. Exhaust look good though! http://www.daveshangar.org/photos/OV-10A/exhaust.jpg
  10. It does look good! I normally like to apply some primer in those types of instances, as it really helps me identify where existing problems might lie. It's all about the "little wins" with a long term resin build. Gotta take the small accomplishments like getting massive gaps filled in a build in order to push through to fruition. Looking forward to more, as I feel your MoJo pain, especially so with all resin kits IMHO.
  11. Thanks gents! Gaz, Yes, JB Weld is an old standby for me! I've used the stuff since back in 2010 and even used it on my other earlier projects like the SU-30. You just have to make ABSOLUTELY SURE that whatever you are gluing is exactly where you want it............otherwise you are NOT getting the parts apart. I used in on the F7F wings, and it really held SUPER well, as most any other times I've used it. When you need *absolute* strength, I always go for JB Weld, bar none.
  12. Well that's a bummer with all the effort put into the shed and what not. My MoJo seems to come back into effect when I get passionate about something............that is not to say that isn't what you've tried already, but hey-ho. I've also found that occasionally getting out of my usual comfort zone in modeling can work too, IE, if you model planes, make a tank or a helo, or car, and VS versa. Might be worth a shot.
  13. Gorgeous build! The Aviatic stuff really adds to it IMHO.
  14. I was going to return to work on the insides of the nacelles with getting on with the interior green as I needed to install the firewalls on the nacelles to continue the engine bearer work. I cant install the firewalls until the interior green is painted and I cant paint that until I install the last wheel well interior part which is the very tiny square bit of resin that attaches to a similar square bit molded inside the wells to accommodate the MLG. This solution probably will work Ok, and support the very heavy weight of the model (like a the heaviest model I will have EVER made by far, as
  15. Nice work! I like the gloss for Gundams and robots and Si-Fi and such. It was TOO tempting for me! I picked one up a year or more back with the light set. Totally worth it!!
  16. Thanks once again all! I've got some pictures to share of tonight's "work" but have to give me a min......................Its "Glamour Shot" time! (I needed some inspiration as a reminder of where I'm heading to) Pics in a few minutes...........
  17. Great start John, and I wholeheartedly agree that the Bandai kits are really superb. I recently built one of their speeder bike troopers and it was a ton of fun. I distinctly remember how amped I was over Voltron Defender of the Universe!
  18. I REMEMBER that kit!! Its actually really a nice kit, and IIRC, the landing gear actually fully articulates, just like the real deal. Fairly complex deal if I recall. You spun the prop to get the wheels to retract. One of the very few kits with that, that didnt seem toy like to me, and actually worked like the real deal.
  19. That looks super cool. Something you definitely wont see in this or likely any other scale.
  20. You cheeky lil bugger! I never noticed you recessed those! Now thats bit of a brilliant plan eh? Did you just drill part of the way down and stop, or have it marked on the drill bit somehow? I even missed how you sunk the eyelets in, assuming you tied it off prior to inserting in the hole?
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