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  1. Yyyyyyyyyyep! That is super duper spiffy.
  2. Wow, missed the finish on this one!!! Really great work, the water finish is especially nice.
  3. Yeah that's really shaping up to be a real winner!
  4. Wow, If the price is even remotely decent Id take one. Im not as big of a Munk fans as evident in this thread, but there are just so many cool schemes, and lest face it, its just a neat little bird.
  5. I kid, but great news, and an extremely good piloting job
  6. All you would need is a hosting site (Flikr, SmugMug, PhotoBucket <not my choice) and you can link to any picture Awesome news! Thanks so much for posting this and updating us, this is such a great thing to see.
  7. Oh yes, I would for SURE pic up a SPAD from them. A SPAD would also have to be on my want list.
  8. I still want my WnW Fokker D .VIII, and my WnW Siemens-Schuckert D.IV, then Im probably out of wants myself.
  9. Man, starting around .43 mark that is one HELL of a straight away! Mesmerizing at a sustained 225mph!!! Thats got to be a thrill
  10. I can only imagine what a WnW Macchi M-5 would be like......
  11. Wow, that is unique, I've not ever seen an oblique cannon mounted in that position (s) before. Cool!
  12. Very nice start. I like the clean look of the pit
  13. I think regardless of any other kits out there (and yes Ive built a Has 190) I believe this will sell well if they don't make any major errors. The Has 190 is a great kit, and with some AM additions can turn out really great.
  14. Great pics Thomas! Were/are you a professional diver by trade? That would certainly have been an interesting excursion to be on.
  15. The JDAM hood ornament was pretty cool.............as was it all!
  16. +1! I too would like to know a bit more about that, as that is a sticking point on my two HpH R2800s, as I can't seem to work out with ease, how to get all the needed wires in the ignition ring realistically.
  17. Really great work..............so interesting to see it all come together.
  18. Lovely Guy! I am definitely one of those who doesn't love the stressed skin effect, but I have always thought the effect itself was nice, but as you pointed out, it was more the overall uniformity applied, in my case with the WnW Lanc. I have not really had a chance to look at the effect up close on the F6F yet, but your paint job seems to go a long way to making it all look very nice, and seemingly not nearly as uniform looking to my eye as the Lanc, but then again I have yet to see any builds of that one, so I should probably wait to see what it looks like under paint. Well done!
  19. Wow, that is truly spectacular! Id say its about as well done as a dio can get!
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