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  1. Wow, the paint work and weathering effects here look awesome John!
  2. Actually I didn't think about it until now, but that seems like a VERY good choice for what still should be low hanging fruit, but also something there really isn't a modern kit of currently. We have all the D model 51s anyone ever needs, but there is a serious lack of B model mustangs in 32nd. Lots of talk about them, but none seemingly coming to fruition. It sounds like a license to manufacture gold to me.
  3. I have a feeling it will be for me as well! I feel like the overall Kotare model mantra seems very in line with my likes, and you KNOW the model should be good either way with the people known to be behind it
  4. Same, same for me, Ive ordered from Matt at HW USA on many occasions, but nothing lately. That https://www.hobbyworld-usa.com/ doenst work, but if you add in the store at the end it takes you to that other craft type store.
  5. Ah, Ok that must be where I remember a KHM Venom from
  6. Didn't KHM make a 1/35th Venom? I could have sworn I saw an indication of one a long time ago......maybe a preview that never came to fruition? I might have been crazy?
  7. Looks great! The wheels are a bit noticeable, but did not put it together until it was pointed out. Hope it can be fixed. Other than that, it looks like a very well done build
  8. Really great start! Looks like a challenge, but a very interesting project for sure.
  9. Honestly, IMHO, this is most definitely a good thing. The money saved by not including an engine can be better spent on exterior detailing, resin additions or upgraded surface detail. Just opinion however.
  10. Both the wife and I have had our two shots, but just this week should be getting over our bout with Corona. We never (and I mean NEVER) go out really, and the first time I went out/out to eat in restaurant for my birthday on the 28th of last month (first time in over a year and a half going out to eat) someone in the restaurant obviously had Corona. Since being vaccinated, we really experienced very little symptoms, just some congestion and 0 sense of smell. I knew what it was the instant I was modeling and put my nose in some 100% pure lacquer thinner and smelled NOTHING. We have been quarantining for the last two weeks and will be getting testing this week to confirm we are past it. We are hoping the same result for DB and his wife, that the symptoms are also light, and they can return to their day to day soon without issue.
  11. It is QUITE the milestone really. It's amazing the exponential leaps and bounds that technology and science have taken in the last few decades.
  12. Really, after the cockpit was 95% together, and I had painted and installed the visible turbine portion, all that was left was to close up the fuselage. The fit was very good, but I did use some filler along the seam where I use plasi-weld to make sure I had no sunken seam lines to deal with later. More to come later, as I still have yet to dip the canopy parts and make the pilots gun sight. Cheers
  13. Looks great! A very unique scheme, well done
  14. Thanks guys. I'm taking pics for an upcoming review, but will be back on the Cobra tonight.
  15. With seats installed: I got the rear cockpit bulkhead glued up with some styrene bracing under the rear section, and glued onto the main cockpit section to ensure a nice even gap-less bond before installation of the entire assembly. I've got more to do here as I have yet to add the Quinta parts for the canopy, nor have I built the pilots gun sight yet. I also will be extending some wiring and tubing from the upper canopy to the rear cockpit bulk-head as well: Even though its basically an OOB cockpit, overall I'm super happy with how things are turning out. Its been just what I needed to get back into the modeling swing of things, easy AND fun to put together, great fit, and something completely different for me. Ill be taking some more pics for an upcoming LSP review I have, but will get some more work in on the Cobra this weekend, and may even be close to closing up the fuse. Thanks for stopping by!
  16. On to the cockpit. I also applied a layer of black primer here as previously pictured. Once that dried, I started in with paint. This is just a guestimate, and after speculation MRP Medium Sea Gray seemed to fit the bill, as it has the same very slight bluish hint. Once painted, I used some some dust, and mud enamel washes to highlight the detail that was there. Other than the Quinta set, some watch bits and some odd styrene, I really wanted to see what can be done with the OOB kit with some minor enhancements. A quick note on the 3D printed cockpit parts. I would highly recommend the following after my experiments: - dip them as normal to get them off the backing - remove them from the water and blot them dry BACK AND FRONT to get rid of any excess water and let them dry upside down - use foil glue for the large Quinta parts like IPs and the larger side console parts - use medium thick CA for the thinner parts line tiny console parts, seat belts and the like as white glue seems to only get messy with the smaller parts Once the cockpit tub paint was dry, I set about adding some of my cockpit mods, which are not super drastic, as this build is ALL about fun and return of the MoJo............ I took the seat-backs and covered them in some tissue covered in thinned Gators Grip, and then wrinkled and painted, then applied the back rests. I also broke apart the gunner sight and redesigned the OOB parts with the addition of some cable, styrene beams, bolts and some odd watch bits. This is NOT intended to exactly or even accurately represent the late model Cobra gun sight. Its only an enhancement to the OOB parts to make it look a bit better and a bit busier. I also added some of the optic cable for the gunners sight and some gizmology to spice things up a bit. The Quinta Studios seat belts turned out to be super easy to use with 0 assembly, and ended up actually being fairly flexible. In my humble opinion the Quinta sets really adds a cool element to this ordinarily simplistic OOB cockpit: STILL MORE.............
  17. Progress............ Got up close and personal with the Quinta Studios set...........VERY cool stuff! The clear resin they use for "glass" is very well done, very flat and highly reflective: As this was the very first time I've ever used this new technology, I was unsure what to expect. I was not sure how to proceed other than reading the instructions (new for me sometimes) and it just says to cut them apart and dip them as normal water slide decals. Here's the cool part............ I thought they were going to be stiff inflexible prints once released, but not only did the IPs keep their 3D shape, but they turned out to be HIGHLY flexible too: I got both IPs applied as well as a layer of paint on the cockpit assembly after the black primer dried. I also got a layer of interior green on the inside of the engine bay. I did NOT spend any time detailing this area, as I only painted it as there will be some visibility into the top of the airframe once done, and I wanted only to convey the appearance of paint and weathering down the top of the rotor assembly interior. I wasn't sure how much was going to be visible, but wanted it basically painted and weathered in case you could end up seeing something: More...............
  18. We tend to only camp in dispersed areas with no real sites of any kind that can reserved. This year we've had tremendous luck with the National forest areas. We hit Medicine Bow earlier this year and as long as you had a rig to get back there and hit it during the week, there were always spots to camp. Since it's not State run and there are no reservations or anyone to call, you can stay a few hours or a few weeks. It can be remote enough to only see a ranger one every few weeks.
  19. For sure. LSP is a very small niche market filled with very exacting modelers usually with very specific likes and dislikes.
  20. Welcome back.....very jealous, after selling the Jeep we no longer have a tow vehicle for our camp trailer. Have to get to some AZ camping at some point.
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