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  1. It almost looks so good in box with all that foam surrounding things so snuggly, that my OCD is lightly whispering to me to keep it pristine in the box, and just take it out to look at it every once in awhile. The voice inside me telling how cool a 1/32nd Viggen would be on a contest table and how much attention it would grab, is nearly deafening fortunately.
  2. I'm in the middle of this kit myself. It is a VERY nice kit and the fit is amazing. I plan on painting them since it's such a simple masking operation. Not sure how opaque (or not) they are.
  3. Yes, have seen the pics a ways down on that BM thread, and the molding quality is about as high as I have seen for a resin kit.
  4. That's certainly a credible comparison! Especially the aerodynamics part. They both seem to have a raw power thing, and a penchant for having flying surfaces in places and at angles contrary to what aerodynamics say they should be. As to the kit quality, I have to say I dont recall ever seen such a "high end feel" to a resin kit before. The panel lines and rivets look IM impressive, and the pour blocks and foam packaging puts most IM kits and all resin kits to shame. I honestly havnt seen that type of resin mold quality since I last opened one of my FM&P kits.
  5. WOW! That seems pretty incredible to me, but then again Im stupid. I wholeheartedly agree Don, Ive got to get the wife a car, and fix the house up to sell, but you dam well better believe a Saab 37 stuck in there!! I know its a SK37, but there here is some pretty cool motivation to get you amped up.............
  6. Probably around or even less than I had guessed. Still though, even 10% of an entire kit run potentially purchased by a tiny (comparatively) niche segment of the market. Admittedly, we (older more experienced modelers with enough disposable income to afford such high end large, expensive models who are after specific air frames) are likely their target type buyer.
  7. If JetMads decides not to include masks for the tricky splinter, I wonder if DN Models would consider scaling up their 72nd scale splinter masks
  8. I have yet to grab my copy of the Mk. II Gladdie. I think I'm waiting for the Mk II to appear at SprueBrothers. I do happen to already have Alis Aerocraft brass undercarriage set for the Gladiator............highly recommended.
  9. Personally there is only one mold of his I want..............and Id hesitate to guess, that a large percentage of WnW fans who, if forced to choose only one mold of Sir Peters to bring to market, would agree with me that it should be the DR.1. I hope by some miracle of miracles, it somehow makes it to market. It was just SO close, would be the largest shame of all if no one could ever buy or build one.
  10. I wonder, small or large, what percentage of these will be purchased by LSP regulars, or LSP members in general?
  11. Just got my confirmation email! Hello, We are pleased meeting you, thank you for your interest in our brand and products. Please be informed that we hereby confirm your reservation for one copy of our upcoming JA37 Viggen kit. Kind Regards, JETMADS Team
  12. Yep! A new (to us) automatic AWD Honda or Toyota for the wife, and the rest is needed to go into the house so we can update and fix it to move.
  13. Im hoping my pre-order got in on time! Although Im more kidding around, as its not realistic to think a $300 all resin kit would sell out on pre-orders this quick......but Im guessing with the amount of interest, quite quickly I'm guessing.
  14. Ok Mark, where did you see that at? Im on the JetMads site, and can only find info on what a pre-order is, nor can I find that blub on the Viggen. *EDIT* Ok, got it. Had to reluctantly go to FB to see and get the larger picture, and email for pre-order. Thanks!
  15. Nice! I really like the fit of it all so far. Always look forward to a bit O progress on this one
  16. Great work! Im really hoping that Ali and Aerocraft models come to the rescue on the gear, as they did on the Gladdie.
  17. Well done! Its not a model you really ever see (or WILL see) built.
  18. Well shes gone............. Not exactly the way I would have chosen to haul it 130 miles back to Des Moines, but hey ho, its all they had. Goodbye Belle, and know youll go to a good home!
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