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  1. Nice! Ive been wondering about this stuff, but have yet to see it at the LHS.
  2. Indeed! Ever seen the 1/32nd B-52 display here at SAC in Omaha (Ashland)? Its 6' or 7' something and the perspex display case is H U G E. Knowing that a 1/32nd Nippon 747 would be like getting into R/C size wise, as the 747 makes the Buff look scrawny. Lots of quarter scale R/C ships that are not 7'+........
  3. Regardless of how, who, or from what angle that particular pic was taken, it doesn't do the kit any justice. The kit looks like its going to be a real winner, but I dont think that exact pic is very flattering, even when the model is 100% right.
  4. Im not sure, maybe it has become MORE rare in the last 10 years? Looking things over, it used to be available as a Canadian Whiskey promotional "sign" you could buy from the Cedar Creek trading post (in WI IIRC) for fairly cheap, but they have long since closed their doors. The only thing really tough with the kit is dealing with the lack of windows and interior. Since it would be SO visible, adding a full interior doubles or triples the amount of work needed to bring it round to a decent kit, so I went with some stickers printed up by a nice fellow LSPer.
  5. I've done a bit of culling here on the personal stuff, lets keep it to the Lightning kits please. This is not the place for personal digs back and forth.
  6. Nice man! That is super cool. Would nice to see the factory and see how they go together too.
  7. Those new images definitely help. It seems we should in fact wait for the final product in this case. So glad to be wrong about the first pics!
  8. Great start! I do so love the new gen ICM kits, they are indeed amazing. I also need some Italian fighters too.... Looking forward to more!
  9. I've thought many times about making a Revellagawa razorback, but not ever really considered taking just the cowl over............. Its been years and years since I thought about mine, but I seem to recall some other issues there but cant remember what if any besides the cowl.
  10. Cant wait to see what you do with this one John! My real issue with the kit is the damn horse-collar shaped cowl.
  11. Amazing! The paint work and weathering are very well done.
  12. We watched it get put in after most of the SAC planes were moved inside from a previous display where everything was outside, just rotting. It was sad, but a truly happy day to see the SR and others get moved inside and the ravages of time slowed. Although I think the SR may have been inside previously, cant remember.
  13. Nice to see you my friend! The hobby (and us) will always welcome you back
  14. Great details Chris, it will make the end product all that much more satisfying.
  15. Great stuff! Id love, LOVE to see one of these in 1/32nd. Having gone to Osh Kosh several times, Jim Peitz's F33C and his acro performance is as an impressive a display as you can see.
  16. Great work on making a silk purse out of a sows ear!
  17. Same! This is way too ugly/cool looking not to get one. With the Guardian/Longbow, CH-54 and now an Mi-28 coming too, all I need is an LSP Ka-50/52 to complete my helo wants!
  18. That Meng 66 GT40 has always been on my want list, but even the sale price is out of my reach atm.
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