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  1. I tried those the last time ZM were here for the NATs and they did indeed feel wonderful. Im assuming like most good nippers they can be quite delicate.
  2. I'm back! It was gorgeous scenery all around at the great lakes. Also the BIGGEST biting black flies I've ever seen (bee sized)! Had an amazing salmon and steak wedding anniversary meal as well More pics after we've unpacked.....
  3. Having both kits, but only having built the Ki-45, Id say either would be a lovely choice as they are both excellent builds, but the Ki-45 is a bit more complicated. It does build up into an awesome model with a lot to see.
  4. The wife and I are once again heading out into the deep wilderness after some much needed upgrades and repairs. This time it's the "U.P." in Michigan. It's deep, remote wilderness in places with lots of water features. We will be out of pocket until probably the 1st or the 2nd of July. Cheers and I'll talk to you all when ur older!
  5. Looks like a closed FB group....... although I use FB I think that link is going to be impossible for most to see unless they are a member of that specific FB group.
  6. Condolences to you and your family, Jerry was one of the most interesting and knowledgeable people I knew of. He will be sorely missed, and our hobby is lesser for his passing. I want to say that keeping the business open and running after such a traumatic and heart wrenching event is the definition of strong. We wish you all the good will and success in the future its possible to have! Selfishly, I'm very glad to see EE staying around and getting new projects as I look forward to new products.
  7. Awesome! That orange really ups the pop factor
  8. Looking great as always my friend!
  9. Lol, I know they had to backpedal quite a bit on the whole Z99 in San Fran story. I know some got a bit upset, but I think you have to take that kind of thing with a grain.
  10. At least they got the proportions correct on the top two!
  11. Lovely work Angelo! Great looking harrier
  12. This is true! The only thing I don't like about using Lego as a mojo builder is that it doesn't hone any of the normal skills used in modeling. But the Lego kits are indeed great fun
  13. Awesome! Just remember to clean that tip on the 3M 77 spray or that fine most will turn into a gloppy mess (ask me how I know)
  14. Condolences to his family, he was a very interesting and knowledgeable guy.
  15. That does seem a bit steep. Might have to see what prices stabilize at after it hits the market.
  16. 100% Kev! That describes my issue to a tee. I've got some Bandai SW kits around and will see about going through them...... It's worth a shot to kickstart the modeling MoJo
  17. I think prepping for our annual summer anniversary trip has consumed my thoughts and time. Of course I have had some time, but it's switching mental gears back to modeling that is my main problem.
  18. Having built a few of these, I can't really argue there. I think if I can manage to get back to the bench I might be able to get back into the swing of things.
  19. I remember with vivid fondness the large scale MPC kits at our LHS, they always had working landing gear, flaps and flying surfaces. Loved them all.
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