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  1. Indeed the PE adds a lot of scale fidelity and realism! Well done
  2. Looks like a cool book! I am however questioning the horizontal tail plane position of the cover Zeros a bit.............looks vaguely like they are actually below the wing level
  3. Tremendous build! The colors really pop and look very in scale. The sky undersides really look great and give it some added uniqueness.
  4. Agreed. The best way to be happy on either side of the fence is to acknowledge that other side and that it not only exists, but some people feel much more comfortable on that side, whichever that is.
  5. We are poooooor little lambs..............who have lost are way....................baaaaaaaa, baaaaaaaa, baaaaaaaa............. A distinct and unforgettable part of my childhood. Blue skies Mr Conrad..................
  6. Thanks Kev. That would seem like the most logical choice if they can make injection financially viable.
  7. Looking good! The IP scratch building looks killer I've found using the new gen Eduard panels if you shoot them with a flat/ semi/flat clear, then some super gloss/Future for the instruments it really amps up the realism of the IP panel, and does away with the semi-bumpy look of their color IP panels
  8. Actually, I myself am a bit unclear................ Will HpH split into resin and IM manufacturing? Will it be IM manu only, and the resin line be fully discontinued? Will all or just some of the current resin line be continued in IM?
  9. Agreed, H & B is the source for all your REXx needs. These REXx exhausts are quite delicate, but so sublime in fidelity and looks! WELL worth the price IMHO.
  10. Wow Dan! Spheres of steel is right...................cant wait to see this beauty take shape............and some NMF!
  11. Coooooooooooooooooooooool! Love the scheme
  12. Agreed! The graffiti on the Hind is especially cool
  13. Mine is setting longingly in primer with just the fuselage and bottom wing assembled in my display case..................someday
  14. Wow Jimbo that looks amazing honestly. This was a pretty generous thing to do, thanks for investing the time.
  15. Huh..............crazy. I'm going to have to try that! I've never liked Future for any kind of gloss coat/varnish, but this may lend new life to Future for me beyond dipping some canopies. Seems a good way to ensure no silvering too.
  16. Wow! This is some seriously good work here Alex. Looking forward to more!
  17. Indeed. Im not sure how good/bad/indifferent they were compared to other resin HpH kits, but I know our own Peter (Airscale) had difficulties with the Sea Hornet and getting it to fit properly (which seems an issue with several HpH resin kits)
  18. Awesome! I have the SLUF and Chris's correction including the canopy in the stash to do......................this is making me want to dig mine out!
  19. Personally decals are one of the last things that determine weather I buy a kit or not. With the advent of the personal cutter, I can easily make any scheme, I just need the right kit. It seems to me save some typical KHM weirdness, the new KHM 1/32 Mirage 2000B seems like a wonderful kit. If something has to be wrong, personally I'll take decals most every time since I rarely use OOB decals.
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