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  1. Do not look any further: Master x resin conversion kit for He111z
  2. Maybe the HGW positive rivet set for the fw190 d9 could help? https://hgwmodels.cz/en/pozitivni-nyty/935-fw-190d-9-riveting-set-132-321001.html
  3. Aviation Megastore has it listed for €69,95 (80 us dollar or 64 GBP) which sounds resonable enough. At least a lot better then the € 95 for the WNW DVII. Link tot Aviation Megastore product page
  4. Don't you want to just hop in and fly with the damn thing! Great to see you made the finish line with this one. It certainly wasn't a walk in the park, but the end result is a joy to the eye.
  5. I can't see the picture either, but photobucket is a notoriously bad website for sharing in my opinion. That being said, must Luftwaffe prop blades and spinners where in standard RLM 70 Schwarzgrün (black green). Looking at pictures from the V18 I'd recon the spinner is the same color as the blades.
  6. Thanks for the info. You'll learn something new everyday here on LSP
  7. Such a shame they all ended in the scrapper...
  8. Looking good so far. After the cockpit is closed it all gets pretty straight forward.
  9. Hi , here are some pictures of the surviving Ta152 flaps. They are most definitely made from wood, so it's up to you if you wan't to build one with wooden flaps or metal flaps.
  10. Mine arrived today, yeah. Really nice little aircraft which looks fun to build. I bought all the extra's with the kit just because, but except for the wheels, the other after market stuff isn't really necessary. Couldn't help myself cutting the big parts from the runners and tape them together. Fit is good and with careful building filler isn't really needed. The only place where some filler is needed is the join between the wing underside and back of the fuselage. Personally I can't wait to really start on this one!
  11. Hi Michael, it's just an effect from the different angles. Also the curved parts of the canopy distort the view somewhat
  12. Very nice! With a plane devoid of surface details it's very hard to get it to look realistic, but you did very good job with the paint finish!
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