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    Mostly WW2 related, german armor and planes. And I would really like to see a Fokker G-1 in glorious 1/32!

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  1. Wouter

    Bf110G4 NJG1 1944/45

    That's a great tip Max, and well executed! Taking notes here.
  2. Such a satisfying moment when it all comes together. Job (almost) well done!
  3. Wouter

    Bf110G4 NJG1 1944/45

    How detailed do you want it to be? i would make the /---\ shape from a piece of solid brass rod (0.8 or 0.6 mm). Glue both lower ends on the doors and then create the springs from thin copper wire coiled up on an even thinner rod (brass or styrene). The springs can then be glued to the /---\ shape and to the outer gear support legs. The attachment points can be further detailed with styrene or brass triangles to create a hinge effect. I'll hope it's clear what I describe, otherwise I can make a little drawing.
  4. Wouter

    Fokker Dr. I 'Skeletal'

    Now this is something you don't see every day! Fantastic work Kent, you're a brave man.
  5. Wouter


    Indeed wow. What a fantastic paintjob! Congrats on such a superb model.
  6. Ah, didn't know that. I'm certainly going to buy one. I have a digital version of the original but I prefer a printed version. Just can't justify to fork out €350 +, so very happy with this reprint!
  7. With the upcoming ZM Hs129 release it's good to know that there will be a revised and expanded reprint of Martin's Pegg Hs 129 Panzerjäger avialable in the first quarter of 2019. Price is not known yet, but it should be a lot better then buying a second hand first edition for $350,- or more. More info on the publishers website: https://www.chandospublications.co.uk/hs-129/
  8. Wouter

    HPH Ta-154 A-0, TQ-XE

    Looking good already! I always wonder; how do you get such nice minibuilds before throwing it all together? I'd reckon you do a lot of test fitting before committing to paint...
  9. Wouter

    LSP Christmas Raffle 2018

    Hi Kevin, wonderfull idea. Never knew LSP organized this event every year. I'd like to enter the raffle. I'll take a through my stash and books for something to donate. Cheers, Wouter
  10. Wouter

    Long term Revell project ?

    I'd go with the ju88 because it's the most correct kit straight out of the box. If you're not bothered with that then either kit is a satisfying (long) build.
  11. Wouter

    JaPo KG(J).6 Bf109 Book

    Giving the answer myself, yes this series are listing 83 as a dark blue color. There's a color chart at the back of the magazine which I've attached.
  12. Wouter

    JaPo KG(J).6 Bf109 Book

    Just read this thread, very interesting! I'm not a color expert by any means, but I agree with Radu and Padraic that the continued use of old stock 70 (as a dark green color) is a logical explanation. About RLM 83 being a blue color, I'v never heard of this before. Recently I acquired an Aviation Classics Magazine about luftwaffe bombers (see pic below). It feature's a few profiles which depict aircraft in a dark blue color (ju88 for example). It looks like the incorporated the latest information about RLM 83 in these profiles.
  13. Wouter

    Bf110G4 NJG1 1944/45

    Though build Max, but you'll get there. Lokking very good so far!
  14. Wouter

    Covert a Revell AR-196B to A

    Oh, I see you're from the Netherlands. There's currently an A model on sale at Marktplaats for 65 euro. Link to marktplaats (not my offer)
  15. Wouter

    Covert a Revell AR-196B to A

    HpH still have the double float in there inventory and the engine with a three blade prop as well: http://shop.hphmodels.cz/cs/chemie-a-doplnky/29-plovaky-pro-arado-ar-196-revell-v-meritku-132.html http://shop.hphmodels.cz/cs/chemie-a-doplnky/25-motor-pro-arado-ar-196-revell-v-meritku-132.html I quess if you get a good deal that would beat casting one yourself.