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  1. Great subject, I have some fond memories flying this little glider.
  2. Totally missed this one so far, but not anymore. What a build / conversion. I'm actually speechless. Keep m coming Kent!
  3. So I would say these ac's were all painted in some sort of a RLM 81/82 splinter camo...
  4. Interesting discussion going on here. While I'm by no means a Luftwaffe color expert, I'm actually not convinced these ac's were painted in a single color green. Looking at the pictures posted by John I can see a faint, but otherwise different shade of color, right behind the cockpits. The line goes down from the top of the canopy to the belly of the AC. Especially on the first picture it looks like a splinter camo. I'll try to illustrate with a few pictures.
  5. Thanks Kevin, didn't know that. Just ordered a set. The Tristar set is definitely to small, I've tried but it would look ridiculous. So they will land somewhere in my sparebox I guess. Here's a picture of the Mastercasters version:
  6. I'm going with the desert scheme as is shown on the artwork. Though I'm not convinced with the decal quality; the white looks a but yellowish? Maybe it's specific to Hasegawa decals and it doesn't show when applied or maybe it's because of old age. I'll have to find out or resort to masks (which I'm not really good at). I ordered some wheels, because they were advertised as 1/32 scale but it turned out to be 1/35 scale. I believe they were meant for the Tristar kit in that scale.
  7. There's something to be proud of! Love the details you put in, especially the tiny windscreen wiper.
  8. Great start Jan. I think I'll will try your paint before build technique on my next build.
  9. Hi all, before starting with my Multi Engine GB I figured I would build another simple kit first. Looking through my stash my eye fell on the Fi156 Storch from Hasegawa. It's a pretty simple aircraft and well up for it's task in the day. It's VSTOL capability made for an excellent liason, recon, ambulance aircraft. So out it came from the stash. As it's a pretty old kit (1978 according to scalemates) it lacks some detail, mainly in the cockpit area. So I acquired all the AM for it (which isn't a lot), to get it up to date. Eduard PE set, HGW seatbelts, Master Model gun barrels and a Yahu cockpit. Nothing to complicated, but the end result should be much better than an out of the box build. So far I've build and painted the little Argus AS10 and started adding the PE to the cockpit. Till next update. Wouter
  10. I was very delighted when Special Hobby announced the V1 in 1/32 scale. The only other option in our beloved scale is the Profimodeller resin kit which has a very steep price (€60,-) for such a small kit. The Special Hobby kit can be picked up for a mere €22,-. So I immediately bought this little kit when a had the option. After the Ju388 I needed a quick build; simple and without aftermarket. This little kit was the perfect choice. I've build and painted it about a 5 or six evenings. Plastic is nice and good to work with. Some of the holes for the locating pins on one half of the fuselage where closed. I choose to cut away the pins instead of opening the holes. In the end I had a very little step between the fuselage halves which needed a tiny amount of filler and sanding to get right. If I had taken a little more care glueing the halves, this would not have been necessary. The kit feautures some very restraint but lovely detail so care needs to be taken to avoid sanding it all away. The kits decals (yes the germans loved stenceling there vehicles) are tiny and have the tendency to roll over themselves. Because of this a few decals never made it to the model and some where cut short. Other then that, I can recommend this kit for everyone as an in between build or to get your mojo back. Painting was done on a base of Mr surfacer 1500 black. Paint is from MRP and the washes from AK interactive Paneliner series. Wouter
  11. Not so serious gentlemen. I just meant it as a build with six (or three) engines, not a six or three engined aircraft. In my opinion it would fit the purpose of a multi engine group build. Think of a mistel like the fw190/bf109 and ju88 combination. That's a three engine build although not on the same aircraft. Either way, even without the V1/JB2 my suggested builds are multi-engine. Maybe it's just the way I have worded it, English not being my first language.
  12. Superb job on this conversion Andy, hats off. What a menacing look with all those antler antennes.
  13. I know the V1 's don't add thrust to the aircraft, but the pulse engine is really an air breathing engine and not a solid rocket like modern A-A missiles. So in that sense you could see it as a three (he111) or six (B17) engine build.
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