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  1. Are you kidding me? Just so you know, physics is not going to allow this thing to fly with to-scale propellers. You will have to be happy that it looks like a shrink-ray real thing.
  2. Chuck - landing gear fabrication is one of my favorite things to do! I guess I might be in the minority. I agree that so many great models get the LG orientation wrong. The P-47 also has weird angles to work with, and few modelers get it right. I did on my 1/18, but only because I had access to drawings. Something you do not have the luxury of with the Tempest. Looks great so far.
  3. Looking at the tip top of modelling proficiency here. I am not worthy.
  4. When I finish my Corsair (in a couple of years) can I send it to you for painting and final finish? What a fine Tempest this is going to be!
  5. Chuck - in the past when painting camouflage, I have used precut pieces of newspaper and then rolled up little pieces of masking tape under the edges of the newspaper to both attach the pieces, and provide a space to the surface for overspray. The hard parts are one - to cut the shapes in a convincing manner, and two - to make sure there is space around the entire periphery of each piece. So my results can be not entirely satisfactory. My 1/18 Corsair is going to get three colors (white on bottom, light shade of blue middle, darker blue on top), and down the road I will be faced with the sa
  6. Man - that paint job is just.....can't find the words. I just shake my head.
  7. Here is a picture of that front spar segment I made a couple weeks ago: Well for a number of reasons I scrapped it. A lot of work in the trash bin. But I would call it a "proof-of-concept" effort, and the second try is almost always better than the first. The main reason was that the middle was too tall and was not going to interface properly with the firewall that attaches to the top chord. So that was enough of an excuse to just do it over, and in the process correct the dihedral, and also make it a little longer to better assure a good stiff wing. He
  8. Indeed you are Uncarina. Thanks for that. No self-respecting Pratt engine should be without its emblem: Tom gave me a bunch of them. Now the Thunderbolt has an emblem as well: Of course these are from Fundekals. The decal sheet includes 1/18 scale, amazingly! That is if you can get them - Fundekals has been out of stock for quite a while. Thanks again Tom! Another update post coming soon. Stay tuned.
  9. After the engine, I breathed a big sigh of relief, and then just couldn't figure out what to do next. I know what needs to be done next - the cockpit. And I guess that is what I will do. But one thing leads to another. The side walls need to be done first, especially important for the Corsair which has no floor, exposing the fuselage frames on the sides and bottom. Right now it all looks awful and unrealistic. So while doodling around wondering how to attack it, I started on the wing center section front spar. Just....because. OK the center section wing front spar, or main
  10. Wha????? Fundekals STILL doesn't have their engine logo decal sheet - which includes 1/18 scald P&W logo. It's been all year. Methinks I won't get them at all now. Anybody have a sheet?
  11. Brett - yes your photo tweak shows the detail better. A photographer I am not - I just stick my little brick of an I-phone in front of something and click, hoping that's enough. If we modelers are going to show off our work, I guess it is incumbent on us to pay a little attention to the photo quality. What did you use to improve those two pics?
  12. The ultimate B-17 project. I see your story is approaching six years old! Do you have an ECD?
  13. Jim!! Yes it has been a while. Welcome! Tell me about the bearcat.
  14. Thank you Kevin - what an inspirational effort. Just wow.
  15. Thor - I can't find it. Can you help me find it?
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