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  1. Hi Craig - always enjoy hearing from you. I am glad you think so much of this build so far. Two things to say: 1. As for navigating the Aircorps Library, that is so up my alley you wouldn't believe. My entire professional career at the big airplane company as well as its helicopter division involved working with engineering drawings and navigating the drawing trees for a host of product lines. Just like anyone in my position, I learned all the in's and out's of studying configurations as defined on engineering drawings in order to create new design or modified design, or to an
  2. Hi Spitfire - I know it's been quite a while. Did anything come of this at all? Please do not go too far out of your way. I have a gut feeling we are chasing something that doesn't exist (pictorial evidence of nose art for Sissy Mana).
  3. Oh yes Mark. Just about everything. Cannot say enough about that site. There are occasional gaps however - absent drawings, or drawing that are unreadable. Then it's web searches, reviewing of publications, or just plain WAG's.
  4. It's hard to tell from the pictures - does your cockpit sport a bombing window in the belly? If so, I think you should paint it over (that's what I did on the 1/18 effort). The bombing window didn't last; the -1A's didn't get it. Instead it got a sheet metal cover.
  5. Very nice work Bill. I sure wish I could get equivalent seat belts and harnesses in 1/18. I have had to resort to wine bottle foil and bent up thin gage wire with less than stallar results. I agree that just working with this stuff can give a fair degree of weathering or use.
  6. Dam Jim - alot of framing!! Very nice. I meant to ask you - is there any science behind your color selection for the faucet handles on the CO2 tanks? You have one black (or gray?) and one red. Mine are both gray, and are total guesses no doubt wrong.
  7. Well it shares a bracket with the fuel selector valve, but is not attached to it. Here is some info on that hand pump: Definitely hydraulic system component. I have not yet put in those two hydraulic lines you see in figure 500 above. Thanks for your interest in this build!
  8. OK Mark. Mostly, it is because the rudder pedals. If they were attached to the side fuselage halves like the foot troughs, I could do it. But they are not. The rudder control mechanisms come up from bilge-mounted fittings on the lower longerons, alongside of the troughs, on the lower/fuselage wing part. And the pedals themselves cantilever inboard from the mechanisms directly over the troughs of course. If I were to install the troughs to the fuselage sidewalls prior to mating the LH and RH sides together, and then to the bottom fuselage, the troughs would clash directly with the rudder
  9. It is with pleasure that I present to you the hydraulic hand pump and CO2 bottle installations. Microsurgery comes to mind. All US made WW2 fighters had a hand pump far as I can tell. No doubt to operate certain critical hydraulic controlled items in the event the normal hydraulic system was shot out or otherwise failed. Here is my scale reproduction of the Corsair's: This little gem is going to be quite visible, so I worked hard to make it look clean. It is made from an assortment of plastic and metallic shapes, like usual. Kinda like lego's! The
  10. Aircorps Library. If you found the part catalogue there, then you can find the drawings. Just go to the F4U page (where you found the parts catalogue) and type in the drawing number in the search box just above the drawing tree. Not required to use the prefix VS. Let me know via private message if you're having trouble. Oh, and BTW it looks like we are in accord that the -1A's had the internal wing tanks and not the center section drop tanks.
  11. Jim - F4U-1A's did not get the droppable wing tanks; they were equipped with the internal wing tanks (87 gallons each) in the outboard wing panels. I think the wing drop tanks may have been introduced during the -1A run late, but generally it's the D-models that got them. Look at fuel system drawing 38325 to see the drop tank version - you will not see fuel lines extending to the outboard wing. Then look at fuel system drawing 10325 for the earlier config where fuel lines extend to the wing fold where there is a monkey motion mechanism that extends the run to the outboard wing tanks.
  12. Jim!!!! What an amazing effort on that cockpit. Very convincing and inspiring. You of course know where I am coming from. I can only hope to come close to that on my 1/18 effort.
  13. Me neither! Alot of tank and truck models are that scale. From Wikipedia: "1:18 scale is a traditional scale (ratio) for models and miniatures, in which 18 units (such as inches or centimeters) on the original is represented by one unit on the model. Depending on application, the scale is also called two third inch scale since 1 foot is represented by 2/3 of an inch. The scale is used for 1:18 scale diecast automobile models, military vehicles, armor, and aircraft. 1:18 scale is also commonly used for dollhouses intended for children to play with. The G.I. Joe: A Real Americ
  14. Jim - nice going! Be advised that the radio compartment you are modelling is for the -D, mostly. If you look at the parts listing for figure 430 above, you will see that it replaces a previous configuration at Bu No 49760, and continues from there. That aircraft (Bu No 49760) is line number 2225. -D's began at Bu No 50350 (line number 2815). -1A's began at Bu No 17647 (line number 0950). So of the 1865 aircraft that were F4U-1A's, the first 1275 or so got an earlier config. The last 590 of them got what you have there in fig 490, and the -D's got the same thing. I looked f
  15. You're going to make me do that aren't you! Yeah I read that part of your thread, a couple of times. You did it convincingly, and in a smaller scale, so I can try to follow your lead. I'll be on the RH side not long from now. Stay tuned - I value your input.
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