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  1. i love the color but i think it will be the problem with the metalic paint for that scale like u said it will be better 1/12 but i dondt know any other brand that will look better Mark
  2. didt a bit off work on dashboard and steering wheel Mark
  3. thank you all and thanks for the link Mark
  4. thanks Kevin i have made a second wheel today a few hours and 147 parts later i have 2 done and 2 mor to go thats it for now Mark
  5. still going with all the free time now still not done and more details to go but you get the idee Mark
  6. The ferrari enzo are you going to build the 1/12? About the colors i like a very much nice work keep on building Mark
  7. next step in the build building the gearbox and the frame for the driver painting and some details and one more pic off the engine because i love that one already thanks for stopping Mark
  8. Have a happy one and keep safe Enjoy your day Mark
  9. impresive work you show here i still have to learn a lot off things Mark
  10. All what you see is in the box no extra used Thank you all for the nice words It's a steep learning proves for me but it's going good and big fun to do so I keep on building Hope to have another update this week. It will all depend on the current situation in the world en what are government is going to do I'm in standby for work Mark
  11. thank you all so more time on the bench what els to do in these times So far so good and this whas it for the engine compartment for the moment Mark
  12. thank you all for the nice words now with all the virus stuff going on to much free time for building its going fast engine frame done and a part of the front suspension next more work on the suspension and radiators Mark
  13. yes indeed the are not cheap and the price between the difrent shops is great somthimes you can find these kits second hand i have sold a big part off my stash to get a few kits from mfh so that helps Mark
  14. nice looking forward to see this are you going for oob? Mark
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