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  1. mark31

    Make the others jealous

    you are welcome But it will be at the end off the month now still away for work After that im going on vacation Mark
  2. mark31

    Make the others jealous

    its a resin kit with wihte metal parts When i have the kit in my hands i will make a small revieuw with pics I alsowill try to find out what scale it is The plan will be to build this one after my F-14 Mark
  3. mark31

    1:1 Tornado Control Stick

    93.50 euro without shipping Mark
  4. mark31

    F-14A Alicat

    scribbing done on the underside just need to do some clean up and fix a few errors I know its not 100 percent but its good for me Next up willbe the pit and the front part off the jet Mark
  5. mark31

    Bad news

    sorry to hear Harv my condolences Mark
  6. mark31

    F-14A Alicat

    and we keep on scribbing Mark
  7. mark31

    RFI - Extra 330 SC - N73KG

    very nice and congrates on your award also you deserve that Mark
  8. mark31

    Make the others jealous

    i just found this on ebay and its comming to me Mark
  9. mark31

    Omani Hunter

    i like the work you have done on the cockpit keep up the great work Mark
  10. mark31

    Revell Spitfire Vb

    great work and fast to keep it going Mark
  11. mark31

    Libyan Mig-23MF, 0200 Tripoli August 2005

    going for a Flanker next? Mark
  12. mark31

    F-14A Alicat

    more fun and more to go Mark
  13. mark31

    F-14A Alicat

    more scribing what we have out the box the real one and my try onit Mark
  14. mark31

    Omani Hunter

    nice work on the ip Mark
  15. mark31

    F-14A Alicat

    small progress first part rescribt still a few touch ups to go not compleet good but good for me Mark