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  1. here a small progress on more decal work I hope to have a new one this weekend Mark
  2. yes i have used a book about the lotus 98T just to be sure everything whas right Somtimes the instructions and colors are not right Thanks I hope to have a update at the end off the weekend I just have another job with compleet difrent working hours than before so that will afect the build ofcours but we are getting there still a lot off small things to do Mark
  3. Part 3 and last one for this update Time for some decals And a pic in daylight Thats it for now Mark
  4. part 2 more stuff on the engine and gearbox more comming up Mark
  5. here we go with a big update more work on engine gearbox ....... gearbox More to come in a few min Mark
  6. And the are going to release the set in 1/35 also I have send them a email and the said yes pland this year Mark
  7. working on it tail is underway and the ecm antenna not to hard to make i think so that will be good Mark
  8. lets hope the bring this kit back on the market i will jump on it Mark
  9. The plan wil be a bird from turkish air force so i dondt know iff the have the war hud i already have the tail so getting closer thanks for the info and link Mark
  10. Thanks then I build a block 40 Will take a look for the stifner plates Marl
  11. Can i build the tamiya F-16 block 50 and make it a block 40? so far my research say yes but maybe im wrong Any advice will be welcome Thanks Mark
  12. its a brand case Atlantic display case Mark
  13. Everybody makes mistakes and indeed its not my first language but I try Everybody know what I mean
  14. When painting no cat to see otherwise he is on the corner off the bench looking at the box i want in the box Mark
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