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  1. mark31

    F-14A Alicat

    thanks I have never seen a tomcat in real live This build is now on hold just like my other builds i dondt have the drive at this moment to build somthing Mark
  2. mark31

    Make the others jealous

    After a long search and i dondt whant to pay the crazy prices the ask now days for this kit I have found one for a good price and today recievd this from my boss Mark
  3. mark31

    Tornado GR4 Italeri any news?

    yes i know a lot of work with the revell kit i have four in the stash and i have everything for one gr4 only need more time to go for it and yes a buccaneer and jaguar will be nice to see Mark
  4. mark31

    F-104G Belgian air force

    Thanks its a lot off practice,this is my5the model that i foil and every time its going beter. there are panels that i have to try a few times before im happy with it but i still have things to laern with it Mark
  5. Is there any news out there about the new tornado? I know the say it whas for 2019 but exept a box art notting seen so far Mark
  6. i just love wathing how you build all those details from notting i have a lot to learn about that just great work and nice to follow Mark
  7. mark31

    F-104G Belgian air force

    and i keep on foiling i hope to get here done before the 9the december then there is a model convetion to show here so far im happy with the result thanks for stopping bey Mark
  8. mark31

    A Tony Bonus... TSR2 Walkround

    thanks for the pics i have the 1/48 from airfix in the stash with all the resin that can be found will help with the build Mark
  9. Looking forward to that one Maybe i will do a side project next to my mi-24 thinking on a tornado
  10. mark31

    F-104G Belgian air force

    I will join the tail before i foil the rest so i can work on the seam Thanks and evin pointed out the link thats what i have done also Take yortime when you are going to try it This is my 5 or 6 model that i foil and every time its going better Thanks kev for the link im looking forward to that book count me in to buy one Mark
  11. mark31

    F-104G Belgian air force

    Thanks and the TF is also on the wish list Mark
  12. mark31

    F-104G Belgian air force

    thanks more foil work Mark
  13. hs129 is out https://www.benl.ebay.be/itm/TOP-NEUHEIT-ZOUKEI-MURAI-HENSCHEL-HS-129-B-2-B-3-IN-1-32/283038789804?hash=item41e66d30ac:g:R3gAAOSwLWBbO8wL
  14. mark31

    Lancaster purchase

    i have a B-17 and dondt have the space to put a lancaster beside here its very tempting to buy one and iff i would do it it will be hk models,like alraedy said its the price tag Mark
  15. very nice graet work Mark