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  1. thank you all workd on the front frame off the car still in progress thanks for stopping by Mark
  2. thank you sir for the info so iff imcorrect after start up the crew chief enters the black hawk and will take place bihind his gun iff one is instald Mark
  3. with the diffrent versions off the blackhawk comming out im looking around to make a dio with one and crew now i found the crewchief standing for the firewatch now is the crewchief a member of personel that go in the air like the side gunners? and iff he is going in the air where is he sittng or standing in the cabin Thanks Mark
  4. yes i have seen it also its tempting to get one Mark
  5. I love it nice work you have done with here have he same kit and masks one day it will be build Mark
  6. Yes indeed those where the days MFH just relaesd the delta integrale now i know where my money is going Mark
  7. you can clear coat the pieces after you have pollishd the parts And yes the engine is like a kit itself but fun to build The decals on the nose are not 100 percent good but i can live with it Mark
  8. I love what you are doing with this kit The are really nice kits I'm looking forward to see more And yes the wheels very nice but a challenge I have the aserati 250f in the stash and the wheels are the same Take your time and it comes nice tighter I'm working on the lancia at the moment Will follow your progress Mark
  9. this is the monto carlo version im building so no snow tires only slicks there are difrent versions out there so you can go nuts with this kits i have now a few kits in the stash from this brand so more to come its a lot off work but worth every euro at this moment even it is a multi midia kit with almost all parts there there is still room for improvments but later more when that part is done Still more to come Mark
  10. what im building latly and have a lot off fun The Lancia 037 from MFH Here some work on the engine More to come later today Mark
  11. sorry no updates on this one im a bit distracted with another kit will try to make a topic off that one to Mark
  12. very nice start with this kit looking forward to see more im plnning toget this kit later on will try to follow Mark
  13. Hello are ther fod covers out there forthe academy F/A-18? I know the intakes off the kit are not the best so i was thinking to put covers on and not going for seamles Thanks Mark
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