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  1. working on the body painted Lotus black what you see is only paint still needs more work with micro mesh some areas needs repaint Mark
  2. mailman at the door with a big box the display case for my Lotus im happy Mark
  3. here a update on the lotus Engine in place but still a lot off things to go with wires and other small parts before i can go for the gearbox Thats it for now Mark
  4. Yes its just great in black only hard to paint Thanks i had a mojor set back on the build with the engine now doing some repairs and i hope to have a update at the end off the weekend Andyes iff you look what the Senna stuff is going take a look at the tamiya MP4/6 1/12 the are going crazy prices I have more Senna cars in stock but thats for later first trying to get this one done Thanks Mark
  5. more wing work done all parts in place again filling and sanding to do now alsowaiting for some scribbing templates Mark
  6. i hope also but only after i finnishd this one i think Mark
  7. i have opend up the air scoops off the first engine now going for nr 2 Mark
  8. Its from one man models If you do search on eBay hs748 1/32 you will find him he is also on fb Mark
  9. yes indeed its a laerning curve but so far i like it and yes it will be a big model but a special one when done still verry long way to go i dondt know but welcome to the party thanks for the nice words Mark
  10. thanks i hope to put another layer off primer on this weekend only dondt know how im going to do the rivets on the plane the are all raisd so will sleep over that Mark
  11. still sanding and filling but im going to get there Mark
  12. mail call more armor to the stash and more underway Mark
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