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  1. mark31

    Make the others jealous

    found this book today its a reprint with extras in the book Mark
  2. mark31

    LSP Christmas Raffle 2018

    ok im in i will go tru the stash to take a look what im going to trow in will post later what it will be Mark
  3. mark31

    Rules of the Road

    we have a year to compleet this group build so lets do a dio almost all what i need is here just a few things to get and its a go what i have so far Mark
  4. mark31

    Make the others jealous

    now im jealous have fun with the dog is on the wish list but i dondt have the time for it right now Mark
  5. mark31

    Make the others jealous

    thanks and over here its being hard to find this one for a nice price iff you are lookong at ebay the go up to 85 euro i found this one for only 40 brand new
  6. mark31

    Make the others jealous

    recievd today from the mailman not a plane somthing compleet out my field en never build before by me Mark
  7. mark31

    Rules of the Road

    also in with a Mi-17 on a diorama Mark
  8. mark31

    Rules of the Road

    it will be the center piece off the dio and most you see will be the helo on the dio Thanks Mark
  9. mark31

    Sponsors & Prizes

    wooow thats great thank you for the prices Mark
  10. mark31

    Rules of the Road

    can we make a dio with vehicles? Iff Yes i have a idee other wise it will be another kit lot to choos from Thanks Mark
  11. mark31

    Kitty Hawk has announced an Fw 190A-5

    nice for some people to see another one Im hoping to see more helos in big scale some love for the heuy or a apache D model that will make me rael happy just my 0.00002 cents Mark
  12. mark31

    Aires F-105 wheelbay will the fit?

    Thanks im going to hunt down a set Mark
  13. Any body out here that have used this set? Will the fit good in to the kit Alraedy have bad expirience with aires some are drop in others to small to big Its just that i whant to know before i trow some money at it Thanks Mark
  14. mark31

    The Next Airfix 1/24 Kit Will Be...

    its a Buccaneer i hope Mark
  15. mark31

    B-17F The Mustang / Lady Luck

    thanks for the info about the color but its to late to change it ( i have to strip all the parts then) Im happy with the result so im going to leave it like it is About the rest off the intirior its all metal color and its painted already About the bomb bay i dondt know yet what color im going for the instructions give two options grey and metal im thinking for grey Mark