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  1. Hmmmm I have 2 kits that fit L-39 and a vacform TA7C Mark
  2. new pic up now the landing gear Mark
  3. mark31

    B-58 1/32

    Yes indeed Now going on the hunt for good info and scale drawings And I have to think about the landing gear wheels up or on the ground Mark
  4. I have never haerd about this brand just found this on FB so i touchgt i will share this her Mark
  5. mark31

    B-58 1/32

    You can still order one Google on tigger models He is also on the forums here Mark
  6. i see a lot off plastic cutting in the futter good luck with your project Mark
  7. mark31

    B-58 1/32

    on reqeust some pics off the B-58 This is what you get im not going to discuss on how acurate this one is for me it looks like a B-58 so im happy and it will be a lot off fun I placed a few parts on the cutting mat and thats size A3 so you get a idee about the size still a lot off resaerch to do before i start this one buti have another vac to try first Mark
  8. Will take more pics tomorrow This one comes from tigger models First impression a lot off work and for me it looks like a B-58 So I'm happy. Mark
  9. I also whant to thank Lothar and Red Dog for sending me the A-7 parts Mark
  10. recievd from the postman today Vacform B-58 1/32 And my first WNW kits Mark
  11. My vacform will be here next week I will take a look at it but I'm not a expert on those things Mark
  12. Yes I have seen it and placed a order for my first wnw kits Mark
  13. +1 Lookingforward to the set are you planning for other versions off the engine? i dondt know iff there are many difrences for the K version i know the where upgraded Mark
  14. yes i know i have put another pic up Mark
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