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  1. its the HS748 AEW indian air force i have seen these one on facebook and its now on sale on ebay I dondt know iff you have facebook ore ebay maybe try to contact him tru there otherwise send me pm i know i send you one about the YS-11 and i will give it a try Mark
  2. I dondt know what i whas thinking when i orderd this one and yes its 1/32 It will be here at the end off the year Mark
  3. in Belgium its 259 euro in preorder Mark
  4. mark31


    Im going to build the L-39 Albatros from hph First i whant to go for a TA-7C but iff i look to my program for this year it will not going anywhere with the vacform So build will go slow du to my work but i will try it What i have About markings i dondt have any idee yet So now a bit more resaerch about colors and we can start with the cockpit Mark
  5. Sad to hear this Mine arrived in 2 days Mark
  6. Mail call found these 2 kits at a nice disount and some paint these will keep me off the street for a few months Mark
  7. For the mig it will be the C version For the su-27 you have 2 options the single seat or the in There are masks out there from Foxbot and decals for the digital camo Mark
  8. First trying the hard way Fred Will be a nice training for the other vacs I have Already have spare parts from fellow forum members here like wheelbase,landing gear and intake Mark
  9. high on my list is trying to turn this in sommthing like this then i think 6 months Mark
  10. Hmmmm I have 2 kits that fit L-39 and a vacform TA7C Mark
  11. new pic up now the landing gear Mark
  12. mark31

    B-58 1/32

    Yes indeed Now going on the hunt for good info and scale drawings And I have to think about the landing gear wheels up or on the ground Mark
  13. I have never haerd about this brand just found this on FB so i touchgt i will share this her Mark
  14. mark31

    B-58 1/32

    You can still order one Google on tigger models He is also on the forums here Mark
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