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  1. Nice price I have not much time for building at the moment Few things done but not enough to do a update Mark
  2. so far what i understand the color is mirror silver zero paints have the color and that is chrome I hope this helps Mark
  3. I have found my kits about 250 dollar lower then the retail price So it's still a high price but in my eye's it's worth it
  4. this is not tamiya its a kit from MFH the are multi media what you see here is what you get this is a proportion kit without the engine the also have kits with engine i have 3 in the stash off those kits Iff you look around you can find them second hand this one i also found for a good price Iff you go for a kit from mfh take your time to build it and find good reference pics i like building them its a lot off work but you can turn them in very nice models this will not be my last mfh kit Mark
  5. time for another update this time i have workd on the seat Mark
  6. indeed the price tag is high but it are great kits its almost like a tamiya kit only more clean up it are white metal parts and some PE About the instructions you have to plane and dry fit before you put it togheter ore you can end up with mistakes ask me about that This kit is a proportion kit and dondt have a engine the have kits full detail and are amazing i have 2 off them right now but will make a wip when i finnish this one Thanks and yes the carbon is very nice,the decals very thin and react good on the decal softner You put a metal color underneed before you place the decals Yes its a big change from aircraft but i love every minut off it alraedy have a small stash off cars now Imworking still on the kit but time comsuming to get some details good i hope to have a update this weekend Mark
  7. more work done on this kit the raer suspension Now working on the spoiler at the end Thanks for stopping Mark
  8. small update cleand up more body parts dry fit front wing thats it for now Mark
  9. thank you all for following no update yet i hope that i have somtihng next week its a lot off clean up to do so be patient im working on it Mark
  10. Thanks its a lot to clean up but the fit is good you still have to drill a few holes,just the instructions are a bit off a troubbel just dry fit and adjust a few pieces I hope that i can show you more in a few days Mark
  11. Helloto you all here my current project i have lost the compleet mojo off building planes so time to do sommthing compleet difrent Im going to build a F-1 Mclaren MP 4-23 1/12 i hope when done it going to look like this I have alraedy made a start on the front spoiler its a lot off clean up but iff you do it good it will save you some trouble at the end then it whas time to place a few PE parts still needs more work and clean up before i can paint the parts After that its time to start working on the rear suspinsion this are the parts before the start its going to be a slow build so have time before the next update regards Mark
  12. just recievd from the mailman not a plane but a large scale F1 model kit Mark
  13. going good let the grey paint come Mark
  14. nope i havent recievd any answer also Mark
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