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  1. I’m still waiting on a DC-3/C-47. DeAgostini makes a detailed DC-3, but The skin is too saggy plus it’s way too pricy.
  2. I’m also going to build both Luke and Werner’s SPAD. Years ago there was a company making a corrected instrument surround, which I fortunately bought 2, and I have the screens and engines, but instead of WnWs, I bought Roden, since you won’t see much of it anyway. For the color mixing instructions, I have both WnWs Salmsons and will refer to their colors. I am also going to use the new Nieuport 23 Belgium Shooting Star and also an engine and louvre screen to make a model of the Belgium SPAD that I saw at the Musee du Millitaire in Brussels.
  3. My aversion to resin rests on the dust being so hazardous.
  4. Hasegawa had made a bunch of ‘30s fighters and bombers in 1/32. ‘30s racing planesI have them all in my stash. Another company, Williams Brothers, made a bunch of 1/32 racing planes. Also Limburg made two, but one was a GeeBee, which Williams Bros also had. Remember that the P-36 was prewar also. You can use Grey Matter Figures makes an early P-38 set to backdate a Revell P-38J.
  5. Grey matter Figures GMAA3209 1/32 Spitfire 21/24 correction set.
  6. I know the old Paragon made a correction kit. Maybe Grey Matter Figures took over reproducing a lot of the Paragon releases. You might contact them.
  7. I think the reason that the model interest has gone from the Century Series to the 20s and 30s other than the fact that they are few and far between, but those of us that remember the 100, 101, 104, etc... flying overhead, who’d prefer them are slowly disappearing. But believe me, if you ever saw an F-101 sitting next to an F-104, you’d never forget it. I can still fantasize one of each next to each other in 1/32. I remember someone saying the 101 is just too big, but Trumperer does make the F-105G of which the actual jet is only inches smaller, which is hard to tell the difference.
  8. The original Spirit of St Louis is at the Smithsonian, but the second one used in the movie is at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn Michigan.
  9. It probably went the way of the rest of the Century Series promised by Trumpeter that never happened.
  10. My solid wood model started last Autumn when I saw an ad for a North Central Airlines DC-3 by PlaneArts Models. It was marked exactly like the first plane I ever flew in in 1950 from Sault Ste. Marie Michigan to Detroit. The only thing different was the number on the plane, which they were more than happy to change for me. A couple weeks ago, they advertised a Boeing 737-400. This time I have a photo of her first plane ride. So I immediately ordered that too. My DC-3 came out beautifully.
  11. My new Big T is a rerelease from Revell and it’s a three in one.
  12. Actually, I had read that some pilots could use the RE-8 as well as any other two seaters, even Btisfits. I guess the bad performance rumors came about because it was so ugly. I consider it like the rumors that canaries were put in the wings of longhorns and shorthorns. It the canaries escaped, that meant that a wire had come off.
  13. The Duelist RE.8/ CL.ll amazes me. The real RE.8 in the kit forced down the CL.ll. The RE.8 was rumored to want to catch on fire if you turned to port or spun out of control if you tried to turn starboard, yet this RE.8 was able to force down a German two seat fighter.
  14. What I really loved about WnWs amongst other things is that I already had a late Halberstadt CLll, but wanted another RE.8, but the Duelist I just got, had another late CLll. Well the WnWs sprues have the parts for both versions, so all I have to do is follow the online instructions and build an Early CLll.
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