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  1. I have quite a few SPADS, both Roden and Hobbycraft. I also have a lot of Nieuports. So far I’ve been trying to find the best references for the camouflage colours. Then I realized that my best reference was in my stash. My WnWs Salmson instructions. They’re pretty specific on how to make various colours, even though they admit that no one is certain about WW1 colours, but to me they work. Thank you WnWs.
  2. most of the aircraft were on deck when she was hit, and any that were below burned. But the Akaga and Soryu can’t be that far from her. The Hiryu was a different matter since she was miles away when she sank.
  3. I realized that the nailing and painting had nothing in common.
  4. I’ve been into WW1 aviation for 60 years, and during that time had read a lot of books and talked to a few WW1 Pilots. I’d love to give you a reference, but I don’t remember which book(s) I read it from.
  5. I have the same problem with my early DVll directly from WnWs, but I don’t despair because they always take a long time.
  6. I just got my 30% off French Salmson. It came very quickly. I was going to get the RE8/ Halberstadt CL2 duelist, but I was surprised that they didn’t have it, since it is not Out of Production.
  7. Fokker ordered the fabric to be nailed on to cut production costs. Maybe this is why Aces, like Udet, who received Fokker built D-Vlls had their wings replaced with Albatros built wings.
  8. I’m from the UP. Glad I moved to CA. For those who don’t know, The UP stands for Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. It has four seasons, Last Winter, Winter, Next Winter, and Mosquito/Black Fly Season.
  9. All of the 100s jets were Century Series. I don’t think the F-110 stayed Century Series when it was changed to F-4.
  10. The century series started with the F-100 and ended with the F-110, of course the F-110 later became the F-4 Phantom, so the F-107 is definitely a Century Series Bird.
  11. I saw one at the Musee de Millitaire in Brussels. I couldn’t believe how small it was.
  12. Have you folks ever had the privilege of seeing a wing of Voodoos in flight like I have?
  13. Since Fokker had the fabric nailed on instead of stitched, does anyone know if the striping bled through to the inside of the fuselage? I guess this applies to the early DVll as well.
  14. There are plenty of planes in production that are much bigger than the 101. Each person has different tastes.
  15. In the ‘50s every kid looked in the sky to see Voodoos fly overhead and fell in love with them. There are a lot of us baby boomers around, but not even one 32nd injection moulded model. If people knew how good they looked next to a F-104, everyone would want the pair.
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