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  1. Thanks a lot for you comments !! X15
  2. Thanks a lot for your kinds words, really happy you enjoyed it !! Airacare84 i used Aviattic decals 4 color and blue rib tabe. This is some wip pics. X15
  3. Hi everybody, Really happy to show you my last built, the famous WNW Fokker DVII, with HGW seat belt and Aviattics decals. Paint with Gunze and weathering with oil paints. Have nice building for 2019 !! X15
  4. X15


    Thank you very much to all for your kind word, i really apreciate ! Some other pics X15
  5. Just amazing !!!!!!! I followed his building on his facebook page, the search for perfection in every detail !! It is by discovering one of these building that I build the model since 7 years now ! Thank you Fanch for sharing your tricks !! X15
  6. X15


    Thanks a lot guys !!! X15
  7. X15


    Thanks Alain, I am not using the salt but the Maskol technique, nearly the same. X15
  8. X15


    Thank you very much for your kinds comment !! Happy you enjoyed !! X15
  9. X15


    Hi everybody, My second finished kit of the year.... Small building but muscular !! It's from the box, only HGW seatbelts and some tubing. Paint wuth Vallejo, Gunze and Tamiya, weathering with oil and water pencil X15
  10. Il est superbe !!! Ton camo est maginifique !!! Really beautiful !!! Love the painting !!! Congrats Jeff !!!
  11. And some pics of the building. X15
  12. Hi everybody, Really happy to show you my last building, the DH88 Comet from Aerotech. No easy to built, i follow the fantastic building of Eric Galliers to do mine. Hope you enjoyed it ! X15
  13. X15

    DH9 Ninak

    Thank you very much for your comment !! Really proud you enjoyed this Ninak !!! X15
  14. X15

    DH9 Ninak

    Thanks a for your kinds words !! Very happy you enjoyed it !! Jolly Toger, you can find my built step by step on my facebook page X15
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