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  1. Quelle production !! il sont magnifiques Jeff !!! Je très très fan du He219 !!! X15
  2. Thank you very much !! Yes Greif, the PCM Hurricane is not an easy kit !! X15
  3. Je suis très jaloux là !!!! :) Superbe Jeff !!!! X15
  4. 2 kits : KI61 Hasagawa + Hurricane PCM 1 scratchbuild : Lifting Body M2F11 1 new paint : Spitfire Tamiya
  5. Beginning to close the fuselage !! X15
  6. The fiting of the small 3D parts are ok, i begin to close the fuselage and the biggest resin parts need more work to fit correctly. I will need putty and sand it to have nice connection between this parts. But it's always the same with resin kits. X15
  7. Following the building of the D885 Skystreak from Jetmads, a pleasure to build and go really fast !! X15
  8. Here is a small study of the D558 Skystreak and its different configurations. Jetmads decided to offer the D558 N ° 3 37972 with the canopy that opens from the rear. The first version of the D558 Skystreak having a bubble canopy that will only be used for 12 flights. The high-speed canopy opening initially from the front will be modified to open from the rear following the crash of N ° 2. Jetmads offers this canopy opening from the rear with 4 color scheme including an orange version. It is possible that the canopy of N ° 3 was modified to open from the rear while it was still orange in color
  9. Thanks a lot for your comments !! Some pics of the building !! Cheers X15
  10. Hi Check, no the cockpit is all from the box ! X15
  11. Hi !! Thanks a lot for interest !! I saw that many of you ordered the Viggen, it's already annouced sold out !!! Begining of the Skystreak building with the canopy and front gear. What is apreciate is that you don't need to sand the pieces because there is no mold default !! so the the building is really faster !! the fiting is ok, some need adjustment but nothing difficult. Really more easy than my PCM Hurricane X15
  12. Hi everybody, i am really happy to share with you las building on the stash. It's the D558 Skystreak from new turkish manufacturer Jetmads, their kits are made ewclusively with resin and 3D parts !! Fan of this period of the 40s to 60s and the race at speed I was eager to start this device because Jetmads plan to release its successor the Skyrocket and the StiletoX3 later !!!! Finally a manufacturer who dares to do something else !!! A word anyway on the totally innovative content where all the pieces are hung on a support and well protected in a huge block of foam, we feel a certai
  13. Thank you all for your nice comments, i am so proud Some pics for Alain11 who love the underside of the planes X15
  14. Dave, the fiting is not good, the inside cockpit is not easy to put at the right place and the notice is not precise too... so you need to do a lot of test to understand how to do... same for the different parts of gear... X15
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