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  1. Thanks a lot Bevan, this some pics of the underside. Cheers X15
  2. Dear Nick, i used Montex Mask for marking https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/MXMM32071?result-token=dZgbU Cheers X15
  3. Dear Juggernut, thanks for your reply, yes the camouflage is freehand, near one day painting !! Cheers X15
  4. Hello, Happy to show you my last built. This is my first "metal" model. I used Vallejo acrylic Metal Color aluminium, very easy to used and good finish. I used it with 20% tamiya thinner. But the more difficult of this model is the green camouflage !!!! All weathered is doing with paint oil. X15
  5. Good morning all, Here is the renovation of my 9 year old Tamiya Sptifire !! Resumption of painting and weathering with oil paint and watercolor pencils. Cheers X15
  6. Thank you very much for all you kind words it's very motivating to continue in this type of buiding, Happy buiding to you !! X15
  7. Hi Troy, Thank you very much, the Stiletto is a great subject but it seems that it will be developed by JetMads so i will maiting for it !! Perharps another lifting body... X15
  8. Thank you very much for you comments !! Some pics of the building X15
  9. Thank you very much Mark !!! X15
  10. Thank you very much Kagemusha !! ...Better, Stronger, Faster....
  11. Some pics of the building and some 3D view and printing parts, nice job of my friend Seb !!
  12. Thank you very much everybody !!! Take care !! X15
  13. Hi Troy, this is some good video of the story X15
  14. Hi Ron, Amazing !!!! You are lucky ;) It will be a dream for me to come back at this time and see all this pilots and incredible airplanes !!! X15
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