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  1. Thank you very much, really happy you enjoyed it !!
  2. Oh my god !!!!! It's incredible to have lived near these people who lived crazy things !!!
  3. Thanks a lot Ron, i love this plane and this aera of speed !! i am looking for the Cutting Edge conversion but it no longer exist... it's great you had the decal set t think it no longer exist too ? i bought a revell X1 to make my own X1E one day
  4. Thank you very much !! Love your profil !!
  5. Oh! we'll see ... Jet Mads is very professional and very innovative and listens to customers, I hope they will produce for a long time!
  6. Thank you happy you enjoyed !! Yes and hurt the eyes in the showcase
  7. Thank you very much !! yes the speed brakes are overlap the fuselage !!
  8. Happy to share with the final photos of D558 from JetMads • Modification of the canopy for opening from the front • Homemade straps • Paint markings • Modification of airbrakes • Homemade pitot tubes The kit: For their first kit JetMads is strong with a new way of seeing the model, the choice of an original model and a rather good detail. It's a kit that requires a lot of work but still fun to do. On the other hand, JetMads will have to improve the adjustments between the large resin parts and the finish of the 3D parts which
  9. Thank you very much really happy you enjoyed this building! A family photo! X15
  10. The D558 is finish more photos soon. Thanks a lot for all of these who followed this tread and for your nice comments! X15
  11. Whaou !! 2 kits that's great !! The Naca 142 is great t really want to see it !! About my color I take the Gunze H14 and put some Gunze H3 until I was happy. Really happy if my building can help !! X15
  12. Last pictures before the final X15
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