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  1. Another vote for the pugnacious-looking Young Master
  2. Whew! Us, minor mortals can now stop holding our breath.
  3. A misquote here. It’s beauty which is in the eye of the beholder. Authenticity is the result of observation. See and learn. Nobody forces you to replicate the details in Jari’s photos. On the other hand, there’s no doubt that these photos are an invaluable tool for the discerning modeller and I cannot thank Jari enough for posting them. No offence, Jack...
  4. While not of a great historical significance, the Dewoitine D.500 series would make a great what-if candidate.
  5. I’d say: ‘Look at me’. I’ve never been so busy after I retired
  6. Ah well. R.I.P. You only live twice!
  7. Likewise ask yourself which colour is the cabin roof of the car you’re driving, I’m not sure many of us would know.
  8. The FLY Hurricane gave me some interesting moments. You can watch my WIP HERE. Happy modelling, Quang
  9. Just imagine what might have happened to that poor child if that woman had herself a ‘weapon’ as she’s entitled to! Having said that, I don’t see what your initial post have anything to do with ‘large’, ‘scale’ and ‘planes’.
  10. It’s about time that dedicated, fearless modellers come out of the woods. It’s a brave, new world! Will be following your build with anticipation. Cheers, Quang
  11. Great to see some excellent old-school modeling. Looking for the next installment with anticipation Cheers, Quang
  12. What do you mean by ‘almost’?
  13. A good figure painter would not slavishly follow the sculpting but rather play with shadows and highlights to achieve a better likeness. Just like one would do with make-up in real life.
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