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  1. quang

    ICM 1/32 Bu133???

    Those resin kits of the Jungmeister look good but they’re short of being unbuildable. The provided LG and wing struts would simply collapse under the weight of the resin fuselage and wings.
  2. quang

    ICM 1/32 Bu133???

    Jungmeister! Always been the forgotten one
  3. quang

    Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J - Initial Observations

    Internet lore dies hard
  4. quang

    B24 in 1/48?

    What’s wrong with the venerable Monogram B-24 (or B-17)? As far as I remember, toss in some brass M.G., spruce up the interior with plastic strips, add some wire to the front engines and you’re half-way to a very good 1/48 replica. Or is my memory doing tricks?
  5. quang

    1/32 FLY Hurricane: spinning wild

    Looking a few posts back, I found out the gun camera (probably from Milliput) has been added to my build. I don’t even recall having done It and that’s only two years ago!
  6. quang

    1/32 FLY Hurricane: spinning wild

    It’s great to see this thread revived thanks to Chek and you guys for the additional info. Makes me want to take the Hurri out of its retirement and finish it once for all. The problem is that I’m currently thousands miles away from my workdesk and will only be back next year. In the meantime let the info pour in. As Chek rightly said, this thread is fast becoming a treasure trove of Hurricane facts and will be useful for any builder of any scale. Cheers, Quang
  7. Tamiya’s 1/32 P-51D was first released in 2011. ZM came second in 2012, followed by Tamiya’s Pacific version. Modelers all over the world had every opportunity to compare the 2 kits when the ZM was released and discuss about it on the internet like ... HERE Just to set the record straight, Quang
  8. I never needed drawings to know if a model looks right or not. Especially when the error is so blatantly evident. My eyeball is all I need. In the case of the ZM Mustang, all you have to do is to compare a head-on photo of the ZM kit and of the real thing. If you can see the difference, fine! If you don’t see it, it’s also OK by me. I used the word ‘uninspiring’ because I was in a merciful mood. On a good day I would have called it ‘a gross caricature’. Having said that I’m not here to demonstrate that the ZM P-51D is lacking since I made my choice and went on. Now if you really think the ZM Mustang is a fantastic scale model, who am I to contradict you? Did I even ask you to demonstrate why the Revell kit is so ...’mediocre’? ‘Nuff said Quang
  9. It’s been quite a while since I investigated the various 1/32 P-51D kits (before settling on the Revell offering). But AFAIR the main issue of the ZM is a too-rounded belly at the radiator level, resulting in a slightly off-looking radiator inlet and exhaust scoop. This oddity is readily apparent on the Valiant Wings book ironically devoted to the building of the ZM kit. That feature alone would throw off the sleek lines of the Mustang. On a lesser matter, the tail is a tad too tall (easy to correct) and the diameter of the Hamilton Standard prop slightly undersized. The details in the cockpit and the wheel bays (areas of prime importance to the superdetailer) are vague and uninspiring. This is all I can recall by now but if you looking for something more specific just google the review of Christian A. who knows more about Mustangs than the average modeller. As for the reduced-price topic, the retail price of the ZM Mustang at its release was slightly superior to its Tamiya counterpart. Now it’s selling at 100 euro at the biggest retailer in Belgium while the Tamiya retails at 130 euro and 145 euro (Pacific Mustang). Draw your own conclusion.
  10. Indeed Rog. I value and respect your opinion. Thank you for sharing. Quang
  11. It’s funny that nobody seems to remember that ZM did have their dab at a 1/32 scale P-51D somewhere around 2012-2014. Released with the customary ZM tralala - the Old Man’s blessings, the ‘vintage’ looking Concept Notes, etc...- it was over-engineered and overloaded with superfluous details inside out (some of it imaginary). But its big issue is that it had some shape issues and didn’t resemble a P-51D when finished. Add to that the fact that ZM decided to release it right after Tamiya released its meisterwerk (probably with the intention of stealing some of the Big T’s thunder).The comparison was lethal to the ZM offering which since lays smouldering under the pile of reduced-priced items. It’s good news that the P-51B/C did finally find some interest from a major company. But I’d wait to see the final product to rejoice. Now I’d be the first to be overjoyed if Radu B. announces that he’s working on a -B for the next Revell kit.
  12. You saw sarcasm where there is none. Mike Good used to be a good friend of mine when I was into figures. Apart from being one of the most respected sculptor in the mini-world, Mike also has a special interest for aviation. That’s why his pilot figures are so ...good.
  13. What do you make of one's own hand 'flying' the aircraft? It's no more realistic than an engine running with no one at the controls Having said that, a standing pilot has its use because it gives some sense of scale to the model. Especially when it's done by a competent sculptor like Mike Good
  14. quang

    Zukei Mura: a jet in 1/32???

    Enough with CAD drawings and macro pics of test shots! Bring on the plastic. If it's not ready, just wait until it is to make the announcement. Having said that, what the world needs now is an early version of the F-86F Sabrejet with narrow wing and working slats. All in 1/32 of course. Holding my breath, Quang
  15. quang

    Kitty Hawk has announced an Fw 190A-5

    .’.. like the 1/32 F-84F Thunderstreak which is gathering dust in the aisle