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  1. Thank you @MARU5137 @Greif8 for your kind comments. It was a pleasure building this engine from ZM. Much easier than the Brassin resin version and easily as detailed.
  2. The next step is to choose the variant and the colour scheme of our model. The ‘happy winner’ is Yellow 1 flown by Lt Alfred Hammer, leader of 6./JG53 in Sicily August 1943. I was lucky to find two period colour photographs of this particular plane … ( for info only) and also a nice profile by trusted illustrator Thierry Dekker. (Illustration for info only) The plane is an Erla-manufactured Bf109 G6/R6 armed with 1x 20mm MG 151 motor cannon and 2x 20mm MG 151 in underwing pods. It has the characteristics of the earlier G-6: box-typed canopy, metal head armour, small tail and metal elevators, short tail wheel, long antenna. It also has a tropical filter added. One peculiarity is the camouflage scheme generally attributed to Erla-produced Bf109: the near-perfect round spots of the 3-colour mottling, the serrated edges of the wing camouflage bands and the black borders of the underwing Balkencreuz. (Image for info only) More on Bf109G-6 wing patterns HERE. Also of note is the spinner spiral which is more ‘elaborate’ than usual. Thus armed with what I naively consider as a strong foundation, I set up for this new adventure. Cheers, Quang
  3. DB 605 A engine from Z-M Gustav with a few bits and bobs and my first try at a spiraled spinner. Hope you like it. Cheers, Quang
  4. Indeed. But a photo alone has no value unless one knows when, where and under which circumstances it had been taken.
  5. So what? You would probably find on the internet a photo of Yul Brynner WITH hair. I didn’t say that Yul NEVER had hair, just that it’s not the Yul everybody used to know.
  6. Could be but I trust the Revell would be more modeller-friendly than the Fly. Don’t ask me how I know.
  7. Thank you for sharing @One-Oh-Four What else do you need, folks? Looks like buckets of anticipated joy to me
  8. The current trend of adding ‘oil canning’ and ‘riveting’ on everything in sight is like putting wrinkles on teenagers and acne on elders. They call it ‘time reversal’ in sci-fi.
  9. OK Woody. I’m not here to argue. It’s up to you to try.
  10. We’re happy to welcome Troy Smith of Britmodeller’s fame in our midst. @Troy Smith is known as Mr. Hurricane in person and will no doubt add his precious and much needed expertise to our discussions about the new Revell kit. Troy! Long may you stay. Cheers, Quang
  11. Not only wooden stabs have drain holes. Drain holes were generally present on the lower part of linen-covered moving surfaces. As can be seen on ZM Gustav.
  12. There’s no point in ‘diluting’ milliput just because it simply cannot be dissolved. For tiny joins, a small bead of Miliput can be forced down the crack by using a dedicated silicon clay shaper and smoothed up with a bit of vaseline.
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