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  1. Allegedly the blue and white scheme was created by none other than Keith Ferris, the noted aviation artist, initiator of the famous ‘Ferris scheme’ and other modern camouflage systems for aircraft. It’s a perfect example of reversed countershading camouflage and was first implemented on the T-37 Tweety Bird in the mid-eighties Countershading is a method of camouflage in which an animal has a dark back and a pale belly to help it blend in its surroundings. Just like military airplanes in WWII. Reverse countershading (light on top, dark on the underside) is typically seen on animals with strong natural defense like skunks and badgers. On training a/c like the T-37 and T-38, it was used to ensure maximum visibility. Amazing how researching for a plastic kit can lead you to! Cheers, Quang
  2. That is precisely what we are doing here. I can understand that Wolfpack did their own research just like you did yours every time you release a new decal sheet. Why deny them the right to do so?
  3. I built this Kitty Hawk F9F-8 on the heels of my RF-101C. It took me one month to finish it. It's the same model that made a noted Internet reviewer throw a tantrum and bin the kit 15 minutes after he opened the box. I'd say bring on the accountants who run model kit companies
  4. Obviously Wolfpack was onto something special because they even mentioned the date (October 1987) on which the plane appeared that way. Caracal shows the full blue underside option but they too missed something as I just discovered a few minutes ago the white leading edge on the wing underside! The plot thickens!
  5. Thank you guys for your input. Indeed, the plane of the photo appears to have its full underside in blue. But the Wolfpack after-market decals devoted to the same plane say that only the fuselage is blue. Do they know something we don't? Cheers, Quang
  6. Hello gents, I’m researching a colour scheme for my next build, a T-38 Talon in 1/48 scale. It’s the white and insignia blue scheme that USAF used on their training a/c in 1986-1987. Photos of this particular scheme are rare on the internet. I’m especially looking for views from above and of the underside. Some sources say the entire underside was blue. Others state that only the fuselage was blue, wings and stabs were left white. Perhaps there were variations on the same scheme. I need your help and expertise in that matter. Thank you in advance, Cheers, Quang
  7. I admit that their way of designing kits can be quirky at times, but total mess? Apart from one main issue (the intakes), all the other mistakes are minor and can be easily corrected with a modicum of modelling techniques. The dimensions are good, the shapes are there and the inimitable Voodoo feel is present. What else do the modellers need? Ah, the fit! The fit is better than the classic Monogram offering providing you take some time to dry fit and work out how the parts go together (like you should do with every other kit, right?). As for the price, the KH Voodoo costs the equivalent of 30 Euro in Asia. So if you think the price is steep in Europe and the US, blame it on the importers.
  8. Boy, you should try modelling sometimes. Kitty Hawk RF-101 Voodoo complete build
  9. In Belgium, the two-seater started at 55 Euro 3 years ago. The new one -seater is 49,99 Euro from Revell. As far as I'm concerned, it's a no-brainer.
  10. quang

    Hun Driver

    Note the canopy breaker tool and how it's fixed on the sill. A detail often overlooked by modellers.
  11. Who needs technology? Just use your hands. An old plexiglas (perspex) ruler will provide the glass and a tin foil from an (emptied) bottle of wine, the framing. This is modelling after all!
  12. She's a beaut, Mark. Quang
  13. What an elegant build! The photo Voodoo is a classy lady and you have done her full justice. I also have one on the way and I hope mine will be as alluring as yours. Cheers, Quang
  14. This is what I suspected all along. There’s no easy way out. But I had to try , didn't’ I? Thanks Jennings for replying. Quang
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