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  1. The corrugated panels have been sanded off to improve airflow. This is the JU 52/3s as in ‘streamlined’.
  2. She’s no Rosa Parks though, sitting at the back of the cabin.
  3. Thierry, Thank you for your sensible explanation. Maybe my silver coat was too thick to show the difference. Quang
  4. I don’t quite understand this current trend of using black undercoat for NMF. I tried black but cannot see any difference with the regular grey 1200 Surfacer. The only thing is that if you want a polished metal effect, your undercoat must be equally polished regardless of the colour. Of course YMMV Looking forward to seeing the result of your experiment. Cheers, Quang
  5. Now, that’s a bold statement.
  6. Ouch! The leather texture on that bag! Definitely needs an oil paint treatment
  7. I agree with Thierry. They needed a table at least to put the Morse transmitter on. ...And you’ll also have to build the headphones from scratch.
  8. You have a stronger will than I do, Zac.
  9. Thanks Max. The Walrus with the landing gear down always looked to me like ... a sea dog, stranded on the beach. So I’d build it with landing gear up and spread wings. Finally I’d mount it on a wood plinth on two brass pylons. I hope it will give back the old flying boat its original nautical character.
  10. The fact remains that the Airfix Walrus is a superlative kit. It ticks all the boxes and should make any discerning modeller happy. Whether it’s a seller or not is another story.
  11. I concur with Jennings albeit I’m not too unhappy they did the Walrus instead as it was a fitful introduction to the ‘new’ Airfix series of kits: well-researched, extremely detailed and competent design. Just imagine a Rapide displayed in the same cutaway fashion. Yummy !
  12. You’re right. Sonic Blue of course. My memory is getting rusty. Rust never sleeps
  13. Kent, yours is called Daphne Blue. Serious! Great progress, Kent. Am following with interest, Cheers, Quang
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