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  1. So many references for a relatively unknown trainer plane !
  2. Adding up to Thierry and rafju’s input, this superb, 200+ page book from Serge Van Heertum released in 2007. Very interesting from a modeller’s view with insightful, instructive text profusely illustrated with detailed walk around photos and superb in-flight views. Text in english, french and dutch. Cheers, Quang
  3. I was at the IPMS Belgium Nationals yesterday saturday. Too bad I missed the Fouga book (and Thierry Laurent ) Here’s Master Danny and his forthcoming baby Cheers, Quang
  4. Your model is excellent and doesn’t need to be fixed. You can only make it worse. Don’t tell me, I know!
  5. IMO the issue is not in the length of the u.c. legs or the wider wheels. It’s in the RAKE of the main u.c. which is much more pronounced on the real plane as you can see on this composite photo. (Sorry for the wobbly red lines but, hey we’re not on that other forum ) Anyhow yours is an excellent rendition of a Tempest V series 1. Congratulations! Cheers, Quang
  6. If you’d have to wait until next month for the US premiere, don’t watch this review. You wouldn’t stand the waiting!
  7. I remember seeing this aircraft in Bien Hoa in 1969
  8. IMO the Eduard 1/48 Mustang is at least as good as the Tamiya 1/32. Every detail you see on the Tamiya is reproduced here. The small differences between the P-51D variants (cockpit, vents, antennas,…) are addressed giving the modeller many options with a lot of spare parts left over once the kit is finished. The ‘new’ decals are as good as the older Cartograf. They’re applied the normal way with Tamiya MarkFit between two coats of Klir. Skip the ‘remove the varnish’ fad . They behave superbly OOB, being very thin and at the same time very strong (no tear). The tail stripes are specially challenging yet they went on without problem. For the metal finish, I used Tamiya TS-30 for the wings and a combination of AK Xtreme Metal for the fuselage. HTH Quang
  9. Eduard’s 1/48 Mustangs are among the most accurate and documented P-51 kits. And the VLR limited edition are the most - bang for the buck- among them. You get all the extra which made the long range version plus the regular parts. And did I mention the 11 (eleven) marking options? Cheers, Quang
  10. All you need to know about VLR Mustang in the Eduard instructions for the 1/48 kit HERE.
  11. Streaming is a disservice to this work of art (and any other).
  12. The complete title is Dune Part One. The film stopped rather abruptly after Paul was accepted by the Fremen. It’s rather disappointing as we’ll have to wait for the next installment to discover what made the book so great: the ecology of the planet Arrakis and the culture of the people who inhabits it.
  13. It’s the reason why in the film he doesn't look as menacing as his colleagues Harkonnen!
  14. You mean John Schoenherr? I remember seeing some of his works in Omni magazine. It was in the last century
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