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  1. This is what I suspected all along. There’s no easy way out. But I had to try , didn't’ I? Thanks Jennings for replying. Quang
  2. @b757captain Hi Mark, As you rightfully point out, the different colours do not degrade at the same rate, the tan more quickly than the greens. Furthermore the hues are also shifting. The tan loses a bit of red and veers to yellow. The dark green displays a violet tint in some photos. The light green becomes more olive. Anyhow your Voodoo is very, very nice and the colours you used very convincing. @Jennings Heilig @LSP_K2 Thank you guys for your input. Much appreciated. Cheers, Quang
  3. Hi all, I'm currently building the Kitty Hawk 1/48 RF-101C and approaching the painting stage. You can read about it HERE My jntention is to represent an a/c operating in Vietnam circa 1967 just after the introduction of the so-called SEA camouflage. In many photographs of the period, the colours appeared worn and faded, especially the tan. Is there any brand of hobby paint which incidentally replicates the faded version of the Vietnam colours? Also, which brand are you using for SEA camouflage and why? Thank you for your help. Cheers, Quang
  4. I already knew about this very nice review. Thanks Martin. Q
  5. @Chek You're close. It's not Don Greer but Lou Drendel from this book: Aah, Scale Models! And also S.A.M. with Alan W. Hall and Ian Huntley,… What a memory!
  6. Definitely! And some more. You guys are fantastic. Thank you all. Sincerely, Quang
  7. Oops! Wikipedia said Tan Son Nhut 1965.
  8. Hi Martin, Notwithstanding your preference for 1/72 scale, you’re here in good company. Welcome to LSP! It all depends on what you call ‘pre-Vietnam’, but by 1963 there was already a great deal of US involvement in Vietnam. I should know, I was there . I saw my first camouflaged Voodoo - a black- and-green - in 1965, a vivid memory because it was in shocking contrast with the grey and silver F-100, F-102, AD-6,... that flew daily over our house in Saigon. Here are some other photos of black-and-green #512 at Tan Son Nhut (Vietnam) in 1965. I suspect it’s a RF-101A because it’s lacking the small intake on the fin. Cheers, Quang
  9. 2019, 2020… what's in a number?
  10. I learned something new today. Thank you Bill for the clarification. Quang
  11. Aha! The plot thickens. How about the brown on this one? Another thing to take in consideration is the discoloration of the period Kodachrome.
  12. The horror! On this sad day, my thoughts go to our NZ friends.
  13. Just superb, Chek. And very helpful as well. Of interest is the dark brown colour, not noticeable on b&w prints. The general black-green pattern is rather consistent. Here's a pic of 41512 in Vietnam. The brown appears to be added as an afterthought Cheers, Quang
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