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  1. Oops I read "the wing of a Voodoo in flight" instead!
  2. Tell us! I had a kick building the Kitty Hawk 1/48 RF-101C. A larger scale would only double the pleasure.
  3. I decant Tamiya silver spray directly into the airbrush paint cup, wait 5 minutes for the bubbles to disappear and add about 20 percent cellulosic thinner stirring with a cotton bud. It works everytime.
  4. More like tar! We didn’t have model paints back then, just used anything at hand. I remember using the same black paint on the cowling of my Lindberg ‘Jap Zero’. Looked very good as long as you didn’t touch it
  5. I remember building the Revell Yak-25 in the sixties. I painted the pill-like radar nose in a glorious glossy black. I don't know which paint it was but it never cured!
  6. Roland Garros was in WWI. Not playing tennis, mind you.
  7. Meh! Why not another Mustang?
  8. Love that camera! As for the straps, you can do what figure sculptors do: flatten a small blob of Milliput with a small cylinder like an X-Acto knife handle, cut the resulting sheet into ribbons and position the ribbons on the figures while the Milliput is still soft. HTH Quang
  9. @Jennings Heilig Looks like you’re caught in the Groundhog Day loop yourself repeating ad infinitum like a mantra “RF-101, complete mess, premium price,...” The KH Voodoo suffers from 2 main issues One major: the intakes (a detail not really clarified until recently, as I discovered while trying to correct it) and one minor: a rectangular instead of an oval vent on the mid-fuselage. The allegedly ‘wrong nose’ does actually capture rather faithfully the subtle shape of the original. As for the premium price, the KH RF-101 at 48 euro costs 1 euro more than the GWH T-33 (which is half the Voodoo’s size) and 7 euro less than the Tan Model RF-84F. So where’s the premium in it? @John1 check out my WIP of the KH RF-101 HERE. You’ll find that the issues are not as catastrophic as it’s been said and that they can be corrected with a modicum of modelling skills. Cheers, Quang
  10. @crobinsonh thank you for your kind words. I always found that Kitty Hawk has been unjustly treated in certain quarters of the internet. KH bashing has even become a current trend in some forums. Despite the glitches, KH kits offer a great potential for super-detailing and conversion. Let the moaners moan and the modellers model.
  11. Aaah! The Super 63, the Rolls-Royce of all airbrushes. It was the darling of illustrators. Almost too good for modelling (we had the Badger for that). Memories, memories, ... Cheers, Quang
  12. My thoughts are with you Jennings
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