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  1. Thanks Dave. That would explain the very natural splashing pattern. A good trick I will unabashedly copy with your permission
  2. Superb result, Dave. The light grey codes look very good against the impeccable silver finish. The rigging is also top-notch, clean and precise. Excellent photography as well. What’s not to like? I particularly like the spilling oil effect. How did you achieve it? Cheers, Quang
  3. I don’t know about piano wire but I guess it’s akin to guitar strings. If so, it’s made from tempered steel and will stay straight especially if cut in short lengths.
  4. I was fiddling with the seat while waiting for the mail to arrive with the paints. I managed to botch the supplied PE seat belts so I made a new Sutton harness from tin foil. The seat also received a new leather cushion Good night everyone. Stay safe, Quang
  5. Thank you Dennis. Glad to know your kit is in the mail. You’ll be in for a treat, Dennis. That’s the least I can say. Cheers, Quang
  6. Aha, the more the merrier. I will be watching with interest.
  7. Aha, P.11 galore! The more the merrier. Thank you for your invitation. It’s always interesting to see another take. Although obviously, I’m on a totally different kind of trip. Cheers, Quang
  8. The cockpit is a complex affair spiced with numerous PE parts, some of which are microscopic. In addition, some PE need to be bent and folded. The instruction sheet while fairly detailed does not help with the location of each tiny part. Add to that the fact that some parts need to be assembled in a precise sequence to avoid hair-pulling and the frequent use of special characters on one's keyboard. Anyhow here's what you get after a few hours tinkering: Short assembly sequence Questions and comments welcome. Cheers, Quang
  9. Aaah Dennis, three is a magic number.
  10. Interior of fuselage has been given a coat of Mr Hobby Light Gull Gray spray and a light wash of home brew solution to bring out the details. Cockpit opening redone in milliput to simulate leather coaming. Stock kit IP painted and decaled. Glass fronts simulated with UV glue. Rear panel detailed with wire. Not much will be seen but what the heck? Until next time Stay safe, Quang
  11. I have to admit that two months ago I couldn’t tell PZL from WHO. But this is one of the rare occasions where it’s the plastic rather than the subject which creates the interest. At first I was struck by the quality of the plastic then I learned to love the plane. Also with only the basic tools at my disposal, minimal documentation and a renewed enthusiasm, I feel like seventeen again. Adalante! Quang
  12. Hello modeller friends, Let me say it straight. This build was not meant to be, at least not until much later. When the IBG kit arrived a few weeks ago, I was busy moving into another town. I decided wisely to take a small break after my Gladiator build to devote my time to the move. And then, the confinement law struck Nobody knows how long this sorry state will last. Much of my modelling stuff was already at my new place. I was stuck in my old place with some basic tools, paint brushes, my trusty airbrush but no compressor and... the new PZL. So I'm asking you, compadres, what else to do but rip off the plastic and start the damn kit? So here we are, back to the basics. With no compressor at hand, I'll have to re-organize my build in consequence and delay the use of the airbrush as long as possible. There's no need to introduce the kit as most of you would have known it already with the on-line reviews and the fine WIP thread by DrDave. Parts are cleaned up and assembled as much as possible before painting. Photos do the talking. Engine Cockpit Instrument panel Wing Stabs All the sub-assemblies are given a coat of Mr. Surfacer 1200 then basic colours painted using Tamiya spray cans. That's all folks for today. Comments and questions are welcome as usual. Stay safe Cheers, Quang
  13. More than a great build, this one has a real presence. Congrats Dennis
  14. I originally didn’t plan any new build as I was about to move. Then the lockdown law fell . A good part of my modelling stuff is already at my new home. Happily I was stuck with the better half: basic tools and... the new IBG kit. As we don’t know when the lockdown ends, I decided to give the PZL a go albeit in a rudimentary, old-school kind of way. Can be a good, refreshing thing as we modellers have been spoiled of late. Like Paul Simon sang: ‘we can’t be forever blessed’ Stay safe everybody, Cheers, Quang
  15. Superb, Max! The lead sheet scoop looks very realistic. You can make it more rigid by lining the inside with UV-curing glue. Safe, quick and clean. Good work, Quang
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