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  1. Looks familiar. Nice progress on a tidy and precision build!
  2. Yeah but I see no interest when my finished cockpit looks exactly the same as my fellow modellers’. All I have to do is to open my wallet and shell out the $. Where’s the fun? What’s the hobby? Give me back the old-school Monogram inscribed Instrument panels. At least I’d feel I achieved something when I finish painting one of them.
  3. Just to stay in line with their current catalogue, Id say the Bücker Bü133 Jungmeister is the perfect contender.
  4. Remember when every guitar player wanted a Strat with a worn-out, blackened maple board like Eric Clapton’s Brownie? Fender heard the call and re-issued guitars with maple necks, but this time with modern polyester varnish which made them practically bulletproof and impossible to wear out. Go figure
  5. It’s all too easy, where’s the fun? I remember when we had to learn from (vinyl) records. We’ve worn tons of sapphire stylus needles doing it
  6. A pretty cool sight, a Tele in fiesta red with a rosewood fretboard !
  7. I started playing guitar at about the same time I took up building models in the early 1960s. My most active period was in the 70s when I played in several amateur bands. Nowadays I play occasionally. ...always the same four Gordon Lightfoot songs
  8. You can post images from your iPad just like I do. The procedure is the same as on a pc: - choose an image hosting service like imgbb.com - create an account, - upload the pix on your account - each uploaded pix will receive an individual link in different formats/codes (HTML code, BB code, ...) - choose “BBCode full”. Copy the link - paste the link in your text and voilà. HTH Cheers, Quang
  9. There was a thing they used to call ‘ethics’. A professional never discusses a colleague’s practice.
  10. I reckon it’s DAZZLING. But what happened to the rigging, Max?
  11. EXCITING NEW after-market stuff for the IBG PZL.11 HERE Cheers, Quang
  12. I see. You’re looking for the Swiss Navy version?
  13. The second yellow/silver scheme provided Is a NAVY N2S-3.
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