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  1. I don't, I have enough planning at work. For me this is a hobby that I do what ever I want on the day I want to work on it. I do research, get thing organized and then it may site for years. I build what ever I want to build and refuse to make it a project of absolute perfection now. I just need the zen of building not the stress of being perfect.
  2. No interest on my end but I am pretty certain it would do well. The Tamiya offering is very dated and the Lanc is certainly one of the favorite heavy's of WW2. Cheers,
  3. I've been told several times now not to do the update until the update is fixed. It's apparently locking up phones and has a lot of glitches. They are already on version 14.0.1 and it's only been a few days they are also working on 14.2 now. Crazy.
  4. I built that Aurora Arrow kit back in the day. If I recall correctly it was simple but fit together really well.
  5. Last year my wife bought Wemo wireless light controls for our house for my birthday. I installed four in the house and one outside. They are all controlled by an App on your iphone and worked well. We've had them for about a year then they quit working. The Wifi app wants us to sign up for an account with full personal information before they will let them work again, no options. WTF? No reason given, no idea why? not happening. The alarm bells started with it being an app that stops working when they make a change and want you to sign up with all your personal info yet th
  6. i hate that about iPhone, they keep changing the software and sometime those changes are sever in how it works. Worst is they pretty much force it down your throat or things stop working.
  7. It will be interesting to know how well paint will stick to it without lifting from masking?
  8. We don't lock threads because of topic drift. We might occasionally try and stick handle one back onto topic though.
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