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  1. I don't expect anything too exciting, but maybe they will surprise us with something off the wall like a new 1/350 Nimitz class aircraft carrier......
  2. I think that requires a little more research. I believe the Turkish and Norwegian ones were Canadian built CF-104's, the color might be a bit of a loaded question depending on markings.
  3. I miss a lot these days… Sorry Kev.
  4. Oh wow, missed that. Yes happy Bday Damian. Ron
  5. I am sorry to hear of your loss. Ron
  6. IWM Duxford is just a few miles south of Cambridge. The town itself has amazing architecture, it's the second oldest University in the UK founded in 1209 AD. The number of students and even professors that have passed through that place in the last 800 years is mind boggling.
  7. Well if you do Cambridge then your only 15 minutes from IWM Duxford....... looks like your spending a night in Cambridge LOL It truly is a nice town, easy to get around in.
  8. The Science Museum is a must see. It covers everything from watches and clocks, to steam power, aircraft, automotive etc. It's a full day just seeing it all. Well worth it. I think I've been there five times now and not sure if I've even seen all of it. Its right around the corner from the Museum of natural history. I don't think I would want to live in London but I sure enjoy going there. I don't know how many times I've been there but it's a lot, dozens of times over the last 30 years or so.
  9. That's a long trek from central London but worth it for sure.
  10. That's a loaded question as it depends on what you are interested in seeing. Tower of London Westminster Abbey The British Museum Science Museum The Natural History Museum (Darwin's home) Churchill war rooms HMS Belfast Walk through St James Park, Green Park, Hyde etc Bomber Command memorial (Green Park) Kennsington Palace St. Paul's Cathedral Piccadilly Circus Hard Rock Cafe London Walk the Mall and Whitehall St Stephen's Tavern (across from Big Ben)
  11. I have the P and the H, I don't think I'll part with either.
  12. I'm just catching up with the days content. LSP is not the place to be expressing ones displeasure with another modeling site, we tend to frown on that so I'm going to lock this topic now. Ron
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