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  1. If Plastic models were an investment, I am rich. Who knew it...
  2. That's not a Harvard, its a North American NA-64 Yale
  3. I had the exact same thoughts on all points Dave.
  4. Seriously? That PBY's oil loss shown is extreme and not, definitely not normal. Rotating and hot cold / cycle oil seal technology really only reached almost perfection in the last 10-15 years, so that screams lack of proper maintenance of seals never touched in years. Rubber / seals have a finite life. Seal failure and oil loss is the most current suspect for that Avenger beach ditched earlier this year, oil lost and smoke was ignored the whole flight. 10 year old hardly used seals are no good, 70 year ones are dust waiting to happen.
  5. I used to see these parked on the tarmac all the time at the Tehran airport back in the mid 90's
  6. FYI only, The engine technology being used in this rocket is very, very clean. It burns Oxygen and LNG which is one of the cleanest burning hydrocarbon, well actually it is the cleanest. The engines produce mostly water vapor. Short of using a water bottle rocket and a bicycle pump, I know no cleaner method off launching anything of terra firma into space. Just a point to note.
  7. Where am I going to fit all these...... love it.
  8. Great recovery, some day I'll have to start my kit. I've always liked this plane.
  9. I am going to stick with my HK kit. It's going to be my winter project. I will pass on the Border Models one since I have started the HK, I don't have room for two, and it's limited edition so I am sure there are others out there that really want it more than my stash shelf does..... LOL It looks great though...
  10. I'll take it! and bring it home to Alberta again. Where do I get my 104 pilots license?
  11. Went on a wee bit of a spending spree on cars......
  12. Yup, or a warehouse with high humidity and no climate control
  13. I suggest using the Google method. The site's search software isn't the best. It's "subject site:forum.largescaleplanes.com" Example: "Bearcat site:forum.largescaleplanes.com"
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