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  1. LSP_Ron

    By to the A380

    I flew one to Germany and back last Oct. Very nice and quiet plane. The back out windows are a neat touch. Just push a button and the dim to black.
  2. LSP_Ron

    By to the A380

    Airbus is shutting down production. I've flown on it several times, it is quite an experience. The ones in service will be around for years to come but production of new ones will be ending. https://ca.yahoo.com/finance/news/death-superjumbo-jet-airbus-killing-a380-092404748.html
  3. LSP_Ron

    Guess what? Another Lanc

    Yes looking great, I suspect Canadian built Mk X cockpit and nav area's were all black and British built Lanc's we not.
  4. LSP_Ron

    USS Hornet Cv8

    I couldn't open the link saying I am not in the area which is weird Here is another short video. It's in amazing shape. Barely any rust or paint deterioration. Even the tractor tug looks just a few years old.
  5. LSP_Ron

    'Grace' type two-seat Spitfire in 1:32

    Very cool!
  6. Not plane related but plane inspired. I thought this was pretty interesting
  7. LSP_Ron

    Hornet vs. Super Hornet?

    The only area that gave me a little grief on this kit were the intakes. The need a lot of Dremel work to make fit
  8. LSP_Ron

    Hornet vs. Super Hornet?

    Having built the Academy kit. I can only vouch that it's a nice kit
  9. LSP_Ron

    Hornet vs. Super Hornet?

    What about the new Revell Super Bug?
  10. Thanks Here is the V2 build
  11. LSP_Ron


    Worth a few minutes of our time.
  12. LSP_Ron

    Plane Savers

    Mikey is up to episode 31 And if you want a shirt go here
  13. LSP_Ron

    Guess what? Another Lanc

    Great stuff