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  1. LSP_Ron

    "First flight certificate...........

    Great stuff We actually have many members here that fly including staff members, some commercially too.
  2. LSP_Ron

    Anti Drone

    D, those are not even remotely in the same class as what is shown in the video. They might do 10-20 mph, not 160mph and switch direction at 1 million G
  3. LSP_Ron

    Fisher AD-5W test build pics and tips

    Looking great!
  4. LSP_Ron

    Anti Drone

    The example Brian posted is a HIGHLY custom home built. You can't just buy that off the shelf and you really need to know what your doing to pull off just making it let alone flying it. It does about the same speed as the F1 RC pillion racer and some RC jets do but it obviously accelerates much faster and can change directions in blinding speed.
  5. I've never seen those pics before. Looks like either a wing going on or coming off.
  6. I have a Revell F-4G, What is wrong with the kit gear??
  7. LSP_Ron

    New found deleted scenes from The Dambusters (1955)

    That sandwich looks delish!! LOL
  8. LSP_Ron

    Tamiya 60325: F4U-1A Corsair

    The decals are typical Tamiya, thick. The canofpeas masks are not pre-cut. Ron
  9. LSP_Ron

    Bad news

    Sorry to hear that Harv. My sincere condolences. Ron
  10. LSP_Ron

    New bridge or big Voodoo?

    A 1/32 101 would keep me very busy building show birds
  11. Let's do move on. I've hidden a whack of posts in this thread. @ Nic, Let me be very very clear.....your tone and approach to all of this is not welcome here what so ever. @skydancer, if the bombs are small let's just leave it at that. Let's see the completion of this build. Ron