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  1. So does Amazon, free delivery for Prime members
  2. As far as I understand that is correct, so the two Ron's make a right? or is it three rights make a left? Ok I'll get my coat. V2 prototypes had the same paint work and I assumed its a throw back to Von Braun. Ron
  3. Looks good, I agree that the bulge is to much. I'd suggest no bulge at all, just a flat contact spot.
  4. Lone Star is the one that sold it. Last I read it was sold to Mid America Flight Museum in Mount Pleasant TX Ron
  5. This plane was just repaired after it force landed back in I think 2014. It's also the second two seater Fury to crash in the last year. WG655 went down last summer in the UK At least in all three cases nobody was really hurt.
  6. Sprue L part numbers 5 & 6 I am sure there are dozens available here as it come in the Mk IX and Mark VIII kits and most don't use them. Maybe post a request in the traders board. Unfortunately I did use mine on a build I am working on right now, hence the quick answer. HTH Ron
  7. Yes we have Staff too, LSP_Dan, LSP_Eric, Charles Metz All great to work with here.
  8. He was a good guy, yes the all caps yelling typing and muddled up sentences at times were a good laugh. He was a very generous dude too.
  9. Thanks Andy, I was looking for that thread.
  10. I think you are referring to Bob's Buckles
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