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  1. Very good point, they just brought one out of storage last May for upgrading and service. It was built in 1960 and has thousands of flight hours and will be 60 years old when entering service again.
  2. I also have that Silver wings kit. I agree with Iain, it's very nice.
  3. Thankfully nobody hurt https://ca.yahoo.com/news/no-one-hurt-canadian-acrobatic-181901535.html
  4. I'd have to disagree. Well done model but an extremely fuggly plane.
  5. It can't be windows updates, I run a Mac Pro I agree, it's frustratingly slow lately. Kev says it's a hosting issue. I really am ignorant in this area and can't offer any solutions. Ron
  6. A CF-101 is about 0.5m (20") longer than a F-105G and I think that kit sold well?
  7. It would sell well in Canada, especially if all the colorful Cdn squadron markings came out as sets. But yes a small market
  8. Yes we know thx, there is a thread going already on this here I'm going to lock this one so we don't end up with parallel threads. Thx Ron
  9. Sure it did, this period photo of Big Beautiful Doll strafing an enemy Spitfire proves it.
  10. Photo shop to remove a clear pedestal. Just a guess.
  11. Agreed, leaving those on the ground and using modern replacements to fly seems like a no brainer. Actually leaving the whole plane on the ground as an original example and let the newly built replicas rip up the sky seems like an even better idea.
  12. Bob Hoover kind of stuff, total mastery of momentum.
  13. I agree, there's not much to see through the windows once it's all closed up.
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