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  1. Hope your fillings are well glued in, cause that's going to shake the loose ones out!!! LOL
  2. Dick McDick, He's an awesome dude, yes that's his name....
  3. Actually I would suggest re-thinking that. Malta played a HUGE role for the British in the North African campaign. Technically I agree it is part of the EU but back in the day it was a major player of the North African campaign, From Wikipedia
  4. Looking great. I enjoyed building this kit a few years ago.
  5. We’ll Kev, I have a pile of pictures for you of that Turret. I’ll email you when I get back Ron
  6. I think it would command a work bench in the centre of a hobby room where you walk around the model to work on it. I can’t see it working out with a conventional desk type work bench against a wall. Too big for me. I had a tough time with my Tamiya too, one as you note. Cheers
  7. HPH makes a 410 in 1/32 but it's pricey
  8. It wasn't duplicate. It was a different set oops , I'll un-delete. Ron
  9. They were having issue last fall if I recall correctly. Not sure of their status now. Maybe try emailing : pheon@pheondecals.com
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