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  1. Thanks, Happy Canada day. We are having Fajita's tonight???
  2. Using a colorized photo as reference..... holds no water. Is the lady really in red? or is it blue,? or rose, or light blue? Great photo, real color???? we know it's not
  3. I've compared both ZM and Tamiya side by side and I agree the Tamiya is hands down a nicer kit. I've built two of the Tamiya ones now. The ZM almost seems toyish in comparison with soft molded details that are not crisp and sharp in comparison to Tamiya. Not to knock ZM but their kit is reminiscent to an overly complicated 1/32 Matchbox kit in my view.
  4. Try this search on Google and see if you can find it Revell Huricane site:forum.largescaleplanes.com
  5. Craziness there too be honest. These planes and their nose art actually existed and it's far from porn or anything of that nature.
  6. Thanks, It's gone no where in four years. I've lost interest as it's such a huge project and the mojo just hasn't come back yet. I didn't realize it's been that long. I see it on the shelf all the time. Someday it will get done
  7. You've convinced me to buy this kit It may have it's flaws but man you sure dumped those for curb appeal. That's a B-24 regardless of slide rules and drawing comparisons regardless of wing profile. It works and looks great.
  8. To answer you question, no. It maybe hard hard to find? Its likely this Covid situation affecting supply.
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