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  1. I'd say flat? I think the seam at the back is throwing the eye to think a downward angle
  2. They are 15 years old. Released in 2005, young compared to some Hase and Revell offerings. Ron
  3. There was a build thread here at one point with a member doing just that. I had a quick search and couldn't find it
  4. This is amazing. Very well done, I can't even fathom doing this.
  5. That's $100 Cdn and another $25 shipping thanks to USPS Each to their own, but I'll pass.
  6. FYI, I learned from following the FOF one being restored that the civil ones only came in three colors. Cream, Lt gloss grey or dark blue. They said Willy Messerschmitt had two personal 108's one is know to be the cream with a black nose and stripe down the side.
  7. I use Imgur without issue. I dumped PB at least two years ago.
  8. I wonder if the wings will be foldable like the real one?
  9. LOL, well I can confirm with 100% confidence they are spring loaded down
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