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  1. I would have to think the Firefly would likely sell just as well as the Sea Fury. They sure would look good together on the shelf....
  2. I agree with Thierry, I think this subject would sell much better than say a Spiteful etc (I do have your kit by the way) Ron
  3. I've always liked this plane. I'd sure love one in our scale...
  4. This came this week too. It will be done in Scare Canada markings.
  5. I learned that living in Dubai. Lack of salt = huge leg and toe cramps. Very painful
  6. Hard to find here in Canada. I've tried it once at one of my Aussie friends place years ago. I don't recall liking it, IIRC it was extremely salty?
  7. How about these? FW-187 Hawker Henley Fokker G1 Miles M-20
  8. These two just showed up today. Unfortunately not in our scale but I want to add some classic heavys to the collection so these will have to do.
  9. 4lbs of shelled sunflower seeds here so far for the birds and squirrels
  10. I shamelessly hired a neighborhood University Student to do our walks this year and glad I did. We've had seven snow falls in the last 14 days and it's been bitterly cold too. We've been in the center of this Arctic/Polar vortex for almost two weeks. It's just hitting the US now. It's starting to warm here. Minus 7C today which feels rather summery compared to minus 30.
  11. Here's a little adder to this planes story
  12. Welcome to the Tamiya rattle can black. They work well.
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