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  1. I've gotten most of the paint work done. I'll have to decide if I want this glossy or matt? I just used some Tamiya AS-15 rattle can light brown. This will be a quick build, there isn't much to this kit.
  2. I just did, That's very disappointing news that they could be so irresponsible.
  3. I might just pull out my Yamato now........ Looks good
  4. Actually I don't have any and it's in my office at work. I'll take a pic when I am at work later this week
  5. I think this is next during my quarantine. I haven't built this kit since I was a kid
  6. Thats a nice kit, I built it last year
  7. Thanks, 'Who would have thought that Sky Type S could make such a nice color.
  8. Definitely do a test with the testor metal flake blue topped with clear. I think you'll like it a lot.
  9. Forgot one, I still have to finish the Bugatti but its such a frustrating kit to build I am taking small baby steps working on it.
  10. I've been pretty happy with Imgur since I moved over there from PB
  11. Might not be my best effort with a car but it's done and will look good in the office.
  12. We have a thread on this started last month. Here is a link, Cheers Ron
  13. Good advice, that makes for a perfect fit. I had zero filler in my build.
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