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  1. I'm not sure what the fairing on top of the main radome is Tom, but the Barksdale B-52Hs at Fairford last month no longer had them. The shot of 60-0024 is an example, but the rest of the detachment were the same. Picking a specific airframe and/or era for antenna/fairing combinations would likely be the best way to go. The Fighter Control website is an excellent source for aircraft visiting the UK, this article being but one example. But there are many more from previous visits over the years which a forum search will reveal, many including close ups such as that below. That skin could do with a good slathering of Nivea cream.
  2. Tom, you need to add a profile to that nose before joining the halves. What you've got there is much too stubby, more like an early B-52B nose radome shape. It really should be more like the right hand profile below.
  3. A story that sticks in my mind is that of the RAF Phantom (FG1 XV589 P of 111 Sqn. whose radome swung open in flight on approach to Alconbury in June 1980. Turned out that as an ex-FAA plane the radome bolt receptacles had become too worn through use over time). The GIB's response was a succinct 'Blimey" before ejecting. Both crew survived.
  4. I liked the correctly sized GT Resin J79s with long nozzles, but I preferred the exterior weld detail on the too small Aires version. So what I did was to emboss some egg treated darkened thicker foil (the kind that small cakes or buns come in) onto the Aires petals, then carefully peeled them off and gently pressed them down on the GT outlets. IIRC it only needed nine panels per side.
  5. Building all that structure to support the undercarriage looks like a major challenge, which you've pulled off nicely. Now if you were to hang the model as seems traditional with B-52s, it needn't remain hidden when it's complete.
  6. Hi Peter, I found this period photo that I thought might be useful to you when the time comes to return to cockpit detailing and finishing. It's a Tuskegee Airmen P-51C 42-103960 1 Skippers Darlin’ III, 100th FS 332nd FG 15th AF in the care of Capt Andrew D Turner in Aug 1944.
  7. It adds a model with skin texture and colour scheme to an airplane object in the Flight Sim game. I don't have it, so I can't help much, but there's a guide here. Or perhaps someone on the forum with FS/FSX already installed on their PC could add it and take a screenshot of the fin motif for us.
  8. I don't have anything any closer or clearer than what you have there Jennings. Although if you have or know anyone with an FS/FSX flight sim the skin at the link here looks like what you want. If you'd prefer original sources, the Moth fin emblem started appearing during 1974, so T17s (had no 'A's back then) from 1966-74 are your focus. Although Cottesmore was their base prior to Wyton they were regular summer airshow visitors, but detail photos don't seem to have been a thing back then for most casual photographers.
  9. It is because it camouflages speed, attitude and direction.
  10. Indeed it was - most of the Scale Models magazine crew at the time in what for me was its heyday. Takeovers by conglomerates never end well. Well as the drop tank question seems to have been satisfactorily put to bed, I found this artwork which may give you some help on the upper surface pattern. Looks like Don Greer's style, so likely to be as accurate as he could get it.
  11. Unfortunately not, at least not in any of the mainstream model helper books (Detail & Scale, Squadron Signal's various titles). It's possible a club mag (IPMS Canada's Random Thoughts being one example) may have something but God knows if such an article would ever resurface. My then local Essex branch used to produce a 24 page stapled mimeographed from typewritten sheets with the most rudimentary drawings every couple of months back in the mid-70s, and it was always an interesting read. But then we did have Roger Chesneau, Geoff Prentice, Ted Taylor (RIP x 3) and Ray Rimmel in the membership. On the off-chance I dug out the couple of copies I still have but no Voodoo stuff. An early pea green Phantom's appearance at Lakenheath was noted though. I'd probably start with IRIAF brown 30140, USAF medium green 34102 and then add various quantities of black to 34079 for the schwarzgrun. But as I don't have any of those in stock to actually test with, that's just blowing smoke. And anyway, my priority is a silverplate greyback fighter, not a photoship (although that may come later after you guys have done all the heavy lifting).
  12. The Speedhunter grey ADC decals would work, with 45" stars on the wings and a suitably sized TAC winged badge on the fin.
  13. That set does look kinda familiar Mike. My memory tells me they were a more tan colour, but that might be unreliable. But if there's a Voodoo and a shark page in it, that'll definitely settle it!
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