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  1. Looking great Ben. Have you thought about just printing a step pattern decal to suggest the upper wingfold hinges? Easier than scribing on an uneven surface and visually hard to tell the difference.
  2. 'Where I Was Not - And Back. A Homing Odyssey and Memoir of the Sparrow-Cogent Wars' is published by DARPA-Collings and distributed by Yule Seas next month and will be available from all good (and some frankly questionable) bookshops.
  3. I haven't forgotten the rest of the intake stuff Anthony. I'm just surprised that with the online cockpit shots so few clearly show the upper vents and their bracing struts. So if anyone gets up top on a Spey intake, some nice clear shots of the vents would be well received.
  4. I was following all that until I wasn't and when I wasn't I didn't, although I probably could if I had another glass.
  5. I was providing Kim at HobbyDecal with material and blurbs for his sheets at one time, bu haven't heard from him since 2008.
  6. That's not a slat. That's an awning.
  7. Looks like you have the space to epoxy another couple of invisible brass rods aft of the 'authentic' one to beef up the strength of the attachment there, Max.
  8. Your lighting, especially the formation lights look brilliant. Just right. I've found with some brands of old toothbrushes the colours can fade to very faint shades with age. I used to scavenge broken brake light lenses from minor car accidents for red clear material, and even managed to find part of a broken green dome from a doctor's emergency light, which were far more colourfast. But now while I still use my stash, I give them a thin brush of Tamiya clear colour which makes them a bit more bold,
  9. I'm sometimes puzzled by the 'No Push' stencils on the leading edges of Phantoms. And the you see photos of herds of sailors manhanding the beasts into place all lined up along the front of the wings. I don't think they're pulling.
  10. You're over complicating it Fozzy. Go to your postimg account and call up your photo. Right click on the photo (or do whatever your platform of choice requires) and 'copy image address' Click the 'insert image from URL' panel at the bottom of the post frame. Paste in the image address URL. No extra codes, just as you copied it from your image. Click' insert into image' and you're done and the image will present. Look forward to seeing your progress.
  11. I used the GT resin ones as they are correctly sized. But I also stuck foil impressions rubbed down over the Aires ones to the petals to replicate the weld seam patterns that GT omitted.
  12. I gotta say Jennings, personal preference or whatever, that your revised version looks a lot less stark with the intensity of the black items reduced I realise we could have gone the overspray route on our own, but getting an even result would have called for some skill. I'll be a lot happier using these as they now appear. Stencils should definitely be there on a model, but not jumping out in your face demanding 'look at ME!'
  13. I endured some ridicule when I posted in the course of some discussion or other a while back that my Monogram B-58 had gone AWOL. (How can anyone possibly ... something that large etc. etc). I knew I hadn't only imagined having one because the two rudimentary decal sheets that came with it were in my decal shoe - well, boot box - really, but no sign of the kit. It was only when moving out of my old flat last year that I discovered that under the kitboxes sitting quite obviously on top of the wardrobe was a recessed space which very successfully held and hid the B-58. I had no recollection
  14. Great looking build Anthony. I like the way you've pre-fitted the keel area, so it just slots into place with no clean up required. I'll have to try that on my next one, instead of cutting out just the area under the stab hinge and adding it back with some clean up needed.
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