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  1. Oh gawd, I just ordered the KH Mirage 2000D/N from China for £80+ all in. which I don't really need or want right now but may well do at some future date. But then there's the Reskit nozzle, metal legs and a cockpit etch to consider before they too disappear. Where does it end (apart from penury)?
  2. I ordered these and also explained to Ali that many Phantom Phans will want multiple versions of our Phave plane, but don't necessarily want open, super detailed cockpits in all of them. In which case a canopies closed option would save the pfaff of joining and eliminating seams. If that's something that appeals to you as well, please say so so he doesn't think I'm a lone loony barking at the moon.
  3. When my dad flew Vulcans, he said they'd set their tins of orange juice on the floor to chill. I guess thick socks were very mandatory too.
  4. That's brilliant Jens, thanks for finding it. Even drawings and a blow-by-blow .pdf guide by Mr Vark himself, Jim Rotramel. Thank you. This is what happens when you come to the party a few years after the circus has moved on!
  5. Hi community! I'm wondering if anybody has got close enough to an Aardvark with TP2 intakes (Triple Plow 2 for those unfamiliar)to measure the gap between the intake lip and the fuselage? I have the DMold intakes (one of which is passable, the other one with bubble blobs where the bleed holes should be. Never mind, a bit of needlework required) But some photos of the area I have, whether due to the camera lens or whatever,indicate that the gap between the shock cone and the fuselage is wider - much wider - than an unmodified install will produce. I'm working o
  6. Thanks for the link Adam, it has quite a few photos I haven't yet seen - including the Ta-152s! I thought I'd have to finish that one in primer.
  7. I'm able to complete my Bf 109 line up without having to display a single swastika. I wish the same was possible for the three Fw 190s I'd like to add.
  8. Not sure if this info from Ron Downey's blog will be any help Anthony, but you can never have too much data, right? .Also, I can recommend Ali McLean's clear resin canopy set, which neatly avoids the seam clean-up and edge refraction problems of the way Tamiya designed the frames and transparencies with the need to glue them together.
  9. I was literally just thinking had there been an update from JETMADS when my phone alerted me about a new email from them. Their team is still in Covid recovery mode, but they expect to resume production by the end of May.
  10. Thanks guys. I'll file that one under 'mystery solved'. And I'll try not to be too insufferable if it comes up again.
  11. I envy you being an eyewitness. I've heard said that the feel of a launch is something you have to experience for yourself. That explanation does sound very plausible.
  12. So there I was explaining to my son that those of us who were there knew the significance of Grissom, Chaffee and White's names because it was big news at the time and their places in space history were assured because of what happened to them. (This was years before the current For All Mankind TV series). But then one thing came up that stumped me. What is the significance of the black painted areas on the Apollo rockets? And why those locations? I had to admit I have no idea. Something to do with heat dispersion? I dunno.
  13. The only way to be sure is to take a look at the data plate under the cockpit sill.
  14. It's easier if you chuck the wheel in a drill the use a saw blade to scribe in the treads.
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