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  1. Yes indeed - it's hard to match the light blue serial colours by mixing and matching letters from different decal sheets. Also the small specific squadron crests on the nose would be nice. The B1A's most famous outing were the three airframes used to film the crew boarding and flying sequences in the Bond film Thunderball, although when that was made the upper surfaces were camouflaged. But for me, the white B1As, either the filthy Finningley ones or the more pristine Waddington ones are the essential Vulcan. That big ECM tailcone with the phase 2 wing just looks a far better proportioned airframe than those with the much enlarged B2 wing.
  2. Jennings, please please PRETTY PLEASE don't forget to include a light blue 'A' on the sheet for those of us with a penchant for the lovely B1A.
  3. It looks very nice and will certainly be an easier build than the mid-80 release if the moulding is done with good quality plastic. The intakes look to be the same pain design as the current version, but if made with the same precision as on the Victor should be manageable. The jet pipes look much better. The airbrakes may be OK but will I think be substituted with etch parts by the more fastidious builder. I would have liked a wing/engine option for a B1, and an open brake chute compartment but, athere are options and modelling skills that worked well enough on the original. Can't wait to see the actual kit.
  4. The only time I needed flying wires (for a 1/32 ID Swordfish) I used Aeroclubs very finest grade airfoil extruded plastic strips which worked well, looked to scale and had that correct 3-D look. They also allowed a little flexibility (no pun intended) in fitting as they could be shrunk a little with mild heat. I'm surprised that there hasn't been a replacement made since John Adams ceased production as there must be a huge demand for WNW and models such as this one.
  5. Thanks Jennings, that sems about right to me. I'm doing one with the older white missiles (so that the stencils show up better) and as I say, the old splinter schemes are how I remember German Starfighters being.
  6. Sorry to resurrect this old thread but I haven't found a definitive answer to my question with my searches. When the AS-34 Kormoran entered service with the BundesMarine squadrons, were all F-104Gs in RAL7012 basaltgrau upper surfaces by then? I'd quite like finish mine in the more iconic olivgrun splinter scheme, but I haven't found a Kormoran equipped one in that scheme yet. One of the AIRDoc books will likely have the answer, but I don't have them.
  7. As I picked up a B for £GBP22 delivered last month I'm waiting a while, as the A models are still in the mid 30s pricewise, as to be expected with a new-ish release. Might not wait too long though as leaving the EU will play havoc with the intra-continental international distribution we're used to unless we can cancel the lunatic policy.
  8. I got the Airfix kit, and was so disappointed it wasn't a straight scale-up of their 1/72 kit (having its incorrect middle aged spread ahead of the intakes) I rapidly got a Dynavector replacement which is far more accurate in capturing the look. I'll perhaps use the Airfix one as a Vigilante-style intaked version what-if at some point. But it'll be big bugger in 1.32, and I think I'm over my TSR2 fixation now.
  9. Normally that's good advice Kevin. But there are dozens perhaps hundreds of pages in total and constantly being updated. It's a real ongoing labour of love and Joe has it so well organised it's sometimes hard to comprehend the sheer sprawl of it.
  10. Does anyone know why Joe's site is offline/gone for the past couple of days? I know Joe's getting on in years, and I've sometimes wondered what'll happen to it when ... y'know. I hope he's OK and it's only a temporary glitch registration issue. It's one of the singlemost invaluable resources on the internet, especially if US types, serials and BuNos are important to you. Panic over - the site is back up again.
  11. In the '70s-80s, I lived in the Cranbrook area of Ilford, a town seamlessly on the eastern edge of London. An article in the local paper at the time recalled when a V2 missile impacted the area in March 1945 and as I was living in one of the streets mentioned, I took an interest. The area has a large number of parallel streets of Edwardian era, double-fronted terraced housing, and it was possible to note the difference in more recently re-built houses from the street's bombed whole middle terraces at the epicentre of the strike on Endsleigh Gardens, gradually lessening in decreasing diameter rings through the neighbouring streets. I never thought to count the number of destroyed houses, but it would have been in the many dozens. Even more sobering was the thought that even those who might have survived on the perimeter of the massive blast would have had no idea what had just happenend or where it came from. The 13 ton rocket impacted at over 3000 miles per hour.
  12. In all the photos I've seen, it doesn't appear to me that they do. However, there is a build over on Large Scale Modeller where the builder has made a very creditable job of depicting that higher 'shoulder'. I'm not on my regular PC or I'd post the link, but it should be discoverable. Edited to add: there are several threads on the HKM British Phantoms in this forum, a couple of which grew to contain epic amounts of info and detail photos. Well worth searching out.
  13. No, both the Spey Phantoms were derived from the F-4J and have the wider Navy style wheels. FGR2 XM497 F-4J 155529
  14. If you can have an F-4 Phantom in 1/32 then a Voodoo shouldn't be a problem either.
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