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  1. I recall reading long ago that the gloss white was a special hard epoxy finish used to protect the bare metal of the wing from erosion caused by the hi-pressure bleed air. No idea how true that is.
  2. Thanks guys. the blade antenna on the spine and the yellow radome warning loop (+ stencil) seem to be the main SK-37E giveaways. And I like to know what's going on with different versions this beautiful aircraft. While ordering a third kit (I'd like grey/silver/and fields and meadows schemes) I asked the about the possibility of them producing other versions as I really also want an AJ-37 lugging 2 x honking great Rb04 missiles in 1/32nd scale. They replied: "Other versions of the Viggen are within our release plans, however our schedule is fully loaded and they will hav
  3. While not strictly on the JM kits sub-type topic, but assuming lots of Viggen fans are here, what is that yellow loop line seen around the radome on SK-37Es? It's not a yaw cord, it's painted on and has some stenciling which looks like 'TRYCK LI ****'.
  4. As the kits originate from Turkey the UK govt's ridiculous shenanigans with VAT should not apply to JetMads kits.
  5. Some great schemes, and hard to believe it was all 20 years ago. But without having half a dozen to hand, I think I'll stick with the iconic fields and meadows scheme. It should have a lot of presence in 1/32 scale. Maybe not as much as a WNW Felixstowe, but plenty enough for the average room.
  6. Just for a laugh, I submitted a 'what if' article to Hyperscale way back in 2002 mainly to show off my concept and one of my first photoshopped artworks for a single seat Firefly. It was just an idea I thought was interesting. It looked a handsome enough beast, and one of the guys behind Accurate Miniatures commented at the time it made him take more of an interest in the type. Imagine my surprise at it turning up a year or so ago on a WW2 aircraft discussion forum. Of course the concept was ripped to shreds which was fair enough as I was mainly considering looks rather than p
  7. I was hugely disappointed when Peter of Airscale stopped work on his 18th scale metal masterpiece-in-the-making Firefly topic here..
  8. Thanks Vince, I was able to get some of what I'm looking for. I'll probably use NATO black as a substitute and check photos more diligently see what if any special properties the dark green has. Good call Matt. Some years ago I built the Airfix Viggen prototype in NMF for my son, and I hope the rumoured AJ-37 will be forthcoming from Jetmads to revisit it.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions Jens and Derek. I'll keep them in mind, but likely won't make a decision until the kit's delivered.
  10. Actually Rainer I had an email from my usual supplier to say they've just had a big re-stock of MRP come in today. But still none of the Swedish colours.
  11. I've been watching out for six months plus for a UK supplier to have the MRP colours come into stock.
  12. The comments throughout the thread explain the operational and then the political reasons behind creating the subterfuge, and the physical reasons for why an F-4B could not be stowed out of sight below deck and had to be camouflaged to look like a Royal Navy Phantom (from a distance). Short of listing the painters responsible for carrying out the paintjob, I'm not sure what additional factual details you could reasonably want.
  13. It'd be easier to paint the fuselage sides and then insert the window strips. The better the prep on the fuselage halves prior to joining, the less chance for dust to enter when dressing the seams.
  14. Some of the stripes were applied overnight on the 5th June sometimes using brooms as paintbrushes, and the greatest care wasn't taken in applying them in some cases.
  15. I'll merely state that you will never find a photo of a Mk IX with a B wing cannon armament. Drum feeds were obsolete, regardless of what an old contract may have specified.
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