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  1. Chek

    New, clean topic: HB B-24 Test Shot Photos

    The outer 'detailed covers for those stalky legs shown with the tyres appear on the sprue ten frames further down.
  2. The catalogue number is unrelated to any the old '60s variant releases, and Scalemates places it in the new Italeri kit's bloodline. Plus I'm sure I read a few months back it was happening Just don't ask me to prove it!
  3. For those who want a crack at a big Mirage, the Revell reissue of the Italeri Dassault Mirage IIIE 1:32 kit is on offer in the UK from here. At less than £50 with free postage, I haven't seen a better price anywhere, and severely undercuts the Italeri issue. It features an AdA special scheme, and looks like it includes an Aussie decal option, but even the Revell.de site denies all knowledge of it or its cat. no., so no instruction sheet to view as yet with no reviews and just a barebones entry on Scalemates so far. I have no connection to the retailer, although I've bought discount kits from them many times and found them to be speedy (within the UK) and efficient.
  4. I see Hyperscale are featuring these as being 1/72 scale on their 2nd October page. When I checked the Aerocraft page, it doesn't actually mention the scale, which made me wonder what I've actually ordered. Mind you. it didn't on the Eurofighter Typhoon nose gear leg, and that was definitely 1/32 scale (and beautifully cast) when it arrived. But it might be a wise idea to update your site with the scale details Ali, just so there's no mistakes about things being incorrectly ordered.
  5. Chek

    Lancaster purchase

    I'm impressed by the skin texture and positive rivets shown on the WNW CAD renders. IIRC, Airfix put a similar treatment into their big Typhoon, but I don't love the subject enough to devote that much real estate to it. I'll be quite happy when the 1/32nd version comes out of the Czech Republic to slot into my Hawker flightline. Having said that, if they'd done all that surface detailing for a 1/24 Spitfire XIV, minds can be changed. I can only hope that the style of surface texturing finds it's way onto some models I would actually like to get.
  6. Chek

    HK Lancaster.

    As I understand it, that's polystyrene in its natural form. Adding colour dyes also allows plasticisers to be added, giving the more-or-less flexible varieties of PS we see in the majority of kits. Odd that the HKM display model has both the early type fuselage windows and the starboard heater fairing aft of the wing. I had thought that a much later addition.
  7. Chek

    Boulton Paul Defiant kit possible?

    The Airfix 1/48 Defiant looks great just adding Master slot-sleeved MG barrels. A 1/32 version that had designed-in scale moving ramps to display various configurations all in one model, together with a good representation of '30s panel beating would be very nice.
  8. Chek


    Tough news for HKM, but good for large RAF bomber fans, I suppose. I'll say flat out that I've no space or interest in either version from whatever maker. But... if HKM were to think a little bit laterally and in conjunction with the complete kit, market the busy, inhabited nose section as nose-art adorned mini-kits I'd provide a home for several of them. With the interior detailing, turret and large 'glass' areas, the nose is the main focal point and area of interest, and it'd be much easier to accommodate several of them in a compact display. Most of all I hope WNW's announcement doesn't cause too many knock-on effects to HKM's Spey Phantom plans.
  9. Chek

    Best F-4G Conversion

    One thing not mentioned thus far, at least in this particular topic, is that the upper wing bulges are too sharp-edged in the Revell kit. They're nicely defined, but too sharp and need rounding off at the corners all the way round.
  10. Chek

    Trumpeter EE Lightning F6 fuselage stretch

    My only complaint about the Airfix 1/48 Lightning is that the fuselage spine should be an almost straight line from canopy to the base of the fin. Not completely straight, as there is a slight bulge there, but the kit looks like it's been karate chopped there. Apologies to the anonymous modeller whose well built and finished kit photos I've adapted for illustration purposes shown below.
  11. Chek

    Trumpeter EE Lightning F6 fuselage stretch

    While Phartycrocs fuselage extension placement helps enormously, the overly huge bulged canopy (along with the overly obese under fuselage tank) still remain a deal breaker for me regarding buying the Trumpy kit. While the truly excellent Echelon kit seems to become available one death at a time via estate sales - I've been looking for a second one to convert to a 'straight' wing type at a 'reasonable price' for years - the in-development (for years) canopy and belly tank add-ons by Ian32SIG will be a worthy acquisition when (if ever) they become available. And they are hugely necessary at a minimum if the Trumpeter kit is to appear at all authentic. Otherwise the Trumpy kit involves accepting shape compromises you may or may not find acceptable, especially if it's to pose as a part of a Lightning 'family' collection. For markings enthusiasts, the Lightning is important as the sole major RAF fighter type in natural metal finish (though not solely limited to those colours) in the era between Javelin/Hunter type camouflage (Dark Green/Dark Sea Gey/ Hi-speed silver) of the 1960s, and the Dark Green/Dark Sea Grey/ Light Aircraft Grey schemes leading into the 1970s and 80s.
  12. Chek

    HpH Wyvern breaks through the clouds...

    Never thought we'd be seeing more physical evidence of a big scale Wyvern before the big scale Royal Navy Phantom. Although the (proper, Python engined) Wyvern must be one of the very few single engined aircraft that can make the Tomb appear scrawny and undernourished.
  13. Some parts of PE will be more stained by the acid etching process than others (it's the copper in the brass that's so affected, giving that coppery look). If you're concerned that it's a loose coating that may come off, clean your piece with a mix of a couple of spoonfuls of vinegar with a pinch of baking soda applied with a soft toothbrush. When it's dried, wipe over with lacquer thinner to remove any photo-resist film that may be remaining. All of this is not only belt'n'braces, but added bungee cords and suspension bridge support cabling to boot. I've never had any problem with either cyano or paint adhesion to such discoloured pieces in 30 years.
  14. Chek

    German F-104 Camo Colors

    Olive green was a widely used anti-glare colour on many century series jets, up to the F-110 Spectre.
  15. Chek

    Weathering your Heinkel

    Sometimes wish I'd paid more attention to certain subjects. I'm sure that for a Luftwaffe aficionado, it'd be as dumb a question as whether F-4C Phantoms had flaps or slats would be to a jet fan.