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  1. Are there any photos that show how much the rear of the radiators was cut back?
  2. Not sure where I read it, but the model will weigh around 1 kilo, and the resin gear has been test loaded to 3+ kilos.
  3. I bought mine 6 or 7 years ago. I only wanted the nozzles for my Echelon kit, but as I've since added a Trumpy one I'm glad of them. Looking at the most recent Aires listing, they no longer seem to be present in the upgrade
  4. Thanks, that's good to know. Enjoy your kit!
  5. The Aires engine nozzle set includes resin panels to fix that awful misshapen scallop at the rear between the jet engines.
  6. I was trying to explain this to Ali at Aerocraft a while back, but regarding Phantoms and producing a one piece canopy including windscreen. Many of us will have multiple Spitfires (or Phantoms). Sure, the hoi-poloi will have just one, but many, MANY of us have multiples we want to build because we like the type. I may build ONE Tamiya Spitfire with an exposed engine, but not the other three. One is enough. Likewise the Tamiya Phantoms. I'll do ONE with a super detailed Quinta cockpit but that's it. The other four will be closed cockpits. It'd be nice if someone catered to our needs.
  7. And a good thing too, IMHO. Keep it cheap and attractive looking.
  8. I don't think they'll be doing that post-war hybrid rebuild anytime soon, cool photo or not.
  9. Echoing a review elsewhere, a Master brass pitot and a Quinta Studios cockpit set would be a great addition. Maybe even a Yahu panel too, to be greedy. Maybe we should start adding names to a wishlist, to gauge demand.
  10. Blue is a very difficult if not nigh impossible colour to mix. As I discovered when fixing a Thomas the Tank Engine 30 odd years ago.
  11. It's not something I usually ever considered before, but while researching the Matchbox original Privateer I wanted to win on eBay, I came across a comment from someone who had built one with Tamiya liquid poly, only to find that it fell apart into its component pieces some years later. As an Tamiya extra thin (or MEK user now I'v had a canister partial refill) I found that somewhat alarming as I'd assumed the original MB plastic would be better. It certainly seems harder than that used in many contemporary plastic kits. I know JETMads is resin, but it did make me think about it.
  12. I think a very long time ago I'd thought of duplicating the Matchbox gull wing section to improve the ancient Revell Spitfire I kit. As I recall it was a horrible flat wide shape that didn't work, at least for me. I've still got a Warbirds Griffon nose along with Jen's Mk47 set in case the desire to have another go returns.
  13. CA glue of any description (that I know of) goes brittle when cured. Neither does it penetrate into the bonded surfaces. I've added resin and other materials to kits using CA, but I'm unsure about its capacity to hold an entire heavy kit together. I'm wondering if a UV cured resin bonder is a better answer than epoxy, at least for the larger parts. I'd be interested to know what the builders at somewhere like HpH use.
  14. I'd quite happily buy a budget version without the engine and ancillaries.
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