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  1. Just dropped by for a moment and saw this....My condolences Jennings. experienced with this ..just think of the all good times in your memories...,stay positive.
  2. Wow...that was full on! ..Enjoyed seeing all of them.
  3. Brilliant....Peter..I think you are a fearless modeler..In that you create in a place others fear to tread.
  4. Standard rule is I've requested the actual shipping costs..most of the time the response is much lower,think they look at it more seriously. On store sites it seems to be calculated in the high zone.If you're willing to wait a bit longer for deliveries ,don't be afraid to ask. But.....shipping costs have gotten ridiculously high over the past 3 years.don't see any kind of a price ceiling ahead unfortunately.
  5. You always seem to make my day Maru...thanks so much.
  6. Have been following you Spit build with much interest Vincent..your work in the "office" is brilliant. Cheers,
  7. Done?..yes...beautiful?..don't know bout that. Big thanks Gazzas.
  8. Thanks so much DB...I'll have to think about your offer...been in 115 degree heat in Arizona and thought I was going to die. only 21C here today. Canadians just aren't conditioned for that.
  9. nmayhew, Chuck, Vincent....cant thank you enough for the comments.
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