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  1. Nicely done, great paint job, unique.
  2. It is a Boulton Paul Defiant , there, I've let the bat out of the belfry. But I was promised a new F-86.
  3. Very nice indeed, great pics as well.
  4. Well the CGI looks a lot better than some I've seen, Have to catch it.
  5. Great looking wheel wells, and a splendid job on those inner gear doors, perfect.
  6. Thanks so much for all your help Carl,appreciate it greatly, and yes Martin sent the tracking #. In the stash there are the VIII and XVIe, last 2, Would like to get hands on some unique markings though,I have 2 Aviaeology sets (one unused) but have built two of them already.
  7. Looks very impressive, Have a set coming and plan on a highback with belly tank. So much to look forward to, now if we could only find someone to do some Mk XIV markings,decals,stencils.
  8. It's soooo bad you are not alowed to see it by order of the URS.
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