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  1. Like what you're doing here, but watch out for that lower wing dihedral, you will have to shorten the interplane struts as well to catch it.
  2. One more pic from west side of Aug. Mt Christie fire.. This fire hardly made the news .because in comparison to what's happening in Cal. and Oregon, Washington it paled. But everyone up here in B.C. knows very well that over the next few years as each summer and winter progressively gets warmer(and it has) we must be prepared and do the right thing for what's ahead...
  3. Fires in B.C. Can. not as bad but we've had a few..Bad one just above my hometown at the end of Aug. Mount Christie fire pics....What is very frightening is the helplessness you feel as it comes roaring through,fortunately no lives lost in this one.
  4. Nimrod will be ready to order on site only, in 5 to 6 weeks...sadly no pre orders. Huge thanks for this one Lukasz . Going to be on the bench first thing.
  5. Thanks Lukasz.. Talked about the Nimrod back in 2017. Lovely.
  6. I know I'm just trying to lighten the mood around here. Geeze.it's like a morgue lately.
  7. Been waiting since the end of April. Does that help??
  8. Many years ago a plastic kit toy manufacture in(we'll stay PC here and just say somewhere east of North America) was asked if they could make a plastic kit of a Centaur. The company agreed and said they could,but also wanted to know what a Centaur was. The response was a short flippant "You know, half man half horse..This is the finished product they received. Now I have no idea why they decided to name this so called Centaur "TARDY" but it does seem quite appropriate.Perhaps they were thinking "Centard" They just went ahead and marketed it as the "Man Pony".Or at least tr
  9. Not happening.....love to see a Beau though.
  10. Patience has it's rewards. And in these times we all have to be .
  11. Same here very much,tracking a couple ..Seems like they traveled farther , visited more places and stayed longer than I have.
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