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  1. Wow!..that scales out very well...would have expected some major reshaping.
  2. And we have a start.... Finally figured out my own way to utilize the Trumpeter wings and lower Fus. section..they are much better.especially the wheel wells. Was going to use the Trumpeter engine cowl but after comparing it with the Has.and checking references and drawings decided to use and detail the Has. cowl (you can clearly see why) Also filled in all the deep rivets on the Trumpy parts to be used. Stripped the Has. Fus. for a full re-scribe,rivets,fasteners..the part I like the best. Working up a whole new cockpit as well...This will be an F6F/3 Early Cat. Thanks for following...more soon as we ain't doin much else right now. Can't even go bloody fishing but this is almost as much fun. Cheers.
  3. Always look forward to your creations Milo...the time and care spent is so apparent that I'm sure I could pick yours out from an over crowded table. Bravo.
  4. Very nice indeed...like the tonal s in the finish a lot.
  5. Lovely build..and partial to a well painted pilot figure.. Really nice.
  6. Lovely job... Great paint and subtle touches really make it.
  7. Thanks Wolf,Ron Mike and Albert. very much appreciate the nice comments...lots of modeling time now..Isolated at home like we should be.
  8. ....Wurger wizard at the bench. Canardlywait.
  9. ....The Sabre is one of my favorites.
  10. Ya, Same here,it's different world right now. My little town is a scene from "The Last Picture Show" if anyone remembers that?
  11. Yes Maru..holed up with just the workbench to break the boredom.... and ya, lots of disappointed faces for the holiday as no gathered crowds allowed. Doesn't effect me..Won't join any club that'll have me as a member..LSP notwithstanding.
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