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  1. They look to be in "Scale" Love it.
  2. Another winner from Miloslav...What a beaut!
  3. No kidding....Have bought a number of your figures Norbert..they are indisputably the best out there. Latest was the WWII US Navy pilot..it's the inspirational reason I've started a Hellcat Vignette.
  4. Peter..You have,I believe, taught us all here a very valuable lesson as we watch your work in progress. And that is "Everything is Figureoutable".
  5. Nice Gaz..looks life like and real in the pix.
  6. Yes we posted after you had inquired...please give us a link for your WIP Troy...we'd all love to follow along.
  7. Thanks so much for the kind comments,means a lot....Still wishing for a proper well executed BOB Spitty. If you can find one of these older Rev-Has kits...give it a hug.
  8. Photobucket for these Martin....Imageshack is now the backup...and yes we have to pay.sigh. Thanks for the comment.
  9. I was asked to repost pics of my Revell Has. Spitfire...could not find the original pictures,so we re shot some. They're not great.. but kinda in the middle of things at the moment.. This is the older kit..won't go into the differences comparing it to the new one..no point as this kit is getting hard to find. .Traded my last one to Martin.. hope he posts some WIP here. Back to fishing..Cheers for now...Bill.
  10. Too much negativity here. You just might have to eat that unicorn Ron.
  11. Perhaps Vincent..we can only wait and see. With fingers crossed.
  12. I agree..never seen sprue gates that looked like that even in 48th.
  13. Well my guess on the scale of this P-38 Nose is that it's 32nd scale....removable panel on the starboard side of nose,smaller one on the port...extremely detailed. Don't believe Tamiya would be offering super thin nose panels in 48th... Hope I'm right.
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