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  1. williamj

    Lavochkin 7

    No..thank you guys..you were so helpful.
  2. williamj

    Can you believe this???

    Wow! Don't worry..it's insured with Progressive.
  3. williamj


    The Spad comment was me being me....I did notice the books..very enlightening...it does show interest in what may come our way.
  4. williamj


    WNW announcement over on HS... Price is still to be confirmed, but we are doing what we can to keep it as low as possible and hope it will only be slightly more than 32801 Felixstowe F.2a & Hansa-Brandenburg W.29 "The Duellists". Interestingly, Bryan Wall (pictured) was the lead Product Designer/3D Modeller for our Avro Lancaster project which he finished modelling well before starting work on the Halberstadt Cl.II mentioned above. He has also since completed another couple of new (WW1) models that we’re not quite ready to reveal just yet. Price...perhaps 400 450...range. So a couple more soon...we can only guess, perhaps before Xmas is my guess. But what is that behind him on the window shelf...kinda looks like a Spad to me,mabe not. And those Lancs.the canopies have molded frames...OMG!
  5. williamj


    Those few actual sprue shots look...what's the word?? Delicious!
  6. williamj

    Roden L-19 Bird Dog

    Soon guys,shelved for a while...have something else on the go at the moment..
  7. williamj

    Monogram Piper Tri Pacer VH-OLD

    So nice....do remember this kit,built one long before disco died. Back then Monogram was king. Well done Eric.
  8. williamj

    Who will I see in Telford this year?

    Next year for me...Planning it now.
  9. williamj

    Happy Birthday LSP Ron

  10. williamj

    Wingnut wings is developing three new kits

    A grumpy old geezer Stephen,OMG... LOL
  11. williamj

    Vancouver B.C. Show pics

    The show was a lot of fun..quality of builds was up...even if the numbers were down just a touch..The boys in Vancouver do put in a lot of work,and it runs smoothly. So much to see..Had a great time catching up with fellow modelers and friends,kept me busy all day. Had lunch with Wolf again(one of many) and talked to great length.One of the nicest people you'll meet in the modeling world. Cheers fer now...William.
  12. williamj

    Wingnut wings is developing three new kits

    As I understand it...and was told....WNW started developing this kit just a touch over 8 years ago...And this was long before HK had their start,so to be fair,it was WNW who had the jump on HK from conception. Now I'm not sure how far along WNW was when they heard the news that there was another 32nd Lanc in the works,but considering the man hours,money investment,and research under Peter's direction...believe they were well past the point of no return in it's incubation...this isn't the first time we've seen this happen,won't be the last either. Have a childlike Christmas morning feeling about what will be coming our way with the WNW Lancaster..It will so be worth the wait.
  13. williamj

    Fisher models AD-5W Guppy in 1/32....Done!

    Jeeze Louise ..is that ever nice. way ta go Paul.