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  1. I think the character who will take the iron throne is not on anyone's list ....rumors of the "big surprise".
  2. So much quicker...don't have to wait for the forum to load. way ta go Kevin.
  3. I'm almost certain Peter does crossword puzzles with a ballpoint pen. This will be a great book.A Mustang must have.
  4. Thanks Carl..think the one I used might have been the same one...but it didn't fit worth a damn..had to re-shape it and re-cast it.Might have been for the old Revell kit.
  5. Thanks Peter..got the idea a while back watching your master class.
  6. 'Let 'Em In' - PaulMcCartney.com Track of the Week - YouTube
  7. Brass fasteners on the Mk XIVe ...Peter inspired idea. Attaching them with a drop of clear lacquer then using needle point tweezers drop into place and adjust. real time vampire. This Spit I'm building clean.. as a modern restored bird..static display kind of thing. Cheers for now.
  8. Crobinonh,Kevin,Troy,Gazzas...Thanks for following..keeps me going.
  9. Thanks Chuck..ya I'm changing it now..didn't like the look of it either...no worries.
  10. Thanks Chuck...you know what they say..there's always something you'd do differently after. Cheers buddy.
  11. Thanks Brian,Ray.appreciate it..and Vincent,I,ve been following your build..it will be immaculate as usual..I'm just mucking about to keep busy.
  12. Some progress....having fun with the XIVC..long way to go yet.lots of weathering to do and detailing before a final finish. The XIVe is coming along ... am getting quite serious about it.(It will look much different).giving it far more time and attention than this one. more later. Thanks for looking in. Cheer's..Bill.
  13. Happy "B" Day guys...And Mike,you're actually 3 months younger than me. flip that geezer switch.
  14. Beautiful Corsair...crisp clean work. love it.
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