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  1. Up next is the Stearman PT-17, Going to add a bit of AM to it just to help it look wee bit better. It is not the ICM ,Bought this before it was released and am not displeased with the kit at all.. So off we go.
  2. Little late to the party....Happy "B" Day Mike.
  3. Thanks so much for the comments guys.. Will be adding a couple more soon,PT-17 ,SBU-1 Corsair. Cheers.
  4. Seriously has to be the nicest 104 I have ever seen. So much care and time spent really shows Chuck. So nice.
  5. This is what will end it for me as well..hoping and counting on it being changed by then. 3 months might be enough.
  6. I have used MRP,Very impressed,as far as crazing goes you will never have this happen if you properly prime your model first. Every model I build,everyone single one is primed first,there are many benefits to this habit,not just the crazing issue..
  7. You have got this ..It's no secret I love a nice Sabre in any config. Pulling up a chair .. PS: And why oh why haven't we seen a proper well molded Sabre kit with in box options for earlier variants including a "V" windscreen. Still waiting.
  8. Big thanks Chuck..I seriously appreciate it. Cheers my friend.
  9. Just wondering who might be going if it's still on.. I will be going,supposed to get the jab next week. But I imagine we'll still be masked there.which is not a bad idea,keeps the drool off the models.
  10. Thanks for that buddy...PS: I guess there is a first time for everything.
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