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  1. Thanks a HEAP!, Kevin 'I've already run some Mr. Surfacer 500 around the join . . . a cotton bud moistened with Mr. Color Thinner to remove the excess putty.' Mr. Surfacer is a putty and not a paint? 'Still shaking off the rust with my brush painting,' I know what you mean. Still, everything looks good. Thank you. Sincerely, Mark
  2. You got that right, Thierry. This is an inside and outside job. Good luck, Kent. Sincerely, Mark
  3. 'The difference is everywhere. Whatever Hasegawa gives in the F kit has nothing in common with the seat used on the E.' Got it. Thank you. Great photo. Sincerely, Mark
  4. That is some mighty fine modeling. Great show. One month to build and paint, 11 months to stencil! Sincerely, Mark
  5. 'By the way, I looked at the seat in the Hasegawa Bf 109 F and it does not look like the seat used in the E' Where's the difference? Thank you. Sincerely, Mark
  6. Same seat in Hasegawa Bf109F-4 if you have the kit. The kit has 2 seats, so you can use the other for your build. If you don't have the kit, PM me your address and I' send it over. Sincerely, Mark
  7. Fantastic work, Gentlemen. Sincerely, Mark
  8. I don't know what your resources are,: https://www.3dnatives.com/en/top-10-low-cost-3d-scanners280320174/ but you can buy a 3D scanner inexpensively. This way you can buy a model, say the B-17, B-25, B-24, or Catalina, which have interiors, scan the interior parts, then clean up the image. Sincerely, Mark
  9. 'How do you guys that have built em feel?' I've built 2, and am finishing up 3 from the Shelf of Doom. Parts fit, the fidelity of the detail that is there is clean and crisp, having sharp edges and corners. Parts count is low. Construction is simple and easy. Building and painting instructions are easy to read. Decals are applied easily. Open to After Market detail and correction sets. I like the kit. Hasegawas' kits follow the Keep It Simple Stupid philosophy. Unlike Tamiya. Sincerely, Mark
  10. Nice frameable art. Sincerely, Mark
  11. Parts fit is amazing. Top notch presentation. Great definition. I like the white background and minimalist shadow. Makes everything seem to float. Reminds me of the first texture map. Would you post a picture of your photo set-up? Thank you. Sincerely, Mark
  12. 'Was this project ever finished?' Bekim had posted on a thread and I asked him about this build. He said that he's awaiting a response from IAI (Israeli Aircraft Industries). Sincerely, Mark
  13. 'Maybe the seat is a little bit too high in relation to the radio-shelf' Standard chair height is 18 inches FFF( From Finished Floor) Human Factors and Ergonomics: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_factors_and_ergonomics This is all just great. Sign me up for a copy when it goes into production. Sincerely, Mark
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