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    Hi to all I present my new MWP (metal work panels) project based on the Italeri Mirage IIIc 1/32 scale model kit: I chose the version (optional) ECT02 / 02 Côte D'or Dijon-Longvic 1970 (NMF finished) Aftermarkets: Eduard BigEd: part 1 & 2 Eduard Brassin: Wheels resin parts Scale Aircraft Conversions: landing gears Master (Air): Pitot tube & adapter for Italeri kit Berna Decals: for version ECT02 / 02 In this first session of work: I assembled, detailed and modified the cockpit: Test to fit on the mock up (1) : test :ok - please note the light wash (mix oil & resin) over the aircraft surface: preliminary step of the MWP procedure for reveal all the informations on the panels. MWP: the self-adhesive metal tape (aluminum) belowe the model: The instrument panels: Final test to fit (2): I tested the Chameleon colors on the SNECMA Atar 9c which I then placed on its support : note the variation of the colors ( different combustion temperature) Final assembling SNECMA Atar 9c & support: That is all for the moment. more pics & info: http://www.adventurephotomodels.com Thanks for the attention George
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    Here are some renderings of the Beaufighter cockpit design at about 75% complete. Much work yet to do and much of what you see here will change, but you can get an idea of the design's potential. Changes will include the sidewall panels which will be replaced with simple beams supporting the instruments and throttle quadrants. Radios will be further detailed. The floor and bulkheads will be thinned, too. Other features will be added including a yoke, rudder pedals, heater duct, etc. The instrument bezels are sized to match Airscale 1/32 RAF instrument decals. If there is sufficient demand, I can design upgrades for the observer/gunner's station and an instrument panel for the Beaufighter Mk.21. No gunner canopy, however, or aft gun. That will be up to the modeler or another vendor.
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    Jennings Heilig

    Vallejo RLM Confusion

    Yes. Just make sure it's completely off-gassed before you close it up in a jar.
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    Indeed it is! I might finally have a reason to build mine, now. Kev
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    Fokker pair

    Hi all, I'm making a start on the 'full built' Fokker D.VII. Cockpit items (not yet completed) and flight control rigging and cockpit frame cross bracing. Mike
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    WNW have literally created a market that either did not exist or no one knew existed. Before WNW there was zero chance that anyone would do a new tooling kit of most of the kits WNW have released. Take WNW first release the Junkers J1. No manufacturer would have released that in 1/32 as no one would have thought that anyone would buy it. I am comfortable that as long as there is a scale modeling community there will be a demand for WWI aircraft. WWI airplanes have a certain inherent attraction. Their use of wood, fabric and colorful markings will always leave us with a reason to build them. The argument that the market depends on people that have a firsts hand memory of them is entirely wrong. Most people that remember byplanes from first hand experience, unfortunately we are loosing generationally. Now they are only obscurities that show up for enthusiasts to see at the odd air show or museum. Maybe plastic modeling dies someday, but I am not worried about that. Maybe WNW decides to cease production or Peter Jackson buys one too many islands in the Caribbean and goes bankrupt. Anything can happen. However, until then I want to quote Aaron Rodgers and just say “Relax”. WNW going out of business is not an immediate or imminent problem. If it becomes an immense problem then we can go nuts over it as the world may end and the Zombies finally wipe us all out.
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    The UK government is already thinking about this which means the likes of Amazon and Evilbay will finally have to pay the right amount of tax in the country they earn the money from. Gets my vote all day long. It's a total con when a highstreet shop pays more in tax than a multi-national company.
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    RC F-104 Starfighter Video

    While I realize that a video like this might be old-hat to a lot of you guys, I had no idea that remote control jets were as sophisticated and fast as they are- and this sucker is big! Any intel on engines, cost, etc. of this amazing hobby? Check out the low pass at the 2:26 mark. Incredible. RC F-104 Starfighter Video Cheers, Chuck
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    D.B. Andrus

    Vallejo RLM Confusion

    That will take a while, patience needed. Be careful shaking decanted paint, it can make quite the mess. Ask me how I know. Stirring recommended.
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    Ki-45 question

    Just buy both you know you want to. I probably will.
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    Weird. It was there this morning. I'll try again.
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    Canopy polishing

    I sand my canopies the same way you have but they always end up a little cloudy even after using the polishes. I kept having problems with the future dip, mainly with tiny little specks sitting on the part after it dried. I thought it was dust settling on the part while it was drying so I tried everything to keep the dust off but nothing worked. Turns out it was the future not completely sealing to the part. I solved this by completely submerging the part in future while brushing it at the same time with a small flat brush. Rubbing the future on with the brush helped it seal and took care of all the specks. Here is my last canopy from my phantom build. I've seen some guys do it without dipping in future but I have yet to figure that one out. Hope this tip helps... Bryan
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    I had a "bucket list" of kits I wanted, and I recently bought the last one on it, so I've been VERY reluctant to buy any more. I probably will eventually, but I'm going to focus on completing a few before I do. Plus, there are some new things that will come out that I will simply have to buy....
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    Guess what? Another Lanc

    Getting there.
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    I live in a city of 400,000 people and we have 4 shops that cover everything from trains, kits and R/C but no aftermarket. I support 3 of them for paint, glue and kits, only buy aftermarket from Hannant's . We also have a big IPMS club here 50 members (me included) who also support the local shops. Don
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    Never! I never say the "C" word when it comes to my stash!
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    Thanks guys! Landing gear will be down. I chose to pose the leading edge slats in the closed position because (a) it looks cleaner, IMO and (b) it was simpler to do than posing them dropped. It was at a point where I wanted to move this build along and I made a number of decisions that simplified things like posing the canopy closed and the slats closed. Not all 262's on the ground had their slats dropped did they? Didn't appear to be so based on the photos I've been looking at. There were a lot of things bothering me about trying to black-base this 262 AND incorporate hairspray chipping in certain areas AND establish the putty/anti-corrosive paint under the camo colors. It just wasn't meshing in my head. The change to silver clarifies things for me since it will approximate the base conditions of the actual aircraft. I will apply grey paint (either by paint brush or airbrush) to mimic the example shown by WNr. 111711. This will serve as the base for the RLM83/76 camo to come. The only thing I have not accounted for is the tonal variation that would be provided by either the black-base or black mottle approach. I think it can be accomplished in a different way but first things first... getting the grey primer on.
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    I am sure they will be around for awhile longer... I had very little interest in WWI until WnW came onto the scene. At the 2010 IPMS nats in Phoenix I spotted a cool 1/32 albatros on the contest table and made the comment that ' someone did a nice job with the Roden kit'. Fortunately the builder was standing across the table from corrected me and filled me in on the kit. I decided to try an alby since it was the only WWI plane I had any passing interest in at the the time. I built it and was hooked. Now this is what that day turned into...
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    The Modern Viper Guide, 2nd Edition

    I have received the proofs from the printing company for The Modern Viper Guide, 2nd Edition, and they are spectacular. This is an expanded reprint of the initial Modern Viper Guide which has been sold out for several years. Due to nearly daily requests for a reprint, I thought it was about time to get this 2nd Edition out. Featuring an astonishing 1,340 full-color images within a massive 240 pages, this book is undoubtedly the most thorough of ANY reference book ever released on the F-16. Not only does it feature EVERY F-16 Block from the earliest Block 25 up to the lates Block 52+, it also covers jets from the USAF and export nations. Greece? check. Turkey? check. Iraq? check. Morocco? check. Singapore? check. QF-16s? check. And on and on and on and on........ This should be in my hands in about 40 days. Retail will be $41.95. www.reidairpublishing.com
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    Haha i laughed when i read “scientific dissertation” but then found out you were serious. Love the integration of chemistry as you shared knowledge about transition temps definitely required pics. This will be a good future reference.
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    Jennings Heilig

    RC F-104 Starfighter Video

    They actually have tiny little turbojet engines. Just like the real thing, only smaller. No more ducted fans.
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    Guess what? Another Lanc

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    Vallejo RLM Confusion

    A good way to tell if you have degassed enough is to stir the paint after decanting.......................if after a tiny bit little teeny tiny bubbles appear, its not done yet. I have in the past decanted a decent amount (usually through a straw to keep back spray down from shooting the rattle can directly into a cup - larger straw works good) into a sealable jar, and left the lid off overnight and checked it in the morning. You can always thin it back down if it gets too concentrated, but as was mentioned, do NOT seal up decanted paint if you are not 100% sure its degassed.
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    Alain Gadbois

    Polikarpov UTI-4

    That's why I found this interesting to model. And I think the UTI looks cute too! Thank you guys! Both canopies will be vac formed over masters. I may try first to just crash form over the masters as often this gives satisfactory results. Alain
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    P-47D "Raid Hot Mama", 1:32, Trumpeter

    Nice this scheme is on my list of to dos
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    1/48th Boeing B-52H Stratofortress

    I’ve not done anything on this lately. I’ve got as far as making the undercarriage bays but ran into trouble trying to get the landing gear in position. I’m having a break for a while whilst I do some head-scratching... Tom
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    Vallejo RLM Confusion

    I love the way Tamiyas spray cans work and lay down, its just that there is SO much particulate that come out, and SO little control, it's hard for me to use them for anything but general work. Decanting works well for me for the AB, but is a bit of a PITA.
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    Nice ! Romain from Dijon
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    Wow! All I saw was the radio bit.................I missed the 3D printed Beau pit! That is INDEED excellent news! Like the guys above, that makes me super happy, and has been a LONG time coming. Ive got a Lodela torp Beau that is just begging for one of these! Any chance the set will come with a gunners station too? (not being greedy or ungrateful, just had to ask )
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    History of the land speed record

    Surely a compromise is possible? Have it in the museum but occasionally move it and run it, The Railway fraternity do this all the time with their locomotives. Graham
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    Vallejo RLM Confusion

    I like the Vallejo acrylics but their color naming and labeling is a huge mess and not just with the RLM series. Their Green Zinc Chromate I use as an interior green, their Interior Green looks olive drab to me and their Olive Drab is just brown. As much as I have invested in these paints, now that I've used a few MRP and Mr Color paints I hope to continue the switch over. I actually have four different Vallejo 'reds' just to get to something I could use on a Fokker Tri-plane and the 332nd group Mustangs. Even now I tend to put a drop of each into a white dish just so I can see what color 'red' I want. I will say that I LOVE the Vallejo metal colors. But even with that, I'm switching over to Alclad for the larger surface areas (now using Vallejo for brush painting or for quick paint jobs). I have a vented spray booth and a 3M Respirator and that keeps my lungs clean. Vallejo could be more successful if they could get their color naming straightened out.
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    WW1 is still a niche subject, compared to airplanes with swastikas or pointy grey jets. That being said, have you taken some time to look at the in-progress and RFI forums? Seems to be a pretty good number of WNW subjects waiting for your review.
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    D.B. Andrus

    Vallejo RLM Confusion

    Tamiya does have Luftwaffe equivalent colors for 74, 75 & 76. However they are in the AS spray can series.
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    Trumpeter Swordfish 1:32

    Painting has started. First I sprayed the oilcooler. I use Hobby color as paint and I really like it. I can spray indoors, even when it's cold because you don't really smell the paint. For the cooler I used steel with a drop or 2 copper. when you turn it in the light it gets different shades, Then I went for the exhaust ring. I wanted to try to paint some heat stains. The exhaust is made of copper so that is the first layer. Then I toke some clear blue, Followed by clear orange. Finally i did some layers of grey smoke to darken the copper and try to blend the colors a bit. All it needs now is a coat of matt clear to get rid of the shine. For the first try i am happy with it. If you see something to do better the next time, please tell me. Every comment is usefull and appreciated Thanks for watching Ferry
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    There it is! THat hatch looks great. The detail really pops
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    Hrmmmm, I can only see the "no access" blank picture, with a grey circle with a horizontal white line through it.
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    And hence the difference in coloration visible in the photos of WNr. 111711? I did not know that but noticed the difference in color. Yes, I think I will account for that but maybe with greys instead of metallics.
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    Is it just me? It seems like WNW generates an enormous amount of conversation at this forum, but very little in the way of build threads or finished models!
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    Believe or not we don't have any in South Florida worth there salt anymore, I miss being able to touch and feel what i'm buying before i buy it.
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    20th Anniversary Monthly Raffles!

    That kit is really tempting me. I've never built a Russian plane, and that one looks very nice. Too bad my stash is "complete".
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    History of the land speed record

    Nope https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cumbria-47073731
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    Revell 1/350 Tirpitz

    Pe indeed is very small, but once it's finished you get a lot of fine detail. Thank's mate for the nice comment. Thank's Hans. Nice to hear you have also this kit in your stash. It's a great kit. Tomorrow i will have the new AK Interactive book regarding the Bismarck and Tirpitz. This will shed some light into the fact which color scheme's are historical correct. I wouldn't go to bet on the Revell scheme's included in the kit. I also notice that the canvas for the main 380 m/m guns are not included in the kit. In her early configuration she didn't have those canvas covers, but in her later operational live she had them, so keep that in mind when doing a later scheme. It's small indeed, but still fun to do. Thank's mate for the nice comment.
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    I wholeheartedly agree. Although no one including myself likes to pay more, Ill put in my share of internet tax, so that the brick and mortar shops can complete. It really isnt fair that huge corps get breaks like that when the little guys who are just getting by have to pay more.
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    Dave Williams

    Ki-45 question

    Having the kit now, it appears that most, of not all, of the parts for all of the long nose options 3-6 are in the box. The kit as it comes has decals and instructions for options 5 and 6. Option 4 is basically option 5 with the rear machine gun installed and single outlet exhausts. The instructions have you install the magazine racks, but omit the actual magazines, and the gun. Both the gun and the extra magazines are on the sprues. Parts and instructions are included for both the single outlet exhausts and the individual “thrust” type exhausts, so that’s not an issue. Option 3 is Option 4 without the oblique guns, antenna mast moved forward, and a 20mm belly cannon. The kit has an extra center cockpit cover without the oblique cannon ports and a more forward mounting hole for the antenna mast. The kit also has the 20mm belly cannon on the sprues. The trapezoidal fuel tank fuel tank that would have previously been in the area where the oblique cannons were placed appears to be on the J sprue. The kit doesn’t have any short nose parts, so options 1 and 2 will have to wait for a later release.
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    ZM Ki-45 arrival

    Let's also remember what was said in another thread about buying extra sprues from ZM (I wish I could find that thread).... ZM apparently will not sell additional sprues (like Tamiya does) from their kits because of the simple fact that they need to break open a kit to do that which results in an unsellable kit for them. I'm not sure how they handle missing parts replacement but I'm sure there's someone here that knows.
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    History of the land speed record

    Funnily enough there is a new article on the BBC today about running it on Coniston as opposed to the Scottish Loch where they ran it recently. Apparently there is a row brewing about the museum wanting to display it. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-46386257
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