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  1. ooo yes i forgot i asked this. My bad. Been a stressful time here and i'm chasing my own backside lol
  2. Could anyone please advise me if there are any external differences between the Fw190 F8 and G8 other than the gun troughs. All the pictures i've looked at seem to show that they are the same. Thanks in advance
  3. If that's you 'learning the ropes' Sophie then we are all in for a treat when you get a grip of it. Blows my efforts out of the water lol
  4. That seems to be a very common problem around here lol.
  5. Can we? Where is the icon for that? All i see is 'insert image from URL' tag
  6. Yeah i suspected that. I don't have a 'pic hosting account' anywhere either. Oh well. I'll ask to delete the thread then
  7. Hmm not working. Strange as i can see them. Admin can you delete this whole thread until i can get this sorted out. Many thanks.
  8. My first ever LSP and i thought i'd show it. Never going to be up to the standards of you guys (and now gals) on here but here it is anyway. It is the first model i've made for well over four years due to a mental breakdown and nearly committing suicide. So modelling now comes as part of my relaxation technique/coping strategies. Although the stress levels certainly rise sometimes when building lol. It's a 1/32 Haswgawa Fw190 A8. I used Xtracrylix paints and Eaglecals decals. Everything else is OOB. Couldn't afford HGW seatbelts at the time so they are missing. Hope you like it anyway. Loads of mistakes but i had fun building it and at the end of the day i know that is what counts. Thanks for looking
  9. Following this build Sophie. I have one in my stash and i'm a massive wurger fan. Love the detail on the engine.
  10. A quick thank you to all those who have served and continue to serve our nation here at home in the UK and abroad. Your service is great appreciated. Stay safe and stay strong.
  11. Dean i am not saying WNW are not worthy of praise for their model kits. Far from it. Even someone as untalented as myself can recognise that they produce some beautiful looking kits, even if they are not from my period of interest. I cannot afford the WNW Lanc (or the HK Lanc for that matter). I'd struggle to buy the 1/48 Tamiya kit lol. And even if i could afford the WNW Lanc, i doubt i would buy it as i cannot justify the cost vs my talent. I'd be too scared to make a mess up of it. Plus £400 would buy me a lot of kits and accessories I am TOTALLY excited about seeing some of the many fantastic builders on here tackling this kit and showing their beautiful creations afterwards.
  12. Radu!!!! How very dare you mention the likes of the illustrious, world beating and all round bestest thing ever to happen since sliced bread, WNW in the same century as the far more inferior Airfix. You will surely burn in hell for that Yes tongue in cheek for those not understanding sarcasm.
  13. Guess i'm not 'most modellers' then
  14. And what did you think of the book overall? I found it a good read.
  15. Looks great Sophie. My all time joint favourite tank along with the Jagdpanther. Looking forward to seeing this come together
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