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  1. And i'll probably die of old age before they actually release them
  2. Lucky you. The A5/6/7 series are rocking horse doo dar to get.
  3. Why is it flogging a dead horse? There is only one kit out there in 1/32 and unless you import it (with associated import tax risks) it is like hens teeth to get on selling sites.
  4. Lots of companies have 'stated' their intent to make XYZ kit. But the proof is in the pudding. Until they do, it's just speculation.
  5. They also make kits that are too complicated with many parts that will never see the light of day again once made up. Not for me thanks. The Hornet is a lovely looking aircraft but personally i think Kontare should get some highly rated mainstream kits under their belt before doing some 'left field' aircraft
  6. Personally i hope that Kontare go the 'Axis' route next. A new modern tooling of a Fw190 D9 to replace the Hasegawa(Revell) kit would be greatly received imho.
  7. Seen a post by Clunkmeister over on LSM that Jerry has sadly passed away. Totally gutted. Condolences to Judy and her family
  8. I have the same plans too. I have had a conversation with John regarding these aircraft and our very own Max very kindly did a set of masks for Ju88 A17 1H+VH from 1./KG26 based in Norway 1944. I need the time (and space) for this project, but really would like to give it a go.
  9. All these planned AM bits for an already massively expensive kit just makes me laugh. Thought this kit was supposed to be perfection itself.
  10. Thanks for the thought. Would cost an absolute fortune to get it shipped to the UK. Plus i do have two Ju88 A4 kits already but they are put aside for two AIMS conversions (C6 Dayfighter and G6 Nightfighter). I'm really after a He111 H6 but they go for totally stupendous amounts of money. Way out of my price range.
  11. I'd be happy if they'd just re-do thier own kits such as the Ju88 and He111 series.
  12. But the A6 kits are like rocking horse poo. Virtually impossible to get hold of.
  13. Alchemy is by far their best album. I've watched the dvd so many times. Tunnel of Love, Telegraph Road and Local Hero (Going Home) are classic!
  14. Cheers guys. I only ask as trying to get hold of an A6 kit is like rocking horse poo.
  15. I have a Hasegawa Fw190 A5 kit but i would love to have an A6 (Checker Nose). Is it possible to convert the A5 kit (ST23) into an A6 easily?
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