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  1. Whenever i see him in films/shows i cannot get past thinking about Guardians of the Galaxy
  2. It's on my to-do list as well. I loved the original film with Sting in it. also have now read the books too. Bit heavy going but still enjoyable. I even remember playing the computer Dune games on my old Atari ST
  3. My question was in some part two fold. I really do want to know what the RLM colour for oxygen equipment was and also, because i want to i want to build a Ju88 C6 F1+XM from 4./ KG76 (the one with the 'painted' windows on the front) and it requires a light blue colour like i've seen some oxygen equipment painted.
  4. Can anyone point me in the direction of what colour blue to use for Luftwaffe oxygen equipment?
  5. Only if you're into that aircraft. I'm more of a Luftwaffe type of guy lol
  6. You'd be right then. A Spitfire Mk.1a (late). I'm happy with that
  7. Only just seen this but the site looks great Damian. Hoping to make an order for Fw190, Me262 and Ju88 legs at some point soon
  8. Whilst his passing is obviously sad for some people. I for one cannot understand the fascination with the Rolling Stones. I thought their music was mediocre. And the fact they charged so much for tickets for their concerts even after making their millions just makes me balk.
  9. Novice modellers to me means famous aircraft which would appeal to them such as P-51, Spitfire, Bf109 and Hurricane. Maybe the odd modern jet thrown in for good measure.
  10. Not into WWI aircraft so i'm not interested if they go down that route again. But i would LOVE to see a decent Hurricane Mk.I& II, Beaufighter, Do-17 and Bf110 G4
  11. Thanks. Found it on the Schatton Modellbau website. Not bad for 29 euros
  12. So Schatton Modellbau is just the barrel right? As for the nose section i'll need a donor kit?
  13. I'd love to do a Me262 a-1a/U4 conversion. Is there one out there? Preferably for the 1:32 Revell kit but i could get hold of a Trumpeter kit if need be, although i'd rather not have to spend out on another kit.
  14. Just been in conversation with Ernst Peddinghaus (of Peddinghaus-decals) regarding their JV44 decals. They are quite extensive in 1/48 scale but not so much in 1/32 scale. But he's just let me know that he is going to be releasing the 1/32 scale decals for Galland's JV44 Me262 A-1a by the end of this month. Now looking at the 1/48 decals i'm wondering if he means Me262 a-1a W.Nr 210534 (White 3) which was flown by Galland and Franz Stigler. Or it could just be Galland's 'Double Chevron' mount. Guess we'll wait and see. Thought i'd just let those interested know
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