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  1. Fabby with a massive side order of fabbiness. Lovely wurger!
  2. I looked at getting the Trumpeter kits but they were far more expensive then the Revell kits. Those two 109's look fabby! As i mentioned above i'm looking into JG300 and any NJGr related 109's
  3. Cheers Hardcore. I'll try and find it.. In the mean time, i've found a Montex decal set on Hannants of a Bf109 G6/R6 from 3./JG300. Looks like a nice scheme and has the underwing 20mm cannons too. Should be able too do that one from the standard kit.
  4. Damn! I really want to do a nightfighter (NJGr or JG300) build to go with all the other ones i am planning. Thanks anyway. Best i keep looking. P.S. There's an opening for an AM conversion if ever i saw one lol
  5. Ok next question. Where can i get the AM supercharger or does the Revell G6 kit come supplied with one?
  6. So to model the G-6/AS i'd have to change the supercharger? Cheers guys
  7. I am looking at modelling a Bf-109G-6 /AS Red 2, Flown by Friedrich-Karl Müller (30 victories), 1./NJGr. 10, Aug 1944 using AIMS decal set 3215 and was wondering what the /AS part actually means? Probably a really basic question but i'm a basic person lol
  8. Without trying to go off-topic so much and i am truly sorry to the OP.... i know the facts of the case. Just a bit raw. I knew Dave Williams (navigator ZG710)
  9. Blue on blue? Surely not..... That would never happen these days right?...... right? Is it a bird, a scud, a Tornado? Oh sod it. Shoot it down anyway. No-one will ask questions! Sorry to our American friends across the pond. Just a bit of a sore subject to ex-RAF Tornado personnel when it's mentioned.
  10. I'd love for Tamiya to release an updated new tool 1/48 Lancaster to replace their older one and hopefully fix the issues with it. Just think the amount of units they'd shift and prospectively take away from the 1/32 crowd if they did. Not saying i wouldn't like to see an LSP from them. But if they did the Lancaster then it would defo be added to my 'wants' list
  11. Just grabbed myself a 1/32 Revell He219 A0/A2 for £20 on evilbay. I Also got a 1/32 Hasegawa Fw190 D9 (ST19) kit too. That's my purchases done apart from those i have already said i'd buy off a member on here. Time to save up for the Revell Fw190 A8/R8 and Bf110 kits now
  12. Oh i'll be doing one....maybe two....oh ok maybe three lol I have the Hasegawa kit with a shed load of AM. So far i have EagleCals EC#99, Blackdog Sturmbock conversion, Aires wheel bay, EagleParts Gun cowl/Outboard fairings/Spinner & prop blades, Eduard exterior set/ landing flaps/ Interior/ Placards/ Masks, Quickboost Revi gunsight/ Exhausts, Master Mk.108 barrels & tubes. Still need to get some HGW seatbelts. A massive project for me this one. But i'm defo going to be doing the Revell kit too
  13. You could wait for the new tool 1/32 Revell Fw190 A8/R2 Sturmbok coming out very soon
  14. Kev my 'wants' are not that vastly expensive compared to the top end kits (WNW, HKM, Tamiya etc etc). I know my build ability and it would be wasted on the superb kits from those companies. Hence why i love the Revell kits. The price and build level required are just about right for me. I can never have enough Fw190's but i am also trying to expand into the German nightfighters area. There is just something about them i love. Next purchases hopefully? Revell Fw190 Sturmbok and Bf110 C7 with G4 conversion. Best i start saving those pennies lol
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