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  1. Luckily it wasn't a failure and the RAF didn't have to resort for lesser, inferior aircraft
  2. You'd be showing your age more if you said a Peugeot 205! I had the 309 and 405. The nearest i got to the UK version of MOPAR would have been when i nearly bought a 2.3L Ford Capri. The only thing that stopped me was the £2500 a year insurance. Ah the joys of being 20 and in the forces.
  3. Thin ice there Dean. Best you retreat to the safety of the model shed lol
  4. Is it possible through the cutter program to scan some 1/48 scale decals and 'upsize' them to 1/32?
  5. Dean it's an American car thingy. Don't totally understand it myself but it was mentioned a lot on a tv show called Overhaulin' (Mike replied just before i did)
  6. Dean. Is that income protection insurance only available if you are self-employed? Or can 'normal' employed people get it?Given with what is happening around the world, i'm wondering if in the future i might think about this as a 'just in case' thing
  7. I'd love to do a 14 Sqn "Crusaders" GR1, RAF Bruggen circa 1994 and a 15(R) Sqn "MacRoberts Reply" GR4 RAF Lossiemouth circa 2000. Fed up of seeing 61spit, 31 Sqn and 9 Sqn all the time
  8. Prefer; Twin can, aluminium pursuit can, death bomber flying high (DBFH)
  9. I forgot to place my vote........ Special Hobby Tempest
  10. Lambing (births) has finished with us. We've just had 1050 piglets born in the last three days so that is taking a bit of manpower at the moment lol
  11. I'm working as normal. Joys of being a farmer. The animals still need to be fed, watered and bedded whatever the circumstances. Also the nation still needs food. So getting extra time at the model desk isn't going to happen. Plus being on sick pay for £94 a week just isn't going to pay the bills. So cold or no cold. I'm working
  12. Great start. Watching this build. Would love to have a crack at one of these.
  13. Might have to have a look at these sellers. I have a non-LSP kit with a whole sprue missing. Dragon wouldn't even bother replying with my request to buy a sprue off them.
  14. One of the bonuses of working on the base was getting to know the Americans stationed there. That way you could get access to the AAA bar and if you were very lucky, Moms bar. I found it a far better place to hang out drinking than the Naafi
  15. Yeah thanks. I must have found it the same time as you did lol. The RB Productions ones seem to be a decent set to try out.
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