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  1. I've watched a lot of his videos. Have you seen the one where he makes a dio for this Fw190? It's excellent work
  2. Damn! Even more money to give to you now PJ
  3. Loving the XV(R) scheme. Wish they'd done a 14 Sqn one as well. I may be wrong (i normally am) but i thought the aircraft had the McRoberts Reply emblem on the LOX pot door as well.
  4. Thank you VERY much Mike. They are exactly what i was looking for. Does anyone know if the electrical cables and hydraulic pipes go into the wing leading edge space once in the u/c bay?
  5. I am trying to find (decent) pictures of the Fw190 A8 electrical harnesses (attached) on the retraction linkage on the main legs. Would love to know the route it takes as well once it goes into the undercarriage bay. Also are there any decent pics of the brake hydraulic pipes on the main legs too? Can anyone help please? TIA Al
  6. It's not as good as a TamiWNWgawa kit and never will be even if it is.
  7. Oh i know and i am presently trying my dammedest to save up for the conversion lol
  8. I personally think anyone who could make a decent Bf110 G2/4 kit would be laughing all the way to the bank. I know i'd buy a couple
  9. Hannants has one or two items for the kit
  10. Some how i missed this Sophie. Excellent work yet again.
  11. Happy birthday all. Hope you have a great day
  12. God yes please a Lancaster. Something to rival (and better) the old Tamiya one. I'd do the work overtime and save up for one in a heartbeat.
  13. ooo ooo ooo i NEED! Here's hoping for the rest of the heavies
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