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  1. My point exactly. Just to clarify a few things. I am on a minimum wage job with VERY little disposable income after the bills are paid. What i do have is saved up over an extended period of time. So just going out and buying a £100 kit is just not going to happen unless i sell some of my existing kits (which i don't want to do as they are all planned for). Secondly i asked about the Revell kit(s). Not Tamiya. I know (we all know) Tamiya is the better kit. That stands to reason. But for the reasons above i cannot afford them (yet). So this is why i asked the question, is the Revell kit a good kit to build etc. Revell have a pricing structure that i can manage with a little bit of saving. Hope that clears a few things up guys. Thanks to everyone that has given me details on the Revell Spitfire IXc. I think it's worth a punt especially at £19.99 delivered. So as said in previous replies i shall put it on the 'to buy' list....... it's a VERY long list lol
  2. Danni finally flipped her lid. Jon to kill Danni plus die doing it, and Sansa takes the throne. Still no sign of the Iron Islands either. Long shot for the throne?
  3. Assuming you are wanting that much detail in a kit! Personally there are going to be very few kits i will spend a lot of money on extras. Any Fw190 would be one of them but as far as a Spitfire is concerned i would probably only buy Eduard cockpit etch and HGW seatbelts. Which comes to about £15 max. That would be it other than maybe some masks. So FAR cheaper than a Tamiya kit. Not everyone wants an all singing and all dancing kit.
  4. Some rumours are saying that it will be Bran on the throne with Tyrion, Sir Davos and Sam as advisers. Sansa being Queen of the north. Everyone else will be bumped off
  5. Well that's that then. The Spitfire will be on the purchase (at some point) list. The P-51 will have to wait lol
  6. Certainly are. I'd love another (or two) Ju88 A4 kits an i cannot wait for their Sturmbock kit to come out
  7. Thanks for the offer Dean. Rivets don't bother me. I just want an affordable Spitfire IX (the last good looking one).
  8. Don't get me wrong. I'll get both eventually. But i thought i should get a British aircraft first. All my other subjects are German.
  9. I know. That's the main factor. The P-51 is only £29
  10. Just a quick question to you guys out there. What do you all make of this kit? Is it a decent kit to get and make? I'm torn between getting this one or the Revell P-51 kit.
  11. wow £600. That's 15 Hasegawa Fw190 kits. Not sure i could justify spending that on one model. Now 15 wurger kits would be nice though lol
  12. This was mentioned at work. It certainly would be a twist. But i actually think it would be a popular one
  13. Could Jamie now become the Queen Slayer as well as the King Slayer?
  14. Does that mean that lesser mortals that cannot afford the WNW Lanc should only have to aspire to a obviously un-buildable, flawed Lanc from HKM? And yes my tongue is firmly in my cheek when i make that comment.
  15. Bit of an elitist attitude isn't it? I mean there are a wealth of 109's out there from other companies that with some actual modelling effort can be built into great looking kits. But because they don't have Tamiya on the box they should be dismissed. Give me a Tamiya kit and i can make it look just as ordinary as any other 'lesser' kit.
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