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  1. Excellent build. Would love to have a bash at the A6. Always loved the checked nose.
  2. I'm sure there used to be a resin casting of the JP233 Airfield Denial Weapon. For some reason i think it was Paragon that did them. Edit: Found them RAF Panavia Tornado JP233s x 2, Paragon Designs 32026 (scalemates.com)
  3. Battle of Britain Enemy at the Gates Saving Private Ryan (the first 20 mins) TV show but, Band of Brothers (ETO) was and is still classic too. Even though there were a few inaccuracies with some of the cast storylines (Albert Blithe). I regularly watch the dvd set i have.
  4. Well in that case. The soundtrack of a Merlin engine and a MG42
  5. Battle of Britain for me too. Opening credits and also the September 15th battle theme part
  6. Kev I know it's not much but i can offer a 1/32 Eduard Fw190 F8 interior set (32842) for a prize if that is ok? Regards Al
  7. A heavy metal band called disturbed covered the Simon & Garfuncle (sp?) song called 'Sound of silence'. It has received very good reviews about it and even S&G themselves said the cover they did on the Cohnan Tonight show was excellent.
  8. I tend to put Spotify on and have made up a few different albums for my tastes. I'm mostly into rock/heavy metal but just lately i've been into a Russian rock folk band called Alkonost and also another folk/nordic singer called Eivor.
  9. Like Dennis said; A new Hawker Hurricane series esp Mk.I Beaufighter TF.X
  10. Worked on Tornado GR1 & GR4 for almost 13 years and we always referred to them as a Tonkas or if down at Marham, the Norfolk Land Shark. The 'Tonka' name came from tonka toys because they were built like a brick outhouse....chunky and to last
  11. J&J Pledge Multi Surface Floor Wax (formally known as Klear)
  12. Love it. Truly excellent work there. Gives an adequate builder such as myself, something to aspire to
  13. Always loved Dune and especially the harvester and carryall. Would be cool to have a model of one but not at that price.
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