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  1. Depends on the version you want to do. If it's anything other than an A8 then Hasegawa is the only real one you can go for. Obviously the lower versions (A1,2,3,4) then the PCM is the only game in town. The Hasegawa kits are nice but dated and like rocking horse poo to find at a decent price and even the Revell re-boxings command the price too. Revell (new) kits are great for the price even if a little more work is required
  2. Stuff the PTO kits. Bring back their catalogue of Fw190 A5/6/7 kits. They are like hens teeth to find and command stupidly high prices on evilbay and Scalemates.
  3. Cheers again David. I'm going to do "Red 2" anyway. I like the idea of having all the Fw190s there. I suppose with no definitive pictures a bit of poetic licence is allowed
  4. Cheers David. Shame there is no 'proper' picture of "Red 2". I am going to try and do all the JV44 Fw190s and a Me262.
  5. I've been reading up on JV44 aircraft as i'm planning a build of them. All i can find for the Fw190 D9 is information on "Red 1" and "Red 13" and for the D11 "Red 4". But according to Fw190 Vol.3 by Richard Smith and Eddie Creek, there were five D9s for the four pilots (Sachsenberg, Wubke, Faber and Hofmann). Is there any information regarding the other "missing" Fw190s?
  6. I've been trying to find pictures of the area behind the BMW 801 in the Fw190 A/F/G series aircraft. I'm looking to try and detail the area from the rear of the engine to the cockpit/MG bay firewall. Anyone have some pics to help me out?
  7. All's well here Max. Essential worker so none stop with the farming. Getting a little build time in though.
  8. Bang goes my savings. Fw190 heaven
  9. Didn't know that. Just seen their aircrew coming up for sale on evilbay quite a lot.
  10. Reheat do some RAF Tornado (and F-14 & F-104) aircrew https://www.scalemates.com/kits/reheat-models-rh016-raf-tornado-crew--992872
  11. Hate is a strong word. I don't hate the later Mk's. I just don't think they had that 'zing' that you get with the Mk.IX and below (plus the sound of a Merlin engine still gives me goosebumps)
  12. Only up to the Mk.IX. After that they turned ugly lol
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