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  1. Some kits i cannot find, afford or are not available in LSP scales so i have to make in lower scales. Never bothered me in the past.
  2. It would appear i am one of the few that think MEH! to this. Italian aircraft have never done anything for me. Glad for those that like this type of thing but... i'll pass thanks.
  3. From what i can see ReXX have only done exhausts for the Hasegawa Fw190 A - G series. They've only done the D series in 1/48 and 1/72 www.scalemates.com/kits/rexx-32036-focke-wulf-fw190ag-exhausts--1107733
  4. CMK do the very same thing with their 1/32 Ju88 A1/4 torpedo underwing racks. You can only buy them singularly. Totally stupid and pure profiteering imho.
  5. Well Colin that is a superb way of introducing yourself. Excellent build
  6. The 'Like' button really doesn't show just how much i am loving this build
  7. Gets my vote. I am looking into buying a Silhouette Cameo 3 (after advice from Max) so a tips and hints thread would be most welcome
  8. I only use two forums. LSP and Scale Models Forum I am registered on Britmodeller but i only use it for reference as i find it very clique type place
  9. So glad this build is back up and running. Will be following for sure
  10. Looking good. Bit of a difference between those two IPs. Best i invest in an AM replacement.
  11. Saved up my hard earned pennies and finally got myself a Hawsegawa Fw190 A8 (ST21) kit. Well chuffed. Got big plans for it
  12. Now there's an item for next years Christmas Raffle if ever i saw one lol
  13. Damn! I wish they'd re-release their superb 1/32 Ju88 (non-Technic) and 1/32 He111 H4/6 kits. they cost a bomb on evilbay
  14. Would love one. One of my favourite aircraft growing up (only beaten by the Su-27B and Tornado GR1). Has some fabby colour schemes.
  15. PB has been going belly up for ages. I had saved a load of build thread/RFIs in my favourites such as Brian's excellent Fw190 A8/R2 build. All the pics are now blurred out and have been for some time. Shame really. Wish they'd get their shizzle together
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