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  1. Another visual aId how to build Ki-61. I love this!
  2. Nils, simply incredible work! I look at it, and outside the window an air raid siren sounds ...
  3. Я шлифовал HGW по краске - обратной стороной наждачной бумаге с водой. И все получилось
  4. Thank you, kamrad! We fighting - deth to russians orks!
  5. Thank you, comrades! Family evacuated, I've been in the army since the 24th. So when the house was bombed we were unharmed. But we need to explain to the Russians that civilized people in the 21st century don't shoot and bomb civilians. We will stand up and win!
  6. Friends, He-111 building its ower... Modells lost - russians pigs destroyed my hous. To be continued after victory!
  7. While I am still at home, I continue to model - soon I will be deprived of this pleasure. While busy with the shooters compartment - again, in addition, the Eduard and Profimodeler kits were used
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I am calm and have already been at the front, it will be necessary - let's go again. We can't be broken!
  9. Nothing, thanks to the help of our friends, we will stand and win! Thanks!
  10. Today: part of the work on the cockpit of the pilot and navigator has been completed. Used aftermarket sets from: Eduard interrior, HGW seabelts, Profi Modeller MG-FF nose installation, Profi Modeller Oxygen system Ju-88/He-111... Next, I move on to work on the fuselage. Then back to the cockpit
  11. Good day, comrades! I am starting another long-running and unhurried project on the forum - Heinkel Не-111Н-6 from the squadron KG-26 by Gruppen commander Werner Klümper
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