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  1. Danke! I do not look at the picture, but at the drawings and features of production, taking into account the manufacturer
  2. "Bf 109 G-10 Erla/type 110"(c) Emmm....Doesn't "Erla" she have to have small fairings on the wing?
  3. Тhat is, you will not install the gun in the cockpit?
  4. Not MG-FF or MG-151 in the "Emil" cockpit
  5. Good afternoon friends. I beat him. Not everything turned out as planned, but ... I already forgot it and now in work a new model I apologize for the quality of the photo - I plan a high-quality photo session, and then give it
  6. HGW revit-set and result looking is super great!!! Its a bomb!!!
  7. It remains to put some little things (antenna wire, pitot tube etc...), draw exhaust and ... and enough
  8. Thanks friends! Long thought how to perform such a complex camouflage. I was forced to slightly simplify the task and recreate something between the instruction, the photo of the prototype and the picture from Kagero. But perhaps this is not the final version.
  9. So: "Sergey aka Suomi says - finish! The prototype is the Messerschmitt-109, my favorite! Option: Suomen Ilmavoimat, 3 / HLeLv24, 06/30/1944, Lappeenranta. Pilot: MSgt Nils Katajainen, total victories 35.5, Messerschmitts - 18, on this machine - 7 (06/29/44 - Il-2; 06/30/44 - Pe-2; 07/01/04 - Air Cobra; 03/07/04 - 2xYak -9, 2хИл-2), Mannegreim 2nd Class Cross - 12/21/1944. About aftermarket in this model: Aires cockpit, main gear - RB, used about 20% of BigEd on 109G-6 from Eduard, exaust pipes - REXX (pilot version), the others - out of the box"(c).
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