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  1. Danke, genosse! Welcome to us, Ukraine next year, for a competition in the wonderful city of Lviv, in September 2020
  2. Ukrainian modelers. The authors of the presented models are two extreme right
  3. My A6M2 and Bf-109G-8 my kamerad Suomi in Model Svit-2019 (Dnepr, Ukraine, Modell battle, 5-6.10.2019)
  4. A little more Chinese horror:
  5. The fight with Trumpeter continues with varying success: I’m his, then he’s me ...
  6. Ju-87B (Trump) + BigEd + ...
  7. Danke! I do not look at the picture, but at the drawings and features of production, taking into account the manufacturer
  8. "Bf 109 G-10 Erla/type 110"(c) Emmm....Doesn't "Erla" she have to have small fairings on the wing?
  9. Тhat is, you will not install the gun in the cockpit?
  10. Not MG-FF or MG-151 in the "Emil" cockpit
  11. Good afternoon friends. I beat him. Not everything turned out as planned, but ... I already forgot it and now in work a new model I apologize for the quality of the photo - I plan a high-quality photo session, and then give it
  12. HGW revit-set and result looking is super great!!! Its a bomb!!!
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