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  1. Any songs of Sabaton worthy of inspiration
  2. In the meantime, while work is underway on the little things, he took off his mask in canopy. Normally, it could be worse. Chinese product begins to resemble a prototype
  3. Slowly, but surely - the work is progressing to the finish "Ost-Front Alter zoldat!"(c)
  4. The bomb load under the fuselage will be SC or SD-500
  5. Colleagues, thank you for your kind words. I will try to finish the model no worse than now. The aftermarket that was used is just a set from Eduard and a mask for tactical designations. We did not get the rest, and I wanted to get rid of the next box on the shelf.
  6. This step its finish. Next - weathering
  7. Erich did not fly on the "K". You correctly noticed that he ended the war on G-10 ErlŠ°. This board is attributed to Batz. Why did I clarify - maybe you have additional data on this issue?
  8. Work does not stand still - slowly but surely we are moving towards the finish line. The main painting is finished. Decals are being applied. After that - wethering and final assembly. Variant - gruppen komander III/St.G. 77 hautmann Helmuth Bode, Kharkov, may 1942
  9. Danke, genosse! Welcome to us, Ukraine next year, for a competition in the wonderful city of Lviv, in September 2020
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