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    Modelling interests include WW1 and II aircraft and first and second generation jets. I got back ito the hobby to relearn old skills and educate myself in new techniques with the goal of doing real justice to my builds, especially first world war subjects.

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  1. Hey Carl. I wouln't picking up those decals from you. Let me know what sort of arrangement is the most comfortable for you. Cheers, Dainis
  2. Thanks for tips. And hey, if you have the barracudacals, I'm happy to pick those babies off you for your price.You say you are a bloorwest guy? We are in the Annex. Cousins in the Bloorwest villiage Prince Edward/Bloor area. Took me a while to get back, the lsp website would not let me reply for a number of hours. Cheers!
  3. Thanks. The pink version does seem easier. I would have to use masks given that barracuda stopped production on this set of decals a while back. Any tips on drilling the hole out accurately for the camera?
  4. Just finishing up my Hasegawa 1/32 Bf 109 f4 of 9./JG3 yellow 4. Looking forward to perhaps building a PRU Spitfire, either in pru blue or the slightly pinkish colour. I would use the Tamiya mk viii kit along with the Alley Cat conversion to make a mk xi pru. My question is three fold: Has any one here used this particular conversion set; how good is the set; and since I have never tried any conversions before, am I biting off more than I can chew? Just wondering
  5. Thanks. Your answers all sound sensical to me. Cammo on the slat wells it is! Cheers!
  6. Quick question: When the wings slats are deployed on a Bf 109, I assumed that the underlying primer paint (RLM 2) would be visible. When I see build after build, I see the cammo painted on where I thought the RLM 2 would be visible. What am I missing?
  7. It is Wheels and Wings in the east end of the city...and they are very close to me. A bit too close...a champagne problem that I won't complain about. It does show that one can still run a top flight LHS. Like all the great remaining ones, it has embraced the old ways and incorporated the new. Hats off to them and their successful bretheren!
  8. It is a bummer. We are so lucky to have a LHS in Toronto run by two different generations that has turned itself into the best styrene model shop in the city. The real last one. Kudos to their customer service on every level. I have to drive twenty five minutes...but it's one stop shopping. Cheers to to the guys there who help at every level!
  9. Wise observation sensai! And in fact Uschi make the broken line wing walks for 1/48 and 1/32 scale. Out of stock, but say back sooner or later. Just wondering if there is a hack to paint them myself if I can't source the Uschi masks. Thanks!
  10. I have two questions: Firstly, when there is a field paint job applied to the wings over the factory paint, do the wingwalks get partly obliterated or are they restored? Secondly, does anyone have any tips or techniques on painting the Luftwaffe broken line wingwalks? I almost always paint solid ones, but a technique to do a broken line is baffling me right now. If I never have to use a wingwalk stencil again I'll be forever grateful. Cheers!
  11. Awesome. Thanks for the heads up.
  12. Thanks for all the help from everyone. And thanks TAG for the photographic links, nice to see the real thing. I'm going to break out the sprue cutters tomorrow and start while I finish weathering my Spit mk ixc. Oh by the way, the kit is missing one exhaust stack. Is there a resin replacement for the Hasegawa stacks( a short search came up empty) or am I scratch building one? Just wondering.
  13. It is a cool scheme. It'll stand out on my display shelf that's for sure. More than a 1001 ways to paint 109s, they never bore you with their colour schemes.
  14. Thanks for info. An interesting tidbit about Finland. Cheers!
  15. I looked up a photograph and it is in fact von Boremki's plane of 9./JG3, not JG 27.The EaglCals reference the aircraft as JG27. It would seem to be an error on their part? Nonetheless, the paint scheme is the same, with the strange asymmetrical delineation. Various other sources seem to back this up. Was this a one off or were there others with similar type overpaint in the same JG?
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