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    Modelling interests include WW1 and II aircraft and first and second generation jets. I got back ito the hobby to relearn old skills and educate myself in new techniques with the goal of doing real justice to my builds, especially first world war subjects.

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  1. As someone who witnessed the horrific crash of the Snowbirds at the Toronto Air Show in 1989, I wonder what the thinking of the Canadian Forces is to continue keeping the Tutors in active service. I was very happy to hear the pilot in Georgia successfully ejected. But there really has to be a serious consideration and money applied to replace what is now an antique fleet for the safety of the pilots. Team demonstration flying is hazardous enough already.
  2. the word "fit" is missing...as in would perfectly fit on a 1/32 Tempest II wings
  3. Sure looks the same. Wasn't the Fury essentially based on the Tempest's fuselage and wings? I wonder if a 1/32 Fury's wing walks would perfectly on a 1/32 tempest II wings...
  4. OMG. Thanks for the help. Jennings, thank you. My in house IT is back from school beginning of December for the holidays and will be happy to help me get that to you. Lee, equally, thanks for the info, and 9mm does look about right. So between the two you Cheers!
  5. Thanks. That was my thinking as well. At least the wings are so well riveted so when I have satisfactorily painted one, hopefully the rivets will help guide the mask on the other side. I was just hoping for an easier way out. Cheers! PS Do you happen to know the width of the wingwalks that you painted?
  6. Although I am currently working on my F4U1, I was looking at my SH Tempest II and noticed there are no wing walk decals. I was hoping they would include them so I could use them as a template to cut masks. The rub is how do I cut masks that are perfectly symmetrical, given their curve along the wing roots? And any knowledge of the existence of 1/32 Tempest decals that include the wing walks? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers!
  7. I think RADU has a good point in that young modellers want something to build in an hour. My take on this is that video gaming is fast, and instant resets are possible. Hence quick build kits. My theory(based on my degree in neuroscience from Lower Slobovia U) is that video gaming is actually rewiring young peoples brains in new ways. (There actually is real evidence for this). So in the end I wonder if the hobby of scale modelling will radically change if it is to grow again. And that's the end of my commentary on this thread. Thanks for reading.
  8. Re CATC's post. Alas, I haven't seen too many 12 year olds in my LHS. If any. I wish there were, but video gaming has hijacked most, if not all, youths' interest in scale modelling a long time ago. Models of larger scale especially are marketed toward older and sophisticated hobbyists who mostly started the hobby before sophisticated video arrived on the scene. I guess my point is that buyers of these kits are older, have deeper pockets and the patience to build them. There is zero marketing targeting the young about air/armour etc, kits. Although Anime figures may reintroduce the young to kit building skills...?
  9. Thanks for that. Going to try bare copper .5mm and .4mm and see which one looks "right" to to scale.
  10. Thanks a ton for both pieces of advice. I'll go get some of the wire. And hey, the Cape sure isn't the worst place to live in the world. Wish I had a summer place in those parts.
  11. I have the acrylic Vertigo jigs for both mono- and biplanes. They aren't the solution for everything, but I find them especially useful for attaching landing gear and applying decals(especially on the fuselage). And when applying gloss clear to one side, then using the jig to hold up the plane on the dry side until the wet side dries.
  12. One more question. What is an appropriate gauge of copper wire for the Corsair engine?
  13. Hey Thanks! Are you talking about a gap between the wing assembly and the engine and cowling? Or a cowling/engine fit issue? Oh, and nothing to with modelling, My wife and I spent some time in Boston the third week of August. Forgot how much we loved it. We always enjoy visiting any part of Mass. Cheers!
  14. thanks for the info! At what stage did any of you attach the engine and their cowlings to the fuselage? It would seem its a bit early in Tamiya's instructions. Just wondering if I can attach the wing assembly to the fuselage before attaching the engine. Might make life a little easier.
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