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    Modelling interests include WW1 and II aircraft and first and second generation jets. I got back ito the hobby to relearn old skills and educate myself in new techniques with the goal of doing real justice to my builds, especially first world war subjects.

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  1. Those are exactly the four Korean war vintage aircraft that I've built. You truly are a gentleman of discriminating taste.
  2. I've used Gunze, AK, Tamiya for roundels...I don't know if any is a perfect match. I like to mix paint by Mk I eyeball and dab a mix onto the decals while they are protected by the plastic bag they are sealed in. Adjust colour until it looks like...what you think it should like like, if that makes any sense. And assuming your decals are in proper colour register..And we can't get MRP in Canada for whatever reason, so no comment on that.
  3. You're probably right that I'm playing with fire. A couple of costly mistakes the first few times..seem to have solved it. But yes, risky to some extent nonetheless.
  4. I'm not going to open the wing for the cannon in the interest of having a speedier build. I even bought the resin seat with the moulded harness.The only slowdown ( i hope) I bought maketar masks for the RPAF version. But I have had some experience with them now so hopefully it will be full steam ahead shortly!
  5. The Tempest Mk II it is. Although obviously different from the Mk V at the nose, since you have a head start, if you like or even want to, post any serious issues you run into? But no worries if you don't. Skål!
  6. That would be a thankless job, not a you are have a thankless job...
  7. As a child of parents who grew up on farms in Ontario and B.C. I salute you. You are have a thankless, tough job keeping us city folk fed. I never have worked on a farm(in a serious manner), but have heard enough about the difficulties. Carry on!
  8. If you haven't used an airbrush, I suggest using a Paasche Talon, Iwata Eclipse or a Badger Patriot. I have all three(I am an airbrush junkie, and I admit I have a problem). All three have self centring nozzles. Meaning the nozzles are large, don't need be screwed in(except the Talon, but it itself is large and super easy to remount). And super easy to clean. I basically learned how to airbrush well with Talon. Cleaning with lacquer thinner is easy and super effective. If you are going to try using an airbrush(the results, with some practice are awesome!) try one of these I mentioned. And I st
  9. Now that is some serious airbrush hygiene My Dentist would be proud.
  10. I have an appointment at WCH in Toronto for a routine stress/echo test which I have had before. I'm a little on edge this time.. Mind you, Women's College Hospital does not take emergency patients. But still. An extra beer before bed for me.
  11. I think I still have a B25 Revell/Monogram from the seventies sitting in my parents basement.(They have kept everything I ever did as a child and teen). That would be a trip down memory lane!
  12. The Tempest MK II is the one in my stash. It wants to be built. It talks to me. I'm already losing my mind.
  13. Looks like the Tempest MK II is gathering the plurality of the votes. It is a beautiful aircraft and it will save me from rigging. Unless the votes say otherwise, the Tempest will be on the bench shortly. And good luck to everyone in these trying times. But listening to my grandparents stories of WW II puts this into a real perspective. We have food, shelter and time for our hobby(some of us). Be vigilant and cautious, and hopefully we will all be out of this collective mess sooner than later.
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