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  1. I have almost completed riveting both wing upper and lower surfaces. Only some details to be done (pictures hopefully in a few days from now). One thing where I am stuck are the leading edges. I have seen photos and manual drawings that show inner ribs (see photo below, the leading edge is in the center in front of the wing). However, the rivets are hard to see on photos and most modelers who have riveted a Fw 190 have not added any rivets to the leading edges. I have added a photo where you can see the rivets below. Does anybody have a better picture of the leading edge (inside and outside where the rivets can be seen)?
  2. Great choice! The 190 is one of my favorite planes and I have studied it in detail for my 1/32 build. I’ll help with information where I can.
  3. Have you 3D printed these parts? Haven't seen any update since last summer. I hope these parts will become available.
  4. OK, thank you. I'd be interested in two Revell 1/32 Fw 190 gears. Just that I understood it correctly: will the landing gear be shipped completely assembled or will only the metal parts and plastic ring be send and the modeller has to do the assembly? Thanks, Roger
  5. Hi Damian, You could use my website/shop for offering the landing gear parts until your own page is ready. https://vintageeagle.com/product-category/all-categories/ Cheers, Roger
  6. Will there also be legs for the Revell 1/32 Fw 190 and Me 262? Where will they be offered for sale?
  7. Hi there, I am an extremely slow builder, but I finally made a little more progress and managed to install the windshield. Some putty was needed but finally all went well. On the real 190 there were some frames on the lower windshield that connected it with the fuselage. I have added self-adhesive paper strips. The advantage is that you get a nice panel line. I’ll add primer over the weekend. Next is riveting of the wings. Cheers, Roger
  8. Great subject. You have to be careful with the canopy/cockpit wall edges. They were different on the trainer and nightfighter. It could be a challenge to modify the Revell kit to become a trainer version.
  9. Are there any new detail sets besides the Eduard P/E parts announced for Jan 2020? Is there an update regarding the metail landing gear?
  10. Thank you for your suggestion. I haven't contacted them, but will check their 190 and contact details. BR, Roger
  11. Hi D.B., Thank you for the pointer. I don't have this book yet in my library and will check it out. I found a photo of an unpainted wing of the Fw 190 replicas in a book, but the resolution is too low to see all details. BR, Roger
  12. Hello everyone, I am looking for good photos that show the rivet pattern on the top and bottom wing surfaces. I have drawings and partial close-ups, but not really a good photo that allows me to check the accuracy of the rivet pattern shown in some drawings. The best photo I could find is a wing shot of the unrestored Fw 190 D-13 wing in one of Jerry Crandall's excellent Fw 190 D books. Can anyone tell me where to find good shots? Thanks! Roger
  13. A Me 262? There were NMF Me 262s and also a 1/18 kit as a starting point
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